Heart of Darkness – Black on White Crime in America



This is not pleasant, but needs to be seen by those with courage to face it. Mass Media will not touch this with a ten foot pole.


 …by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor


The 'attitude' can start young
The ‘attitude’ can start young

The first TV appearance I ever made was up in Nashville, in 1999 I think. I had been invited up by a Southern Heritage crew who had a half hour public tv weekly show there.

They shot all four of them during one Saturday studio booking on the Univ of Tenneessee campus where they actually had the key to the place…which blew my mind.

Due to the long ride up from Atlanta, after I had said yes, I later called back and asked it I could do two of the half hour slots, and they said sure, as then they only have to get two more people booked to have their month covered.

What triggered my second call is my having finished reading  Michael Hoffman’s  They were white and they were slaves, a short but heavily footnoted book with a huge bibliography, which by the way got me hooked on buying rare books.

It laid out in spades the history of white slavery in America, primarily in the 1600’s when most of the ‘settlers’ brought here were acutally white slaves, despite the smokescreen term of ‘indentured servant’. In the dictionaries of the time slave and indentured servant were synonyms. And in the letters they sent home, they referred to themselves as slaves.

It was a shocking book, and I felt it to be one of America’s deepest, darkest secrets, so I decided to use one of these TV show slots as a focus group test audience. The crew called me about a few weeks later and said they had gotten more audience responses from that show than everything else they had done in total up to that point.

That was the turning point for me. I had come back to the US becauce I had been ahead of my time in seeing that the internet was going to revoluntionize publishing, and that Bardados was kind at the end of theInternet world at the time.

Barbados has an incredible variety of beaches
Barbados has an incredible variety of beaches

A few months before I left the Bajan phone company, fearful of losing their nice juicy fax income stream from the business community decided…are you sitting down…that they were going to charge their regular international long distance rates for a connetction.

Pirate blood still flowed in Barbados at the time.

They liked selling those nice juicy T-1 lines for $7000 a month, but not so much the regular folks being able to have an Internet connection that killed their fax business. So their position was that folks were welcome to use the Net all they wanted…at $1.20 for the first minute, and 90 cents after that. I kid you not.

I know this because I helped Ian Worrel start a bootleg Net access company by tapping into someone’s T1 line in the next office through the ceiling, with their permission, so we could use it in the evenings and on weekends when they were not in. This was technically illegal as the T-1 contract strictly prohibited sharing, but we did it anyway. You can’t blame me…with America Rev War and Confederate ancestors. It’s in my blood.

We charged $30 a month Bajin…$15 US for an evening/weekend connection, and had the balls to advertize the service in the newspapers. Customers rolled in and the phone company cops never showed up.

A new government had recently been elected, throwing out the retards, and the new Prime Minister realized that $1.20 for the first minute then 90 cents after would leave Barbados in the Internet Stone Age. He gave us the wink and a nod to go ahead until he had time to change the phone company policy.

My missive above might rank as my longest lead in. I shared it with you as it is part of the history of my evolution into media via the Internet, by overcoming the brain dead phone company people in Barbados who did not give a crap about their community…or country for that matter. They just wanted their money.

Charley - in one of his non crazy poses
Charley – in one of his non crazy poses

You are about to watch the most cold blooded interview of a murderer that I think I have ever seen, excepting Charley Manson who is in a class by himself.

To those who migh think I am disparagaing black folks by airing this you are joining the Bajan phone company with that attitude. Our prayers are with the victims, not with the perps.

I will ruin part of the surprise for you. This Youtube was not uploaded by a psyops white supremacist group to help the ADL with it’s next fundraising campaign, but a black community tv guy who was using it as a shocker for what ‘no father in the home’ can create…monster children.

But this kid is not a child. When he stands up in the end you will see he could almost dunk a basketball standing on his toes.

Yes, there is a tie-in to my missive above. The epidemic of black on white crime in America is also  one of America’s  deep dark secrets. The civil rights community, their loving buddies in the media, academia, and our politicians prefer that it just never be acknowledged. Why?  They have this pitiful excuse that it my have a negative effect on civil rights in America.

The real negative effect is actually black on white violent attacks is off the charts and has been during much of our tremendous civil rights progress. Rather than acknowledge and honor the victims, and have a national campaign to stop the slaughter…the victims, solely because they are white, have been flushed down the toilet.

Somebody's children
Somebody’s children

The rate of black on white rape is like 50 to 1…the numbers from federal crime stats that are published each year, buried and totally ignored. This ‘kid’ you are about to see will give on a good dose of the ‘in your face’  attitude behind this crime epidemic.

For anyone with sensitive ears you might want to take a pass on watching this. You are going to see a human being who is actually an animal, that ended up in a human body.

This kid obviously spent his formative year in a child care center, masquerading as a public school system. The ignorance you are about to see is off the scale, and must have been somewhat noticable by everybody that came into contact with him.

How many more are out there like this? You probably don’t want to know, but the anti-gun crowd wants to make sure you are an easy target.

This video was sent in my through the myriad of helpers that suggest material, who know we don’t shy away from the rough stuff. Veterans Today has printed stories that no one else would touch with a ten foot pole.

I got exposure to some of this when I did some gangbanger interviews years ago, when I was new to the culture. It was quite an experience. But this kid…he is pushing for Charley Manson’s spot.

I now present to you one of the most ruthless, heartless, unremorseful killers that I have ever seen.


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  1. More often than not, whites are their own worst enemy.
    Whites will not, cannot admit that blacks are criminals, too.
    Nope, that poor black murderer has to be pitied, excused, coddled. After all, its the whites own fault he exists, goes this narrative.
    Whenever, wherever a white is a victim of a black crime, the question is always asked, what was that whitey doing?
    Because, goes the narrative, whites just have to be egging on those poor, innocent black people.
    Remember white people, if you can actually speak clearly, unlike the poor black murderer, it means there is something wrong with you. If you actually have an I.Q., and can imagine something other in your life than being a brutal parasite, this means its all your fault. You must feel guilty. You must despise yourself. At all costs, you must help those Neanderthals who murder you, to do it again and again.
    Now wonder exactly why white people are so happy to see the world and society their ancestors built utterly destroyed, and them with it.

    • Mike, it’s good to hear a fellow politically incorrect man talk the talk. It’s such a shame the way most whites have been conditioned to think and behave exactly the way you said.

  2. In the 70s I was working at a VA psych hospital. An older doctor told me to never forget this: whenever a person hurts an individual such as robbing them, hurting with fists, guns, knives, etc, or any other crime, and the perpetrator’s face breaks out with a smile or a grin/happiness, then it is likely that that person is in the sociopath/psychopath ballpark. T
    The murderer in the video we see here breaks out with a lingering smile early in the interview just as he is going to explain how he shot and killed the two innocent white men. This smile at the thought of describing the murder is a very important sign- this murderer enjoyed it- he is a psychopath and in all likelihood will repeatedly find ways to hurt people,
    But as we see over and over, the legal system does not get harsh with these monsters. This young man in the video may be seen as a child of God to some but this “child of God” will kill again and again and again as long as he can get away with it.

  3. Jack Heart: It was around 30 years ago or less that we saw the radio putting out a lot of junk. It was like you indicated- take a mediocre singer but package him/her a certain way, and then get all the sheep to believe that this mediocre boring junk is great stuff, and voila a star is made. It seems that most stations today play either country or rap/hip hop.
    If one wants alternative music such as classic rock or punk (Ramones stuff), alternative, etc, one has to search the internet.
    In my Catholic high school in Brooklyn in the 60s, we whites and blacks got along well.
    The public schools in the black neighborhoods were very dangerous places in the 50s and still are.

  4. I still see this kid more human than dick cheney, rumsfeld or Obama or kerry. Kerry even had kid taesered for asking questions. I just don’t get why you call this kid monster. try asking Obama how he feels blowing whole marriage (one of most cherished event in life for those people) party to pieces and how he gets heart to blow them again after 39 mts or so.

    I feel that interviewers are undermining devil defn. I see this guy as kid only. instead of asking him if he feels remorse (his answer will be no), explain him what is value of life. it will take about few hours of work – just like teaching kid. after that ask him same question. and I bet the answer will be yes.

  5. To Tyrone and others, I have considerable respect for the blacks of Nashville, where I spend some time. Yeah, they got their hoods, too, no doubt, but in general there’s no comparison between blacks in Nashville and blacks in East LA or Chicago or Gary Indiana. I think this is probably due to their Baptist culture, a powerful force in the South as you well know.

    Just a little “compare and contrast” exercise. Environment is everything.

  6. It appears by some of these comments many have absolutely no idea of the horrific crimes being perpetrated against whites in the USA by Blacks. The MSM is doing an excellent job of covering up this well hidden epidemic.

    Liberals have been so used in this devious scheme and for the most part haven’t clue as to how or why. Well if you’re white, if your kids are white, I strongly suggest you school yourself in the stark cold facts of this subject. Being politically corrected is going to be the death of the white race and this is fact, not a ‘racist’ statement. We need everyone to do some research before they jump to wrong conclusions. Things truly are not what they seem. Liberal whites are being played for fools ( I know, I was one before opting out of the left-right divide and conquer scheme) as are liberal blacks but blacks aren’t in danger world wide of becoming extinct in the next hundred years as whites are. Seriously, please do some research. We need you awakened to the cold hard facts.

    Nov 11 2013
    Updated Edition of White Girl Bleed a Lot


    Thank you Mr. Dean for being brave enough to bring the hard hitting facts that are so desperately needed. Please stay with this topic till our Liberal friends awaken to the shocking facts.

    • “Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Colin Flaherty, an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in more than 1000 news sites around the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and others.

      His story about a black man unjustly convicted of trying to kill his white girlfriend was featured in the Los Angeles Times and on Court TV and resulted in the release of Kelvin Wiley from state prison. He is a former ghost writer for a Chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights and author of: White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence and How the Media Ignore It.”


  7. Wow, what a responses.
    They don’t help for a better future either.
    These young punks have no regard for human life or property.
    Just being poor don’t give you a carte Blanche to go a rampage.
    What is going on in America with the high unemployment and outlook for a better future for these people is not helping the situation.
    But you listen to some of the filthy rap and some comedian shows. Nice example for the young people.
    The failing school system. Teachers being treatened by students. Police frequently at schools.
    My god, did you hear of these type of things 50/60 years ago?
    But there is much more violence in Europe too.
    Rape, look what is going on in India.
    Than our nation constantly being involved in wars, dropping bombs on innocent people, destroying nations.
    Where ever you look there is violence.
    Just looked at a video clip about the cocaine trade, Reagan, Bush, Clintonand the CIA.
    So we bring that poison in the country, the big people make tons of money, while they poison the inner cities. That tie we were heavily involved in South America.
    Now with the middle East, the poppy fields are thriving there. Heroin an other so very addictive poison.
    If all that money spend on these horrific wars were spend on rebuilding our country, the big corporations not sending the jobs overseas, I wonder would it have made a difference in the world of these young thugs.
    Jobs for everyone, decent housing, no slums, decent education. Health care for everyone.

    • Look at the prison system. So much racial tension there.
      Good grief, why weight lifting?
      You see thugs there of all different races.
      Not to long ago a riot in a prison in Brasil. Good grief, beheading each other.
      Like to know a place where there is some sanity.
      I am wondering what kind of a future my granddaughters will have.
      But tjeez, are there a bunch of racist commenting here.
      The same about Jew bashing, there are plenty of Jewish people disagreeing what the Zionist Jews are doing and plent of black people who are disgusted with these black thugs.
      But hatred is getting us no where.
      Than add to all of this religious difference it is like throwing gasoline on the fire.
      Well Peace to all.

  8. I have to say Jim, this tape is not a surprise. I see this daily. It is the new generation that has been developed by the social engineering, little international people and those that collude with them in the MSM, Hollywood, and the Music industry. The schools and churches haven’t given the kids any tools to escape the abuse..
    This kid is a product of his choices, but he is also product of the environment and programming; a rat in a maze or a fish in water depending on the metaphor one prefers. Neither he, nor most of us in the American population, knew they were in a maze or in water because we have been failed by the powers who have controlled the information, the education, and the population.
    We may have smelled something, but we didn’t entirely know. We only have our experiences and those of our parents, family and schools and what reading material was allowed in the public conscious. It was a life lesson.
    Thankfully the Editors and writers and men and women of VT write the hard truths (which I appreciate). The debates are, in themselves, educational in the individuals responses.
    I did not find the statistics eye opening in themselves, it is part of the plan. Abuse creates anger and retaliation . . . long term abuse creates acceptance of the ‘truth of their existence’ of the situation and acquiescence. . .
    From there, we are all just animals responding to stimuli. It is why torture is now accepted by a nation suffering PTSD.

    I can’t get too excited by the fact that people abuse each other. Monkey see-Monkey do. It isn’t restricted to colors.
    Consciousness and awareness has an immediate and large impact on reality. Now, that is truly a path back to freedom.
    I validate the Archon statement as true to my experience. ‘As above so below’.

  9. I was in a grocery store a while back and two of these punks were blocking the isle while they had them a good ol hood talk. They had an old lady blocked on one side, a young women blocked on the other side, the they had me blocked. I told them if it did not inconvenience them all that much, would they mind getting out of the way. One did, I waved the women through. The other punk decided to get in my face. It took about two minutes for that little warning bell to go off in his brain that I just was not scared of him, he very wisely decided to FTFU and get out of my face. Dogs will not bite me either, a dog, a punk can tell when you are afraid of them or when you are meaner than they are. But then I was raised to kick anyone’s ass who messed with me, but not to be a bully. The jew school system as you call it, ( I call them government indoctrination centers) are teaching the kids to let anyone do anything they want to them with out fighting back. The French always get their ass kicked, and the German always kicks ass. I once read where a man tried to figure that out so he talked to people from both countries, (I am talking WW 2 generations). The Frenchmen told him growing up they were taught if some one picked on them to just let it slide because they were better than to fight. The German was raised to kick anyones ass that messed with them. I could care less for someone who will not defend themselves and their people.

  10. I was lucky to work in an East Brooklyn (Bed-Stuy) grocery store in the 50s-60s: we were held up at gunpoint at least ten times when I was there and back then most of the robbers were pros- do what they say and they won’t kill you. The technique of the holdups was the same ( the intro or entrance of the robbers is like what the DI does to the boots at Parris Island): use a loud voice and curse a lot (shock treatment); keep your hands away from the body; walk to the back of the store while usually the crooks are locking the front door. Then they have you strip to your underclothes with shoes off while they are taking the cash and as many cigarette cartons and other small expensive items as practical. Do what you were told and no one got shot.
    That has not been the case since the 80s or was it the 90s? Now they don’t just rob- they also kill for the “sport and fun” in it. Most of these murders are committed by blacks, and in certain areas, Latinos. It seems LA has gone the way of Brooklyn where the easy going lifestyle was replaced by fear.
    Books from the 1600s and after often explain the brutal effects of the Caribbean sun on the Irish, English, and Scots. The masters or owners of the fields/businesses did not care. They used blacks later on because they could withstand the sun better.

  11. Impregnating white girls is sickening enough knowing the white girls laying down for these people. Above I wrote I wish I understood why white women demean themselves, but who I am to say they demean themselves. If they want to lay down and spread ’em for black boys that is their choice, but I do not understand how they can happen. Interesting comment though. I would love an open discussion on this. Sometimes I think white females are unaware of reality of the situation and what has happened in the past. This young angry youth does not reflect all blacks, but is it worth it knowing the possibilities to associate with crossing racial lines? or am I stereotyping? I could be wrong but I know from experience seeing white girls beat up by black husbands of boyfriends the problem is rampant. Do white girls need educated on this? If so , how? Or am I simply wrong?

  12. It is a good column.
    Too bad little is done about black on white crime (and many of us have been saying this for 30 years and more), and so much is due to the mass media which is Jewish controlled…and so and so on …which we all know. Most people have not heard of the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom carjacking, kidnapping, torture, rapes, and murders of Jan 2007. The major media did not publicize it but it stayed big in the Knoxville, TN area. The torturers were 4 young black men and a black woman. The Jewish people directly run NY City while the rest of the USA gets run by the Jewish mass media. The lack of coverage nationwide by TV or newspaper was deemed due to political correctness…really?…seriously? But anyone with a little concern about our country the USA would know that this is how the zionist Jewish run media does things.
    The Jews have their SPLC and so many fronts. It sickens me to see the Jews calling this Marxist zionist outfit The Southern Poverty Law Center.
    Look at the flag of Monserrat- has white woman and harp. In America, all that is taught in the public school system is that blacks were the only slaves. These Zionist Marxists and their nonJewish flunkies and PC rulers/educators never mentions the first slaves who were used in all the islands of the Caribbean (runs from Bahamas to South America)- Taino Indians, Irish, English, Scots, Dutch, French, but mostly Irish, English, Scots. Cruelty runs everywhere.

  13. Mr. Dean: You write one article, short, to the point and show the film. Read these responses. I am amazed at some of the blatant truth documented here. What I wrote, I try to be decent and understand the plight of these lost souls, and figure out what made them so angry, rebellious and nasty. I want to understand how he got this way and why he enjoys killing.
    I can’t seem to figure out white women getting together with black men, or vice versa. It is not my business, and it does not alter my day. I just see the numerous domestic violence cases rolling into an E.R> of black man whipping up on a white women. All the half and half children without dads. Knowing the violence these people are capable of (seems more obvious than a white man though it too exists,) I wish I understood why the black race is so prone to physical outbursts. Is it organized society with laws governing behavior? I would love to have someone black or white explain to me why they are so prone to physical outbursts and violence???

  14. Disgustingly, there are people of his ilk infesting South Boston, East Boston, Cambridge, Dorchester, Quincy, Weymouth and other once proud and clean towns. What’s worse is the whites are acting just like them.

  15. That killer uttered a phrase that demonstrated what was in his heart.He took no responsibility whatsoever and in fact he uttered that if the pistol was not there,he would not have murdered those two people.That statement is quite revealing in and of itself.

    As I was watching this kid my mind went to another place momentarily.I head the Jewish rhetoric towards the Palestinians and Arabs in general.The Jewish child is reared to hate Palestinians and a ‘dead Arab is a good Arab’.mentality permeates the Israeli Jew’s thoughts..

    We see the same scenario in Syria,Iraq and all over the world in fact.Remember Sharon’s words that killing a mother with child is the only way to eradicate the Palestinian population.”From nits comes lice!”.

    From my own experiences as a rogue neighborhood watch participant I can vouch that the majority of inhabitants close their blinds and turn off thier porch lights to avoid drawing attention to themselves.This fear leaves the drug and criminal elements to run freely and grow their operations.I convinced five neighborhoods to form their own block watch in conformity to the Police programs and they took back their streets and neighborhoods.Those same thuigs moved to other areas where they could continue their operations without concern of being harassed and arrested.Had the entire city developed those block watch units,this town would have been basically crime and drug free.But they didn’t so where does the fault lie?Look in a mirror and there is the starting point be it for drugs,prostitution or governmental corruption.

  16. I went to Catholic elementary and high school in South Central L.A. and Gardena, CA. I heard horror stories about teachers being tossed out of classroom windows at Gompers JHS. I was not allowed to go to one of my local theaters, the Southside, after a white youth had his penis sliced off in the rest room. In high school, on my way home on a bus, a Black student from a local Jr. HS got on the bus, and saw a friend’s Serra HS jacket. He proclaimed “I am going to shoot someone from Serra”, at which point he pulled out a little .25 cal. My friend Steve, a fearless 6’2″ Pollack, who later earned a Bronze Star in Nam, stood up and said “I’m from Serra – shoot me”. He then flipped out a switchblade about the size of my K-Bar. The punk looked at that huge knife, back to his .25, and went to the front of the bus where he was a good little boy. Today, that punk would have carried a 9mm, and probably opened fire without a word of warning. Until the advent of Gangster-Rap, promoted relentlessly on MTV, Black violence was mostly upon other Blacks. Now Hollywood depicts the White male as a victim, and the gangstas have taken the lesson to heart. I was recently assaulted, but said assailant learned all White males are not the same. I hope he made it to the ER (to treat the artery I nicked) – so he could live as an example to his fellow thugs.

  17. Mr Dean.
    I did not mean to come off that way. I have no sympathy for this guy or the scores of thousands like him. Im no bleeding heart. I understand who the victims are. I see black violence against whites, as a growing problem that needs honest reporting. I believe it is very complex, and just disgusting on every level. I think it will continue to get worse, and of course “hate laws,” wont apply. It is just dehumanizing on every front. I simply wanted your opinion on capital punishment, because I respect it, and incorporate your writings, interviews, and opinions in helping to shape my world view.

    • sirjonesad, There needs to a whole lot of forgiveness & transformation here in the US as well as world-wide. Chronic rage or hate is not the solution. It just adds fuel to the flame of intolerance & racism. The world needs pioneers with an abundance of civility, diplomacy, & respect. The “blame game” also adds insult to injury. Humanity at large has a “dark” side. It now desperately needs a great shift in consciousness & enlightenment. Do not despair, but, rather, be open to renewal in your soul…Blessings, too!

    • A wonderful role model is Ellen Johnson-Surlief, the first female President of Liberia. She won despite violence towards her & the voters. When she took office, Liberia was a totally broken, devastated country. ” By drawing upon her extraordinary leadership skills, her cool, rational thinking even the most turbulent times, & with her unwavering message of hope that stirred a nation into action bringing it…from ‘battered, broken, hopeless’ to NOTHING CAN STOP US NOW”… Forbes, 11/21/13

  18. This is the result of having black population kidnapped. Black politicians have their own people kidnapped in the hoods because it’s a good business for them. So, you have all those Black single mothers popping out illegitimate diferent fathered boys and dumping them out into the streets where they got much of their ‘education’. I guess this is not going to cahnge any time soon. Problem is that with an economic global collapse coming this situation is going to end in a nasty open racial war in America.

  19. Mr Dean,
    Im curious about your stance on this pathetic, mindless, creatures punishment? Death penalty? As he wants. Or let him suffer life in prison? Where he could possibly regain his lost humanity, and save his soul. Execution, or life sentence?

    • Why woud you care what I think about that? I would not expect anybody to care. Why should they?… unless they have nothing to do and are really really bored. This may come as a big surprise do you but I don’t really think about every issue and every problem in the world when I get up every day. I can’t imagine how that woud not ensure that I would have no impact on really anything due to too little effort.

      If you want to ask that question to someone where it counts, ask the victims families. Ah…you forgot about them! I am not surprised. I have a feeling they are acceptable victims to you.

      I will stick with my moral code. I am with the innocent victims.They have earned it. With your attitude you are insulting every person that has come up through tough times and not taken the animal route. There success totally refutes your whining, and your whizzing on their shoes does not erase not only their accomplishment, but the role model they set for other…unlike you I might add.

      If you want to be a cheerleader for that crowd that’s on you. The shot at guilt tripping me on capital punishment, I have to write that down in my book as chutzpah. Where do people like you come from? But you will get zero respect from me. In fact I would consider you a national security risk to black people as they suffer horribly at the hands of these dirt bags. May God have mercy on you sir.

  20. Thanks Jim. I bought Hoffman’s book while being subscribed to his services in the 90’s. I credit him with a big boost to my re-education of truth. Which continues almost daily via Veterans Today, Press TV and New Eastern Outlook.

    • He was a hard worker…having ten kids to support, really into the ‘go forth and populate the world thing’. But his downfall was he was a loner. He never would work with anyone, assist or help in any way as he felt that took the focus off him and hurt his book sales. I think he he could he would have pressed a button and made the rest of use disappear so he would be the sole source of info and have his $100K a year from it.

      That said he produced some well researched material. I took his White Slavery book and hunted down several of his rare source books, my treasuer being They were white and they were slaves…written in England from a Parliamentary study on labor exploitation. White liberals woud croak to read this. The put kids to work in the mines just so the coal tunnels could be made smaller, especially if they have to pull the on rails on thier hands and knees.

      Yes…they did that to them. The book has drawings. This is censored because when you see you brutally cruel they were in exploiting white labor, you can see how do it to black folks was just a tiny step more. White bondage was buried to make is easier to guilt trip the ancestors of white slaves that they owed reparations with folks like ‘srjonesad’ wanting to be the self appointed collectors.

  21. Thanks for this article, Jim Dean. This needs to be repeated more often.

    Paul Sheehan wrote an article in 1995 titled The Race War of Black Against White. It appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on May 20, 1995. And it has not improved since then, it’s much worse. You can find a cached copy at Rense.


    But I will say that at least 1 of your statistics is wrong. The ratio of black on white rapes compared to the reverse is not 50:1, it’s infinity. The last stats I read was the FBI uniform Crime report, where it was around 34,000 black on white rapes to ZERO white on black rape.

    I know it’s not comfortable to speak about this issue when you have such talented black men as Jonas Alexis on your editorial staff, but it needs to be discussed. There’s a race problem in America, but it’s not the race problem people believe it to be.

    • Thanks for the link…a short piece but full of the stats of the 1960’s to ’90’s grim figures to show how long it has been going on. It white people were doing this as a minority in an African country they would all be killed in a week. That is how they would ‘fix the problem’. As I have so often told black folks trying to do the standard guilt trip on me as being ‘anti-black’…I would say “hardly…the record show that white folks have been incredible good sports about the slaughter, doing absolutely nothing to stop it, or even discuss it.” That really took them by surprise as their racism ploy was then on four flat tires.

  22. It is difficult to listen to this lost soul, with his mannerisms and his “know what I’m sayin’ ” verbage. This is NOT typical Black person behavior. I appreciate the article Mr. Dean. Shocking. Hard to imagine there are people in this world with such clad and callous insides.
    But this may be the result of the America seeds of destruction and arrogance as we are sowing overseas in other countries when they look at America in the years to come after the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Oblunder years of lying blunderbust politics. Politics based lies and deceit. Self-inflicted “blowback” is what is fueling the expansion of government agencies, increase of spying and society monitoring everybody’s every move. If this is what the leadership of this nation is producing by keeping people broke, heavily taxed, without jobs, or possibility for a successful future, no wonder our leaders think they need to spy and monitor everyone’s every move. Thanks for the reality of this situation.

  23. I don’t typically like to resort to ad hominem attacks, but you are really ignorant. Please explain to me how I profited from WW2 and PLEASE tell me where the money is.

    • Yes Green, it’s kind of an ovious broad brush smear, something easily spotted here, and almost always used in lieu of a rational argument. We are talking about arithmetic here, and a mountain of trial transcripts that are one of the biggest horror stories in America…yet, there is a constituency for it continuing to go on by keeping it quiet.

      That is not just my opinion. For proof all you have to do is flip the numbers around, white on black, and then ask folks what all of our media and hallowed instituations would be doing. They would be screaming to high heaven. Yet you have a lot of self appointed ‘goodie goodies who support the slaughter indirectly and think that the rest of us are too stupid to catch it? Not at VT.

      There is a very solid track record that as Jews or Israelis or Zionist can do no wrong, and anyone who even suggests sucht a thing is going to get the Hebrew Klan rope treatment…and the similar pitch for liberals thinking they are doing black folks a favor. I have interviewed a lot of victims of black on black crime and they see right through the white goodie goodie scam as a three dollar bill…a moral supremacist scam. Me…I side with the innocent victims, and my colorblindness on that is batting 100% and nobody can, or ever will be able to put a dent in that.

    • We have a long history of readers thinking that we are doing a lot. And what is published in VT is just a fragment of what does go on, some of which you will learn about eventually if we live long enough. But this said, this is a different strokes for different folks, and we don’t expect everybody to feel the same about a lot of stuff. They never have…so why should that change? We have our hands full with what we are trying to do.

    • Wanted to thank you for publishing your very good article Jim. All we need to do to prove your points (ALL of them) is to review the statistics from our own CDC in Atlanta, GA: Blacks while being outnumbered by Whites in the general population five to one (5:1) murder White people at a rate EIGHT TIMES HIGHER than Whites murder Blacks. Or a kill ratio of 8:1.

      Here’s what we can extrapolate from the above figures. Take the “5” in five times more Whites in general population than Blacks & multiply by the “8” times more Whites murdered and we get “8 x 5 = 40” Or, White people are FORTY TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE VICTIMS OF MURDER AT THE HANDS OF BLACKS than the reverse!!!

      There is no epidemic of George Zimmerman “hate crimes” here in the USA. What the above stats prove is that Black people are far safer living next door to Mr. Zimmerman than they are in when living in a predominantly Black neighborhood. However posting these facts will get your account banned at Huffington Post.

      Where I will defend some Blacks is that I believe that we should not characterize the men as “dead beat dads”. Have you SEEN how rude, disgusting and ignorant many Black women are? OK there’s your answer for the single mother homes: men ostracized from the family by domineering women and welfare laws benefiting moms for pushing men OUT of the family home. Feminism and THE STATE making this malignant alliance.

      I urge all truth seekers to examine the history of CIA and feminism. It’s an ugly legacy

    • “Me…I side with the innocent victims, and my colorblindness on that is batting 100% and nobody can, or ever will be able to put a dent in that.”


    • I take full responsibility for my every word and deed, sir. I expect the same of every other human being. I am not responsible for the behavior of anyone but my self and my own two beautiful children. They are being raised with the same philosophy. If you are a parent, I truly hope that your children don’t carry the same hate and anger that you do. I will have nothing more to say to you.

  24. Jim is right about the white slavery. Poor English were used as slaves in the early years. A lot of Irish were kidnaped and sent to the “new world” as slaves. Another poster is also right, the jew was the driving force in the black slave trade and free blacks in the south owned other blacks as slaves. There is a problem with a whole lot of black youth being soulless punks who will rape or kill for pleasure. Again Jim is right that the government and media will not touch a black on white crime. Not too long ago, in Houston, Texas, a black women kidnaped a young white boy and tortured him for days until he died because he was white, not a word of it was on conventional TV or the print news. That having been said, your good working class black people are afraid of these punks also, and these punks do not spare people because they are black. The federal government has used welfare to destroy the black family unit, this is what you get from that. In todays world the federal government is now trying to destroy all family structures of all races, and we are seeing the results in the punks of all races who will rape and kill without any thought.

  25. I think a more appropriate person to picture for this story would be someone like George Bush, either senior or junior. Or Dick Cheney. This black kid, with his upbringing, never stood a chance. But both Bushes, with silver spoons in their mouths and every opportunity handed them, still made the choice to murder thousands of women, children and men. THOSE men are the real monsters; the real psychopaths.
    Or the men who knowingly create and push vaccine bioweapons on humans all over the planet. Or the men who create and spray our skies with heavy metals.
    You want to see real killers Jim? Real monsters? You’ll find more in the boardrooms of corporate America or in the white house than you will on the streets of the hood.

    • Mpennery, Thanks to the attempt to dodge the issue but my black friends would not be impressed with your transferring victim status to the preps. I would have to have body guards to protect you from their disappoinment. From what you have just described above, you are as morally deficient in your own way as the other monsters you describe. But you do have something in common with them.

      You write yourself a free pass, just like they did…and claim you have the high moral ground..when neigther you you do. I have lond described this, for both the Left and the Right…as ‘situational ethics’…meaning what ethical standards the ascribe to (or don’t) just depends on the situation, and by that I mean do they have an acceptable victim that they are OK watching go down, or is it an unacceptable one, meaning they have the right ideological T-shirt on, claiming to be this or that…today…right now, but we know they will change the t-shirt any time they want to…and do.

      I learned how to deal with everybody of this mindset when I did my public tv work here in Atlanta. I was inviting the phonies to come onto a Jim Dean Journal show frequently, with the limitation that I would get half the time to eat them alive on TV and then have the tape to show people forever. Not a one ever accepted an invitiation. I had one write in complaint during ten years…here in Atlanta. Their Achilles heel was they always got the fluff treatment on all media.

    • You can be really rude sometimes, Jim, you know that. I’m morally deficient, huh? What nerve you have sir! If I had a glove within arm reach, I’d slap you with it and ask you to step outside. I don’t condone what this young man did, I just pointed out that he is obviously a product of his environment, there is more to him than just the box you put him in and there are white collar psychopathic criminals that deserve the monster label more than this stupid punk. You say we all think differently. Well, I have always seen both sides more than others. Maybe you should pay attention. At least try.

  26. Mr, Dean,

    Michael Hoffman has done some remarkable work over the years. Most of it is buried because it contradicts the official narrative of the controllers.
    The conclusion reached by the gentleman at the end of the video doesn’t go far enough. Political leaders in virtually all countries are internationalists. Immigration has been called the “reserve capital of corporations”. Illegal immigration is ignored, and legal immigration is unnecessarily high. Most of the immigration, legal or otherwise disproportionately affects blacks. The loss of manufacturing jobs has disproportionately affected blacks. As the old saying goes, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. If this man’s father had been gainfully employed, he would more likely have been “at home”. There would more likely be fewer single mothers like this man’s mother.
    Is it a co-incidence that the phenomenon of disproportionate black on white crime occurs virtually everywhere in “white” countries since the immigration floodgates were opened 40 years ago? It’s not a case of disliking “non-whites”, it is a case of disliking the results of the policies (or should I say experiment) that the political elite have forced on us without consent.

  27. Mr. Dean, I tried to listen and even had the close captions on, but I have a hard time understanding this guy:
    evidently he is shooting people point blank for no reason. Cannot even comprehend shooting people or animals for that matter. I really think it all boils down to the broken families in this country, regardless of color.


    • Amen girl. I had to listen sometimes three times to get it. But the interviewer was sharp and knew there would be an understanding problem, so you saw her using the technique of asking him over and over ‘don’t you have any remorse?’ …and over and over he chose to be Mr. Tough guy, and only wussies have remores. Never once did he utter a word of his having been a victim, or unfairly treated…and we know from past experience the NAACP crowd, like the Lobby, hold training classes on this stuff, easily spotted as they all use the buzz words learned in their victimhood traning classes.

      This kid used none was he had no culutural identity of any kind. He was a predator, a human animal. I would like to say I was suprised to see VT readers give this guy victim status, but I am not, as we have a broad range of readers here due to our broad range of material.

      When you chart the big push on Civil Rights, the destruction of the black family, teen pregnancies, drug use, black on white crime, black on black rape…the chart curves are almost perfectly all on top of each other. I saw a demo ten years back done with transparencies, and what an eye opener…really shocking.

  28. What ever the problem, secession is the solution.

    http://fora.conscioushugs.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=312 This is a transcript of Duff with Mike Harris on Jeff Rense radio.

    What Duff describes as ET, jinn, etc. is probably more correctly referred to as the Demiurge, The Authorities and/or the Archons, the true rulers of this world, who feed off of the negative emotions of human suffering.

    It seems the “Elite” sell their souls for wealth comfort and fame. In return, they must provide human misery which makes the Demiurge stronger.

    Some who comment here, estimate that 10% of the US population have sold out and have become “Satanists.”

    In the process of governing, these 10% who control gov’t have created soulless beings at the bottom of society.

    That leaves most of us trapped in the middle, seeking help from those on the top, who, in their own best interests will only perpetuate the problem. If government were to actually cure a problem, we would have no need of gov’t!

    So gov’t does what they do best. Spending your precious resources to justify their own existence.

    Running drugs with one arm and offering to protect you from its created effect on the other. A true Orwellian scenario of eternal war, where the rich get richer and more evil and really poor get even poorer while we in the middle struggle to pay for it all.

    Until the Demiurge can be eradicated, we must reduce gov’t to the smallest common denominator, state or even better yet county level.


    • I dont think we even need to seceed, just recognize the District of Criminals as illegit.
      an independant city-state residing within our borders, using OUR money to wage war against us.
      they dont call it treason BECAUSE it is an independant country, when they go home, ARREST!

  29. What does being angry have to do with tearing up I-Hops, movie theaters, or crashing convenience stores in packs of 50 plus? Surely you’re isolated or having an extreme case of denial.. is this a cultural thing or simply a bad ideology brought about by circumstances beyond control?

    Regardless plenty of black men would tell you, ask you, the exact same things…..sorry but there’s no rabbit in this hat my friend….just people…keep it real.


  30. Jim, my apologies: 4:43 that’s where I had to get off. It’s beyond obvious this kid is acting like he’s a man, a bad ass man that is…he isn’t….he’s a punk. I see you used a B, Ball reference……take it from someone who’s been on too many street courts to count, against ALL KINDS of players, with ALL KINDS of players…dime a dozen attitude when in numbers, nothing when alone and guarded by one with no fear.

    I agree with the gist of your message, about the MSM part that is…..yet in the real world…..there are not that many hunters of this caliber, black or white…to really worry much about. Inner city criminals have been around for centuries…but this is for another topic, another time and place.

    Black on white crime is an interesting subject in and of itself……the refusal to give it proper coverage in the mainstream is something that everyone knows yet chooses to remain silent about. I agree with your assessment in that regard and welcome the toe in the water.

    You should look into the state of Illinois and their recent overturn of the carry law….then sometime next year take a long hard look at this topic as it relates to violent crime of any kind within that pathetic thing called a state. Surely the numbers between now and then will go down……………..way down…


  31. Sad in my view. Hope he spends life in priso, repents, and perhaps finds some redemption. It is sad to hear someone with no purpose, no meaning. Get money. The elite in this world believe that their lack of morality represents a higher state of evolution. That the end justifies the means. They have identical mindsets to this pathetic man.

  32. I lived in Queens and worked in Manhattan back in the early 90’s. A friend in a place I worked had 3 brothers who were all NYPD. This was a very normal, very personable guy, although he was already running little scams and it was obvious by his character that he wasn’t exactly police material (as judged by this naïve little Ky boy). I asked him why he wanted to become a cop like his brothers and he said for the money. Not the paycheck, mind you. All the money on “the side.” It was a wake up call I was not prepared for.
    Now I know that in countries that are police states, with cops enforcing bullshit laws, this is what police forces become.

  33. no, criminals at the top created this to line their own pockets, not “American People”. if we could stop them it would have happened already, they are “above the law”, protect themselves and their evil business of destroying this nation every way conceivable, but YOU can fix it, right?

  34. Truthman, This kid was a hood, one of an army in any city of any size, and grew up during the golden years of America and Civil Right progress that was unprecedented. You had black highschool kids being polled in the 90’s saying they had never encountered a personal racial incident. The NAACP went nuts when they heard that. That is when they began their Confederate flag Jihad. I will pass your non-sympathies on to the victimes families, but I am sure they are already aware.

    The lady reporter gave him opportunity after opportunity to show some remorse, and he spit in the victims’ families faces. All he really said, as an afterthought, is that he wished he had not brought the gun, but that was a lie as they were going out robbing, because they felt they had some social right to do it.

    The kid spoke for himself quite well. The black communty tv host titled the YouTube, “Interview with a Monster”. Excuse me but I am voting with him. Black folks also suffer huge carnage at the hands of these gangsters. What they do to their own women is another supressed story. When I did my gang interviews they did not think rape should be a felony, but a misdeomeanor, as ‘nothing was really stolen cause they still have it the next day’. They preferred the term ‘stealing, or taking pu__y’. They thought the heavy time for rape was invented to put black men in prison for a long time. It was quite an eye opener for me.

  35. Outstanding article that the Controlled Major mas media (CMMM) will never dare to carry. Why, because they are part of the massive social and cultural engineering that has carefully produced these urban rats with no souls. The war on poverty, the war on drugs, accompanied by massive CIA drug trafficking into urban areas, diversity and perversity programs in education and political correctness, all neo-Bolshevik social engineering. This is what the Globalist neo-Bolshevism of the Neocon, the dual citizens and zio infil-Traitors and Traitors produces.Stay tuned because you will see this kind of urban rat infestation grow and spread into even the suburbs soon. It’s another reason why the CMMM must be exposed and disposed of.

    • yes, crime from the top down has caused this explosion deliberately. “outsourced” the jobs, “dumbed down” the educational system, broken up the families, glamorized womanizing drugs and thuggery with Mtv rap, to fill the hallways of their “privatized prison industry”, they also import the friggin dope as their favorite pet banksters get to launder the money. it IS warfare, most dont comprehend it is people in high places who set up to profit from it all, not caring at all about the millions of victims.

  36. Now you understand why Bush, Obama, Clinton etc all ride in blast-proof vehicles.

    Notice, When Hitler “Rolled across Europe” and as country after country capitulated, that Hitler arrived standing is his OPEN CAR and the German Troop’s stood facing him. NOT towards the crowd as with our elected official’s.
    Why Saddam, Assad, Gaddafi all freely move(d) around their people as they were loved. Here our crooked politician’s hide behind bullet proof glass. Oh that’s right…. WE ARE HATED FOR OUR FREEDOM’S. Dang!

    Imagine Hitler standing in a window in view of hundreds of thousands, yet even Merkel and Obama in Germany stood behind at least 3″ thick glass. I’m surprised only a Shoe got thrown at Bush and Clinton.
    I’m sure the History Channel will record that as something else and not the real reason WE are hated.

  37. Sure it is. He says during the interview that they were going to the white side of town to hunt. His language is hard to follow. And the back drop is the huge race war in the interracial crime stats…and the media has ducked reporting them, non local media. There are no marches, no inter faith dialogue…nothing but looking the other way. I put the subtitle in there for you, as you are using the geopolitical craziness as what we call a substitution dodge. If you are OK with sending these victims to the back of the bus, then that is on you. But I won’t. These folks did not resist, and he put extra bullets into their heads…and you want me to change the title? Are you kidding?? Why would I do that?

    • I’ve read a few intelligent posts from Truthman, but this is not one of them. Jim, thanks for the article and video. It needs to be seen by everyone. Particularly those that are living in la la land suggesting that after school programs or more basketball courts will make this go away. I live in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta. I’m sure you’ve heard about what’s been going on here. I read most of the asinine posts on the community board and have been absolutely flamed for some of mine. Most of white America simply refuse to see the reality that black American culture is rotten to the core and there is absolutely no leadership allowed to be shown on jewish controlled media to help right things. The civil rights movement was co-opted by we all know who and blacks writ large have been turned into a permanent underclass and dupes for the Democratic Party and I firmly believe that the increased black on white violence is being stoked by low level neighborhood activists with orders from on high. I’m getting the hell out of here in a few months because I have absolutely no doubt that the lid will blow before Obama is done with this place. I grew up in Boston and was raised believing the South was racist and blacks were still being held back by whites. I moved here and have seen the polar opposite. Of course, there are dumb rednecks that hate everyone that isn’t a redneck, but overall the whites here are FAR more tolerant of blacks than the Northerners are. (Continued)

    • (Continued)
      To a fault. The self imposed illiteracy, thug attitude, illegitimacy, disdain for education and intellect is disgusting. It is inexcusable. I empathize with the fact that black Americans are a target and are pawns of the social manipulator, but how far will that race fall before something drastic has to happen?

  38. Interesting Interview but!
    As one lives with those who for decades have been oppressed you understand their mindset. This is pass on to them through many generations.

    I would suggest watching this video.
    David Irving & Tony Martin The Jewish Role In The Trade In African Slaves -YouTube
    Source: *****http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X2r7nWiJWM

    As a White kid I grew up with many Blacks in Las Vegas. Yes some were bad, but for the most part most were good. Sure I had doberman pincher’s sicked on me. Legs or Arms bitten up but I never held it against others who were black and friends that we daily played with. Just as the Hispanic’s, Korean’s and others.
    So I reserve my thought’s because I can see the anger “Programmed” into that kid. Just as Iraqi’s who throw shoes, Afghan’s, Syrian’s, Vietnamese, Cambodian’s, East Timor, Guatemalan’s and others who despise the American’s (White’s) for what our Government did under many lies.

    • Bill, I was not addressin black folks in general as they are a diverse crowd, similar to Jews…but only those involved in the black on white race war, which is exactly what it is, and why mass media and so others will not even address it. It is the glaring failure of the civil rights movement. Black, white hating Tan Klan gangsters will kill more random White folks in a month here than the KKK did in their entire career. But I would suggest the KKK program would be more negative press. Even the black on black rape problem is an epidemic, and their community also will not even address it as a problem. What they like is complaining about white racism endlessly and to divert attention from their own failure of leadership. And I don’t say that to pick them out. We have a failure of leadership across the board. The black community just suffers more for it. All you have to do is talk to any teacher in an inner city school, off the record, and it sounds like something out of a horror movie, yet for all the jobs that it supports, most all involved continue to participlate in what is really a never ending child care facility. Having lived in Barbados I got to know many who had migrated to Miami and had businesses there, and their opinion of the bottom portion of American blacks was just scathing…particulary the brainless teens that came to job interviews looking like street bums and not being able to speak English.

    • Jim,
      I know you weren’t singling our the “Race” but that why I called attention to the above video.

      We as American’s are taught that “WE” are the best thing since sliced bread. We can see how this attitude has prevailed in Vietnam and other wars. I personally can feel the hate that resided in the above video you posted. Yes, It was hate. When one looses all respect for those around him/her and turns to evil it is because it took years of oppression to develop that. At least I have found that so in my many decades of living.

      To illustrate this: Imagine you invade a country over a lie for the U.S. Dollar i.e. Commerce. You fake a torpedo in the Gulf of Tonkin and you president say’s, “I want to hurt them, make them die.” Were they as a people of any viable threat to America? No! Yet 3-5 Million died. Death only mattered when an American died. Then came retribution killings. Yet it was all for a lie.

      “No body know my sorrows”
      The struggle of the oppressed has gone on for many hundreds of years. As Ron Paul brought out, everything is against the Blacks. Our Judicial system, schooling, job placement etc. I don’t blame those who rise up against this in ways they can. Soon American’s will too.

      It would do better to attack the SYSTEM that created this, then those who are wedged within the plight of that System who in despair turn to crime/hate. Like cutting ears off the VC?

  39. I watched the video and I think the kid was telling the truth…… he never meant for anyone to get killed. You can argue all you want about what went down, but the eyes don’t lie. He may not have felt the same way at the time, maybe he’s just crying because he got caught, I can’t say. But his eyes showed some genuine remorse, for whom I can’t say.

    • Like you DaveE, I saw a very different video than of a monster. I saw a scared, confused child who had obviously never had love or hope in his life. He is still mad at the system, which is why he is so defiant. Give him 10 years in prison and I bet he chills a little. While it was difficult to listen to someone who says, “You know what I’m sayin?” every 5 seconds but I know stupid white people who talk like that and I still was able to see through it. You know what I saw? You take this kid out of his environment at an early age and he doesn’t grow up to be a monster. If you put aside the hair, the attitude and the lack of communication and humanity, you could clean this kid up and he would be considered very handsome. Clean him up and he could be a businessman, a model, a promising young man with great promise. What he’s done is disgusting and he deserves his punishment but his parents and his upbringing deserve punishment, too, for ruining his potential in life.
      We are all part of creator, though. There is every extreme and perhaps this “monster” is meant to learn something in this life and teach the rest of us something.

    • I’m a white guy who was brought up in good neighborhoods by good parents and had ample opportunity (read: money) to succeed. If I had the misfortune of being brought up a few miles away in the “hood”, I seriously doubt I’d be much better off than this kid. His reality is UGLY compared to mine.

      “What if’s” are always impossible to answer, but it seems quite unfair to ask more of these people than I can expect of myself.

    • Same here Dave.
      My father when Vegas was Mafia (Italian) ran 2 Casinos. We were living on easy street. Had is all. I have never been ticketed, arrested or anything. Not because of the money though we had a lot of pull back then. I got involved in a Jr. Deputy Sheriff’s program. Been around cop’s all my life. Except the Police (Protect & Serve) Adam 12 days has changed to Cop’s (Bad Boy’s SWAT) who’s show’s like on FOX targeted Blacks and Latino’s as main traffic stops, PFA assults etc.

      I just wish people realized that they are being played. No job’s, no futures, turn to drugs to escape that, theft for the drugs to keep that High… Its all for commerce.

      Next time you think of DHS, TSA, BORDER PATROL, FBI etc.. That if Drug’s are Illegal and we have all that embedded Security to protect us… How is it that Drug’s continue to flow into the USA? COMMERCE.

      See also: SENTRI Program. Where all go through Bio-Metric’s Security yet those Drugs bust’s in San Deigo exceeding $400,000 in Drugs were ALL Members of the SENTRI program. Given a Special Plate/Window and Fast Lane to Import Drugs without stopping. COMMERCE.

    • You’re right, the “it’s OK if someone makes a buck” mentality is the root of so much of our evil. I was one of the infamous “Perma-Temps” at Microsoft and “it doesn’t matter who we screw as long as WE come out on top” is as much a part of daily life as any Israeli checkpoint. Same mindset, same arrogance, complete disregard for anyone who actually WORKS for his money, on and on.

      Wall St., Microsoft, our government, Hollywood……. they’re all “chosen”, so eff everyone else.

    • The people I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for are the Israelites, who I also grew up around. They have more stolen money than they can count, all the opportunities taken for themselves and still have near ZERO compassion, integrity or honesty. The nastiest mo-fo’s you can imagine, too and with absolutely no right to be that way.

      I admit, this kid is a case, but he’s got some mighty steep hills to climb.

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