Israel Lobby 5th column gets backlash on killing Iran talks


US Capitol Building

 62 US Organizations Oppose Iran Bill


…by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,   … from  Press TV, Tehran


AIPAC is no longer feared
AIPAC is no longer feared

[ Editors Note:  We had a bit more movement today toward that tipping point toward Israeli penetration of Congress finally being resisted.

While this list is not the hundreds of organizations we would like to see, it is showing that the opposition groups, who up to now have been jealous of attention on themselves, they are finally realizing that without the power of coalitions they have diluted the strength of their numbers.

At the end of the day the infiltration that the Lobby has done successfully at the top can only be countered by voter pressure at the grass roots level.  That has been what their divide and conquer game has all been about these last few decades, pitting these groups against each other which resulted in no serious challenge to the Lobby at the top.

Now we have to see if the conservative groups who opposse Israeli/Zionist/AIPAC cooption of Congress have the leadership smarts to join in.  Not all of them will of course, but not all are needed…just enough to rattle the ‘in the bag’ politicians that their questionalbe loyalties could become a reelection campaign issue.

All it would take is having this issue be the swing vote to remove a few of the sellouts and the others would take notice right away. They are all really good at arithmetic.  I ask you all to call and thank your Senators who oppose this, and voice your displeasure for those who don’t. Be polite, but don’t be shy about bringing up the disloyalty and Israeli espionage issue.

Ask them specifically what they have done about Israeli espionage here. They never get asked that, hence they have no fear of working closely with the Zios and their 5th column. We have to change that paradigm… Jim D. Dean ]


–  First pulished on Press TV – January 15th, 2014  –


Whose Congress is it on Mid East matters?
Whose Congress is it on Mid East matters?

As an anti-Iran bill is gaining support in the US Senate, more than 60 US organizations have delivered a joint letter to the upper chamber urging senators to oppose the new Iran sanctions legislation.

The letter comes just two days after Iran, the United States and other members of the P5+1 agreed to implement the terms of the Joint Action Plan struck in November in Geneva, which will ease existing sanctions on Tehran.

The 62 organizations warned the Senate passage of new Iran sanctions would critically endanger the possibility of diplomatic resolution to a decade-long nuclear standoff with Iran.

They also warned that additional sanctions could increase the likelihood of a new costly war in the Middle East and strongly discouraged Senate consideration of new Iran sanctions while nuclear negotiations proceed.

The letter was jointly organized by the National Iranian American Council, Friends Committee on National Legislation, and Win without War, and was signed, among others, by CREDO and

The bill was originally introduced by Sen. Robert Menendez and Sen. Mark Kirk and has now the support of almost 60 senators.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid on Monday prevented the chamber from voting on the controversial legislation following the US president’s opposition.

President Barack Obama has threatened to veto any sanctions legislation, saying it would undermine the ongoing talks with Iran.

Tehran also has said that the Geneva deal would be dead if the sanctions bill passes US Congress.

Under the Geneva agreement, the P5+1 undertook to lift some of the existing sanctions against Iran in exchange for Tehran’s confidence-building measure to limit certain aspects of its nuclear activities for a six-month period. It was also agreed that no nuclear-related sanctions would be imposed on the country within the same timeframe.




    You only havre to watch TV to see the bias in favor of Jews and Israel. From the characters in films to the reportig on foreign policy, politics or finance, everything is viewed from a jewish/Israeli perspective.

    I know there are many fine Jews, but I think they may face a backlash unless they can act to bring AIPAC and the neocons down to earth, and I think the recent wars and economic crisis may be the trigger

    • Hi LC, I listened to the rabbi and I think he is probably a fake or a crazy. There are always a few crazies around, jewish and gentile crazies.

      My main immediate concern is the very powerful jewish lobby, neocons, Aipac etc, dragging us into wars, and people being too scared to even discuss it in public. But also, in general, we have a situation approaching that of Germany in the 1920s, the Weimar Republic. Jewish domination.

    • Hi LC, I could only find voice recordings of Rabbi Finkelstein, no video. It looks like a false flag to make out anybody who believes it to as bad as the fake rabbi. What he is saying seems too gross to be true.

    • Hi LC, Point taken, it could be me being naive. I suppose if I say that there are always a few crazies around then I should always be prepared to accept that the rabbi is the real deal.

  2. LC, Thank you so much. This was just a fabulous link, and all of you need to go and download it for your archives. Dear readers, this is why we allow one link per comment, so you can share gems like this. More please!!!

  3. —–The question is these Corrupt & Israel Firster in Congress, know that “Israel IDF–the Paper Tiger” all they do is that using our jets and causing distraction from the air, as we found out during their last war with Hezbollah.

    —–Israel with 6.7 million and a country surrounded by enemies & Iran 82 million with young population and one of the best fighters on air & ground, add to that, Hezbollah, Shiites from Iraq and other countries——–A person who never been to a battle field will know the end result to such war.

    ——If Congress are planning to send our troops to fight “Israel’s Imaginary War”——we will ship every single who voted for war & leave them in the middle of Tehran.

  4. Thanks Mr. Dean.

    Great comments too, don’t you think? I likes the letter to Mark Warner from @Victor.

  5. I am not sure if you’ve already seen this: NUMEC
    Also: independent co uk revealed-arnon-milchan–the-hollywood-producer-behind-hits-pretty-woman-fight-club-and-la-confidential-who-became-a-reallife-james-bond-8958234

  6. Jewish subversion, treason, deceit, predators posing as victims – that’s been going on for quite some time:
    scribd com: Collaboration-Of-Polish-Jews-With-Nkvd-and-Soviets

  7. My letter to Mark Warner:

    “Dear Senator Mark Warner,
    As your constituent, I am outraged to see that you support Sen. Menendez’s bill to impose new sanctions on Iran. These sanctions could kill the Obama administration’s attempts to end this standoff peacefully. It could also kill the P5+1 historic deal with Iran.
    I can’t make sense as to why you would try to derail this historic deal. I suspect you are being pressured by Israel’s AIPAC lobby either by their blood money, blackmail or extortion. Voting in favor of the Menendez bill is an act of treason. Treason because you would be favoring the interest of a foreign country, namely the apartheid terrorist racist lawless Zionist Israeli rogue regime over the interest of America, the American people & most important, your constituents. Last month I sent you at least 5 letters laying out the case why Israel is no friend, ally or partner of the United States. I provided you with a list of all the spying Israel has carried out against America & all the false flag terrorist acts they have carried out since 1947, not just toward Palestinians, but also America & America’s allies. I sent similar letters to Senators Kaine, Feinstein, Menendez, Schumer & Landreiu. I do agree that sanctions helped to bring Iran to the table, but now that they are at the table I see no reason to impose new sanctions. It simply does not make any sense. The Menendez bill is simply reckless and those who support it would clearly show who the AIPAC Zionist lapdogs are.”

    • Victor.. thanks.. as Virginians, we must this coming election make sure that NO Israeli First candidate is elected to the House or Senate… Eric Cantor and Mark Warner must be defeated since they have shown they are AIPAC candidates and not Virginians.. Also Congressman Wolf is retiring from the 11th… his career was built around promoting Christian Zionism and not the people of his district.. could not recall something special he did for our district in more than 20 years…

  8. Jim.. thanks.. as a Virginian and registered voter in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I am so disappointed by the decision of Senator Mark Warner ( D-VA) to associate himself with the Democratic gangs calling for war on Iran and giving Israel the rights to go to war and take the US with it… so disappointed in a man we supported as governor and in his first run for office… I guess Senator Warner is joining another Virginian Eric Cantor both of whom are putting Israeli First and showing us voters that the American Congress is an American Knesset both house and senate…

  9. Interesting news cycle. In addressing the Iran Sanctions Bill, Sen. Feinstein speaks out **against** it and is quoted as saying something to the effect that the US can’t be led to war by Israel. Surprising.

    The great letter for the 62 organizations was delivered on the same day the Israeli-owned (on Palestinian-occupied land) company Sodastream has a remarkably bad day. From “The Street”:

    “SodaStream (SODA_) had a very bad day yesterday. Shares fell nearly 26% on very heavy volume, as the company reported disappointing preliminary results for 2013…

    Investors’ reaction to the negative news was fast and furious, as it often is in these cases. Something is clearly wrong when a company is valued at more than $1.04 billion at the start of the trading day, and $770 million at the close.So much for market efficiency.”

    Interesting that SodaStream’s freefall came yesterday in the same week that it announced a new spokesperson… perhaps raising their profile as an Israeli company didn’t help their bottom line.

    Time to clean up their act.

  10. Update: claims 58 Senate-whores are cosponsors of s.1881, but it’s not clear how recent that number is. Still 2 shy of the 60 needed to break filibuster and 9 shy of overriding an Obama veto, which he claims to do, but PLEASE, people, make your voice heard.

    Also, the fact that the vote did NOT come to a vote today, which I believe was the target schedule, is a good sign. The Jews don’t want to risk any more humiliation……. BUT

    This Bill mandates our support of Israel, regardless of circumstances, when they decide to start a war with Iran. And US involvement will almost certainly bring in Russia, probably China, against US.

    That’s WWIII, folks. MAKE THE CALL, NOW, for the sake of our planet, our children and ourselves, as well as the Iranians and all the other victims of Israel, past and future.

  11. You are really, truly pursuing this sordid, treasonous, betrayal of America by Israel! Thank you so much for that Mr. Dean. I had to do a quick search and see where Senator Warner’s loyalties lay. Sigh, he is all for the sanctions. Can people out of state call too?


    • Sure, They generally ask where you are from, to see if you can vote. Tell them you were born in Va and your family is still there. All calls count as they want to know which issues stimulate them, and we need to show we are still have after the Syrian victory. Mention Syria and ask where he was on that, too, as we are trying to piggyback that victory.

  12. Mr. Dean, Great article except what was missing…?

    Since WE the PEOPLE no longer have a voice in what our elected official’s do in our names….

    It would have been nice to print the names of those organization’s so as American’s can then Vote with their Wallets to defund those that are driving the United States into another war based on lies.

    Since it is illegal for U.S. Companies to boycott Israel, only a privet citizen can do that. Yet the firms in support of this aerial genocide of the Islamic Republic of Iran can be boycotted. If “Judea can declare War on Germany” then American’s themselves can declare a financial war on Commerce and Israeli products.

    Knowledge of these companies or warmongers would be of interest to all American’s. Even those who play the stock market i.e. Legalized Gambling.

    You can bet I have contacted my Senators and received the standard FORM REPLY thanking me for my interest, but that the Senate has their thumb on the pulse of foreign policy. (sic). Its interesting with Syria and Iran that both still have their own privet banks, Yes? Even before Libya fell and Gaddafi was beaten and Sodomized (EO 12333) the IMF installed their own bank, new oil company and currency.


  13. I called both my Senate-whores and Harry Reid, as well. I hope everyone does the same, FAST.

    BTW, there seems to be some evidence that the “we got 59 Senators behind this” is a bold-faced LIE. We saw the same thing in the Syria run-up, where the Jewish media claimed there was widespread support for a war against Syria, which was a LIE.

    I read some statistics form non-Jewish media types claiming the NO votes were winning. The AP, NYT and all the other Jew-controlled papers say the opposite.

    Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I think we’re seeing the same old Jew-lies in January.

    • Considering attacking Syria O’bum passed it to Congress but I don’t remember they’ve worked anything abut it… instead there was that shutdown frenzy? Anybody? What will they come up with in this case?

  14. Perhaps I’m being very pessimistic but I don’t think the Iranians will be able to sign the final proposal, it’s going to be even tougher on Iran than the current awful agreement which may benefit Iran business people and some of the elite but the not the country. The final proposal might be designed to prevent Iran from signing it, I wonder what lobbyist organization would make this happen. 🙂

    I think the Mullahs might actually prefer receiving an awful proposal they can easily reject; the U.S. and Europe look like mean, untrustworthy thugs and Iran actually gains some worldwide sympathy and looks like the victim. The United States plays checkers and the Iranians play chess. 🙂

    • If the West tries to get by with unreasonable demands the world community will see right through that. What I am so surprised people are missing here is that all claims of Iran having a nuclear weapons program is in shreds now as total fabrications. Even Israel has given up and switched to ‘their being able to make one quickly’…the new scam. Such a thing can’t be done and any nuclear weapons engineer will tell you that in two seconds, (off the record). We should be pounding the crap out of all of their supporters everywhere about why did not the Zios relaease their proof of the bomb program to to force them to tunn them over. We are letting them off the hook way too easy, and they are doing the usual…replacing the old scam with a new one.

    • I wish to point out that under the Symington Amendment to the Foreign Appropriations Act and the Glenn Act, it is illegal for the US Government to send our tax money to any nation in possession of nuclear weapons technology that refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or allow IAEA inspections.

      What gets me is how daily we hear of Israel’s genocide then after the shootings of those this week and the bulldozing of yet another town and Israel taking the Tent’s the UN supplied that why isn’t there a No Fly Zone over Israel and Israel its self OCCUPIED by UN Troops?

      Thanks Jim.

    • Israel could stop talking about supposed nuclear weapons and claim Iran is kind of, sort of, maybe thinking about slapping an impish rabbi and Israel could easily get the vast majority of Senators to sign a statement to increase sanctions. 🙂

    • Short and succinct article Jim.
      Re nuclear weapons and Iran, what makes the whole thing a joke is that any country with cash can buy nukes on the black market in the way past Israeli regimes did, even on the open market the way Saudi has said it may (from Pakistan). Iran doesn’t need them. It could obliterate the Israeli regime and the country’s infrastructure with its conventional missiles. It has many times more than sufficient to do the job if recent performances of the “iron dome” is anything to go by.
      The whole sanctions shebang has the appearance of theatre, the Turks are aligned with with the zionists despite pretence at hostility over various issues whilst all the time paying gold for gas to Iran. I wonder how big a part the banksters and other major influencers play in the de$ire to keep oil prices high? China and India pay Iran bottom dollar for their oil supply.

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