Suppressed 2002 German Report on 9/11



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(Translated from German.  The original document, after careful forensic examination is considered “inconclusive.”  It has not been proven fake in any way. Ed.)

On Monday 6, August, 2001, at 17:50, [German] Ambassador Ischinger personally  notified the President of the United States that information developed by the  Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz [German domestic secret service] as well as the  BND [Bundesnachrichtendienst, German foreign secret service] indicated that an  attack by a radical Arab group partially based in Germany was to occur on 10-11  September, 2001. The President was at that time in residence at his farm in  Texas. Our [the German’s] Ambassador was acting in direct response to  instructions from Foreign Minister Fischer.

This information was developed from official surveillance of Arab extremist  groups operating in the Federal Republic as well as from intercepted  communications between the Embassy of Israel and the Israeli Foreign Ministry in  Tel Aviv concerning this matter.

The information was “gratefully received” by the US President who stated at  the time that he was also aware of the same pending assaults.

Subsequent to these attacks, the office of the US President, through the US  Department of State, made an urgent request to the government of the Federal  Republic of Germany that no reference whatsoever should be made to the official  warnings given by Ambassador Ischinger.

In order to clarify the background of this matter, this Gesamtubersicht  [overall survey] of the events leading to the assault was prepared, basing on  extracts of reports from our [BND’s] foreign stations. Overall, it is evident  that the American authorities were aware of the pending attacks. Why they did  nothing, is explained in the following.

Background: General Overview

Because of the Bush family’s involvement in oil (Zapata Oil Company), many  important and wealthy individuals and corporations with oil interests  financially supported the Bush political career. Today, the Bush administration  is therefore strongly influenced by major American business groups.

The candidate for American Vice President, Richard “Dick” Cheney, had been  the Chief Director of the Halliburton Company. This company, based in Dallas,  Texas, where Bush was Governor, is the largest oil service company in the  world.

Between 1991 and 1997, such important American oil companies as Texaco,  Unocal, Shell, BP Amoco, Chevron and Exxon-Mobil became involved with the former  Soviet state of Kazakhstan who holds enormous oil reserves. The government of  Kazakhstan was eventually paid over $3 billions of corporate money to allow  these companies to secure oil rights. At the same time, these companies agreed  further to give the sums of 35 billion US Dollar in investments in plant and  equipment to the Kazakhstan projects. A confidential project report of said US  firms announced that the gas and oil reserves in Kazakhstan would amount to 4  trillion US Dollar.

The United States is not self-sufficient in oil and 50% of their supply is  imported from various foreign sources. Some 80% of oil imported to the US comes  from OPEC-Countries, the Arabian oil cartel. Because of the unconditional  support by American political leaders of the state of Israel, these Arab  governments have a very strained relationship with the USA. (no longer true…editorial note)

A further small percentage of oil imported to the US comes from Venezuela.  Just recently, the US government has been attempting to overthrow the government  of Chavez with the help of the CIA and replace it with a government “more  sympathetic to American oil needs.”

A position paper prepared by the office of the later-Vice President Cheney  states that the Kazakhstan oil reserves would be “more than sufficient to supply  US needs for at least a decade” and would further “reduce American dependence on  OPEC.”

Unocal Oil Company signed an agreement with the reigning Taliban forces as  well as their opponents, the Northern Alliance, in order to permit an oil  pipeline to be built through Afghanistan direct through Pakistan to the Indian  Ocean. by this, the exorbitant rates charged by the Russian to use their  pipelines would be avoided. Unocal then opened official offices in Uzbekistan,  Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan to facilitate the construction of this oil  pipeline.

In December of 1997, official Taliban representatives were in the United  States to attend a conference at Unocal headquarters in Texas to discuss the  Afghanistan pipeline. These talks failed because the Taliban made what Unocal  felt were excessive financial demands.

In 1998, internal strife in Afghanistan and inherent instability in Pakistan  reached such levels as to render the pipeline project impossible to execute. In  the same year, the Houston, Texas based firm of Enron suggested instead to build  a $3 billion oil pipeline parallel to the Russian pipelines, running westwards  rather than taking the shorter but more problematic route south.

In a secret memorandum by Cheney, it is stated that the Unocal company was  prepared to finance the southern route. According to this, this project would  take five years to complete and its annual revenues from the successful  completion of this pipeline would approximate $2 billions. however, and this had  been the subject of a number of secret American reports, the only thing standing  in the way of the construction of the pipeline was the basic opposition of the  Afghanistan government and its political supporters.

On May 8, 2001, the US Department of State, in the name of Secretary of State  Powell, gave 43 million US Dollars to the Taliban in order to facilitate their  cooperation in the pipeline project.

On June 10, 2001, the BND warned the CIA office in the US Embassy to the  Federal Republic [of Germany] that certain Arab terrorists were planning to  seize American commercial aircraft for use as weapons of destruction against  significant American symbols. This was considered a general warning only. The  Federal Republic’s warning of August 6, however, was specific as to date, time  and places of the attacks.

On July 11, 2001, in Berlin, US officials: Thomas Simmons, a former American  Ambassador to Pakistan, Lee Coldren, State Department expert on Asian matters,  and Karl Inderfurth, Assistant Secretary of State for Asian matter met with  Russian and Pakistani intelligence officers. At this meeting, which was under  surveillance, it was stated by the Americans that the United States planned to  launch military strikes against Afghanistan in October of that year. The purpose  of these strikes was to topple the Afghanistan government and the Taliban in  order to replace it with a government “more sensitive to the needs of American  oil interests.”

In mid-August 2001, President of the Russian Federation Putin ordered that  the American authorities be warned of pending attacks on government buildings  inside the United States. This warning was conveyed to the US Ambassador in  Moscow and via the Russian Ambassadors office directly to the US President.

On August 20, the Government of France, through the American Embassy in Paris  and their Embassy in Washington, issued a more specific warning. This warning  specified the exact date, time and places of the attacks.

On September 11, President Bush and top aides flew to the state of Florida so  that the President could speak with children in a kindergarten. Also at that  time, Vice President Cheney absented himself from Washington and went to the  safety of the Presidential compound in the mountains of Maryland.

It was noted in Washington that Cheney remained sequestered in Maryland for  some time and only appeared in public surrounded by heavy security.

The role of the Israeli Mossad in the terrorist attacks

Note: The following two sections are considered to be extremely sensitive due  to the special relationship between the Federal Republic [of Germany] and its  Jewish citizens as well as the State of Israel. This material is compiled from  German and American sources.

During the term of President George HW Bush, the government of Israel made an  official, but very secret, request to the American president. This request was  to permit agents of the Mossad, Israeli Foreign Intelligence, to enter the  United States and conduct surveillance operations against various Arab groups  residing in that country.

The stated purpose of this surveillance was to permit Israeli early warning  of terrorist plots against their country. Permission for this surveillance was  granted with the caveat that the Mossad would have a liaison with the FBI and  report any and all finding to that agency.

However, these conditions were not observed. The Mossad not only did not  inform the FBI of any of its findings, it is known to have engaged in commerce  with several groups of Israeli criminals of Russian backgrounds. These groups  were engaged in extensive criminal activities inside the United States, to  include the smuggling of the Ecstasy drug. Mossad agents were able to subvert  American criminal investigations through their knowledge of American telephone  surveillance of such groups.

It is very evident from surveillance conducted against Mossad agents in the  Federal Republic as well as interceptions of Israeli diplomatic communication  from the Federal Republic to Tel Aviv, that the Mossad has successfully  penetrated various extremist Arab groups in both the Federal Republic and the  United States.

These investigations disclosed in late May of 2001 that an attack was to be  made against certain specified targets in the American cities of Washington and  New York. But it was apparent that the Mossad was not only fully aware of these  attacks well in advance but actually, though their own agents inside these Arab  groups, assisted in the planning and the eventual execution of the attacks.

That the Israeli government was fully aware of these attack is absolutely  certain and proven. Diplomatic traffic between the Israeli Embassy in the  Federal Republic and the Israeli Foreign Office made it very clear that Minister  President Sharon was fully aware of this pending attack and urgently wished that  no attempt was made to prevent the attacks.

Although the Israeli officials were instructed to warn the American  intelligence community that some kind of an attack might be possible, at no time  were the specific dates and targets (known at that time to Israeli officials) to  be given to the Americans.

The rationale for this attitude was expressed in a conversation on August 1,  2001, between the Israeli Military Attaché in the Federal Republic to a member  of the Israeli General Staff. There it was stated that Israel believed an attack  on the continental United States would so inflame American public opinion that  they would permit Israel to “cleanse” their state of “Arab terrorists and those  who support such terrorists”. This “cleansing” was explained as the expulsion of  all Arabs, and even Christian groups, from the Palestine area.

American intelligence officials have repeatedly expressed great concern in  meeting with our people that the Israeli government, through a company called  Amdocs, was able to conduct surveillance of all telephone communications within  the United States. It was categorically stated that this Israeli-based firm was  given the American contract with 25 of the largest American telephone companies.  This contract was granted over the objections and concerns of the American  intelligence community.

The official reason given for this extraordinary arrangement that permitted  Israeli agencies to observe all highly confidential investigative telephone  calls was that the United States has a “special relationship” with the State of  Israel and they had requested this.

The Israeli Political Influence in the United States

It should be noted here that the professional Israeli lobby in America is  huge in size and is considered even by our American colleagues to be a very  powerful and entirely dominant factor in American politics.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is the largest foreign lobby in  Washington and fourth most powerful lobby in the country. Other Israeli groups  also include the Anti-Defamation League (from whose national offices, along with  the Israel Trade Mission and the many Israeli Consulates, many Mossad agents  were working,) the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs and the  Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America.

These groups, in conjunction with Jewish dominated media giants like the New  York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Time-  Warner-AOL and their CNN news network, basically control the dissemination of  news in the United States. It is therefore almost impossible for any news that  would be considered in opposition to Israeli interests to appear before the  American public, although such stories are readily available in most European  media.

The Role of the Christian Fundamentalists in American Politics

The so-called “Christian Right” consists of Protestant fundamentalists, where  the so-called Pentecostals play a dominant role. This is a very fanatical and  aggressively missionary denomination that believes in the return of a living  Christ to earth and the subsequent elevation of its members to heavenly  paradise.

In order for this appearance of Christ to occur, several factors must be in  place according to the views of this denomination. In the first place, a number  of Jews must convert to Christianity, and, in the second, there must be a  rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. As the site of this temple is now  occupied by a major Islamic mosque, it will be necessary to destroy this  building.

Starting as an Episcopalian, Bush tried other Protestant denominations before  joining the Pentecostals. Apart from US President Bush and his Attorney General  John Ashcroft, other members of his administration are members of this  denomination, too, which is the second largest Christian denomination after the  Catholic Church. As a considerable part of the American public sentiment is  strongly opposed to religious fanatics, these facts have been kept very  quiet.

Bush and his entourage are very strong supporters of the State of Israel  because of their belief, that the founding of this nation is viewed as another  requirement for the return of Christ. For this reason, Bush unconditionally  supports any program put forward by the Israeli government and is a devoted  follower and supporter of Sharon, the Israeli right wing extremist Minister  President.

Attorney General Ashcroft has stated in a public sermon (he is a lay preacher  of the Pentecostal church) that Muslims are “agents of the Anti-Christ” and must  be destroyed in the so-called “Battle of Armageddon”. According to the beliefs  of fundamentalist Christians, this battle will be fought over Israel’s existence  and will lead to the end of the world and the return of Christ.

It is generally known in Washington that Bush is entirely guided by his  religious beliefs and that he has been attempting repeatedly to force his views  onto the American public by means of various disguised programs, such as  religious control of charities, unconditional support of Israel, and so  forth.

Summary and Outlook

The terrorist attacks on American targets were fully known to many entities  well in advance. The US President was fully informed as to the nature and exact  time of these attacks.

The US government in general and the US President in specific have become  subservient to the wishes and plans of the Israeli government. As these plans  encompass the removal of the Arab population of Israel and adjoining  territories, it is evident that the population of the United States is being  pushed into a situation that could easily result in more, and terrible, attacks  on their home country.

In view of this possibility, the US authorities are determined to limit any  discussion of the 11 September attacks to the official version as it appears  regularly in the US media.

It also appears from confidential sources that Bush’s plans to attack Iraq  are based mainly on a desire on the part of Israel to remove Saddam Hussein. Tel  Aviv views Hussein as a real threat and has already attacked that country  before.

There is also evidence that if Hussein is toppled by American military  forces, the oil resources of Iraq would be put under the control of a consortium  of the American oil interests that so avidly support the Bush  administration.

Pullach, April 5, 2002


  1. I do not like to be critical of other people’s postings, just because there has been a massive cover-up by the US government of the information and evidence relating to the 9/11 attacks. Thus, all evidence should be looked at and evaluated accordingly. And although I believe the evidence known to date indicates that Israel had foreknowledge and involvement in the 9/11 operation, this German intelligence report looks about as authentic as a $3 bill.

    This report seems to have originally surfaced (June 2002) right around the same time that Fox News and the Washington Post were reporting that Germany allegedly gave the US some general warnings about the 9/11 attacks (Note: it was also around the same time when European and American news sources were reporting groups of potential Israeli spies in the US in the run up to 9/11). And although the warnings may have been more specific, I cannot see German intelligence writing a report that is full of subjectivity and irrelevant historical background.

    Furthermore, there’s no author of the intelligence report or how this document was discovered and sourced. It’s not even written on German intelligence letterhead and is a document anyone could produce with Word software. The overwhelming majority of the background information was known as of the report’s date, except for some wild and never substantiated twists to some of the stories. This report only appears to obfuscate the true facts and evidence known to date.

    • Keith_M- You can find the authentic original German PDF @
      …along with passing reference to the infamous (and previously scrubbed) Fox News report.
      My appended documentation, which mirrors the page above, can also be found in my earlier remarks on this thread, which you may not have necessarily noticed hitherto.

    • FYI I did look at the German document and that’s why I said this document looks fraudulent. A similar US intelligence document would be on official letterhead and have “official classification stamps” on it. There is not even an author’s name responsible for this article and ends with just the date and the city of BND headquarters. The German document could have been written by anyone using Word.

      The content is also pretty absurd and strange, filled with subjectivity and unnecessary background information that appears to be spun from a variety of different news stories that were out around that time. You say the document has not been proven fraudulent, but to my knowledge, none of the new facts this report alleges have ever been proven to be true by any other “credible” sources.

      Out of curiosity, did you submit this report for VT to publish? Like many people on this blog observed, it’s kind of odd that VT published this very old and highly questionable document at this time?? It only serves to obfuscate the real facts and evidence such as VT’s recent “factual” article on the Dancing Israelis. I am the author of this report and it shows that not only did the Israelis have foreknowledge of the attacks, but other new evidence suggests they were probably even involved in the 9/11 operation itself. The report is backed by 579 pages of “real” FBI documents.

    • Grazie for your reply, Keith_M., although It appears as if you still haven’t checked my earlier postings on this thread. But since at least you took note of the specific date when this so-called report was purportedly posted from Palmach, you might do a trifle better to review it’s content in a more focused context of the actual time-frame in which it first hypothetically appeared, at which time your “unnecessary background information” would have been comparatively a good deal more hot to handle, let alone the more damning accusations of the main body of the report itself. We’re talking a mere 6 months post-9-11 here, aren’t we? And of course the documentation itself, along with supporting commentary, did not appear on the Internet until some considerable time after it was first “released” by a certain Gregory Barnes at a meeting of the Barnes Review in D.C., so let me assure you at this point that I certainly never had the slightest compunction to “submit this report” to the stalwart staff of Veterans Today, at any time past or present, so I hope at least your own natural curiosity will be satisfied for that. Once again, please check my earlier remarks here, (specifically the one which begins with the term “Curious”) from which you should be able to promptly glean that indeed, twas I, Garibaldi, (first person singular) that was first to question WHY this particular item would be resurfacing again, after a space of over a decade hence, at this particular time and venue.

    • Thank you Garibaldi, so VT just decided out of the blue to re-print this old and highly questionable report, very strange indeed? And thanks for pointing out that the date the report was uncovered was several years after the “supposed” date it was written. However, it’s really a moot point and does not change any of my other previous observations and comments about the report as to why it is most likely a fraudulent document. In fact, all the obscure and dubious background information was very public by this later date and could have all been obtained with one visit to

      You know the August 6, 2001 (alleged report delivery) date is coincidently the date that George Tenant and a couple other CIA officials visited Bush at his Crawford ranch to personally deliver the infamous “Bin Laden Determined to Strike Inside the US” memo? This visit was well publicized and supported by many other credible sources, unlike the alleged possible visit to the ranch by German ambassador Ischinger. The author did have a good imagination though, lol.

      Nothing is absolute when dealing with information and evidence on 9/11 because our government has covered up and concealed so much of it. The question we then must ask is, what is the probability of the truth given all the other evidence and information we know to be true? Given all my other statements above, I would give this report about a 10% likelihood of being authentic, what’s your thoughts and why?

    • agree Keith. it’s the tone, the stance, more than anything else that gives it away – there is a worthiness, a sense of benign superiority, a desire to dot i’s and cross t’s typical of the dedicated pedagogue, but not of any serious spook.

      i’d guess the author was about 31 years old, when this was written – almost certainly not as far back as 2002. i’m pretty much a sucker, but even to me this is obviously not what it claims to be. so obviously that i couldn’t be bothered to read more than the first few lines…

      putting it here probably one of Gordon’s little jokes to keep VT readers on their toes?

  2. Gee, you don’t think the timing of this might just be a LITTLE suspicious? When the Tribe is DESPERATELY trying to revive the “19 Arab hijackers did it” routine in the newspapers, reports coming out all over the place, everywhere these days. Like reruns of “The Brady Bunch” that just won’t go away.


    There may be much truth to this purported government “Report,” but it cannot be authentic.

    The head of government of the State of Israel, was then as now, its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

    • Sorry, Ariel Sharon was indeed Prime Minister of Israel from 7 March 2001 to 28 February 2003 (29th Israeli Government), as head of a “national unity coalition,” before forming the 30th Israeli Government with a Likud Party majority on 28 February 2003. Thus, the “Report” cannot be dismissed as unauthentic or questionable, based upon a mistake about Israel’s head of government at the time.

      The document’s author or authors present us with OTHER factual problems, however, unlikely for German Intelligence or the German Foreign Ministry. The apparent confusion, for one thing, about when Dick Cheney became Vice President of the US–at one point, even WHETHER he was Vice President on 9/11.

      While the whereabout of Mr. Cheney the morning of 9/11 might not have been known to foreign governments ON 9/11, it was likely known BY the 2002 date of the purported Report. By Cheney’s own public report, also confirmed by others, Secret Service agents had taken Mr. Cheney from his White House office to a bunker under the White House. Later, he and others, including President Bush, may indeed have gone to Camp David, Maryland, a presidential retreat, for meetings. There are photos, purporting to show this.

      Sometimes, the details give away even a clever forgery! However, as I mentioned before, there may be much in this “Report,” which rings true. But that does NOT make the “Report” an authentic German Government production, let alone a “secret” one.

    • Ariel Sharon was Israeli Prime Minister from 7 March 2001 – 14 April 2006

      Bibi was Israeli Prime Minister 18 June 1996 – 6 July 1999 and from 31 March 2009 to present according to Wikipedia.

      Both have also held other positions such as Minister of Foreign Affairs in each other’s administration.

  4. Point of order about this statement from the article:

    “Starting as an Episcopalian, Bush tried other Protestant denominations before joining the Pentecostals. Apart from US President Bush and his Attorney General John Ashcroft, other members of his administration are members of this denomination, too, which is the second largest Christian denomination after the Catholic Church.”

    I believe the author is confusing Baptists with Pentecostals. It’s a minor point, since both they and most other mainstream Protestant groups have been hijacked by the false doctrine that the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy – AKA Christian Zionism – for more information on this subject I recommend that you check out this site:

  5. So how did the “Arabs” manage to rig the WTC towers for demolition? And how did the “Arabs” get the debris hauled away so fast as to preclude a meaningful forensic investigation? And how did the “Arabs” manage to get Jewish sayanim Hymie Brown to play imposter? And how did the Arabs get the U.S. Air Force to stand down? And how did the “Arabs” prevent any kind of real investigation into any aspect of 9/11 (e.g., the put options on the airlines) or the subsequent “anthrax attacks”? And why didn’t the “Arabs” make any kind of statement or claim of responsibility? And on and on ad nauseum…

    This piece is a load of shameless crap. I won’t even call it a “limited hangout”, as it’s just too insulting.

    • Probably should take in context the timeframe of 2002…we’ve learned quite a bit since then…no doubt JCS/Pentagon/Norad/government treasonous complicity is a given.

    • To many people waking up to the BS that is the “official federal government story”. They are getting desperate. So they are trying to take the same old fairy tale BS and buttress it by using foreign “official” BS.

    • No shit…damn krauts find it hard to think logically and voice informed opinions with the zionist claws holding their balls!

  6. Again just keep it simple: Those Twins were built to be deconstructed, some call it pre-wired. I tend to say ” COLD WAR ERA ” construction. Pre-wired explosives……anyway the article itself is akin to a good dose of typical propaganda. It’s mention of the usual players is the dead give away. Surely none with a real interest would ever over look the fact that there had to be a massive coordinated effort on many fronts in order to pull it all off.

    Trying to steer what may of may not have been known in a certain direction, for desired results, in my opinion is an insult. Certainly it’s not the most important aspect of the event called 9-11. The most important aspect is the fact that no one in ANY position of authority has, or ever will, DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

    You can expose whoever, whatever, and the whenever until the cows come home. The real question is who now will grow the necessary balls, tell the truth, and do what is right by ( not only the American people ) but the rest of the human population as well…???

    I say again: Who?

    I’ve read more about this event than most anyone, but I’ve also read between more lines than most anyone as well….more people should try it…..stop having your judgment clouded by those with specific agendas. What do I mean: Well how about this: What is the latest on the two who were allowed to read the entire 9-11 report? Anyone contacted their offices and inquired about the next course of action?



    • Frankly, they lost me at ” radical arab group”….Everyone, by now, should know that arabs and muslims ( beyond serving as patsies and narrative ) had zero to do with 9-11….no “hijackers”…no cell phone calls. No….on second thought, why go into it?

  7. —–With all the things Israel is doing to destroy USA, it also has it Propaganda–For Cover-UP

    —-Watching RT on 10/2/13, on MHz Networks TV, after Netanyahu (The Enemy of USA), admitted, that Israel “The Evil Empire” is at the lowest point as a favorable country since 1965, his gov. set aside $1-million dollars (of course our tax dollars), for “Israel Digital Diplomacy Propaganda” for college students salary & tuition, if the students write “Good things about Israel”.

    —-The “Good News” after the students found out, the person who setup the “Propaganda Website” wrote a few years ago on Facebook, that “Palestinians are Stupid” among others, most Israeli students refused to join in, by saying “Action Speaks Louder than Words”.

  8. ——This article should be read by every Patriot Americans, since things are worse, scary & above all hopeless than we ever imagined.

    ——No wonder, Bush, Jr., in his 1st term of his presidency, came up with 501(c) which is part of his “Faith Based Initiatives.” that is now known as a License for Corruption & the Flood Gate of Zionists Money Laundering.

    ——Bush even ordered every Mayor in USA to set-up an office just for that purpose, and ask The USA Conferance of Mayors to mail the list of offices directly to the White House.

    • Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.? Part 1

      BRIT HUME, HOST: It has been more than 16 years since a civilian working for the Navy was charged with passing secrets to Israel. Jonathan Pollard pled guilty to conspiracy to commit espionage and is serving a life sentence. At first, Israeli leaders claimed Pollard was part of a rogue operation, but later took responsibility for his work.
      Now Fox News has learned some U.S. investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the U.S., who may have known things they didn’t tell us before September 11. Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron has details in the first of a four-part series.

      Published: 12/12/01 FOX News. Part 1 of a 4 part series: Part 2- Part 3 – Part 4
      These items have since been removed from the FOX News web site:

  9. This report seems also to give one more reason why Ariel Sharon had to be neutralized when he made surprising u-turn towards peace with Palestinians… They silenced PM Rabin for that reason too…

  10. Rings true, but from “suppressed” I expected it to be the first such release in public space.
    Nevertheless it seems to confirm my hypothesis that the whole “Kabbalistic Pulsa d’Nura curse on” Ariel Sharon (“kept on ice” until time is ripe) and “Rabbi Kaduri Prophecy” nonsense are PsyOps by Israeli services et. al. prepared to paralyze masses of backward Christian fundamentalists (possibly Muslim too: see the legend of “Dajjal”) when the regional ME hostilities are started big time… (soon?)

  11. This should be interesting; “In Israel, Greenwald reveals whose agenda he is serving”, Maidhc Ó Cathail,
    The Passionate Attachment, January 7, 2014:
    Speaking to Israel’s Channel 10 — whose biggest shareholder, cosmetics billionaire Ronald Lauder, is President of the World Jewish Congress — Greenwald criticized “the continued imprisonment of Jonathan Pollard,” who was sentenced to life in prison in 1987 after passing more than a million highly classified documents to Israel while working as an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Navy. (Incidentally, Channel 10 owner Lauder is also a supporter of clemency for Pollard.) As reported today by Haaretz, here’s what Greenwald told his Israeli audience about the spy, who, in the words of former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, “did more damage to the United States than any spy in history”:

  12. Wow, this supports all the so-called conspiracy theories about 911 that so many VT writers and readers have remarked about. I guess they are best called “conspiracy facts” or a true RICO criminal conspiracy by the USAF, JCS, NORAD, Administration, NeoCons, Mossad, Israeli-American dual citizen Traitors and infil-Traitors and sayanim. We have witnesses to admissions like Steve Pieczenik, MD, former Asst. Secretary of State also. It’s high time for GWB, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gen. Meyers and all those directly involved to be charged with High Treason, Sedition, criminal RICO, mass-murder, conspiracy to murder, espionage against America the Republic. And Rudy Guiliani must be charged too as an accessory after the fact or even more. It’s time for these soulless mass murderers to be brought to justice, convicted and publicly hung on a military gallows just like those who conspired to assassinate Lincoln. Until these RICO mass murderers are brought to justice, America can never be free of their curse. Highest commendations to Veterans Today for carrying this smoking gun document. Here it is folks, all the proof we didn’t have that shows those who did it are known by many other world leaders and intel groups. This evidence is the final key to necessary to say Bye-Bye Aipac, ADL, DHS, TSA and B’nai B’rith and all the other illegal zio espionage fronts inside America that have been working so hard to covert America into Gaza II.

    • ‘This evidence is the final key to necessary to say Bye-Bye Aipac, ADL, DHS, TSA and B’nai B’rith and all the other illegal zio espionage fronts inside America that have been working so hard to covert America into Gaza II.’

      I so wish I could agree with you Preston James; but I am too old, have seen too much to know that ‘they’ will say bye bye to millions before they surrender. “They” most surely are seeing that their game is up, and they will do what they have always done under such circumstances.

      Because they can.

      I am with Tyron Parsons, in that we need to remain resistant and peaceful.

      Our time WILL come, but how and when is not for us to know right now.

      We must only Believe and keep our Dream alive.


    • Their game is indeed up, and the world economy is teetering on the brink of a crash thats never been seen before. Something’s gotta give. I’m thinking 911 Part Two, new and improved, with more false flag devastation than ever seen before is currently in the works. If not, well great I won’t have to buy ammo or food for a couple years but this is not the time to let ones guard down

    • agree fully. things in this article point to LIHOP-MIHOP, 100%. they also show coinciding motives to things laid out in their precious “lets start wars everywhere!” PNAC outlined plans. it goes even further if a person looks at cheney’s halliburton “gulf gusher” with BP’s corexit -banned- bio-weapon attack with their “private army” preventing any investigation of the real crime scene, then the Fukushima slow kill just in time for “mandatory HELLthcare” that is to be enFORCEd by the feral reserves IRS that is also buying up a lot of weapons recently.

    • o captain the scenario is just beyond sad.

      How could these criminals even want to live in a world that they are so rapaciously degrading?

      I saw on television some days ago a cattle farmer in the FUKU region.

      The ‘authorities’ wanted to destroy all his cattle, and he courageously said NO.

      His cattle are showing white radiation marks all over their beautiful bodies, but he is a self declared cowboy willing to die with his herd. That to me is very brave and a Living Example of fighting the Good Fight.

      All so heartbreaking; and yet we must all live as well as we can while we have Life.

      And I am also old enough and experienced enough, to know that Life goes on

      into Eternity.

      Nothing to fear, really.

    • how could they? they are luciferian-satanic anti-life anti-God anti-Christ-anic.
      anti-Christ-anic being my return accusation to anything “anti-semitic” for what they DO.

      I’m not athiest, but the statement about promising a better afterlife so people put up with lots of BS in this one, has a lot of truth to it too. IMHO we all have a “God-spark” within us, and if we see evil we are supposed to destroy it first then repent for it afterwards, GOD would understand and forgive it if asked sincerely. I’m not a “radical”, but IMHO this truth has been brainwashed away by those who only intend to do evil, like “politicians” who have branded a noose to be something racist so they dont get their own necks deservedly stretched! “THEY” will say a statement like “God told me to do it” is CRAZY, even if they call it “temporary insanity”..
      -enough rant for now..

    • yes captain we all have the divine spark of God within us.

      We are all part of the One God, which is ALL creation.

      The first evil we must deal with is our own: you know the one, removing the beam from our own eyes

      Then we start to see more clearly, and with our God-given conscience (as opposed to the dumbed-down, lying crap that passes for current social desirability) decide on our own right path. That is, after all we have endured, experienced and survived in this world, what has brought us here to Veterans Today. I was for 27 years married to an army officer, which is my first commonality with the people on this site.

    • yes, 100% MIHOP to every detail they thought they could manage-mismanage.
      the LIHOP falls onto agencies in other countries who hushed up on request.

    • yup, with osama bin cheney ordering NORAD to stand down so he could fly his remote controlled airplanes from his bunker, snapping at anyone daring interrupt his concentration..
      “I dont have to testify under oath stay away from me with that Bible dammit!”

  13. Commentary by SPINE Intelligence Expert

    The document purports to be from the German Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), which has its headquarters at Pullach, near Munich. It was released by Gregory Douglas, author of Regicide: The Official Assassination of JFK at a meeting of the Barnes Review, in Washington DC. The original German document, complete with top secret classification markings and other details, is enclosed for scrutiny and verification. The document may or may not be genuine. It has not been proven to be a forgery. If Ambassador Ischinger did not go to Crawford, Texas, on the date named, nor made telephone contact with the President, then the document may not be truthful. If, on the other hand, Ischinger did telephone President Bush or go to Crawford to speak with him at the time and date mentioned, then the occasion must have been a matter of extreme urgency. It will be possible for someone to verify or refute the facts of Ambassador Ischinger’s whereabouts. If the document is genuine, it would go far to explain Germany’s reluctance to get involved in the so-called War on Terror, including aggression against the innocent nations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Germany’s public silence could well be explained by concern about the extremely sensitive relation of Germany to the state of Israel, and by the horrifying implications this document would have for its relation to its NATO ally, the USA.

  14. Well, I guess at this point any more evidence of a US gov’t.-Israeli conspiracy to launch the 911 terror attacks is just more gravy on the potatoes. Or is it more live rounds in the rifles of the firing squad?

  15. Curious why this relatively rare item would again rear its pointed little head after such a long hiatus. I first unearthed it around five years after 9-11, and felt strongly compelled at that time to share it rather widely on the web, which I therefore did. For any conceivable purpose of further documentation, I would like to here append the following paragraphs to the proper of the report itself, which were included with it in the original form I found it, both sufficing as a forward and afterword respectively, in subsequent comments…

    • “The document was published in June of 2002. If genuine, it must rank as one of the most remarkable documents in history. It purports to be a top-secret report from the German external intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) prepared with assistance from an internal German intelligence agency, the BfV. Among the most important claims it makes are the following: German intelligence detected plans for an attack by Arab extremists on the United States, to take place on September 10 or 11, 2001. Israel was aware of the plans and wished the attack to take place without hindrance. The German ambassador informed the President of the US of the impending attacks. He thanked the ambassador and said that he already knew. Subsequently, his administration urgently requested the suppression of information on this warning. The report elaborates that among the various reasons for the attack being encouraged by the US administration was a desire to have a pretext to attack Afghanistan to secure a pipeline route for western oil companies to export oil from the Caspian basin. Despite angry denunciations of the authenticity of the report from various quarters, the German government has to the best of our knowledge not issued a denial of its authenticity. Even if it were to do so, the alleged urgent request for secrecy could provide grounds for such a denial. No other effective refutation of the accuracy of the report has been seen by the editors of this website.”

  16. I think, in this case, concerning this “religious right,” it would be most instructive for all to do their level best to secure (either hard copy or .pdf), F. Tupper Saussy’s “Rulers of Evil.” Go to Chapter 16: “Tweaking The Religious Right.” This is where it began in American History. Now, as a companion study, to put this all into a 21st century context, may I suggest the following:

    “From Sea to Shining Sea” (free download at itunes)

    Once one has completed this entire study, then count yourself informed on the religious front concerning American (and western civilization) history. Where it has been. Where it is now. Where we need to go for the future to come.

  17. The Pentecostal connection is very interesting.

    Most everything else seems to be widely known. I have never considered Bush intelligent enough to plan 911, but he is definitely dumb enough to be duped by religious extremists.

    Cheney’s motivation was probably just greed.

    Cheney’s “undisclosed location.” Any chance he (Cheney) was under house arrest?

    I will never forget the look on Bush’s face when he finally returned to the White House on 911. Looking nervously about as though he expected a hijacked airliner to appear over the White House to take him out.

    Anyway, that is the feeling I got at the time.

    • They surely are either dumb or were duped or blackmailed, but they are all made men, without need for greed. If one belongs to that class one can live a life the press is silent about. Sometimes one can imagine how over the top they are, and I think the linked report about the decadence of Lord Browne applies to other VIPs. I think these are the upper circles doing human sacrifices too.


    • I’m more of the opinion that cheney needed an idiot front man puppet, much like GHWB had with Reagan after his buddy’s son johnny hinckley took the fall for putting a .22 into him. similar to bungholio-bama appointing multiple felony swept under the rug hillary to the position of secretary of state, which SHOULD have had him impeached as fast as he’d announced the appointment!

    • caught trying to hide paperwork from federal watergate investigation when an intern.
      paid 300k fine for felony violation of the Logan Act instead of 3 years in federal prison.
      illegal camaign contributions in 2007-8 that were quickly ignored-dismissed.
      all barely the tip of the iceberg, she should have been banned from politics with watergate.

    • this is a drum I do beat often because they try to present her as viable for 2016.
      her NAFTA-GATT China Walmart exploits, also incredibly treasonous to Americans.
      Iran-contra rose lawfirm tyson chicken drug money laundering, and more!

    • More like ” I better do whatever the Hidden Hand wants or I’ll go the way of Lincoln, McKinley, Kennedy…”

  18. The German text can be found (among many other links) at ***

    The problem I have with this is that it reads like the Wannsee protocols, using a syntax that looks like being translated from Jewish English into German.

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