Israeli Heroes – American Enemies

Photo taken from helicopter that didn't exist
Photo taken from helicopter that didn't exist
Photo taken from helicopter that didn’t exist

Israeli Heroes, American Enemies

…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Do the Israelis deserve Bibi?
Do the Israelis deserve Bibi?

Hearing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s shock at NSA spying on Israel has brought tears to the eyes of hundreds of American legislators concerned by Israel’s security.

Netanyahu has long demanded the return of Jonathan Pollard.  Pollard is one of two Israeli related espionage/terror cases that are close to the heart of the Israeli people.  The other is Ander’s Breveik, the member of Friends of Israel and the Israeli controlled Norwegian Progress Party.

There are rumors that Breveik is already in Israel. Both Pollard and Breveik are probably Israeli agents.  Both are heroes of the state of Israel.  In both cases, their stories are cloaked in disinformation, propaganda and lies.


Even ex-CIA director wants to free Pollard. How pitiful is that?
Even ex-CIA director wants to free Pollard. How pitiful is that?

Israel claims Pollard to have been a “deep cover” Mossad operative who penetrated the Department of Defense in order to secure information of Palestinian “terror groups” that the US had been withholding from Israel.

Despite these claims, there is no evidence any such information was withheld.  To the contrary, we now know that Israel receives all US intelligence directly from the NSA, unfiltered, unaccountable including, strangely enough, full intercepts of Israeli communications.

Netanyahu, it seems, not only knew he was being spied on, but the Memorandum of Understanding between the NSA and Israel saw to it that Netanyahu received recordings of his own directly from the NSA long before any American would have seen them.

Why didn’t he say something years ago?

Cleansing the internet of real information about Pollard, that his material went directly to Russia and included nuclear secrets, war plans and the entire NOC (non-official cover) list, gutting America’s intelligence capability for the last and most critical decade of the Cold War, employs a legion of Israeli housewives.

When not employed in mythography efforts on behalf of spies and war criminals, they are confined to childcare and publishing conspiracy theories and smears across the internet.



Breivik playing his role
Breivik playing his role

Breveik, a member of the Friends of Israel, murdered 69 children of leaders of Norway’s liberal Labor Party which had supported sanctions against Israel.

Internet “trolls” in Wikipedia and elsewhere have mischaracterized the labor party as a communist splinter group citing a 1927 conference with communists in attendance.

Breveik, whose whereabouts are now unknown after a series of mysterious prison transfers, is considered a hero of the state of Israel for his efforts.

Though others were arrested and have since “disappeared,” as with the Sandy Hook killings, Breveik is credited, despite witness testimony to the contrary as a “lone gunman.”

One of the endless inconsistencies of his case involves the Oslo car bombing credited to him.  He is said to have built a bomb using six tons of fertilizer.  The bomb itself, based on formulary, would have weighed up to ten tons.

It was placed in the trunk rear hatch section of an Opel Corsa, rated by Hertz Corporation as suitable for one large and one small suitcase.

Need we ask about why police showed up hours late or why Breveik had a police uniform, assault rifle or had attended specialized training “in Poland?” It is no secret that Breveik was assisted by an intelligence agency.  Which one is not hard to guess?



In a recent private interview with the US Army’s former top “Israel watcher,” I was told that Israel has always been a major espionage target for the United States, long considered a threat despite continual pronouncements to the contrary.

“There are hundreds of instances of Israeli spying on the US, most recently their part in the flood of advanced space and missile technologies that have shown up in China.  This has been going on for years and is slowly bankrupting America, every costly advance in defense technology stolen by Israel and sold to China.”

However, the story goes deeper, much deeper with twists and turns.

Many know of Israel’s hatred of Iran, Iraq or even its partner state, Saudi Arabia, and its Wahhabist/Tafriki extremism that equals or exceeds even Zionism in venom and blood thirst.

The world knows of Israel’s enemies.  America may well always have been on top of that list, something now clear to all but the most doltish.  Most recently, Israel has thrown Saudi Arabia, now cited as by Israel as planning 9/11 and India, traded in for China as a “new bestest friend” under the bus.

America went under that bus long ago, Rosenberg, Lavon, Suez, USS Liberty, Beirut Marine Barracks, Pollard, AIPAC spy scandals and hundreds of unanswered questions about 9/11.



Rudolph Able - WWII Soviet Spy
Rudolph Abel – WWII Soviet Spy

Israel’s odd collection of heroes is something strongly suppressed outside the country. One of Israel’s biggest national heroes is Rudolf Abel, the Soviet masterspy imprisoned in the US but traded for U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers.

Born William Fisher, to a prominent British Zionist family, Abel trained in Russia and came to the US in 1946 as “Robert Goldfus.”  There, working with Lona and Morris Cohen, couriers for Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, he passed nuclear secrets to Russia.

During the Bush administration, a largest and most devastating spy ring in American history was broken, involving the Israeli lobby group AIPAC/ADL and key members of the Bush administration, Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz.

Only Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman of AIPAC were allowed to be arrested and were later released though no one knows why.

High-ranking members of the Bush administration were never brought in at orders of Attorney General John Ashcroft.  Only Larry Franklin, acting as courier between the National Security Council and AIPAC/ADL was convicted.

In the end, the FBI files were destroyed, the agents involved in the investigation transferred out and the AIPAC “cell” was allowed to continue, now fully covered and “above the law.”

The fate of most FBI witnesses is unknown.  One, Gwyneth Todd, assistant to then NSC Director Condoleezza Rice, narrowly escaped assassination by Bush operatives and is living under protection in Australia, married to a defense official there.

Others were imprisoned, put in mental hospitals or have simply “disappeared.”

USS Liberty

One strange set of heroes are the pilots who flew sorties against the unarmed US naval ship, USS Liberty, back in 1967.  197 of 279 crew members were killed or wounded when Israel claimed it mistook the American intelligence ship, then in international waters, for an Egyptian livestock barge.

Israel still displays a strafed life raft from the Liberty in a museum in Tel Aviv.


AIPAC - The word 'overkill' is not in its vocabulary
AIPAC – The word ‘overkill’ is not in its vocabulary


Publicly, the huge rift between the United States and Israel doesn’t exist.  Recently, AIPAC funded extremist members of the Tea Party fringe in congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Obama for his “betrayal of Israel.”

Any impeachment trial is held, not in the Israeli controlled House of Representatives, but the US Senate where President Obama controls a comfortable majority.

Israeli actions were clearly meant to humiliate congress and weaken the prestige of the United States as Israel is now clearly “joined at the hip” with China, their economic partner in Afghanistan, the Caspian Basin and across Africa.

However, when looked at in a historical perspective, weakening the United States on behalf of predatory totalitarian regimes has been “true north” for Israel, a direction they return to repeatedly.

When President Bush agreed to destroy Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan (along with four other nations) on behalf of Israel, they had met a partner they could trust.

Clearly, efforts to support AIPAC spying efforts on behalf of Russia and China showed how far Americans would go to betray their own nation on behalf of, as with Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft, their dedication to what they believed to be “biblical prophecy.”

With others, like Pollard, it has been the lure of communism or personal financial gain.  With Breveik, would anyone ever know?



  1. I’d love to see that photo in it’s original ” un-doctored condition “… No wonder these Jewish Movie producers love Hollywood … to be so gullible yet continue to use sharp objects, drive cars, and believe anything that comes down the pike.

    Is it time to take out the trash yet?


  2. From The Truthseeker 8/9 January 2014

    “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this week he views the African influx – since stemmed by an Israeli fence along the Egyptian frontier – as a threat to Israel’s Jewish social fabric.

    Miri Regev, a member of Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party, said it was time to send the migrants, whom she dubbed “infiltrators”, away.

    “Stop being bleeding-hearts,” Regev said on Israel Radio, referring to Israeli activists seeking to help the Africans.

    No mercy. No ‘love thy neighbour’

    Just eternally sucking all life out of Life and then crying ‘victim is us’;

    What would seem like ‘their’ never-ending story of VICTIMHOOD WILL end, and not according to THEIR PLAN or TIME.

  3. The arrogance of Breivik shows all too well that he was absolutely certain that he was above the law and untouchable. After accomplishing his heinous crime, first thing he did was calling the Norwegian police and telling them I m surrendering myself, i.e. “Job Finished”. As Detlef Reimers rightly pointed out: a whole new generation of would be politicians, who would call a spade a spade, ideologically bound not be Israel’s stooges, was wiped out… A massacre of innocent youngsters planned by the International ZIon Talmudic Mafia, executed by a local and his Mafia handlers.

    • We should try to put ourself in the position of a young norwegian, who is idealistic and wants Justice and Freedom for all the Palestinians inside and outside the “Gates”.

      This massacre must have had a totally devastating effect on them, they shurely must be frightened to speak out the truth about the ongoing israely crimes against the people of Palestine.

      The german governments were and are deeply involved in this: they housed the late algerian terrorists and the logistic center, they – under the cover of fighting antisemitism – allow/ed “Anti-German” shocktroops in black to do their frightening acts against every form of really free speech, regardless of the actual objective, they are there to hunt down every independent thinking. The NSU process against the “NeoNazis” cells reminds me of the processes against Al Capone in the 30th., it’s a total joke and more and more of the whitnesses die of in strange accidents. Who profits from all this and who lets it happen? I have no longer any doubts!

  4. yes, the District of Criminals has massive amounts of satanic-luciferian symbols everywhere. its location specific to BAD ley lines as well. I dont doubt the place feels as nasty or worse than Bohemian Grove. I find it amazing that the grove hasnt been completely napalmed during encampment. I’ve been inside it off season over 30 years ago, shameful what the whole area had become 25-30 years ago too.

  5. You’re right about Israel having strange heroes, like Russian spy Rudolf Abel, born William Fisher. Fisher and his parents were ethnic Germans from Russia.

    So… After Israel throws Saudi Arabia under the bus, will Israel in turn be tossed under the bus by Germany?

    “Fisher was born William August Fisher[5] (Уильям Фишер августа) on July 11, 1903, in Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom,[6] the second son of Heinrich and Lyubov Fisher. Revolutionaries of the Tsarist era, his parents were ethnic Germans from Russia.”

  6. Imagine, if you will, Netanyahu dancing on the bones of what was once America. Israel dancing to the tune of trumpets blaring heralding the approaching world apocalypse. Now you have it!

  7. amazing, they have a tribute to the pilots who tried to sink the USS Liberty.
    why the hell do they get billions every friggin year for so many decades now?!
    imagine what’d happen if any other country out there tried to sink a US Navy ship.
    more recently they tried to sink humanitarian aid boats, boarding them and murdering crew members.
    didnt spies used to be executed? werent acts of war met with WAR instead of welfare checks?

    • yes, who treasonously stated he wanted that ship SUNK! a 911 F-F type event to attack Egypt.
      major beneficiary of the JFK assassination, a McCain involved with the USS Liberty deal too.
      Johnny “songbird” McCain got a “presidential pardon” should have been BANNED from politics.

  8. Great article, but you forgot to mention that in 2010 the Israeli’s erected a monument to….The Red Army!

    That’s right, Israel erected a monument not to the US, who allegedly led the allies with it’s industrial might, but to the rapacious Red Army.

    I believe the monument to Baruch Goldstein, who machine gunned Palestinians at prayer is also still up in Israel. Hidden from the Goy, but still a shrine, nonetheless.

  9. This and many more articles like this one of Gordon have to be written. The government of Norway was on a political trajectory which could no longer be toleratedby by the Israeli government. If all the now dead young persons, who were going to be the upcoming political elite in Norway, had to learn a lesson and Brevik was the executioner of this unprecedenced blood bath in Norway.

    The background to all this is filled up with connections to many ugly and shadowy organisations like the freemsons, who – especially in the older ranks of the police – had a very easy way to make this happen and later cover up everything with very thin lies and deceptions.

    Beside all this, I want to mention a mostly forgotten part beside this drama. Norway is one of the richest countries (per captiva) in the world because of its north see oil. This country did not give its wealth to international bankers to let them gamble their wealth away, they were clever enough to build up a national fund (which is one of the largest single fund in the world – about 700 billion $ now). There was at that time great pressure to “divert” the fund into several parts for “savety”, you smell the rat? The government refused to engage international bankers. To this day, I’m shure there is one other great motive for this massaker in Norway and we know, the “owners” lead to the same groups of perpetraitors.

  10. There are many reasons the AIPAC stooges in Congress are moving to try and impeach President Obama.
    The one cited here as “the betrayal of Israel” is a broad swipe that requires an extreme focus on the actions of this President to enrage America’s so called “partner “.

    In one of the most under reported stories of all time, relating to the largest cash flow system on the planet, President Obama addressed the leaders at the Argonne National Lab on March 15, 2013.
    The President does not pull any punches and while praising the technology advances in automobile engine design to improve fuel efficiency by the Lab, at the 9 minute mark in this video, the President drops the bomb.
    Out of nowhere, the leader of the free world announces the intent of the U.S. Government to come off the use of oil altogether for both cars and trucks.

    By implication, the whole national foreign policy debacle, the Middle East nightmare, the Petro/Dollar currency scam, the debt ridden U.S. Treasury folly, and the boot on the neck of American free enterprise delivered by the private Federal Reserve Banking cabal are taken to task in startling moment.

    As of this post, less than 800 viewers at you tube have seen this documentation, less than that even read about it, whereas if the infested media was doing its job, 300 million Americans should be up to speed on the biggest story never told.

    ****:// +links

    We need oil like we need cancer.

    • If Obongo actually tried that, he’d find himself assassinated by a lone nut in broad daylight.

    • This is bigger than Obama, he could get hit by a beer truck tomorrow and the wheel is still going to turn.
      The other shadow faction working the deal knows the internal combustion engine did not morph into “eternal combustion engine” and will not survive the oil/banking cabals’ pathetic manipulations to keep it in place forever. Does anyone on the planet think everything else on Earth changes except this ancient, retarded, 100 year old engine under the hood?

      Nothing can stop this….including the Central Bank lunatics and the oil boys in Texas.

    • That’s true..Biden would be worse…it’s sad the way they set us up…Lieberman would’ve been worse than Gore…Cheney even more demented than Bush…it’s like an insurance policy..Meanwhile half-way decent candidates ( Nader, Buchanan, Kucinich, Ron Paul ) haven’t got a chance and are usually ganged-up on..hell they even murdered Sen Wellstone…sent weaponized anthrax to Sen Daschle and some others I can’t remember..

    • the fact that it was weaponized anthrax and obviously came fm a military chem/bio weapons lab should have woken all of us up…oh well, we’re just stupid goy I guess…the Synagogue of Satan has nothing to worry about..

  11. People “trained” in pre-1970’s Russia need to understood better. I found this video, by a Russian of that era, which is narrated in Swedish with English subtitles. It is the best documentary I’ve seen for what happened from the beginning of the revolution. It pulls no punches and places the US financiers clearly in the picture along with their Zionist allies.
    I’d consider it a must watch. It could be what the US is lined up for.

  12. If ‘true north’ means what I take it to mean, it too is utterly, completely sick of them.

    Expose them all – all their evil and the ones controlling them so humanity and our beautiful planet can be saved from these monsters.

    • “our planet” is a good term to use considering the real story behind Fukushima ( mild HAARP earthquake, undersea nukes, Stuxnet virus, mini-nukes disguised as cameras by Israeli security fim Magma BSP..a decommissioned reactor 4 blowing sky-high in a mushroom cloud…etc..)

  13. Gordon,
    Thanks for providing clarifying direction through the content of this article. Much appreciated.

  14. When I see pictures like the poor quality helicopter picture I really hope that the Lytra camera which can be focused afterwards will be perfected in the next years.

  15. That spawn of the jewish demonic god, Nitwityahoo wants Pollard back? I think we should send him to them. Put two between his eyes, then ship him freight collect to the occupied Palestinian territories.

  16. I forwarded Gordon’s entire text to my Congressman Paul Cook, California 8th district and Senator Barbara Boxer. What they do with my email I don’t know. May their delete buttons wear out.

    • While we don’t know how Congressman Paul Cook feel about your e-mail, however, Barbara Boxer may not like it.

      —–In case you don’t know, Barbara Boxer–AKA– Barbara Levy—is Jewish, an Israeli-American and Zionist.

      —–One of the major reasons, why we don’t know USA enemies is because 80% of them change their names completely, some times due to marriage, etc., and unlike German-Americans, Irish-Americans, Italian-Americans, etc., they don’t want to be listed as Israeli-Americans, they use their religion rather their origin (Jewish-Americans).

    • They do. But, I noticed years ago they choose an Anglicised surname with either an er or man at the end of it. Of course not everyone named Baxter, Cooper or even Bradman would turn out to be a Jew, but it definitely appears to be a code they use.

  17. As always Gordon Duff has a treasure trove of information… …does probbaly tells us more than some people would approve of but not all… it is a bit like opening the lid…… and then closing it before we have seen all. However that few secs of look is chilling … scary… can you tell us a bit more knowing is better than guessing.

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