ProNukers Spread Death and Pestilence – Always

The World is a Radiation Zone now
The World is a Radiation Zone now


Connecting the Dots

by  Bob Nichols

(San Francisco) So-called “connecting the dots” is hard to do. We all know that radiation is evil deadly nasty stuff. On top of that, it lasts forever.

The accounts below of many diseases, epidemics and Mass Extinctions come in part from more Radioactive particles contaminating us, the “herd” of 7 Billion Humans all over the world. The world’s fish, plants and animals get sick and croak, too, from the Rads, including your pets. This is a sample for Jan 6, 2014.

Don’t let anyone get away with telling you “no one knows” what it is from. Tell them that is a lie. The Nuclear governments and their government or privately run nuclear weapons labs know exactly what is going on. That’s what they get paid for and they do a bang-up job. The US Nuke Labs started down this road when the US Manhattan Project started some 74 years ago.

These monsters at the Nuke Labs are really good at what they do. There are whole buildings full of people whose job is track the Kill and all the radioactive particles. They spare no expense in tracking the Kill.

Master Sergeant John C. Woods
Master Sergeant John C. Woods grave stone. WWII US Army Hangman

The on-going goal was to kill everything on earth and they did it, too. There is not a thing we can do about it either because it has already happened. Some of us just don’t know it yet.  Payback would be nice. Where’s US Army Master-Sergeant Woods when we need him?[1]


It’s really simple, most adults breathe about 17 times a minute. The latest known big nuclear disaster was Mar 11, 2011 in Japan and it is still going full tilt. That is 1,487,520 minutes from 3-11-11 to Jan 6, 2014.

You and your friends have all breathed 25,287,840 Times since Mar 11,  2011[2] [3]. Everyone breathing is Radioactively Contaminated. Everyone’s included. No one is left out.

There are enough radioactive particles in the air right now to kill us all thousands of times, many have already died. One, or more, of the RadParticles has your name on it. How good are you at dodging invisible bullets?

Sources and Notes

1. Master Sergeant Woods, 3rd Army Hangman during WWII, Friday, March 8th, 2013, Bob Nichols, VeteransToday,

2. Calculate duration between two dates. From and including: Friday, March 11, 2011. To and including: Monday, January 6, 2014, Result: 1033 days, It is 1033 days from the start date to the end date, end date included, Or 2 years, 9 months, 27 days including the end date.

3. Fukushima AIDS, part 3: Protracted radiation exposure, the immune system, and cancer.  Posted on January 9, 2014, Fukushima AIDS, part 1 was a general overview of the immune system, and dealt with how Fukushima is affecting and will affect it in the coming years. Bobby1’s Blog, Jan 9, 2014.

“But if Fukushima keeps going on for years and years, it’s going to finish everyone. People will die from cancer, autoimmune-related diseases, or from genetic defects passed on to future generations. Do not think, that there is X amount of radiation at Fuku, and that is not enough. That does not take into account protracted exposure. At some point it becomes an ELE.” [Note: Extinction Level Event, Emphasis added.]

“Chronic inflammation, mutation and cancer,” Stephan Christen, Tory Hagen, M K Shigenaga, and Bruce N Ames, pages 35 to 88 in book. 319 references in one article.

C E Finch, Biology of human longevity. 182 pages of references.

Microbes and Malignancies, Infection as a cause of human cancers, edited by Julie Parsonnet.

“Day 532 Post Fuke Blues,” by RosyHeart, Artist,

“Raining in My Heart” by RosyHeart, Artist, Published on Jan 11, 2014, “It’s No Mystery. It’s Nukushima. Got pneumonia? Mystery Virus? Ugh.”

Here are a few of The Dots Jan 7, 2014:

CDC: 25 states reporting widespread flu –

H1N1 Outbreak In Ann Arbor: “These Patients Are Very, Very Ill” « CBS Detroit

Mass Animal Die-Offs -2013 – Google Maps

Health officials report swine flu outbreak in Louisiana Alexandria Town Talk

Dr. Frank Welch, immunization medical director for the state Office of Public Health, said it’s virtually all the swine flu variety, known as H1N1 influenza.

Three confirmed swine flu cases in Coos County since 2009-2010 … Coos Bay World

COOS BAY — There has been three confirmed cases of the swine flu in Coos County, said Lena Hawtin, communicable disease coordinator for the …

Health officials: Swine flu outbreak in Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La. — Health officials say Louisiana physicians are seeing a big uptick in flu-type illnesses as patients line up at doctor’s offices and …

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48-Year-Old Contra Costa Woman Dies of Complications From …

This virus was originally referred to as ‘swine flu’ because showed lab tests showed that genes in the virus were very similar to influenza viruses that …

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.A. Times: Alarming West Coast sardine crash likely radiating through ecosystem — Experts warn marine mammals and seabirds ar

Texas pH1N1 Deaths Explode

Influenza has hospitalized 9 people in Lewis and Clark County, December 31, 2013 6:00 am  •  By AL KNAUBER Independent Record

Nine people have been hospitalized in Lewis and Clark County because of influenza, a county health official said. And of the 645 people statewide …

13 influenza-related deaths reported in North Carolina, 9 in Texas

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., Jan. 5 (UPI) — Thirteen influenza-related deaths have been reported in North Carolina and nine deaths in the Dallas area this …

Influenza widespread in Pennsylvania, locally not so much Main Line

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Influenza Cases Continue to Rise in Texas NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Health officials are reporting that influenza cases are “widespread” in Texas. The Center for Disease Control said positive cases jumped five-percent …

Swine flu resurfaces in Kamloops region Victoria Times Colonist

Interior Health medical health officer Dr. Sue Pollock said Friday the H1N1 influenza strain has been confirmed throughout IHA and in other parts of …

1 dead, 8 ill with swine flu in Allegheny County Tribune-Review

At least one person has died and eight others have been hospitalized with serious complications from the swine flu, officials at Pittsburgh hospitals …

One Dead, Eight Have Swine Flu in Pittsburgh Hospitals WTRF

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Is the Swine Flu Back and Wreaking Havoc? Huffington Post Canada

The laboratory data has since confirmed what officials have feared: swine flu is back and responsible for over 70 per cent of the cases seen to date.

Flu Blamed For Deaths and Illnesses 750 KXL

PORTLAND — Emergency rooms around the metro area have been swamped with flu victims of late. Doctors say H1N1, also known as swine flu, …

Deadly H1N1 Spreading Across U.S. The Weather Channel

The H1N1 flu strain — which was responsible for the 2009 swine flu pandemic — has dominated this season’s flu scene, according to the U.S. Centers …

Denton County confirms season’s first flu deaths The Cross Timbers Gazette

The dominant strain is H1N1, otherwise known as swine flu. Swine flu is more likely to hit young adults and children than people over 65. “We have …

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Flu season targets younger population in Larimer County

The start of Larimer County’s 2014 flu season has been headlined so far by the return of a familiar foe: H1N1. Influenza A (H1N1) (or “swine flu,” as it’s …


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Only, the news somehow got worse. An outbreak of swine flu had been sweeping through the region, and John-Henry clearly had been contaminated.

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Swine Flu Returns – Is this the beginning of the prophesied Paul Sandhu

January 4, 2014 – HEALTH – Cases of the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, across Canada and the U.S. are increasing at the approach of the …



  1. I used to think the people responsible for operating this technology
    Knew better than to do really stupid things.
    I used to think a lot of stuff.
    Now..view from here..
    The Stinking Jews used our daddy’s money to make a doomsday weapon,
    which they now are using to blackmail the world.
    Thieves, Knaves, and target practice.


    • So sad. They bought you books and you just chew the covers off the books.

      You still don’t get it, do you, dude?

      Bob Nichols

    • Simple, John.

      The ELE [Extinction Level Event] is a done deal, already happened, past tense. That’s it.

      Bob Nichols

    • I sure hope you are wrong on this one.
      I have serious concerns myself.
      I do not know how this system will respond to the challenge,
      It is an experiment that was supposed to never happen
      Hope Springs Eternal! (there is a lot I do not know,
      Is it silly to hope that somewhere in that is a solution?
      My Best to You (and I promise to quit eating cardboard as much as I can.
      Our Problem is not the occasional unforeseen oopsie,
      It is that some crazy wankers seem to want to kill everybody.
      It was a lot simpler when I just fixed computers.
      I learned in an honest system, simple cause and effect,
      no bad intent or scheming.
      I have since applied what I learned there to an environment
      where deception and scheming are the norm.


    • Hi John,

      Nope. I’m not wrong on this one. But then, this is exactly what was predicted to happen many times Before it did. It’s just what logically happens when GE takes a little reactor designed for a submarine, swells it up and puts it on land. In a sub if something went wrong with the thing the Captain could order it jettisoned out the bottom into the Ocean and save the boat.

      Yea, the reactors behaved exactly like they were supposed to; they dropped the cores out the bottom of the reactors.

      Yea, John, that’s a pretty big Oooops. It killed the world, that includes us, of course. So, you keep on digging and find out the truth that seems to fit the known facts, then go with it

      Bob Nichols

    • I am familiar with the history re the submarine reactor
      ( I think we have one just west of here in a hole
      Denver Federal Center.. Look Under the FEMA Big Mack..
      Only a guess.
      Some buildings in Chicago mysteriously stayed lit..
      I Digress..
      We have been robbed!
      These Bastards wasted our precious time.
      And I Hope God Gets Them for That!
      The Universe is Just Seething with Energy,
      We could have all we want and it would never notice.
      We are at something of an impasse (and I hope I prevail in time)
      You claim the glass already drained (turn off the lights, shows over folks, vacate the premises.
      I claim the Universe likes us better than you yet know.
      Just in case it all does not come a cropper,
      how about if we keep the lights on, feed the kids,
      water the houseplant (and Hope For The Best!


  2. There is so much be don’t know because what goes on behind the curtains where corporations have more power now than the people, THE ACT 1871 all should look into & read & understand.

    Nuclear power plants does not use MOX Fuel for making power, it’s use to make weapons & for advancements in new weapons. Fukushima was all MOX fuel 100 million times worse than a plant just making power. The NRC’s FOIA Reports have some alarming stuff in them, you can save time from digging for days by reading, also these is You shall have to make up your own minds of why our government & MSM remains silent about the non stop radiation from Fukushima by air, sea, food & water, also the fact that untold amounts of that was dumped at sea. Then the waste site across the USA & world.
    Why is non elected agencies like the EPA can raise the legal limits of radiation allowed in our food & water with out congress debating this on the floor of congress. These agencies have passed more new laws & regulations than & congress has no say so & neither do the people anymore!

    • WRONG. Jeeeez, do you morons run in packs?

      Ohhh me, did I say that? Well, well, I guess I did.

      Look it up. Do the science first.

      Bob Nichols

  3. Fukushima was deliberately done with deep sea nukes to create a tsunami, and bombs in the buildings.
    the “Gulf Gusher” too with its biochemical weapon “corexit” that is banned in a dozen countries at least.
    they are calling these attacks “natural disasters” and “accidents”, its about genocide and profits.

    Japan had told izrahell NO, Japan was developing air-water powered engines big oil would hate.
    about 2 weeks before, a short lived report of a Korean ship sunk with a German made torpedo.
    about 12 days after, a report of 3 German made izrahelli subs parked off Iran, transit time?
    govts know about 3 mile island and chernobyl, there was no international effort to help Japan contain Fukushima before spent fuel rods became exposed to burn freely, poisoning the air and water. they WANT all the people they deliberately made unemployed, to just FOAD!

    the “Gulf Gusher” is still leaking, hidden by biochemical weapon corexit that BP attacked with, after planning the destruction of the offshore oil rig. BP gestapo patrolling OUR beaches to prevent anyone reporting the REAL damages done, as govt proclaims “the seafood is safe to eat” (haha just ESAD!).


    • ..continued..

      this sick game runs from top to bottom. govt agencies have plans drafted for a”zombie apocalypse”.
      junk in the food has made a quarter of the people diabetic, see what happens when the insulin stops!
      our brains are computers that run on fats and sugars, look what doctors say not to eat nowadays..
      “oh gee you’re having brain malfunctions? dont worry we have lotsa pills for that stuff!”

      government and media try to keep these things hushed, while at the same time they’re demonizing anyone who is a “prepper”, nevermind that GOVT has their stockpiles of food and ammo theyve stashed away at our expense “just in case” of events they’re actually PUSHING TO HAPPEN.. duhh.
      anyone awake enough to comprehend the stuff is just a “conspiracy theorist”, can anyone explain why government-media stopped reporting anything concerning real radiation levels in our environment?!

  4. Many of us Americans will always sit down with kindred spirits anywhere. The best thing I got for an Iraqi after the US invaded in 2003 was a nice brown leather baseball glove similar to the 50s-60s Rawling style (American made back then). Most all of us Americans would rather play games and sports than fight wars that historically ignorant psychopaths create.
    Bob: I wonder where all our canned salmon and tunafish is coming from.
    For a long time, one hunting for moose in Maine had to do it in a certain area and have the moose checked for radiation due to residual radioactivity/particles/contamination due to the Chernobyl disaster which occurred quite a number of years before the late 80s when I was checking on hiking in Maine.
    I do not know if there are still rules about moose hunting in Maine (due to levels of radioactivity in moose). .

    • Hi 60sstreetpunk,

      I wouldn’t know, dude, Don’t touch the stuff myself.

      Yo, I remember those gloves, fer sure.


  5. I read your Source #3, Fukushima AIDS, all 3 parts. It’s good stuff, although i must say that Stages 1 and 2 of radiation sickness as presented by Bobby1, reminds me of Hashimotos thyroiditis, which might in fact be the primary problem, since we know radiation destroys the thyroid. Even the little details like thin, brittle nails and hair loss. I saw one patient with Hashimotos whose nails had almost disappeared. She had pain in bones, pins and needles in extremities, all the other stuff too. She had all the symptoms of Stage 2, but had no radiation problems.

  6. Duff on the air with Mike Harris presents Duff in a different manner, which I like.


    Duff makes a comment to which I concur. WE DO NOT DIE!

    Though I would like some clarification about how this death does not happen, I believe it to be true.

    Bear in mind that everything we have ever been taught is a lie. Why then is it so hard to believe that the Universe revolves around Earth? and what does this really mean?

    Because it was stated as such in ancient religious texts, does that mean we should swallow the rest of story hook, line and sinker and fall on our knees to beg forgiveness from a demented god?

    Or should we look a little deeper. Perhaps, we are the power behind this illusion? We are the power behind our own delusion that we are powerless and dependent upon space aliens and devil gods to save us.

    Duff is right. We don’t die. We live this nightmare over and over again until, in some far flung reality, we find a way to regain control of the matrix and put a stop to this shit.

    There are really only two things we can do about it.

    Sun gazing and meditation will heal ourselves and our planet. I am not opposed to marching on DC with a million others carrying nothing but ropes, but in the meantime we can wish in one hand and shit in the other to see which gives us the warm, fuzzies first.

    Give sun gazing a try. It is a less messy way of feeling warm and fuzzy!

  7. Time for some good news:

    UN Report says 56 killed so far due to Chernobyl nuclear accident – World – CBC News


    I am sure you know that, do you?

    • Sure. They also say Fuku killed fewer people that Chernobyl. If you believe all that, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.


    • I love you Americans.

      You are not perfect, like all of us. But you are kindred spirits in that we ALL dare to dream
      and can today laugh in the face of lies and adversities and all the odds stacked against us who dared dream of democracy and freedoms/

      Keeping those dreams alive.

    • Such great news, Stephan! UN REPORT? You gotta be sh!tting me.
      Google Chernobyl Yablokov if you’re at all interested in 56 + another odd million or so.

    • UN is for Jerusalem only.

      I was struck many years ago by the extent to which the Declaration of Human Rights parallel the Christ’s Sermon on the Mount.

      Were it sincere, the entire Human Family would be living in peace today.


      Fraudulent is the essence of UN, although I feel sure good employees are duped and enthralled by the experience of being Masters of the UNiverse

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