Massive US airships to conduct 24/7 domestic aerial surveillance

US Defense Departments newest era of domestic aerial surveillance
US Defense Departments newest era of domestic anti-missile aerial surveillance

…. by  Press TV,  Tehran


A tethered Aerostat
A tethered Aerostat

[ Editors Note:  The scare factor is being hyped here, for the usual reasons. The ballons are no major step forward for more intrusion as satellites have been doing exactly this for a long time now with none of the current hysteria.

With the pressure on budget cuts now the balloons are just a much much cheaper way to do it, more flexible, and easier to keep updated.

Believe me, the big defense folks would much prefer to use the hugely more expensive systems, but frankly the balloon people have been going after their business. One might even ask if the big satellite defense contractors would be behind much of the anti-balloon hype. Gosh..imagine that!

We know a bit about this due to our currently birthing Adamas Aerospace, the flag ship of our counter terrorism efforts. The balloons themselves are not the critical factor…but what goes on them. And the really classified stuff…that is not even allowed inside the US, in terms of being offered…for security reasons. I will let you ponder that for a while. Many of you will figure it out.

The integration software systems are the key to making it all work and they are all patented, and you can also guess who has all the patents. The packages are being configured to be able to provide a wide array of options to provide their users the biggest bang for their bucks.

ADAMAS skyships are capable of security missions and, within hours, can be reconfigured for scientific research or as luxury transport for visiting dignitaries.

ADAMAS LTA platforms are more than the promise of security. They not only deliver unparalleled intelligence support but are virtually indestructible (when tested by the UK MOD).

As compared with helicopters or drones, LTA platforms are far less expensive to operate, carry vastly greater sensor packages and are perceived as a source of national pride rather than “death from above.”

ADAMAS LTA platforms and sensors can secure elections, protect oil production facilities, secure wildlife from poachers or find valuable mineral deposits, invaluable assets to national security, economic development and social cohesion.

Combined with Adamas software development and intelligence fusion operations, data on terror threats, oil spills or disaster recovery operations can be presented quickly and concisely while appropriate and timely response is possible.

These ships will enable a level of security and other goals to be realized without bleeding the users being bled dry on costs, or diverting funding from other critical areas that must be covered in today’s full spectrum security needs.

As for skyship and ballons being  a constant threat to monitoring everything that everybody is doing, that is Alice in Wonderland stuff. The cost alone would be prohibitive and what good would 99% of the wasted money be? Their value is in being able to monitor ‘threats’, and that alone is very challenging job… Jim W. Dean ]


Adamus Aerospace Skyships
Adamas Aerospace Skyships


Press TV

–  First  published  January 23th,  2014 


The US Army plans to deploy two massive airships with powerful surveillance systems over the US state of Maryland to monitor the country’s East Coast round-the-clock, heightening privacy concerns.

The airships, known as aerostats, will be set aloft on Army-owned land about 45 miles northeast of Washington, near Aberdeen Proving Ground, for a three-year test starting from October.

The US Army says the aerostats will cast a vast radar net with the goal of detecting cruise missiles or enemy aircraft so they could be intercepted before reaching the capital.

The radar system that is planned for the aerostats will be capable of monitoring the movement of trains, boats and cars, the Army said.

However, the prospect of military-grade tracking technology floating inside the US has sparked privacy concerns amid a time of rising worry about the growth of government eavesdropping by the National Security Agency (NSA).

“That’s the kind of massive persistent surveillance we’ve always been concerned about with drones,” said Jay Stanley, a privacy expert for the American Civil Liberties Union. “It’s part of this trend we’ve seen since 9/11, which is the turning inward of all of these surveillance technologies.”

Privacy advocates say location information gathered by the airships can easily lead to the identification of individuals if collected on a mass scale and analyzed over time.

American whistleblower Edward J. Snowden revealed last year that the NSA is gathering communications en masse from around the world, violating the privacy rights of Americans and foreign individuals.



  1. Lots of positive potential, but it will be used against the public to protect the “elite”. It would make a great platform for directing ground forces to their target.

    • No. Read the article. These are big radar domes that work as a pair. One tracks incoming cruise missiles and the other directs counter missle fire at them. The mobiles get used for all kinds of stuff, world fairs, Olympics. All combat brigades have had their own drones for years. They don’t go or move anywhere without looking all around for ambushes and freshly dug holes in the road, etc.

  2. ——It’s worth the money & the scarifies of our privacy, if they could catch the “Enemy with in” the Israeli-Zionist-Termites that have infested & destroying USA.

  3. “They not only deliver unparalleled intelligence support but are virtually indestructible …”

    Now architects can learn from a balloon and build a new indestructible WTC.

  4. If this is their quest in life, to watch me, then they are chronic underachievers, and critically unmotivated. I suppose my tax dollar bought these floating hemorrhoids when that money could’ve gone back into the system for human benefit. Each time they show objective material items as this, it shows where their priorities are. OUR tax dollars being abused as this?
    Considering the low approval ratings of congress, and this sorry sack for president, they have the audacity and arrogance to think they need to spy on me? on you? I have never witnessed the United States of America under such unethical, immoral, impotent and incompetent leadership. It has been this way for last 25 years. There has been nothing redeeming about any of these individuals. Our country is in sad shape, yet we take more interest in who wins a cooking, a dance, or a cake baking competition on TV. “We…” can do much much better, only if we begin relying on one another, instead of who has a track record of betrayal, deception, and treason. Stay with VT, and get others to follow along. Don’t ignore what you may not want to read or hear. Trust in fellow commoners, not the elected fraudulent self-annointed elite. Like a child eating vegetable they don’t like, you must read things that are not pleasant, for they are necessary to preserve, protect and defend your children’s country and their future. Patriots need to rise and get very vocal. Secure your homeland, and your rights as citizens.

  5. The balloons are ugly.

    Can’t they grant the population some fun, maybe by designing the balloons like Pink Floyd’s flying pig? A surveillance state must not be unimaginative.

    • Their website doesn’t mention what gas is used to lighten them. My guess would be a Hydrogen/Helium mix. Though very volatile in lower elevations the risk of combustion is much reduced at the altitudes reached. Too little Oxygen way up there to burn quickly. It is the mere fact that they do not list the elements used inside the gas bags that makes me believe that they are using Hydrogen in some form.

      It’s not the kind of chemical you kid of want to advertise using. Bad P/R since the Hindenberg. However at 1/4 the weight of the next larger element Helium? Hydrogen is the far better light gas for efficiency.

  6. “The US Army plans to deploy two massive airships with powerful surveillance systems over the US state of Maryland to monitor the country’s East Coast round-the-clock …”

    What are they looking for?

    • The same stuff that the old sats have been looking for…which nobody had a word to say about for a few decades.

      The question nobody is asking…which Intel people always look for, is why not one of these over the Mexican border? If it would reduce the number of border guards needed do you think it woud be supported? How about if it was more effective? What if the cartels cut off all of their protection money payments?

    • Yes, the Mexican border would be perfect.

      As for triangulating flying objects, I wonder how exact this works when the balloons are not at the same height as the flying object. (Otherwise I have no idea if a submarine radar as shown in Hollywood movies can be used to aim and shoot a submarine.)

  7. Adamas Aerospace has some interesting names in the executive management team. 🙂

    Perhaps I can get some free intel on my suspicious neighbors wearing kippahs who constantly carry delightful smelling pressure cookers to their neighbor’s homes with the shades down. 🙂

  8. Massive US surveillance airships coming soon, sign up now for your corporate logo . Sadly this probably will be a reality

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