Is Netanyahu Getting Back at Putin with Volgograd Bombings?


By F. William Engdahl

As the Russian Sochi Winter Olympics date approaches, a wave of suicide bombings in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad, site of the decisive resistance to German invasion in 1942), have wreaked death and uncertainty in the region. On 29 December 2013 a suicide bomber exploded at the Volgograd railway station, killing the bomber and 16 more. A day later another suicide bombing on a trolleybus killed at least 15 people. The attacks come just a few weeks before the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics begin on February 7 on the Black Sea near the border to Georgia.

Those most recent attacks followed an October 21 suicide attack in which a bomb carried by a female suicide bomber exploded on a passenger bus carrying 40 people. The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, reported that at least 5 people died in the blast and 17 others were injured. The suicide bomber had been identified as 30-year-old Naida Asiyalova of Dagestan. Since 1999 Mujahideen Sunni Salafists, often from Saudi Arabia or other Arab countries, have tried to incite an Islamic revolution and install Sharia law in Dagestan from neighboring Chechnya as well as in Chechnya.

The recent new wave of suicide bombing attacks in the region has led many to believe they are the work of radical Mujahideen Salafist Sunnis led by an erratic Jihadist from Chechnya, Doku Umarov, who sometimes goes by the Arabized name, Dokka Abu Usman. Umarov has unilaterally proclaimed himself underground President of the unrecognized Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (ChRI), and later, the self-proclaimed Emir of the Russian North Caucasus, declaring it an Islamic state of the Caucasus Emirate. In doing so he announced, “I will serve the word of Allah and work to kill the enemies of Allah in all the time that he gives me to live on this earth.” [1]

In Russia he is called the “Russian bin Laden.” In March 2011, the United Nations Security Council Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee added Umarov to the list of individuals allegedly associated with al-Qaeda, the Saudi-financed loose network of international Jihadist bands which had been trained during the 1980’s Afghan war against the Soviet Union by CIA, Saudi, Israeli and Pakistani intelligence services. AL-Qaeda is a name for a database set up by Saudi intelligence to keep track of all the Arab and other Muslim mercenaries working in defeating the Russians in Afghanistan during the 1980s.

Umarov has claimed responsibility for gruesome suicide bombings, using women called “black widows” whose husbands had been killed fighting Jihad against Russian security forces. Umarov openly claimed responsibility for the 2010 Moscow Metro bombings and the 2011 Domodedovo International Airport bombing in Moscow. The person who did the Metro bombing was a 17-year old Mujahideen widow, Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova


Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova, 17, posing with her late husband Umalat Magomedov. She became a “black widow”  suicide bomber, carrying out the Moscow metro bombings in April 2010 (Reuters)

In June 2013, Umarov called for his followers in and outside the Caucasus to use “maximum force” to ensure the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics do not take place: “They plan to hold the Olympics on the bones of our ancestors, on the bones of many, many dead Muslims buried on our land by the Black Sea. We as Mujahideen are required not to allow that, using any methods that Allah allows us.” [2]

All indications point to the terrorists controlled by Umarov being behind the latest “Black Widow” suicide bombings in Volgograd. Naida Asiyalova, who blew herself up in the suicide bombing in Volgograd in October, is from Dagestan. She was reported “in love” with another suicide bomber before she “did her duty” to the jihad of Umarov. She was also a close friend of the woman implicated in the most recent Volgograd station bombing.[3] All indications to date point to Doku Umarov’s Chechyn terrorist organization for these recent terror bombings in Russia.

The US State Department has just issued an Advisory Alert to US citizens going to Sochi as a response even though Volgograd is several hundred kilometers away.

Russia’s Mujahideen terrorists

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Soon after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Halliburton, the world’s largest oil services company, then led by Dick Cheney, determined that the Caucasus and the region around the former Soviet Union’s Caspian Sea contained staggering volumes of untapped oil. Some said it was a “new Saudi Arabia.” As part of broader Washington strategy of then-president George H.W. Bush, US intelligence began moving veterans of the bloody Afghan Mujahideen campaign into the Caucasus and Caspian region to facilitate independence from the Soviet Union and open the door for US and British oil companies to control the key oil regions.

Two “retired” CIA operatives close to former CIA head Bush, Ted Shackley and General (Ret.) Richard Secord set up a CIA “front” fake Azeribaijan oil company called Mega Oil. It was a cover to fly in hundreds of Mujahideen veterans from Afghanistan as “oilworkers.”

In 1991 Richard Secord along with veterans of US operations in Laos, and later of Oliver North’s operations with the Contras, turned up in Baku, Azerbaijan under the cover of MEGA Oil. This was when George H.W. Bush supported an oil pipeline stretching from Azerbaijan across the Caucasus to Turkey. Dick Cheney was then Bush senior’s Defense Secretary. MEGA never found oil. But MEGA operatives in Azerbaijan engaged in military training, passed “brown bags filled with cash” to members of the Azeri government, and set up an airline on the model of the CIA’s Vietnam era Air America which flew hundreds of mujahedin mercenaries from Afghanistan into Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, especially Chechnya. [4]

A faction of the CIA and US intelligence tied to the neo-conservatives and the US military industrial complex, have been involved in bringing fanatical Jihadist Islam into the traditionally Sufi peaceful Islam of the Caucasus region. Osama bin Laden actively moved from Afghanistan into Bosnia, then Kosovo and on into Chechnya after 1995, where his principal ally, fellow Saudi Jihadist, Ibn al-Khattab was leader of the Arab Mujahideen in Chechnya fighting the Russians. Chechnya happened to be the transit region for a major Russian oil pipeline from Baku into Russia for Caspian oil, something Washington was determined to block. Journalist Ali Soufan notes that by 1996, “the United States had been on the side of Muslims in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Chechnya.” [5]

At the time of the Beslan school massacre in Russia near the Georgia border in September 2004, Umarov’s Jihadists, including Arab Mujahideen, were partly financed with US money via a Washington-based NGO called ACDI/VOCA. Much of the money that the US Government-funded NGO received for the project reportedly came from a US Department of Agriculture Food for Peace Project.[6] Apparently the food they dispensed was in the form of Kalashnikovs and hand grenades, not grain and apples.

According to veteran Caucasus-based journalist Jeffrey Silverman, Doku Umarov is today an “asset” controlled and guided by a Washington-based think-tank called Potomac Institute for Policy Studies.[7] The board of the Potomac Institute reads like a who’s who of retired US military and intelligence people. According to Washington insider reports, Potomac is not entirely what it appears to be.

It is rather, these sources report, a front for Israeli intelligence, a group of US neo-conservatives, both working with Saudi Arabian intelligence. Two of Potomac’s key people involved in the Caucasus are reported to be Prof. Jonah Alexander, who heads the institute’s International Center for Terrorism Studies, and Ambassador (ret) David Smith.

Alexander has taught at Tel Aviv University and headed an interesting-sounding project, “Terrorism, Gray Area and Low Level Conflict,” for the US Global Strategy Council, a group founded by Ray Cline, former Deputy Director of the CIA.[8] David J. Smith is Director of the Georgian Security Analysis Center (GSAC) at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies in Tbilisi, Georgia. Between 2002 and 2006 Smith was US Member of the International Security Advisory Board, assisting Georgia to “build democracy and establish functional national security institutions.”[9]  By all indications, he did a rather poor job if that really was what he was building.

Many of the Arab and Chechyn Jihadist terrorists plaguing Russia in recent years have been infiltrated into Chechnya from the Pankisi Gorge region across the border in Georgia, where a pro-US Saakashvili regime at the time obviously “looked the other way.” Reportedly Saakashvili’s brother worked in London for BP, the head of the Anglo-American oil pipeline consortium that owns the BTC pipeline from Baku through Georgia to Turkey.[10]

Contrary to outward appearance, there has been intimate cooperation between Saudi and Israeli intelligence services on matters of common strategic interest for years. Reportedly the ties began when Prince Bandar was Saudi Ambassador to Washington.[11]

If all this is true, it would suggest that Umarov’s latest suicide attacks in Russia are part of a “revenge” operation of Netanyahu and Saudi Intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, to sabotage the Sochi Olympics, for Putin’s role in winning Obama away from war against Syria last fall and openly seeking a diplomatic resolution of the Iran nuclear problem. Saudi Arabia’s Bandar and Netanyahu, who admitted they were in cooperation, both were reportedly livid against Putin for sabotaging their Jihad in Syria.

Against Obama too

That the Saudis and Israel’s Netanyahu are actively working as well to sabotage Obama’s Iran diplomacy is also clear. On October 30, 2013, Sheldon Adelson, an Israeli-American billionaire with dual passports, a financier friend of Netanyahu who owns Las Vegas casinos, called on US Congress. He reportedly told his friends in Congress to pass new sanctions against Iran designed to sabotage the Iran-Obama talks. Adelson was the main financial backer in 2012 of Mitt Romney to defeat Obama, who has become a bitter Netanyahu foe. Adelson apparently feels that Obama has slowly been distancing from Bush and Cheney’s strong tilt to the hawkish US neo-conservatives tied to the US-Israeli military industrial complex around Netanyahu’s Likud Party.[12]

The Republican Jewish Coalition — led by GOP financial donor Sheldon Adelson — is asking its members to call their senators and urge them to pass a new round of sanctions on Iran amid efforts from top Obama administration officials to persuade Congress to delay such measures to allow time for negotiations with the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program to “gain traction.” [13]

The Volgograd bombings are a part of a global political shift taking place with factions declaring war inside major governments. Washington is split today between a “pro-Israel” faction largely in Congress, and on the opposite side, a mix of nationalists who seem to be trying to define a genuine American interest in all the wars around the world. Reportedly General Martin E. Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the military’s highest body in the Pentagon, and others around President Obama are moving to distance Washington from the Saudi-Israeli war strategy which they have realized as against American interest.

The realization in and around the White House and State Department that the US Government was being manipulated by Israeli and Saudi false intelligence was the real reason, according to Washington reports, for the abrupt decision by President Obama last summer to halt the planned war against Syria. Obama was told that the “evidence” of a Syrian government chemical weapons attack on civilians had been doctored by Saudi and Israeli intelligence to force Obama to finally declare war. [14]

That was why Obama surprisingly and inexplicably embraced the Putin mediation offer to remove the chemical weapons and why Assad quickly agreed. Obama was himself strongly against military action in Syria. The chemicals used in Syria reportedly were supplied by Prince Bandar to the rebels, not from Syrian Government forces. [15] The intelligence intercepts given President Obama purporting to be tapes of Syrian Army commanders discussing the chemical attack were given to Washington by Israeli intelligence by Israeli Defence Forces’ 8200 unit and were also reportedly faked.[16]

Now this same network seems to have activated a revenge attack against Putin and Obama for foiling their stratagems. It’s a high risk gamble by Netanyahu and Saudi Prince Bandar that could severely boomerang against them.


In a noteworthy footnote to the entire gruesome Doku Umarov drama, on January 17, Moscow Times reported on a social media message sent out by Chechen president, Ramzan Kadyrov, claiming that he had “new evidence” that rebel leader Doku Umarov was dead. Kadyrov wrote in an Instagram, “According to our information, Umarov is dead and we are looking for his body.” He claimed that Umarov had been killed during a Russian Special Forces operation.[17] The report has not been confirmed by Moscow. The Kadyrov report has to be taken with more than a little grain of salt. The flamboyant Chechyn President has issued such messages before, the last time in December, when he wrote that Umarov was “mostly likely already dead or will be soon.”[18] Whether dead or alive, it seems most likely that Doku Umarov is little more than a “cover” for the darker networks running terror against Putin’s Russia in the Caucasus, and that darker network is Moscow’s real problem.


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{p}F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant, author and lecturer. He is author of the best-selling book on oil and geopolitics, A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order. It has been published as well in French, German, Chinese, Russian, Czech, Korean, Turkish, Croatian, Slovenian and Arabic. In 2010 he published Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century, completing his trilogy on the power of oil, food and money control.{/p}{p}Mr. Engdahl is one of the more widely discussed analysts of current political and economic developments, and his provocative articles and analyses have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines and well-known international websites. In addition to discussing oil geopolitics and energy issues, he has written on issues of agriculture, GATT, WTO, IMF, energy, politics and economics for more than 30 years, beginning the first oil shock and world grain crisis in the early 1970's. His book, ‘Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation has been translated into eight languages. A new book, Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order describes the American military power projection in terms of geopolitical strategy. He won a ‘Project Censored Award’ for Top Censored Stories for 2007-08.{/p}{p}Mr. Engdahl has lectured in economics at the Rhein-Main University in Germany and is a Visiting Professor in Economics at Beijing University of Chemical Technology.{/p}{p}After a degree in politics from Princeton University (USA), and graduate study in comparative economics at the University of Stockholm, he worked as an independent economist and research journalist in New York and later in Europe, covering subjects including the politics of energy policy in the USA and worldwide; GATT Uruguay Round trade talks, EU food policies, the grain trade monopoly, IMF policy, Third World debt issues, hedge funds and the Asia crisis.{/p}{p}Engdahl contributes regularly to a number of international publications on economics and political affairs including Asia Times,,, The Real News, Russia Today TV, Asia Inc.,, Japan's Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Foresight magazine. He has been a frequent contributor to the New York Grant', European Banker and Business Banker International and Freitag and ZeitFragen in Germany, Globus in Croatia. He has been interviewed on various geopolitical topics on numerous international TV and radio programs including Al Jazeera, CCTV and (China), CCTV (China) Korea Broadcasting System (KBS), and RT Russian TV. He is a Research Associate of Michel Chossudovsky’s well-respected Centre for Research on Globalization in Montreal, Canada and member of the editorial board of Eurasia magazine.{/p} {p}Mr. Engdahl has been a featured speaker at numerous international conferences on geopolitical, GMO, economic and energy subjects. Among them are the Ministry of Science and Technology Conference on Alternative Energy, Beijing; London Centre for Energy Policy Studies of Hon. Sheikh Zaki Yamani; Turkish-Eurasian Business Council of Istanbul, Global Investors’ Forum (GIF) Montreaux Switzerland; Bank Negara Indonesia; the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies; the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Croatian Chamber of Commerce and Economics.{/p}{p}He currently lives in Germany and, in addition to teaching and writing regularly on issues of international political economy and geopolitics, food security, economics, energy and international affairs, is active as a consulting political risk economist for major European banks and private investors. A sample of his writings is available at Oil{/p}


  1. The tittle of this article as interrogative suggest the author doesn’t have any real evidence pointing to Netanyahu’s involvement in the Volgograd ‘bombing’, but that being the case, would like to announce his suspicions, suspicions doubtlessly based on the suggestive, but camoflaged connections he cites and on Israel’s well known and documented history in black ops and false flags. There are plenty of articles like this on the net and unfortunately they lead nowhere. Before you know it and before any leads can be developed into something useful, there comes another distraction, another false flag. The world is freshly focused. I imagine within a few days, a couple of weeks at most the author will pen a similar article as this one with the same vaguely stated connections to Israel or to Israel’s proxies. This could go on forever. What I am getting at here is I think we are all aware that Israel is the common factor ( despite the elusive character of the evidence) linking all (or virtually all) acts of terrorism this century and through much of the last. This is not a secret. Every government knows it, every head of state knows it. Obama knows it. Putin knows it. Somebody in the upper echelons has the evidence concretely linking Israel to Volgograd, for example. It is highly unlikely the Obama Administration is in the dark here. I am confident Putin has evidence. Given that Volgograd is one of many steps being taken to ignite a global war, why hide the evidence?

  2. That Sochi clock tower may be the one depicted in the Illuminati playing cards

    Someone go tell the Russians

  3. I hope it is exposed, with a reverse dose of mercenary terrorism dished coldly.
    couldnt care less about anything “olympics” is BS to me, big party for wealth in a deliberately trashed global economy that criminals can afford to attend, with tons of ads for junk most cant afford and produced in China by corporate traitors anyway.

  4. 98.8% —-No question about it, thanks to Russia & China who stop USA from going to war with Syria & as far as Iran, now the World is working for peace.

    ——-Last week on RT-TV an MIT professor said, there is no way the chemical weapons was fired Syrian government side due to the distance.

    ——-Rabbi Boteach is also 1 of the 11 mostly Israeli-American, 2012 candidates that Sheldon Adelson supported. The good news–only 1 was elected, after spending all that money.

    ———Rabbi Boteach, Republican Candidate who lost the NJ-9th District for USA Congress in 2012, in his book “Kosher Jesus” he said that……………. “Jesus is not God, he is simply a nice jewish boy.”

  5. Excellent analysis. But you forget about another piece of the puzzle – Ukraine. They’ve been desperately trying to set her on fire “color revolution” style. Snipers now shooting at both sides – like in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Venezuela,…
    WW3 is coming…

    • Those Zionist’s who dwell in the fairytale land of Kazaristan who drink DNA from goblets won’t be satisfied until all independent countries and those not tied to the “Kazaristan Federal Reserve Privet Central Banking” until they have destroyed yet another country either from the inside out or the outside in.

      Much like when videos surfaced in Syria of Rifles and Mortar shells by the crates with the “MADE IN KAZARISTAN” Labels upon them. Each country is yet a stepping stone for King BiBi of Kazaristan to use his Mossad and “War by Deception” to fasten a IV to the arms of all GOYIM and flush all wealth from their systems zapping all strength of the masses until… One day the world rises up and rebels.

      If one were to live by the 10 Commandments those in Kazaristan are batting 0. However there is good news as boycotts are working. What was interesting was how today’s news told of 2 Kazaristan Citizens who were killed in the Ukraine riots. So BEWARE!!!

      When ever you hear of Kazaristan deaths or the chatter about the Holocaust of the Kazar’s or pulling the “Eternal Victim” card and being anti-Kazarian. That the Mad dog is about tho bite someone so your to feel sorry for the poor poor Kazarians.

  6. Thus is what I am calculating: RICO is doing a main job of planning and evildoing. It is above any national government (and O’bum of course). They find willing yard bullies, like Israel and KSA, who will take credit since they want to be considered perishing. But they are just outcuts and when time is wright they will be wasted. Israel is known for false flag attacks and maybe is time to taste it’s own medicine. Likewise KSA… RICO will decide?

  7. Folks, let’s try and not be so naive. Obama is part of the same criminal cabal as Netanyahu. The notion that he is opposed to Netanyahu and wants to do the right thing but is under immense pressure, and is powerless to do anything about it, is TOTAL NONSENSE. These supposed animosities and jockeying for power are all scripted and manufactured to deceive people into thinking that they have a choice if they just support the right faction. But the truth is, ALL these factions are manufactured, and are secretly working in concert, to achieve the same goal. Democrats and Republicans merely pretend to be at each other’s throats for the benefit tricking you. They are just actors playing roles, to herd people into taking sides. Obama is a total fraud, and anyone who thinks he is genuinely opposed to the Neo-cons is incredibly naive.

    • I just stated this fact in a recent post and was ridiculously rebuked. It made me realize that all is certainly not as it appears, even in the world of VT .

    • I do believe that Obama was put into office by the RICO/Neocon cabal. After 8 years of Bush/Cheney wars, treason and theft, the county would have elected a syphilitic baboon before voting in another Republican! So why not install a Black guy with a Muslim name to further divide the country and take the fall for the imminent economic collapse as they emptied the FED/Gold/Treasury piggybank for their London and Israeli masters on the way out the door in ’08?
      Whether Barrack previously knew of this or not, he seems to have woken up to the facts and has fought hard since the CIA/Mossad Benghazi gift to Romney to purge the Neocon traitors in Intelligence (Petraeus and others) and the Military (Generals McCrystal and later Ham, Admiral Gaouette, the 67 Air Force nuke officers yesterday and many others (for cheating on tests? right)).
      In their place he is putting in some true American patriots to try to put this country first.
      Don’t believe this? Look at the full court press fight AIPAC and their puppets in Congress put up against Enlisted Chuck Nagel as Sec. of Defense. Look at the pivot on Iran and Syria and the backlash by the compromised Likuudnik tools McCain and Graham leading the way.
      So Sikel and Cyp, the backlash will stop when geniuses like yourselves can explain to all of us just how much better it all would be under a President Romney. We’re waiting.

    • CC My 90 year old father who survived German Labour camps and the Occupation of Holland derisively calls all clerics and their pompous shows ‘poppenkast’ , which literally means dolls’ cupboard or puppet show.

      I tell him that that precisely describes our western politics today, as you do here, and he refuses to hear me.

      Predictably he calls me a Conspiracy nut.

      So why do these so-called normals revere the judges in their wigs and gowns?

      As I said elsewhere on VT today, TRUST is the most rare commodity in our world today.

      Thank you for all you do.

    • absolutely. republican-democrat just two wings of the same fascist bird.
      they pass the baton and blame back and forth as the real agendas always move forward.
      it is about as transparant as the scripts for WWE wrestling, “rivals” drinking together after a show.

  8. My guess on why Obama didnt invade Syria is that he isnt a warmonger to the same extent as Bush, and besides Americans were generally antithetical to it. If he invades Syria on behalf of the insurgents, then he is seen as putting radicals in power, particularly next to the Israeli State. The Israelis’ supporters were very upset at Obama for letting Egyptians democratically elect the MB, so the MBs (actually the moderates among the rebels in Syria) coming to power in Syria would have had a downside too for him politically.

    None of this is to say Obama was not under strong pressure from another direction to intervene. I think Obama really was under pressure to intervene and still is, by the same guys who want us to fight Iran. But whether Obama intervenes in Syria or not he will be under pressure. The Powers want Syria to get ripped up as in the Clean Break document, but the insurgents are generally fundamentalists, so there is at least a bit of reluctance to helping them too much. This is my guess.

    • So basically the US is still backing the fundamentalists as shown by McCain’s visit, Saudi/Turkish involvement, and lobby groups, etc.
      But there are counteracting forces like Russians, Americans who don’t war fighting, the fact that the insurgents are fundamentalists, perhaps the bad experience with insurgents in Bengazi back in 2012, as well as serious support for Assad by alot of Syrians, etc.

  9. My first thought when I saw the photo was:

    The return of the idiotarian MEMRI style suicide bomber propaganda pictures?

  10. Let’s not forget that ICTS helped run security at Domodedovo International Airport…
    Same company tied to multiple terror attacks..

  11. i don’t think it’s possible obama didn’t know it was false flag information when he made his war speech. kerry couldn’t even look the camera in the eye. if obama he didn’t know he either needs better advisors or to surf the alternative or foreign media a little when this stuff happens. everybody else knew. these guys are all-pro liars, are they not? i’m thinking of them all around the conference table apparently intently watching the bin laden raid.

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