Is “Radiation” a Scam?


ScreenHunter_2626 Jan. 13 00.51Was “Advised” to Publish This Video”

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

[ Editors Note:  Dear Readers, Gordon’s title above is a read between the lines test for our advanced readers. We, of course, will not be adding anything additional. You either ‘get it’, or you don’t.  We thank those who ‘advise’ us on things like this, as they go out of their way to do it… Jim W. Dean ]




[youtube ejCQrOTE-XA]

Galen Wilson debunks nuclear fairly tales.  I was told to watch this.  Instead I am publishing it.  It is on YouTube, why not?

The video was made in 1985.  Galen Winsor died in 2008.

Everything we have been told about nuclear proliferation is a lie.  Yes, Iraq, Iran, all of it, all made up, all seen as an insult to real nuclear scientists.  VT has long claimed this based on our own nuclear experts.

Why did Roosevelt ship fully enriched Uranium to Russia starting in 1944?

Everything he says makes everything we hear a total lie.  This man claims you can make your children’s toys out of Plutonium.

I am told he is telling the truth.

If he is, and I suggest you listen to all of this, then we have a massive fraud on our hands.  However, as this isn’t the first time and we have considerable corroboration for Winsor’s statements, this will turn the world upside down, or should.

It means many of us have been duped, have been wrong, Fukashima and more.  It means every aspect of our game with Iran is also a scam.

If you don’t need centrifuges to make weapons grade Uranium, something we have verified, the entire IAEA is a pack of lunatics.  Now I know why I have a dangerous tritium scope on my M4 Carbine.

Watch all of this.  Let’s fight this out.  Let’s get to the truth.

China Syndrome is a con.  There are no nuclear meltdowns.

This is what we are being told.  Is there a reason we are being lied to?  The case is made, convincingly.

We also know weather is manipulated, we have all the evidence.  We know hydrocarbon energy is worthless.

If Galen is right, and the studies from Hiroshima and Nagasaki are proof, we have been subjected to decades of fraud.



  1. I agree with you re the modern crises in medicine as well as in science where the educational system in most colleges is lacking. (My husband was an orthopedic surgeon, now retired.) Also, malpractice suits have skyrocketed which puts incredible stress upon the best of doctors, a lot of whom retire early.
    Insurance companies, government/politics (witness the confusion re Obamacare) as well as Big Pharma have, indeed, corrupted modern medicine. Be well!

    • Also, with the advent of “Managed Care/HMOs” many hospitals are understaffed which puts heavy stress on RNs as well as the rest of the medical team. I know a lot of nurses have left the system, because they became “managers” & had very little time with patients.

  2. Hey folks,
    If you want to know whether radiation is a scam why don’t you go to and begin receiving their newsletter. Better yet, read the comments from today regarding all the young people dying suddenly, all the thyroid cancer etc.
    Whomever is STUPID enough to read and believe this crabassed article , well, haul your silly butt to Fukushima and volunteer to work at the nuke plant. I hear tell you could be dead in 30 minutes without protective gear……..just sayin…….keep the shill crap outa here!!!!!!

  3. Tell that to all the kids whose pregnant parents were exposed to DU in the Middle East. Tell that to all the women who have had radiation burns to their chest wall as part of their cancer treatment. Tell that to my friend, who at age 40, developed severe congestive heart failure secondary to radiation therapy for her thymus cancer when she was in her twenties. I could go on and on, but I won’t. What a sack of stinking buffalo dung!

    • Ingrid, As an RN this has been my concern as well. See prior comments. However, I welcome the debates this article has precipitated.

  4. Nasir, You are far more knowledgeable in this regard! I truly respect your intelligence! I also know legitimate scientists have heated debates over many topics, sometimes blacklisting honest research. I have no doubt you are expert in multidisciplinary fields. Your input here on VT is much appreciated!


  5. Well, Gordon, your an intelligent guy and I don’t pretend to be in intelligence. But I do have to question the thousands that have died from the radiation sickness post exposure. Medical chemotherapy and radiation therapy usually kills the patient. It is nothing like the newer isotopes. Do you want us to consider all the deaths from radiation at the turn of the century from roentgen rays to never have happened? That all those who died in the medical experiments in the 40’s and 50’s and the cancers never happened? That all the cancer deaths of the ‘downwinders’ from all the nuclear tests of Nevada never happened? That Agent Orange ,dioxin, isn’t one of the most toxic chemicals to living tissues. Sorry, this guy has some points about the cartel that runs the nuclear industry and perhaps the dod/cia hit men could use it to hide a body, but whoa buddy! We have 100 years of evidence in human tragedy and injury form this. Like many people from that generation thought, if I don’t immediately die from it, it is safe. The guy was completely ignorant of cell biology. What are you talking about? Your talking my old backyard when you mention Hanford. The whole estuary of the Columbia is contaminated with radiation such that the wind surfers in the gorge use to wonder why their skin burned despite the sun screen. People took to using dry suits to avoid ‘the peel’. Everybody who has looked around knows that the globalists gave the bomb to Russia, China, and France, Britain and Israel.and probably the other countries who now have the tech as well.

  6. Most of us on this planet work for energy. Energy to produce food, shelter, transportation and all the other “essentials.”

    Free energy would mean a lot of free time for each of us. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop or would free time allow us to find our “wimpy” spiritual side?

    Sincerely, The 99th Monkey

  7. Yes, it seems the “between the lines” aspect of this video is the potential of energy independence for the common folk. This is gravely scary for the roosters sitting atop the dung heap … it would gut their bottom line. Regarding the content of this video, the hazard or relative safety of radioactive substances, although interesting, is really a peripheral debate in comparison to the net effect wide spread, dependable, affordable, independent energy generation would have on the whole of human culture.

  8. Some interesting comments, but none that really add to the knowledge of the topic.
    If the issue is the nature of radiation, and its relative threat to human and other life, plenty of evidence exists that even at low levels, radiation has direct and deleterious effects.
    To answer Jack Heart, yes, the cities destroyed by nukes have been rebuilt-but then, what choice did the Japanese have? Further, various studies of health have consistently pointed to a rise of pathologies regularly attributed to heavy doses of radiation.
    Jack, you are right to question much of science, since it is a politically and ethnically controlled paradigm, yet sick and dying people are that way for a reason. If the source is not radiation, then what is the source?
    It is not enough to dismiss the current findings regarding radiation and illness. Simply put, another mechanism must be found.
    The nuclear testing in the western US through the decades of the 50’s and 60’s has spawned studies that conclude that almost 1/2 a million Americans have had their lives shortened significantly by this testing. You have the personal testimony of Terry Tempest Williams and others of the destruction fallout wreaked on their families. Are you, or anyone else prepared to deal with their losses with a smug denial?
    Few things in this life can be definitively known. This is the result of a world shaped by divine imagination, a faculty hardly recognized by most.
    The real question: What is the NATURE of harm inflicted via radiation???

    • So, is radiation a scam?
      Well, what is a scam? A scam is a ploy to rob, steal, and cheat for imagined gain. We know through direct experience that the rulers cannot surrender their nuclear addiction. We know they can’t give it up, and are trying to restart it, despite the Israeli terror attack on Fukushima. This article goes far in terms of planting in the minds of readers an inane perspective that supports the addiction of the ruling elite.
      Remember, the genius of the R.E. is the crafting of policy wherein you, the idiot citizen, works not only against your best interest, but against your very own survival.
      We all know that the R.E. is busy trying like mad to expand nuke power around the globe, and we also know, thanks to israel, that these installations are a great means for blackmail, extortion, and the forcing of an inhuman agenda on people who don’t want any part of it.
      The comment that radiation is harmless is right up there with the best in public manipulation. This cruel supposition is in fact both an attempt to dismiss evil already unleashed, and to justify that which is intended to be released.
      I really hope people wise up. An open mind is not a sieve, and not a blank slate to be imprinted according to others’ desires.
      Haven’t you had enough of being a manipulated, used slave, or do you need more????

    • Talk to the doctors who dealt & are still dealing with the aftermath of Chernobyl. Doctors are finding thyroid changes post Fukushima in children in Tokyo. Why do radiologists put a lead apron on patients when taking x-rays of specific body areas? Or dentists when x-rating teeth? Check out Dr. Helen Caldicott on Fukushima & the “perils of nuclear power” as well as the International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War…

    • Nasir, True, I’m not an “expert”, are you? Have you researched Dr. Helen Caldicott’s body of work? Or talked with the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War? When you do, I’d be interested in your point of view…Also, as an RN for almost 50 years, I’d like to know your definition of “sickness”…Thanks!

    • Nasir, Thanks for your response. Do google Helen Caldicott, M.D. There is much to learn. No, it’s not necessary to “go out of VT”. I respect your point of view even if we don’t completely agree. that’s why, for the most part, I enjoy the open debates in the Comment section of VT…


    • Nasir,
      A question, are you using definitions to illustrate the dilemma of radiation, or are you using definitions to obfuscate it?

  9. Next, we’ll be treated to videos describing how mercury is really very good for us, and dioxin, and Agent Orange too. Gee, we are wasting so much money disposing of this stuff in secure sites underground. Who would have thought it’s so safe?

    I have an idea. Let’s have all the DC politicians and bureaucrats, every one, offer to eat some nice radioactive food and water for us, on camera, all together now, with no cheating. And not just once, either. Every day for lunch, until they leave office. Because an accumulation of small doses will usually cause more harm than a one-time big dose.

    • We used to play with mercury, with our hands in high school science class. We didn’t know it was dangerous, so it wasn’t.

      When my sister found out it was dangerous, she had all her mercury fillings removed.

  10. My father also died from Leukemia and he worked with low level radiation plutonium with in the computer chip at Industry at ITTI Down in Puerto Rico in the 80’s and died in 1989. He had an incident in 1982 when he become very ill with vomiting and had the runs and next thing he had black & Blue marks all over and then we found out he had a low platelet count, test revealed he had the type of Leukemia he had was from Radiation poisoning Myoplastic Syndrome . So, as it goes it is with the eye of the beholder, if this guy died of Leukemia then he was exposed to radiation poisoning. It seems we are Again, being misled.

  11. It just never ceases to amaze me what people will post as though it is a true fact. Let me clear some things up.

    Galen Winsor DID NOT die of Leukemia. I am a friend of the family, and I know first hand. He died of natural causes at the age of 84. Please don’t post lies that reflect on the life of a brilliant scientist and a brave man.

    PS: I was in the audience on many occasions during several of Galen’s presentations. He is what he presents himself to be. I witnessed evidence and saw him and others ingest the powdered uranium to make his point. Neither he nor any of the participants have died of Leukemia!!! The point was well-made, as some are still alive and doing fine. After everything I have seen, I have never witnessed radio-active material affecting any individual adversely. End of subject.

  12. @jackheart
    Already on board with “everything is a lie” – especially Einstein and “official” science. But we’re dealing w/ “Masters of the Universe” and they play a very mean game. And let’s not forget about the very long list of dead microbiologists and now astrophysicists.

    And because “everything is a lie” – the burden of proof is exceedingly high. I can’t wait to be convinced if that is still even possible in this Matrix of hell! ♥ (sorry – no facebook)

    Any comment on Syfys HELIX and fictional (?) black oil infection at Arctic base? Are we still having fun – and just to be clear, I love your work!!!! Still waiting for rest of the parts . . .

    • Had to butt in “Everything is a lie,” yea…and real science is held very close to the vest. CERN found the the Higgs Boson!!! A $15,000,000,000 job. Openly admitted. What does that mean?? Why is that relevant?? Haha. What if we only have peices of Einstein’s theories? What if they are as classified as “the Philadelphia Experiment?” As are Tesla’s rumored stolen research? ………Helix sounds like x files and the Thing, interesting ill check it out. ……radiation is a funny thing, like gravity, misunderstood, and they can both kill…….alas Babylon…..type, dosage, route of entry, nuclear medicine, and Chernobyl firefighters…however radiation, rarely ever burns someone to death….

  13. Apparently, one link too far . . .

    Rest of story (reply to jackheart post) – didn’t post w/ link so w/o:

    Iodine, strontium, and cesium are the most important radionuclides that enter the food chain and are absorbed by man from the intestinal tract. Barium-140, ruthenium-103, iron-55 can also be absorbed to a small extent. Tritium and carbon-14 are also very important but they are so mobile in the environment, no one can do anything about them. There are many other radionuclides that are important in the first few months after a nuclear explosion if one eats food directly contaminated by the fallout. Although the latter radionuclides are not absorbed by the body, they can do great damage to the intestinal tract while they are passing through the body.



    December 4, 1985
    Aina J. Shapley, B.S., M.S.

  14. Cont & last (reply to JackHeart):

    Iodine, strontium, and cesium are the most important radionuclides that enter the food chain and are absorbed by man from the intestinal tract. Barium-140, ruthenium-103, iron-55 can also be absorbed to a small extent. Tritium and carbon-14 are also very important but they are so mobile in the environment, no one can do anything about them. There are many other radionuclides that are important in the first few months after a nuclear explosion if one eats food directly contaminated by the fallout. Although the latter radionuclides are not absorbed by the body, they can do great damage to the intestinal tract while they are passing through the body.

    Above from:


    December 4, 1985
    Aina J. Shapley, B.S., M.S.


  15. I am halfway into the video and wondering is there any honest business left in this country?
    Is everything a racket? Now the other thought, I had is that the most dangerous species on the face of the earth must be a bureaucrat.


  16. Now, apart from the fact that this video and also the text of Gordon was really entertaining, I’m at the the same eager for the follow up.

    Might I suggest to the editor staff of VT the following:

    “John Mc. Cain, the man who’s fighting for perpetual peace by perpetual war”.

    Have a nice day.

    • Shhh. Don’t tell them about miso soup:

      “In light of the looking Japanese disaster, it is ironic that in the aftermath of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki it was a Japanese doctor who discovered that miso protects against radiation.

      While treating victims in Nagasaki, Dr Akizuki and his staff ate miso soup together every day. Dr Akizuki and his staff never experienced radiation sickness despite their daily proximity to the fallout. Dr AKizuki lived to be 89 years old.

      Miso belongs to the highest class of medicines, those which prevent disease and strengthen the body through continued usage.

      Dr. Shinichiro Akizuki, Director, St. Francis Hospital, Nagasaki

      Dr Akizuki’s observations led to the discovery that dipicolinic acid…an alkaloid found in miso…binds with heavy metals and carries them out of the body.

      Miso is a paste traditionally made by fermenting soybeans but it can be made with any legume including barley and chickpeas. And to get the true benefit you want unpasteurized miso with all of the live friendly bacterial enzymes.”

    • And pretty sure Dr. Akizuki didn’t die from leukemia.

      It’s really hard to not think that this is “double back flip disinformation” especially considering Chernobyl. I remember reading the account of the woman scientist who was among those required to go in & take care of business in the aftermath. The observation of the little dog found dying on the children’s cot was heartbreaking along w/ “there’s nothing that can be done for the animals”.

      Concern re the radiation fallout shortly after the 3/11 Fuk disaster affecting organic farm led me to a report that had been put together years earlier that went into much detail as to how to mitigate the effects of radiation – not sure I can still find the link. Of course, it was fashioned on the premise of a nuclear bomb attack rather than an ongoing nuclear plant disaster.

      Well, the fun never stops – eh?

    • Different link – but can this be refuted?

      “Hermann Muller, another Nobel Prize winner, is one of many scientists who would not have been okay with that. In a 1964 study, “Radiation and Heredity” [6], Mueller clearly spelled out the genetic damage of ionizing radiation on humans. He predicted the gradual reduction of the survival of the human species as exposure to ionizing radiation steadily increased. Indeed, sperm counts, sperm viability and fertility rates worldwide have been dropping for decades.”


    • Found it!

      Preface: Since Mrs. Shapley completed this study in 1985, there has now been extensive experience of the contamination of the food chain as a result of Chernoybl. In light of this, and other research, Mrs. Shapley, who has remained an active T.E.A.M. Leader in the Ark Two Community, is preparing an addendum to this study. The plan is to post the addendum when it is ready.


      December 4, 1985
      Aina J. Shapley, B.S., M.S.

      There are a number of good books on the subject. The most valuable probably is Radioactivity and Human Diet, ed. R. Scott Russell, Pergamon Press, 1966. Others: Radionuclides in Foods, National Academy of Sciences, 1973. Radioactive Fallout, Soils, Plants, Foods, Man, ed. Eric B. Fowler, 1965.

      (word limit – see next post)

    • I always loved Meso soup, sushi too, lots of prana but for the subject at hand NC nothing says I am on chosen ones parole like winning the Nobel prize for science, in fact throwing the word science into Nobel peace prize is an oxymoron in itself. The Nobel prize is a reward the Jew gives out to his flunkies for keeping his goyim stupefied and bleating passively in the pasture. I’m surprised Mily Cyrus hasn’t won one yet. Practically everything you have been told about science is a lie. I’m not going to go into it here on Mr. Duffs blog and by the way did you listen to the video? This guy was kicking fueling rods into the cooling tanks wearing his street clothes and he lived to be over eighty. You want to know about real science, etheric science minus the limitations imposed by that con man Einstein, we are working on bringing a simplified explanation for anyone who wants to know it right now. Drop me a line or friend me on Facebook I’ll send you the link when its ready.

  17. The other piece of the puzzle that does not bode well for us is what is happening to the crew members of the USS Ronald Reagan. If those young sailors suffering the effects of high radiation exposure are a scam, then I just friggin’ give up.

    Galen Winsor aside, I think we are looking at something like the plot of ON THE BEACH, which movie was adapted from Nevil Shute’s famous novel.

    You may think this is over doing it a bit, but when did you ever think that something would happen that would kill off the sea life in the pacific ocean? If I offered you anything to eat that was grown or caught in and around Japan the last three years, would you eat it? Kobe Beef anyone?

  18. The gentleman’s name is Galen Winsor. He used to be a frequent guest on Tom Valentine’s radio show back in the day. His idea was that radiation exposure was like exposure to sunlight, it is good for you until you get burned. He discounted the cumulative effects of radiation exposure which seem to be the basis of most nuclear safety literature prevalent today. The only thing is that getting “burned” by radiation is not cured with bed rest fluids and hydration therapy – you simply die!

    I think he makes many good points; however, there is no way that aerosolized plutonium and millions of tons of radioactive water can not be detrimental to mankind.

  19. Watching it over is worth it. NOT COLES NOTES – processing plutonium from uranium , cesium 137 , high level waste after a 3 year wait,into those million gallon tanks would boil off 15 k gallons of water a day, but instead of furthering the use of cesium 137 and benefiting from boiling water, they packaged it as waste took cesium 137 and pressed them into titan-ate pellet ,add thermal ionic convertors- ” snap program “? Should be in any home or car Sounds like it could be done if only there were no oversite. Or is it being done? Is this the key to energy independence? hmmm

  20. I was in the Eremitage in St. Petersburg first in 1975. Most Westerners were looking with wide open and to some extend greedy eyes at the silver and gold artwork, which was shown there in abundance. They couldn’t even shut there mouth when they were told that roughly only a third of all was shown, many outstanding things where never to be shown in public because the reactions would be too overwhelming for some of the visitors. I at that time was more interested in wonderful peaces of furniture, especially a check table, made without any glue and without any nails. My fingers went over the absolutely plane wood interieur and I could not realize any slightest inequality. To me, this was one the most stunning thing I saw and I asked my female dolmetcher how they did it, which technique did they use. She had no answer and others also had no answer, it was lost for ever.

    Now, think a moment about our generation of technicians, scientists and other inventors who had to deal with things we just can’t imagine, because we are – to this day – not allowed to know. Next generations might as well wonder how we did things, which worked. Can you imagine, that they also might not be allowed to know about the real marvells and may be they, other than we now, might not even know they ever existed. This is a nightmare, which might occur in the future, if now people in the know don’t speek up and tell the people the truth about technologies and science, which most of us only see in SciFi.

    • When I bring up 911 to other old farts of my generation, most dismiss me be saying, “I am glad I only have another 10 to 20 years to worry about that shit!” as a way of not getting involved or taking a stand.

      I tell them that 80% of the world’s population believes in reincarnation. We are leaving a shitty world for ourselves.

      Sincerely, The 99th Monkey

  21. You’re not the only one. I suppose I’m just ignorant because I remember what my momma said about assuming.

  22. Nuclear War drama is a real scam… PTB are playing it for a number of reasons: deception, distraction, fear (as damn good generator of negative energies) and, at least but not the last, the cover up of future catastrophic event that will come from space: comet cluster. “Chemtrails are also suitable for that purpose… All ICBM&co have only one purpose: to be launched by One button when shit hits the fan. One world government that is in charge of that button does not want peoples to doubt it’s “might” – as in past, present so in future. I guess that the main purpose of Lucifer telescope is to detect this cluster on time, so Vatican’s resident could flee (fly?) on time…

  23. Galen Winsor is simply working on his defense for the Last Judgment. With a good attorney he might get off with a few hundred years in Purgatory. As things stood though at the time of this talk he was looking at a much, much longer time in a very warm climate. Once he was saying things as far fetched as this he put himself in a position to claim the insanity defense.
    Unfortunately these crazy presentations always hook a few people. Let us hope someone that takes this in does not actually try out Winsor’s ideas and do something harmful to himself and others. That would noticeably also weigh against Winsor’s pleas wherever he now is–that is wherever his soul is. ‘Well, Galen, it is going to be another century down here now with the news that some VT viewers went out for a swim in radioactive water and ate some radioactive waste. The results have not been good.’

  24. “Advised” by WHOM? The PTB behind the nuclear industry which is at possible huge financial losses following the horrendous disaster at Fukushima or pending serious leak problems at our (USA) aging nuclear facilities? Dr Richard Alan Miller, a physicist who worked on NASA projects, recently stated ALL nuclear energy sites worldwide should be shut down, because nuclear energy is neither clean nor safe. He further stated there are much cheaper & better clean, free energy technologies available to replace the dangerous, high-risk aging facilities.The Keshe Foundation & others have the resources to clean up after the meltdown at Fukushima. How about Chernobyl? Ask doctors about the radiation fall-out effects…”Reading between the lines”, BEWARE!

    • Dr. Miller also spoke of the “Extermination Effect” following Fukushima…according to him, a far greater disaster than Chernobyl.

  25. Let’s assume the video presents true information. Perhaps then someone can explain the horrendous birth defects associated with Chernobyl. WARNING: Graphic Content – The Children of Chernobyl
    A lot of money has gone into a cleanup and the Sarcophagus. Has this all been a hoax? And the Japanese are now complicit with reports of leukemia and thyroid cancer. Plus the women who licked paint brushes while creating illuminated watch dials . . . We should also give those researchers a hard time who did studies showing women living close to nuclear power plants had a far greater likelihood of getting breast cancer. Unfortunately my fine science teacher from Czechoslovakia in high school has passed away, or I would be after him for feeding us lies!!

  26. Marie Skłodowska-Curie said to have died as a result of radiation exposure.

    K-19 crew irradiated following reactor coolant failure.
    “After one hour in such a compartment, you can die,” said Filin, now 64 and a nuclear engineer living in Moscow. “None of them refused the task.”
    “Their faces were big and swollen,” Strelets said. “Foam was coming out of their mouths. They died in seven to 10 days.”
    Strelets lost a kidney as a result of radiation poisoning. Filin’s immune system was damaged in the accident, making him highly susceptible to infections.

    Still, each former K-19 crew member tries to make it to a reunion at a Moscow cemetery every July 4, the accident’s anniversary. Each year the group is smaller, but each year the men and their wives raise a glass of vodka to fellow sailors.

    “Every year we receive sad news,” Strelets said. “This year two of our comrades died, one in Yaroslavl and one in Vladikavkaz. We all have symptoms. We all go to hospitals.”

  27. “I used to supply the Russians with uranium in 100lb boxes”

    Speech from the 1960s. Major George Racey Jordan was responsible for fascilitating the transfer of American Arms and Technology to the USSR during WWII under the Lend Lease Program. He kept a detailed diary including Primary Source documentation.

  28. Is Jimmy Hoffa burried in one of these “containers” and thats the real reason they are to HOT to handle?

  29. Gordon Duff Blows another hole in the Matrix!

    I sometimes wonder if we have ever been told the truth about anything. Maybe the earth is stationary and we really do reside at center of the universe. There is some good science (not religious dogma) out there to support this.

    I suspect there are some pilots out there that can answer my current dilemma on my path of enlightenment.

    If the Earth rotates at 1,000 MPH at the equator in a counterclockwise direction when viewed from above, and you are flying a jet at 500 MPH into the rotation, your effective speed should be 1,500 MPH?

    If you are flying with the rotation, your speed would need to be 1,000 MPH just to keep up with the earth’s rotation. This should equal a short trip to Tokyo and a long trip back to LA, yet flight times are the same each direction?

    If you are flying from the North Pole to Houston, a trip of some 3,000 miles would you plot your coarse to where Houston will be in 6 hours? or is it more dead reckoning?

    Now, if the universe is spinning around the Earth and the galaxies are as far away as science tells us, they would be traveling well beyond the speed of light to circle us in 24 hours.

    Of coarse, science bases the age and distance of the universe to accommodate Evolution, Einstein & other such factors.

    Unless someone can correct my delusion, the only logical answer is a hologram. So why do they want to keep us from knowing we live in a Matrix? Perhaps, once we realize this, we can wrest control from “them?”

    • @ jglassel.

      “If the Earth rotates at 1,000 MPH at the equator in a counterclockwise direction when viewed from above, and you are flying a jet at 500 MPH into the rotation, your effective speed should be 1,500 MPH?

      “If you are flying with the rotation, your speed would need to be 1,000 MPH just to keep up with the earth’s rotation. This should equal a short trip to Tokyo and a long trip back to LA, yet flight times are the same each direction?”

      You are completely off-base here.

      If you are sitting on the ground at the equator, you are traveling at 1000 mph. However, your ground speed is zero mph. If you are hovering above the equator, your ground speed is zero mph. The Earth “carries” you around with it.

      Regardless of which direction that you travel between Tokyo and LA, at the same air apeed, the trip takes the same amount of time, because the distance is the same. The speed at which the Earth is rotating is irrelevant.

    • How high does this hovering zone go up? before you would no longer move with the Earth?

      Geo synchronous satellites are at 22,000 miles? or so above the equator. They move with the earth? If I went to 25,000 miles and sat stationary, could I see the earth rotate? or would I still turn with it?

      This ether has been proven to move, but as I understand it, Einstein abolished the ether to make special relativity work, which is the basis of your argument.

      I’m not trying to be obstinate, just trying to understand. As Einstein once said, if you cannot explain it in simple terms, you do not understand it, yourself.

      GPS compensates for the moving ether as the Sonjac effect shows. I have also heard this adjustment described as need because of time moving slower at the speed of light.

      To my limited understanding, the ether has been proven to move, the earth has been proven to be stationary. ****** disregard the religious BS, but the science is mind expanding, right or wrong

    • The attractive force of gravitation falls off as a factor of distance from the center of the planet. There is no particular place where it ceases to have any effect; every object in the Universe is affected by the gravitational pull of every other body in it. At immense distances, the effect is very small indeed, but it exists. Didn’t anybody here stay awake through ONE science period? How did you pass the course? Was it a social promotion?

    • Tribe science teaches us that airliners can knock down steel buildings and a magic bullet can kill a President. And that the Earth spins while revolving around the sun.

      When one observes something that the Tribe teaches us not to see using flim flam explanations, we must inquire of their purpose.

      The Earth stands still, the Tribe invented Einstein to make it move. Debunking Einstein would quickly end the career of the person doing so, though Einstein’s theories have been proven wrong again and again.

      Knowledge is power. Science cannot prove the Earth is moving. With all its technology, no video of the Earth rotating exists, at least not that I can find, though there has been plenty of opportunity to do so from flyby satellites.

      Gravitational force can explain east west travel. But not north south. Gravitational force, it would seem keeps us, everything on this planet is in a geo synchronous orbit. Science or magic? and how does this differ from what we observe?

      If the earth stands still, we exist in an illusion, a matrix, a hologram.

      The Tribe, The Temple know this. They know, unequivocally that, if we know its existence we will come to know we have power over it.

      It’s our delusion. We should live it as we see fit, not as directed by them.

    • The orbital period of Neptune is 165 years. There is so much fail in your post that I got dizzy reading it. A jet does not travel at 1500 mph, because it is still under the influence of Earth’s rotational speed, not independent of it.

      Gravity is because mass attracts mass; it has nothing innately to do with a vacuum, in which you would die nearly instantly.

      From that point on, your post is the lowest form of gibberish imaginable. It seems you didn’t even take third grade science. At least I hope you didn’t.

      I would love to have seen this Winsor guy put his money where his mouth is, and live in a chamber with a one pound block of Cesium-137. He wouldn’t live five days.

  30. So i watch this video and listen to Galen Winsor and i think this would be awesome if true. Then i went back through VT archive to review all the articles written about the radiation from Fukushima and the exposure to our sailors on the USS Ronald Reagun . Multiple articles ranging from “FUKUSHIMA =2,000 Atomic Bombs” by Bob Nichols, to” More Vets to Join Fukushims Lawsuit” by Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhill “.
    SOMEBODYS wrong.

  31. I don’t have the technical knowledge to judge the technicalities of his presentation, but the scam he describes vis-a-vis value, ownership and double, triple etc charging seems to indicate a long term pattern that goes back to at least Eddison. You know, the “Complex”.

  32. A couple more thoughts…and perhaps the real reason behind the sabre rattling at Iran is because they’re going to figure out the scam and led said cat out of said bag. That MAY be what the negotiations are all about. Re: empty towers…I keep thinking about the resuce worker who was saying (and I paraphrase), “not one desk, not one computer, not one toilet…the biggest thing we found was a pice of a keypad off of a telephone!” For most, I’m certain that conjures up a horrible and powerful explosion, fire, exotic weapon of force unknown. For me, it NOW conjures up an empty and abandoned tower used for the biggest insurance scam in all of history, among other things. More peace!

  33. I would not be surprised to learn that evil nuclear energy had to be destroyed because it was an invention the tribe was unable to exploit.

  34. Ridiculous even outrageous proposition: ‘Fukashima radiation is essentially harmless’. A new low for Veterans Today.

  35. Interesting, first half thoughts are: Hanford is now a leaking toxic dump threatening contamination of much water. Atmospheric weapons testing has dramatically increased cancers throughout the US, and all men carry a trace of plutonium in their testes from it. Long term exposure to Low level radiation can be worse than intermittent exposure to higher levels. Unstable atoms entering the body, lodging in soft tissue, organs, bones, are really what will cause harm to a person, like Alexander Litvinenko. Bob Nichols may be crying chicken little, but radiation may just come from the Devil and Hell itself.

  36. Gordon even could have quoted 99 per cent of Ann Coulter’s Glowing Report on Radiation.


  37. This presentation is extremely lacking in scientific facts. Without a discussion of ionizing radiation and its interaction with biological systems, there is no understanding of the difference between visible light radiation and that of x-ray, gamma, alpha, and beta radiation. In my opinion, this man is a danger to self and others and not a credible source of information. He may know the chemistry of plutonium, but he does not know the biological dangers of ionizing radiation. Yes, the rules and regulations are conservatively established for protection of workers and the public. Yet, we know of the many deaths that have occurred to overexposed workers. The dangers are real.

  38. I couldn’t bear to watch the whole video because Galen Wilson seemed willing to ignore a lot of research on the hazards associated with radiation. We can and do all survive small exposures to radiation but the issue is the how much exposure occurs when there is repeated exposure and the amount of radiation involved is not controlled. Health impacts involve cancers. What about inhaled plutonium dust that seems to cause lung cancer decades after inhalation. Is this what we want in children’s toys? What about the increased rates of leukemia in children where there is plutonium?

  39. “Is radiation a scam?” Is “Fukushima”….a scam???
    Let’s ask the 1st responders from USS Reagan while they sh?t themselves all over the poop deck.

  40. Mr. Duff,
    Part of the problem with declaring radiation a scam, essentially harmless, is the science that placed the blame for genetic damage squarely at the doorstep of radiation.
    The other problem is that we have plenty of clear empirical evidence coming out of Fallujah, via Dr. Chris Busby and others, of enriched uranium use, and a correlation of horrific birth defects.
    This is only the tip of the iceberg.

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