Are Cockroaches Running Washington War Politics?

A strange selection for a think tank nickname
A strange selection for a think-tank nickname – an inside joke for sure…but on whom?

Are ‘Cockroaches’ Running Washington War Politics?

… by  F.  William Engdahl           … February 2,  2014


[ Editors Note:  Dear readers, It is always a pleasure to bring you another William Engdahl piece because they are ‘old school’ journalism, the kind of stories we see much of corporate media shying away from these days. The cockroaches nickname has multiple analogies, including one that Bill does not mention, like the way they are multiplying in DC, like…you know.

And then there is the growning concern in the Intel and military communities as to who are these people really working for. Don’t waste your time asking. They only give you the front cover. The term shadow government is not a cute hype term. It really exists, and has for a long time. For the Bush crowd, that was all they ever served.

With so many of these shadowy groups buzzing around the halls of power, one could wonder if maybe something has died…like maybe ‘government of the people and for the people’? Has that become an insiders joke, too? I’m not laughing. How about you? … Jim W. Dean ]


One of Washington, DC's endless shadowy front groups
One of Washington, DC’s endless shadowy front groups

The title might seem facetious but it is anything but. There is a network of US Congressmen, retired military, CIA and other spooks, military industry lobbyists and select media that meet privately on a regular basis to map out policy initiatives.

They call their group the Cockroaches.

I did a recent article on who is behind the Caucasus suicide bombings linked to Doku Umarov, the self-proclaimed unrecognized Emir of the North Caucasus,  Emir des russischen nördlichen Kaukasus, Übt Netanjahu mit den Bombenanschlägen von Wolgograd Rache an Putin?

In it I reported on evidence that a little-known Washington think-tank was reportedly directing the terror bombings of the North Caucasus “Emir.”[1] The think-tank is called, according to these reports, the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies.


The Cockroaches


Further research into the little-known Potomac Institute has uncovered a major find. As noted earlier, the Potomac group is reportedly tied to the powerful Washington Israeli Likud lobby linked to Netanyahu as well as to Saudi Arabian intelligence chief, Prince Bandar, nicknamed “Bandar Bush” for his close ties to the Bush family when he was Washington Ambassador.

Now it turns out that a former senior Bush official runs a very secretive and very, very powerful group from his post at the Potomac Institute.

The group calls itself The Cockroaches. They chose the name deliberately as it is said that cockroaches are one of the few living creatures that would survive an atomic blast. They see themselves as a kind of permanent institution surviving changes in administration whether Republican or Democrat.

'Bandar Bush'
‘Bandar Bush’

In fact, it seems they are a kind of “deep state” network whose loyalties seem to be far removed to that of America’s true interests.[2]

Several hundred current and former defense and intelligence officials, private-sector contracting firms, lobbyists, Congressional staffers and Members of Congress meet every two months for an off-the-record private dinner that is organized by….The Potomac Institute.

It seems incongruent for a think-tank doing global studies to be organizing private dinners until we learn that the head of the Cockroach operation is Michael Swetnam, who worked in the White House in the George H.W. Bush senior’s administration. Swetnam is also Chairman and CEO of the “non-profit” Potomac Institute which he founded. [3]

The website of the Institute notes that, “From 1990 to 1992, Mr. Swetnam served as a Special Consultant to President Bush’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) where he provided expert advice on Intelligence Community issues…” [4]

The PFIAB is one of the most important advisory groups to the President on defense and intelligence policy. Not to forget that Bush senior was Director of the CIA in the 1970’s. Various researchers believe that Bush inserted a specific network of his CIA “Old Boys” into government during his presidency that changed the face of US foreign and domestic policy. And not for the better.

Swetnam, formerly with the CIA, is in a critical position within Washington in terms of defense and terrorism. He serves on the United States Senate Special Select Committee on Intelligence. And he previously was a member of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Combating Terrorism and on the Defense Science Board Task force on Intelligence.[5]

The Potomac Institute only once mentions the Cockroaches on their website even though they run it:

On February 11, 2009, the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies hosted a special private dinner event in D.C. featuring General James E. Cartwright, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as the keynote speaker. General Cartwright, who is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Nation’s second highest ranking military officer, addressed the audience of about 150 guests about the importance of cyber security to our national security efforts. This event was one of six that the Potomac Institute hosts during the year as part of the “Cockroaches” dinner event series for invited guests from the defense and intelligence communities.”  [6]

Yet Swetnam and the Institute run the Cockroaches group. And they are highly secretive — the events are not advertised, all meetings are off-the-record and nobody is willing to discuss their involvement with the group. [7]

One Cockroach who was willing to vaguely comment on the group, Congressman  Dutch Ruppersberger, chairman of the Intelligence Subcommittee on Technical and Tactical Intelligence, tried to paint an innocent picture.

He told a Washington magazine, Roll Call, that the group gave “the opportunity for a lot of these people in the intelligence community who might have worked in agencies or now are working for the private sector or whatever to see each other, to come together and communicate in a quasi-social atmosphere.” [8]


Head of National Intelligence is Cockroach


Who are people like Clapper serving while they are in top government positions?
Who are people like Clapper serving while they are in top government positions?

According to Roll Call, one Cockroach member is James R. Clapper. Clapper happens to also be currently the Director of National Intelligence. He was previously Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) from 1992 until 1995 under Clinton.

Clapper also has a quite seedy record. He was accused of perjury for telling a Congressional committee that the NSA does not collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans.

And after the 2003 Iraq invasion when the Bush Administration insisted that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was building threatening Weapons of Mass Destruction that required the US invasion, Clapper, then head of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, tried to lie away the lack of any WMD.

He claimed to the media that the Iraqi weapons materials were “unquestionably” shipped out of Iraq to Syria and other countries just before the American invasion. It was a “personal assessment” which Clapper’s own agency head at the time, David Burpee, “could not provide further evidence to support.” [9]

More recently, the US intelligence chief tried to whitewash the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood who were forced out of office and banned last year by the military for trying to establish an Islamic theocracy. At the time Clapper told Congress, “The term ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ … is an umbrella term for a variety of movements, in the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence…”

He further claimed the Brotherhood, the mother of Al Qaeda and virtually all radical Salafist Jihad groups including Al Qaeda and the Afghan Mujahideen, “pursued social ends” and a “betterment of the political order,” as he tried to downplay its religious underpinnings.[10]

It would be useful to lift the huge rock that hides these Cockroaches and learn more about what they really intend.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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F. William Engdahl

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He currently lives in Germany and, in addition to teaching and writing regularly on issues of international political economy and geopolitics, food security, economics, energy and international affairs, is active as a consulting political risk economist for major European banks and private investors. A sample of his writings is available at Oil


  1. ——Yes, more importantly by Termites since they work underground and we could not see them like Cockroaches, (Israel Firsters, Israeli-Americans) & the Zionist.

  2. Bush, blah, blah, blah. Bush left office more than 5 years ago. Obama is the man now. But it’s always the Bush Party, blah, blah, blah. Obama’s very first appointment within mere hours of his election win was the fanatical Zionist murderer, Rahm Emanuel. Rahm was for the war. Hilary voted for the war. Kerry did too. Most of Obama’s appointments are war-mongering Zionists no different from the “Bush Party”. If Obama was against the war, why wasn’t someone who played the role of being anti-war, like Al Gore, brought in? Oh that’s right, Gore had Lieberman on his ticket, and Lieberman voted for the war too.

    I listened to a couple shows with Gordon and I noticed he likes to talk about Bush’s sexual orientation. Has he ever commented on Obama’s proclivities? Please inform. If not, it shows he is a total hypocrite and phony.

    If any of you have bought into the notion that Obama is trying to do the right thing and is doing his best to fight the war-mongering Zionists, sadly, you have been duped.

    Shame on VT for trying to dupe people into thinking Obama is a force for good. What tripe!

    • One issue might be the suspected affiliation or VT or VNN with the DOD. I even read a comment here from an active DIA officer from the legal team who was tracking Mr Shrimptom a couple months ago. So I sometimes get to thinking it is comments, perhaps like your own that expand the breath of topics covered here. But I also have been frustrated at times with certain opinions occasionally emphasized here that seem “wrong” and I almost thought I saw a pattern where such info was rotated between authors. Hmm. Anyway We can’t expect lead authors to indict our existing heirarchy very well if this site has links I kind of alluded to.

    • This is a remarkably excellent article, a true gland-slam home-run. Contrary to your assertion,VT writers have repeatedly stated that Obama was a destructive force. I for one have written numerous times that the Clintons and the Obama are all puppets of the Bush Cabal, who used to serve the IZCS (City of London and Israeli zios) that hijacked America, but has now gone off the reservation because of their commitment to establish complete chaos and destruction in all USG affairs. Gordon is anything but a hypocrite and phony. He is one of the main reasons VT exists and has grown in such popularity. Few have ever done as much to help Vets than Gordon has. And he is one a new breed of Intel professionals that feels a duty to reveal all he can to VT readers. Just try to find another website that reveal as much forbidden truth as VT.

      I have exposed the facts that the last four potus were perverts and that includes Obama. I also claimed that Obama only did one thing right so far refusing to go into a major air and land war in Syria and Iran. Instead he is deploying special ops and mercenaries all over Africa and the middle east in acts of low intensity warfare.

      Obama is a mere puppet of the GHWB regime and Ronald Reagan was the last duly elected President of the United State. GHWB is a crime and drug Kingpin and his real name is George Scherff. VT never tried to dupe any VT readers into thinking Obama was a force for good. What has been shared is the reality that Obama refused a full scale war against Syria or Iran and this is because the American people and the top Generals don’t want any more war. I even stated that some intel believe that Obama has been placed on restriction by the military.

      This is a very revealing article that shows how many top Policy-Makers are located in think tanks and foundations outside of the visible USG and truly constitute a far more powerful Secret Shadow Government.

    • To believe that Obama even has a choice to refuse to prosecute a war is a bit naive. Obama is a slave who does what he is told. Obama is plotting the death of millions, with his co-conspirators, and he has not refused any war on Syria in the least. Christmas isn’t here yet. Obama’s war is on Christmas. It was all planned out before he was even born! Obama doesn’t make the decisions on when to go to war. Such a novel idea!

      This nonsense that there is some comet hurtling toward earth, and Obama is secretly working with the leaders of the word is total baloney. This is Deep Impact and Armageddon Hollywood film propaganda nonsense. Chelyabinsk was a weapon; it was not a real meteorite.

      If Gordon really labored for the truth, he would not play games on VT and just tell the truth. The Illuminati/Masons are planning to fake comet/meteor strikes with advanced weapons, and also trigger volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. Simply watch the film Deep Impact if you want more details.

    • Remember that one Sat AM press conference where Obama didnt announce attacking Syria? It was after he took an allegedly unscheduled walk around the WH grounds with a low level advisor and showed up late? It’s possible Obama did a good thing there.
      But that’s just one possible good deed.

  3. I appreciate, especially, the passing link to Netanyahu and to Israel’s network of Likudnik subversives in this expose; though I am sure there is much more of a ‘co-mingling’ of such with the Cockroaches than stated here. We haven’t forgotten the role played by G.H.W. Bush and the assassination of JFK at the behest of David Ben Gurion for the sake of Israel and its nuclear weapons program. Nor have we forgotten who gained control of“America’s” intelligence apparatus after the assassination. We suspect members of the Potomac Group are direct line descendants, in a political and cultural sense (of course), of these same psychopaths. Cockroaches indeed!

  4. Forget about Raid and all those major brands. Just use cheap boric acid-it works better than anything. These criminals need a healthy dose of boric acid. We got rid of armies of cockroaches in Brooklyn in the 50s 60s w boric acid. Today you can find it cheap in certain “dollar stores”. Don’t waste money on the name brands unless they decided to use boric acid in their products. Turn on the lights and dozens and hundreds of the roaches scurry for cover and when you step on them you hear the crunching. Super pests they can be.

  5. nothing some RAID wouldnt fix. no doubt they’re tied to AEI, PNAC, AIPAC, the Bohemian Club etc.
    lets not forget Bilderberg and other “club meetings” where they protect themselves with police, snipers, machine guns etc, because what they do is SOOO “humanitarian” (vegetarians eat vegetables ok?).

  6. At least they recognize their kinfolk in the mirror.

    “Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who’s the biggest Periplaneta Americana of them all?”

  7. I confirm they love to be known as cockroaches. They put the frighteners on me a few years ago when they got into my computer. I had left it in hibernation and they put a folder right where I would see it when I switched it back on. I looked at the name and it was “Getting away With Murder King Roach”. LOL! I was so terrified. They are very nasty and used their black magic to get my neighbour to try and burn down my house. So yes, they do like to burn down people’s houses but they do it in such a way that you cannot link it back to them. I do feel for Cara. It’s quite funny now when I look back at that period but only because they did not succeed in harming me. Phew! They were doing a lot of other weird stuff too. This planet is a very dangerous place indeed with these Satanists running riot.

  8. Hi VT Family, I’m back. I’d been gone for a while to work on something that emerged in late December and turned the tables on our Zionist friends. I hope you’re all doing well. As always, Jim’s selections and own writings are quite informative.

    All of what Engdahl writes about HW Bush’s shadow government is true and not mere speculation. Just take a look at the Foreign Policy Initiative, which also ties into this webwork. Oh, and don’t worry, Kristol’s group is no longer kosher. We’ll let him and Kagan try to figure that one out.

    As for Clapper, he’s a spymaster. I don’t understand the confusion over his false statements. In fact, his consistency is quite apparent in that regard. Beyond that, it’s difficult to speculate as to his purview behind the doors. Powerful appointees can be given wheels to spin while others fulfill their duties.

  9. Yes they are, but not the kind shown in the photo. Like Malik said, they are “traitors.” Traitors who are free to walk among us because we let them do what they do, take what they take, enslave us since we don’t pay much attention to their natural behavior. See, we trust them to make good decisions for the preservation of our U.S. These are two-legged white-breasted type cockroach that work best in secret without being held accountable. They aren’t much alone, which is why they cluster together, and protect one another against the very people supporting choosing to re-select them every four or six years. We pay them to preserve, protect and defend our home but instead they prefer to defy and betray We the People. They were once afraid of us, but today, these two-legged, white-breasted vermin have become self-indulgent and inconsiderate. It is the new American way.

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