AIPAC Senator may face jail for helping gangsters

AIPAC has been busy little bees lately

347457_Sen. Robert Menendez

Senator Menendez under investigation for ties to fugitive bankers

 … by  Press TV,  Tehran


AIPAC has been busy little bees lately
AIPAC has been busy little bees lately

[ Editors Note:  Surprise, surprise…up pops the annoucement of what has had to be a long running investigation, and a sensitive one with a Democratic White house having a criminal investigation of an well known senator.

Are we finally seeing some pay back by Obama for those working with AIPAC to punish him for not towing the AIPAC line on Syria and Iran?

What is not reported in the Press TV piece below is the current corruption inside Congress is not limited to being sock puppets for the the Jewish Lobby crowd.  AIPAC rents out their sock puppets to others to help cover the costs. 

Menenedez seems to have helped two major bank fraud guys, who snagged $660 million, to a soft landing here in the land of opportunity. Menendez’s office claims the Isaias brothers were politically persecuted. Isn’t that special ?

The drug cartels are major political funders of Congress now, compliments of the Bush era Supreme Court that opened the flood gates for overseas donators…and come they did.  Everybody that needs a favor, like protection from hiding offshore oil company profits, knows where to where to go to get things taken care of.

The senators who sided with AIPAC against Obama to torpedo the Iran nuclear talks are being funding by gambling interests like Sheldon Adelson, and oil barron manipulators like the Koch brothers who have paid out a bundle to keep oil prices way higher than real demand would support.

AIPAC is the traffic cop for a lot of these deals, everything from organ theft, prostitution and a conduit for the cartel money. The Intel community has watched this in horror for years now, thinking that it could not get worse, but it did. That was mostly due to the Lobby folks being able to offer effectively immunity for anybody that played ball with them. It is called political obstruction of justice.

So that is the big mystery question for us. Why Mendendez, and why now…when there were so many to pick from, including Republicans who excel in their own corruption? AIPAC is an equal opportunity employer.

You can bet we will be beating the bushes to find out a little more about this. And I will wager that our esteemed Congress will have looked upon William and Roberto Isaias and their $660 million dollars as a pinata from heaven… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First  published  January 24th,  2014  –


The Brothers Isaias - Big time bank robbers
The Brothers Isaias – Big time bank robbers, says Ecuador

US Senator Robert Menendez, the key architect of unilateral sanctions against Iran, is under criminal investigation for his connection with two Florida businessmen who are fugitives from Ecuador, a report says.

According to WNBC, the Justice Department is investigating the hawkish senator’s ties to brothers William and Roberto Isaias, who are wanted in Ecuador for embezzlement.

The Isaias brothers, who ran Ecuador’s largest bank, were convicted of embezzling more than $660 million during Ecuador’s banking crisis in 1999. They moved to the US in 2000.

The Department of Justice is investigating whether Menendez, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, intervened with Homeland Security and the State Department to help the duo escape extradition, the report said.

The office of Sen. Menendez has denied the report.

“Our office works each year with literally hundreds of individuals and families from across the country who are seeking help with the immigration process,” Menendez’s communications director Tricia Enright told the Hill in an email. “We review each and every request we receive, and if we feel any inquiry is appropriate, we make it.”

“In this particular case, Senator Menendez believed the Isaias family had been politically persecuted in Ecuador, including through the confiscation of media outlets they owned which were critical of the government. We are not aware of any inquiry into the Senator’s actions on this matter.”

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW), a watchdog group in Washington, has put Sen. Menendez on the list of 13 most corrupt members of Congress. The watchdog put Menendez on the list last year because of accusations that he did favors for a friend and campaign donor, Salomon Melgen, and accepted rides on his private plane without disclosing them.

[ Editors Note:  Sal Melgen is no slouch. He has had his offices searched twice over an $8 million Medicare ‘billing dispute’. And being a generous soul, he donated $700,000 to a super PAC affiliated with House Speaker Harry Reid, where Menendez got most of the money. Isn’t that special? Welcome to the best Congress that money can buy folks.]

Similarly, in November 2012, the Daily Caller reported that Menendez had contact with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. The senator, however, has never faced prosecution over the allegations.

In late December, Menendez and Sen. Mark Kirk, who is also accused of corruption and lying about his military record in Iraq, introduced a sanctions bill against Iran over its nuclear energy program.

Fifty-nine senators—including 16 Democrats—have signed onto the sanctions legislation. The White House, however, has threatened to veto the measure if it passes Congress.


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  1. Good job. There is something like a scundrel strouting like a peacock full of arrogance that really irks old fashoned American Citizens. That is Menendez.
    Here in Southern Cal., a hat seat for the Cartel, Verizon and etc., we are noticing nervous moves. We are close to something big. We know that, time to name names who really runs those global cartels and where that $27 trillions that disappeared(?) during 09/11 attack(?) came from (we know) from whom to whom. As for Government running those cartel that just came out, well the Nugat Hand Bank in Australia during the Vietnam war can show how they worked it. “Rumors?” has it Mexico’s Fox, friendship with Bush was closer than imagined. And Romney work with the Bush Cartel, published by LA Times and in this Report should not be allowed to rest in peace it is a way to open the door to the global leadership of all those Cartels. I am sure on this, this time, real American will stand up and march.

  2. “Fifty-nine senators—including 16 Democrats—have signed onto the sanctions legislation. The White House, however, has threatened to veto the measure if it passes Congress.”

    wait what? if the guy is held in contempt and sanctioned it’ll be overruled?
    criminals aiding criminals in the District of Criminals? I’m shocked! /sarc

  3. true Preston. i can add only:


    imagine what friendly, advanced ETs will think of us if we haven’t rid our planet of all these slimeball scumbags by the time they announce a date for their diplomatic mission!

    * (=give him a rope and put him in the queue for the lamp-post)

  4. May be all these senators who were for more sanctions against Iran need to be investigated?
    Did their bank accounts increase lately, …. No smart enough to put itin an off shore bank account.

  5. It is so obvious we are a conquered nation under Rothschild/Zionist foreign occupation. The shepple know full well what happens if they cross swords or don’t tow the zio line. They live in fear as the economy collapses. Very few are brave enough to stand up against the tyranny. The ones that do, are to be made as an example to the rest of the herd to shut the f up and mind your P’s and Q’s.

  6. Could it be that Bankster Outcuts are to be wasted?

    From PressTV:

    “US Attorney General Eric Holder said that no American financial institution is too big to prosecute and no bank executive is immune from criminal indictment. “

    • Secession is the solution to any problem.

      Each state secedes, nationalizes all assets, prints is own money and returns the assets to real people, not the Illuminati or mega corporations.

      Honestly, it is that simple.

  7. A prayer is kind of a trade off with God. You say, Dear Lord if you do this one little thing for me, I will lay off the booze, quit chasing women and go to church at least twice a week.

    As Creator beings in nominal control of our own reality, we are supposed to meditate and simply imagine what we want, say MENENDEZ swinging from a ROPE!

    But Lord, I have already quit drinking, I am too old to chase women, but please do me this one teensy weensy little favor without making me go to church!

    Yours truly, the 99th Monkey

    • Funny jglassel.

      When I was a young mother, my first born infant was admitted to the emergency dept/hospital with meningitis, and my prayers to God were just as you describe above.

      I promised God to serve Him all my life if He would please just save my precious child.

      Yes, it is an immature trade off at first glance, but God saved my son and I remained committed to my promise.

      It has been a Journey as arduous as all the cross country expeditions made fabulous in the story books and on film etc: that has been the inner journey until I did indeed encounter God.

      The many who have gone before me are with me still, and Dreams Do Come True.

  8. This is interesting, is Menendez receiving payback from the Obama administration or from AIPAC because he wouldn’t go far enough in carrying out the evil deeds of AIPAC? I hope it’s from the Obama administration.

    Excerpt from an article:

    Abramoff also allegedly convinced Congressman Robert Ney, House Administrative Committee chairman, to award a contract worth $3 million to a start-up Israeli telecommunications firm called Foxcom Wireless. The contract was for the installation of antennas in House of Representatives buildings to improve cell-phone reception. Not surprisingly, such equipment can be designed to have what is known as a “back door” to enable a third party, in this case Mossad, to listen in. That an Israeli firm should be given such a contract through a selection process that was described as “deeply flawed and unfair” is explicable, particularly as there were American suppliers of the same equipment, and it suggest that the private conversations of some of our Congressmen might not be so private after all.

    Robert Ney went to prison, is it because he wouldn’t go far enough in carrying out the evil deeds of AIPAC?

    • By the way a few years ago in a VT comment section, I mentioned Robert Ney giving an Israeli company the telecommunications contract at the last minute, a contract supposed to go to a Silicon Valley company, and Robert Ney in the VT comment section suggested I must be smoking something to suggest Israel spies on America. Oh well. 🙂

      With AIPAC it’s what have you done for me lately you pathetic, cowardly U.S. congressman, a traitor to your own country.

    • great stuff, Brian. it would be good to dredge that comment of Ney’s from the archives and display it to see the mendacious SOaB gets the credit he deserves

    • ****

      Scroll down to read my comment then read the comment from Ney, Gordon also made a comment.

    • I posted a link to the article which includes my comment and the comment from Ney, hopefully it will show up later in comment section of this article.

    • bob ney
      February 9, 2010 – 4:40 am

      Hey Brian,
      I have a radio show Monday thru Friday, 1-3 pm
      and Brian, I do not do the show from prison! I have been out for awhile. Your Israeli conspiracy theory is fascinating, what is it you are smoking?

      Best To You,
      Bob Ney

      Brian: I removed his Internet location.

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