Is “Radiation” a Scam?


ScreenHunter_2626 Jan. 13 00.51Was “Advised” to Publish This Video”

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

[ Editors Note:  Dear Readers, Gordon’s title above is a read between the lines test for our advanced readers. We, of course, will not be adding anything additional. You either ‘get it’, or you don’t.  We thank those who ‘advise’ us on things like this, as they go out of their way to do it… Jim W. Dean ]




YouTube - Veterans Today -

Galen Wilson debunks nuclear fairly tales.  I was told to watch this.  Instead I am publishing it.  It is on YouTube, why not?

The video was made in 1985.  Galen Winsor died in 2008.

Everything we have been told about nuclear proliferation is a lie.  Yes, Iraq, Iran, all of it, all made up, all seen as an insult to real nuclear scientists.  VT has long claimed this based on our own nuclear experts.

Why did Roosevelt ship fully enriched Uranium to Russia starting in 1944?

Everything he says makes everything we hear a total lie.  This man claims you can make your children’s toys out of Plutonium.

I am told he is telling the truth.

If he is, and I suggest you listen to all of this, then we have a massive fraud on our hands.  However, as this isn’t the first time and we have considerable corroboration for Winsor’s statements, this will turn the world upside down, or should.

It means many of us have been duped, have been wrong, Fukashima and more.  It means every aspect of our game with Iran is also a scam.

If you don’t need centrifuges to make weapons grade Uranium, something we have verified, the entire IAEA is a pack of lunatics.  Now I know why I have a dangerous tritium scope on my M4 Carbine.

Watch all of this.  Let’s fight this out.  Let’s get to the truth.

China Syndrome is a con.  There are no nuclear meltdowns.

This is what we are being told.  Is there a reason we are being lied to?  The case is made, convincingly.

We also know weather is manipulated, we have all the evidence.  We know hydrocarbon energy is worthless.

If Galen is right, and the studies from Hiroshima and Nagasaki are proof, we have been subjected to decades of fraud.


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  1. I agree with you re the modern crises in medicine as well as in science where the educational system in most colleges is lacking. (My husband was an orthopedic surgeon, now retired.) Also, malpractice suits have skyrocketed which puts incredible stress upon the best of doctors, a lot of whom retire early.
    Insurance companies, government/politics (witness the confusion re Obamacare) as well as Big Pharma have, indeed, corrupted modern medicine. Be well!

    • Also, with the advent of “Managed Care/HMOs” many hospitals are understaffed which puts heavy stress on RNs as well as the rest of the medical team. I know a lot of nurses have left the system, because they became “managers” & had very little time with patients.

  2. Hey folks,
    If you want to know whether radiation is a scam why don’t you go to and begin receiving their newsletter. Better yet, read the comments from today regarding all the young people dying suddenly, all the thyroid cancer etc.
    Whomever is STUPID enough to read and believe this crabassed article , well, haul your silly butt to Fukushima and volunteer to work at the nuke plant. I hear tell you could be dead in 30 minutes without protective gear……..just sayin…….keep the shill crap outa here!!!!!!

  3. Tell that to all the kids whose pregnant parents were exposed to DU in the Middle East. Tell that to all the women who have had radiation burns to their chest wall as part of their cancer treatment. Tell that to my friend, who at age 40, developed severe congestive heart failure secondary to radiation therapy for her thymus cancer when she was in her twenties. I could go on and on, but I won’t. What a sack of stinking buffalo dung!

    • Ingrid, As an RN this has been my concern as well. See prior comments. However, I welcome the debates this article has precipitated.

  4. Nasir, You are far more knowledgeable in this regard! I truly respect your intelligence! I also know legitimate scientists have heated debates over many topics, sometimes blacklisting honest research. I have no doubt you are expert in multidisciplinary fields. Your input here on VT is much appreciated!


  5. Well, Gordon, your an intelligent guy and I don’t pretend to be in intelligence. But I do have to question the thousands that have died from the radiation sickness post exposure. Medical chemotherapy and radiation therapy usually kills the patient. It is nothing like the newer isotopes. Do you want us to consider all the deaths from radiation at the turn of the century from roentgen rays to never have happened? That all those who died in the medical experiments in the 40’s and 50’s and the cancers never happened? That all the cancer deaths of the ‘downwinders’ from all the nuclear tests of Nevada never happened? That Agent Orange ,dioxin, isn’t one of the most toxic chemicals to living tissues. Sorry, this guy has some points about the cartel that runs the nuclear industry and perhaps the dod/cia hit men could use it to hide a body, but whoa buddy! We have 100 years of evidence in human tragedy and injury form this. Like many people from that generation thought, if I don’t immediately die from it, it is safe. The guy was completely ignorant of cell biology. What are you talking about? Your talking my old backyard when you mention Hanford. The whole estuary of the Columbia is contaminated with radiation such that the wind surfers in the gorge use to wonder why their skin burned despite the sun screen. People took to using dry suits to avoid ‘the peel’. Everybody who has looked around knows that the globalists gave the bomb to Russia, China, and France, Britain and Israel.and probably the other countries who now have the tech as well.

  6. Most of us on this planet work for energy. Energy to produce food, shelter, transportation and all the other “essentials.”

    Free energy would mean a lot of free time for each of us. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop or would free time allow us to find our “wimpy” spiritual side?

    Sincerely, The 99th Monkey

  7. Yes, it seems the “between the lines” aspect of this video is the potential of energy independence for the common folk. This is gravely scary for the roosters sitting atop the dung heap … it would gut their bottom line. Regarding the content of this video, the hazard or relative safety of radioactive substances, although interesting, is really a peripheral debate in comparison to the net effect wide spread, dependable, affordable, independent energy generation would have on the whole of human culture.

  8. Some interesting comments, but none that really add to the knowledge of the topic.
    If the issue is the nature of radiation, and its relative threat to human and other life, plenty of evidence exists that even at low levels, radiation has direct and deleterious effects.
    To answer Jack Heart, yes, the cities destroyed by nukes have been rebuilt-but then, what choice did the Japanese have? Further, various studies of health have consistently pointed to a rise of pathologies regularly attributed to heavy doses of radiation.
    Jack, you are right to question much of science, since it is a politically and ethnically controlled paradigm, yet sick and dying people are that way for a reason. If the source is not radiation, then what is the source?
    It is not enough to dismiss the current findings regarding radiation and illness. Simply put, another mechanism must be found.
    The nuclear testing in the western US through the decades of the 50’s and 60’s has spawned studies that conclude that almost 1/2 a million Americans have had their lives shortened significantly by this testing. You have the personal testimony of Terry Tempest Williams and others of the destruction fallout wreaked on their families. Are you, or anyone else prepared to deal with their losses with a smug denial?
    Few things in this life can be definitively known. This is the result of a world shaped by divine imagination, a faculty hardly recognized by most.
    The real question: What is the NATURE of harm inflicted via radiation???

    • So, is radiation a scam?
      Well, what is a scam? A scam is a ploy to rob, steal, and cheat for imagined gain. We know through direct experience that the rulers cannot surrender their nuclear addiction. We know they can’t give it up, and are trying to restart it, despite the Israeli terror attack on Fukushima. This article goes far in terms of planting in the minds of readers an inane perspective that supports the addiction of the ruling elite.
      Remember, the genius of the R.E. is the crafting of policy wherein you, the idiot citizen, works not only against your best interest, but against your very own survival.
      We all know that the R.E. is busy trying like mad to expand nuke power around the globe, and we also know, thanks to israel, that these installations are a great means for blackmail, extortion, and the forcing of an inhuman agenda on people who don’t want any part of it.
      The comment that radiation is harmless is right up there with the best in public manipulation. This cruel supposition is in fact both an attempt to dismiss evil already unleashed, and to justify that which is intended to be released.
      I really hope people wise up. An open mind is not a sieve, and not a blank slate to be imprinted according to others’ desires.
      Haven’t you had enough of being a manipulated, used slave, or do you need more????

    • Talk to the doctors who dealt & are still dealing with the aftermath of Chernobyl. Doctors are finding thyroid changes post Fukushima in children in Tokyo. Why do radiologists put a lead apron on patients when taking x-rays of specific body areas? Or dentists when x-rating teeth? Check out Dr. Helen Caldicott on Fukushima & the “perils of nuclear power” as well as the International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War…

    • Nasir, True, I’m not an “expert”, are you? Have you researched Dr. Helen Caldicott’s body of work? Or talked with the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War? When you do, I’d be interested in your point of view…Also, as an RN for almost 50 years, I’d like to know your definition of “sickness”…Thanks!

    • Nasir, Thanks for your response. Do google Helen Caldicott, M.D. There is much to learn. No, it’s not necessary to “go out of VT”. I respect your point of view even if we don’t completely agree. that’s why, for the most part, I enjoy the open debates in the Comment section of VT…


    • Nasir,
      A question, are you using definitions to illustrate the dilemma of radiation, or are you using definitions to obfuscate it?

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