American Intel: Hijacked but Completely Dysfunctional Too?


… by  Preston James


statue_of_liberty_800[2]What if those who designed the American Intel System (AIS) represented foreign unAmerican interests?

What if a special Congressional Research Committee prepared and sent a special report to Congressional Intel Committee members detailing the now apparent facts that American Intel has been hijacked by a Foreign Power, and is also Completely Dysfunctional?

What if this highly classified Report concluded that the American Intel System had drawn America into numerous illegal foreign Proxy Wars that were bankrupting America?

The following main points are believed to have been contained in the Original Intel Report prepared by a new group of American Intel Officials who are up and comers and known to be America-firsters.

>The AIS has been hijacked and is now being used to attain something quite different that what it was was supposed to be.

>The AIS is now using the American Military might for its own covert Political Agenda and a foreign War-Making Agenda.

>The AIS appears to have deployed covert operations to draw the US Military into endless, un-winnable foreign proxy wars on behalf of the so-called Defense Industrial Complex.

>AIPAC and Other Israeli Lobbying and Defense Policy making groups have deeply penetrated the AIS, the USG and Congress and have been able to exert undue influence in determining American foreign policies that are harmful to American national Security.

>These Israeli penetrations have resulted in undue influence peddling and the drawing America into illegal, preemptive and dysfunctional foreign Mideast Wars that have resulted in much of the world turning against America, transforming America from a bastion of Freedom into a nation viewed by the world as a Pariah with former Muslim nations who were friends, now viewing America as their enemy.

>The Defense Industrial Complex appears to be a covert AIS Cutout which secretly represents foreign private Central Banking interests rather than the American People.

>The Defense Industrial Complex has only been concerned with making huge indecent profits and redistributing the wealth of Americans from the Middle Class to the 1%.

>The AIS unduly influenced Congress to fund the Military Industrial Complex and the Israeli Industrial Complex and has implemented covert operations to build up a massive Stasi-type internal spying and police state para-military force inside America (the Department of Homeland Security) and the Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Act, and the NDAA. 

>The AIS appears to have been covertly hijacked by a Secret sophisticated, extremely well-funded Worldwide Criminal Cabal operating out of Israel that few know about except those in it which are top Policy-Makers and several of the highest ranking senior Intel Directors.

>This secret Worldwide Criminal Cabal has used the American Defense Industrial Complex and the AIS as its Cutouts to enact its own worldwide political agenda producing unnecessary wars and conflicts with former friends in the Middle East which are seriously harming the economy and National Security of America.


This Top Secret report was written before the Snowden disclosures and those who prepared it were not aware that these Israeli penetrations into the AIS were so extensive that  All  NSA Intel feeds are now directly transmitted to Israel by Satellite, changing the Five Eyes System to a Six eyes System hijacked and run out of Israel.

This of course is the biggest breach in the AIS system ever and has completely debased All American Intel; has made it completely dysfunctional as far as protecting any true American National Security; and has placed control over all American Intel as well as the secret intellectual property of American inventors in the hands of a foreign nation (Israel) whose national interest are different than America’s.

The top Directors and controllers of the NSA, and the controllers of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) had to have been aware of this and involved.  This of course constitutes a case of clear-cut HIGH TREASON and SEDITION.  The Crimes of State of these high NSA Officials far surpasses that any potential wrong that Snowden did disclosing the RICO crimes,  Treason and Sedition of these top NSA Officials.

In fact Snowden should be given the Congressional Medal of Freedom with a ticker-tape parade and celebration in NYC. It can never be a crime to report RICO, Treason and sedition of high AIS officials who have wrongly and criminally imposed “National Security” to cover up all their AIS related capital crimes.

Snowden did nothing wrong because reporting High Treason and numerous RICO crimes of high ranking NSA and AIS Officials is never a crime, it is a public service. These top NSA Officials that have committed High Treason for providing Israel live NSA Feeds ()all of them) by satellite should be immediately arrested and tried for HIGH TREASON, SEDITION and RICO crimes against America the Republic. Let these much needed indictments and arrests begin and they should include anybody from the Congressional Intel Committees that knew about, allowed it or approved it.

If anyone spends some significant time connecting all the available dots, it becomes crystal clear that  the American Intel System (AIS) was actually designed from the get-go to serve as a covert tool to hijack all the Main Institutions of America itself and use them for the apparent political agenda of a worldwide Criminal Cabal.

Yes, the covert hijacking of the AIS and the American Military has provided a means to use American Economic and Military might to provoke and fight illegal, foreign, un-winnable Proxy Wars for the City of London private Central Banksters and their main Cutout and action-agent the zionist-run nation of Israel (this worldwide, world’s largest crime syndicate is referred to and known by high ranking Intel Insiders as the “International Zionist Crime Syndicate” (IZCS).

And for the first time Mainstream America as well as many in the US Military and Intel High Commands are now finding out that the IZCS’s main Cutout and Action-Agent is the post-ww2 artificially constructed Nation of Israel. And despite the fact that there are many peace loving Judaics living in Israel, a significant number of them and especially their leaders are plagued by a strong racially based delusion that is has recently been shown to be completely false by recent peer reviewed genetic research at John Hopkins.(1)

And what if the illegal invocation of so-called “National Security” has been routinely used to prevent prosecution and conviction of those who have hijacked, abused and misused the American Military System, the various member Intel Agencies, and committed some of the most serious major RICO crimes imaginable. How are honest Grand Juries even possible if if so-called “national security” is invoked to lock-down all the evidence of serious RICO crimes and crimes of espionage by the IZCS and its main Cutout the AIS?

And how can any of the IZCS’s Top Policy-Makers and Cutouts ever be prosecuted or extradite from member nations, and eventually convicted if they are able to use the AIS to invoke secrecy classifications under this so-called “national security”? At present any members of the public or even Members of Congress who know too much and try to expose the crimes of the AIS are classified as “Enemies of the State”.

enemy-of-the-state1Once a person is classified as an “Enemy of the State”and cointelpro type acts are initiated against them which can include no-knock black bag break-ins with obvious damages left as a warning, auto vandalism and sabotage, various other types of coordinated harassment including stalking, gang-stalking, and focused targeting with advanced high tech psychotronics. it is believed by experts that the IZCS specializes in advanced Mind-kontrol, human compromise ops and various types of blackmail and coercion  as well as use of sophisticated honey traps of all types, even some remarkably bizarre or perverted.

Note: Whenever the term “National Security” is invoked this really means protecting high USG, intel and Military Officials from exposure and prosecution for their High Treason, Sedition, Acts of Espionage and RICO Crimes. 

the invocation of “National Security” also serves to protect these perps from a public that would become enraged in the streets demanding their complete prosecution and execution (if their crimes ever became known by all and admitted in the Mainstream Media).

Intel insiders also know that the IZCS uses its main Cutout the AIS to invoke “National Security” to run an ongoing, massive coverup of the usual everyday crimes of the IZCS and the AIS, preventing any real evidence from being used to expose and prosecute the many serious RICO crimes and espionage inside America against America the Republic.

516P995FZTL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_It is the IZCS who hijacked the City of London Financial District immediately after the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo. In the years that followed the IZCS has been able to take complete control over the City of London, MI-5 and MI-6 and the whole British military and Intel System.

The IZCS has also been able to eventually covertly hijack almost every Central Bank in the world including America and organize these into a Globalist Banking System which it covertly runs, using it to control most of what happens it its member nations. The IZCS was able to use craft and stealth to covertly hijack the American Central Banking System at Jekyl Island in 1913 and the Central Banking of many other nations of the world.(2)


It has been reported by retired Intel and LE experts that this worldwide international crime gang, the IZCS is currently specializing in:

*Worldwide trafficking of illegal drugs, including into America

*Worldwide Trafficking of weapons stolen from US Arsenals or illegally purchased from corrupt defense contractors, including occasional sale of plutonium & nukes, and helicopters

false-flag1*Covert deep cover black ops of terror such as staging of Gladio-style false-flag attacks anywhere in the World

*Long term operations to create and deploy terror groups for false-flag war provocations in various Mideast Nations

*Political Assassinations in America and all over the world

*Worldwide Organ theft and trafficking all over the world

*Shanghai-ing (kidnapping)of young naive girls from Eastern Block countries and transporting them to Israel to use for sex-slavery

*Worldwide Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud, especially in America

*Worldwide Corporate bust-outs and bankruptcy thefts of those corporate assets left by crooked judges “owned by the IZCS or its Cutout the AIS

*Worldwide creation of thousands of owned “proprietary Corporations and Companies used as covert intel front from which to conduct espionage against  America and many other nations of the World.

*Worldwide Sale of stolen US Defense and Intellectual Property Secrets to various Nations including China, North Korea, (previously to the the Soviet Union) and including anyone that can raise the cash even supposed nations involved in major conflict with Israel.

*Worldwide drug money laundering through owned, associated or controlled banks and numerous other financial and investment scams.

*Worldwide purchase, creation, and use of various Cutout Companies referred to as Intel Proprietaries with literally thousands of these proprietaries inside America alone which are used to hide acts of High Treason, Sedition and serious RICO crimes. Note, many of the Intel officers, ops and assets (including NOCs, best described as CIA Officers working with “no official cover”) have no idea of the serious nature of the offenses they are participating in because they have been led to believe by their Agencies these crimes are legal under “national security”. Many of these proprietaries are air freight companies to bring illegal drugs into America and to transport illegal arms and mercenaries, hotel chains and Casinos, Banks, Internet search Engines and social media companies, some major international business corporations. When these files listing all proprietaries are opened (coming soon because due to the development of sophisticated Quantum Computers, all secrecy will soon end, mark my words).(3)

*Illegal influence peddling and either ownership or control of the American Major Mass Media

*Bribery, Human Compromise, and blackmail ops which include pedophile and other types of honey traps against USG, American Congressmen/women and Senators, and Military and Corporate officials which means that the whole USG, Congress and the US Military and Intel has been almost completely hijacked and compromised.

[Use of the word almost in the above sentence is accurate because there have been recent changes which are now mitigating this unacceptable situation of HIGH TREASON and SEDITION accompanied by the worst ESPIONAGE ever initiated inside America. More on that at the end of this article.]


Recent disclosures have shown that the American controlled Five Eyes Worldwide Intel System has been hijacked by Israel.(3)

Israel was supposed to be only a secret Sixth Eye and not the controller of the American Intel System (AIS) which it has become by stealth and deep cover covert operations.(4)

It has also been shown that Israel is now the controller and Nexus of the whole American Intel System because all American Intel System Feeds go directly to Israel where they are processed and disseminated.(5)

All American Intel has been hijacked by Israel and is now completely compromised. It is being used by Israel to further its own economic prosperity and its own political agenda. But is American Intel also completely dysfunctional besides all that?

Has the American Intel System (AIS) been structured from the get go to engender mass thinking and values that provoke illegal, un-winnable, perpetual foreign wars which keep the coffers of so-called Defense Contractors full and which promote and fulfill Israel’s political Agenda?

And is the AIS so dysfunctional that it is now producing a cascade of world response against Israeli’s Palestinian Apartheid and warmongering.  Will this world response soon lead to a massive worldwide boycott against Israel on all fronts and against the American Intel System (AIS) that Israel hijacked, based on a growing world populist-based hatred of the NSA and it’s out of control spying?

130613spyThese recent most shocking disclosures have given reason to believe that Israel has used its centralized control of this World Wide Intel “Six Eyes” System to completely compromise all American Intel and use it to run RICO crimes as well as espionage against the America the Republic and its Citizens.  This includes the complete compromise of American defensive Anti-Missile Defenses, American ICBM Offensive Strike Systems and American Nuclear Armed Submarines too.(6) It is now known that all NSA Intel feeds are transmitted directly to Israel (7) and various Israel corporation handle all American, Congressional and most defense telephone records and emails too.

And now due to the recent articles published in Veterans Today and supported from other sources, many American Intel, Military and USG officials, as well as the American Public and the people of the world are learning about this hijacking of the American Intel System (AIS).

But soon they will also be learning about another fatal flaw of the AIS. Yes, many of these folks will now also learn for the first time ever that the AIS is completely degenerate and debased, as well as completely compromised and dysfunctional. The AIS itself has drawn America into illegal, unprovoked, un-winnable proxy wars for Israel and City of London Oil Interests.

And that it was apparently engineered this way from the very start to contribute to the attainment of a World Zionist Globalist NWO agenda of the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) centered in the City of London private Central Banks and its chief Cutout and action-agent, Israel.

And this was done so to provide a covert means to hijack America the Republic, demean its Constitution and Bill of Rights. It was also done to hijack and misuse American economic and military might to engender illegal foreign wars of aggression. 

The reason?  in order to keep war profits high for the self-serving so-called Defense Industry, and to keep crooked self-serving Politicians and USG officials fat with illegal payoffs and obscene political contributions.

It is also believed by some defense experts that Israel has even compromised all American launch codes and perhaps even America’s Secret Space War orbital Platform Defense Systems, which can make America vulnerable to first strike nuclear ICBM, satellite-fired or submarine-fired Missile attacks. And based on the history of pollard and others it is now believed by some Intel experts that Israel has provided American foreign enemies and potential enemies with substantial American highly classified Military secrets such as “launch-codes” and like Pollard, a list of deep cover agents.(8)

There is now sufficient reason to believe that this hijacking of the American Intel System by Israel has completely compromised all American Intel and rendered it completely ineffective. Only one thing could be worse than this current situation which has created extreme risk to America’s true national Security. Yes, only one thing.


Was the American Intel System Dysfunctional right from the get-go?

The only thing that could be worse would be if the American Intel System (AIS), the largest, most expensive and sophisticated Intel gathering System in history, was actually completely dysfunctional from the get-go.

1. What if the AIS was designed, engineered and constructed from the very beginning with certain basic design flaws which have rendered it completely ineffective and counterproductive to real American National Security or anything resembling the Defense of America from real or potential Foreign Threats.

2. What if the AIS was also designed to be the action-agent of the International Zionist Crime Syndicate, the largest crime syndicate in the world at present? And to serve as a coverup means to keep all the disgusting crimes of the IZCS such as massive illegal drugs and weapons trafficking, sex slave trafficking, organ trafficking and banking and money laundering crimes from being exposed and prosecuted, by invoking so-called “national security” over all evidence so it can not be used in any prosecutions?

3. And even worse, what if the AIS was covertly designed, engineered and constructed to provoke and establish a continuing steam of imagined foreign threats that could be magically transformed into real threats if such Intel was acted upon by preemptive war actions?

4. What if the American Intel System (AIS) was covertly designed, engineered and constructed bit by bit to do anything but gather Intel to be used to protect America from foreign enemies, but instead to provoke and create an ongoing stream of un-winnable wars? It is now becoming quite clear that this is exactly what occurred.

Is the AIS a Self-Fulfilling prophecy designed to assure a continuing stream of un-winnable Perpetual Wars and a complete cover for self-serving illegal, unprovoked perpetual was for the so-called Defense Industry and the furtherance of the World Zionist Goals of the IZCS which controls the  so-called Defense Industry?

What if the AIS was constructed to create a self-fulfilling prophecy that ensured perpetual war, that is, a continuing stream of wars that would never end, but would continue to consume soldiers, war equipment, weapons and munitions to keep the war-mongers and war-profiteers in business? What if the American Intel System was designed with a covert function to propel the American war machine into continuing wars, that is, designed to never be won?

Was the AIS engineered to serve the CMMM on behalf of the Military Defense Complex?

What if the AIS was engineered to be an adjunct or continuation of a Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) System designed to promote distorted and false news reporting as propaganda dispensed to lead and manipulate America into useless proxy wars for war-profiteers, big oil and zionists?

What if the AIS was designed, engineered and constructed to satiate the massive irrational fears in the American People which could be used to motivate them to define Patriotism as actions supporting illegal, unprovoked, undeclared, unConstitutional Foreign Proxy Wars and entanglements (which all the Founding Fathers were dead set against)?

Dysfunctional By Design?

If one connects all the dots and recent Defense related publications, it is clear that the American Intel System is quite dysfunctional by design and cannot succeed in anything but provoking continuing proxy wars and foreign entanglements.  These wars and entanglements are all designed to keep American Soldiers being wounded and killed, and massive amounts of arms, munitions and weapon systems being consumed in order to keep the war profiteers coffers full.

How much does Congress know about these recent discoveries that the AIS is completely dysfunctional by design from the get-go?

So now the question must be ask, do the Intel Committees in the House of Representatives and the Senate become aware of this stark reality that the AIS is dangerously flawed and itself is great threat to all real American National Security as well as the security of much of the world?

Recent Reports in respected Defense publications and Veterans Today have made this information available to these Congressional Intel Committees that the AIS has been hijacked by Israel. If they have read between the lines and connected the dots they could probably see the forest through the trees that the AIS is also completely dysfunctional as well as completely compromised by Israel.

If they haven’t already connected the dots or been briefed by top Intel officials who have, this article and other recent Veteran’s Today articles are provided to bring this to the attention of top USG officials who still care about keeping America a Constitutional Republic.

Yes, this is a real and true National Emergency of the greatest importance and begs for an immediate remedy. This hijacking of the AIS by American-Israeli dual Citizens and NeoCons on behalf of the IZCS constitutes the highest form of Espionage ever conducted against America. It is nothing less than High Treason, Sedition, Espionage and RICO Crime against America the Republic and all it honest law abiding citizens.

Perhaps the whole AIS must be shut down and reconstructed in stages. Perhaps it must stop targeting American Citizens which is actually a covert process to provoke “we the people” into another civil war or revolution against the “Federal Family”.

image0012Recent disclosures from retired high ranking Intel Officers have now made it quite clear that that the IZCS controls and operates numerous sophisticated, powerful and wealthy espionage front operations inside America such as AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC and the like. It is also quite clear that the IZCS has established a Secret Shadow Government (SSG). The latest leaks from SSG insiders suggest that the IZCS is now losing control over the SSG as the health and vitality of its three of its most senior  members fails due to old age (most can guess who these senior American Top IZCS and SSG Policy-Makers are).

Despite how overwhelming and negative this situation appears, there is hope on the horizon and help is actually on the way and in process right now.

Recent disclosures in Veterans Today and numerous other Defense related publications suggest that Congress is starting to realize that the US Intel System is very dysfunctional if not completely dysfunctional. (9) For the first time we have several new groups of America-firsters rising up with the US Military and the AIS. What this means in real terms is that zionism is in its death throes and is desperate like a cornered Rabid Dog.

It was recently announced that Abraham Foxman of the ADL is retiring in 2015. Some American Intel insiders believe this is evidence that the ADL is now collapsing, and such an announcement by Foxman is actually an admission of this great fall from grace and loss of political clout. Soon it can be expected that all ADL training of American Police and the DHS will be discontinued. VT authors can take credit for much of this exposure of the ADL, AIPAC and the SPLC and the like as Israeli/zio espionage fronts in America.

JCS Chairman Dempsey’s independence and commitment to America on this matter has elevated him to the status of a “Rock Star” in the view of many who appreciate his steadfastness, and he is regarded as a true America-firster.

Some experts view JCS Chairman Dempsey’s integrity and commitment to America the Republic as a Major Turning Point in American Military and Intel Policy, signaling the realization by the High Military Command that the 9/11 attacks were an inside-job, a false-flag attack run by the IZCS with the help of several Traitors within the USAF, JCS, and NORAD.

And it is believed by some Intel experts that it also signals a shocking realization, for the first time, that most of the Institutions of the USG have been deeply hijacked by the IZCS and their Cutouts have included the Bush Cabal which is now struggling to maintain a thin hold on power.

Obviously, Chairman Dempsey’s and Defense Secretary Hagel’s steadfast resistance to being manipulated by the IZCS into fighting another major Mideast ground and Air proxy war for Israel appears to be driving the IZCS to desperation. So far these America-firsters are holding fast against any and all IZCS manipulations and pressure and doing an excellent job staying on course.

Yes, the AIS is completely dysfunctional:

Obviously any reasonable person who considers all the available evidence can easily conclude that the AIS is extraordinarily dysfunctional and has failed in all its publicly declared purposes and goals when it was lobbied for right before the passage of the National Security Acts of 1947 and 1952. It failed to stop massive USG illegal drug trafficking into America for black ops money, it failed to stop the First NYC Twin Towers Bombing, the Murrah Bombing (both false-flag inside jobs) and it failed to stop Operation Fast and Furious or the USG assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK.  It failed to expose the USS Liberty Ship attempted False Flag attack which mass murdered over 130 American Sailors. And it failed to expose the Gulf of Tonkin incident (never happened) and allowed the Vietnam War to proceed even though it was a fraud to support USG opium trafficking, just like the phony war in Afghanistan now.

The hijacking of all American Intel by the IZCS has turned the AIS into the most banal, perverted set of American financed USG organizations in the history of America the Republic. This hijacking has placed All US Intel under the direction of top Policy-Makers who show allegiance to Israel and its paranoid, delusional defense policies over true American interests and real American National Security.  This hijacking has turned All American Intel into “Israel’s bitch and created such unConstitutional Terror Armies inside America as DHS, TSA VIPR mass-murder and political assassination squads.  These USG assassination squads which are similar in structure and function to the CIA trained Death Squads in South and Central Americas and have now started covert assassinations inside America against Americans such as Michael Hastings and others.

Some of these AIS and DHS assassinations are blatant public warning to Federal Whistle-blowers such as the Hastings drone strike by air to ground missile, and others are disguised to appear as suicides like what was known when Bill Clinton was Governor and later President, referred to now by experienced intel agents, assets and operatives as “Arkensides”).

This hijacking of the AIS has now produced numerous so-called “Terrorist Watch Lists” over innocent American Citizens such as a “No-Fly List”, a No-Work List which many federal Whistle-blowers like Mark Novitsky have been placed on, and the now much feared “Main Core Assassination List” (that has ten million normal, innocent Americans already and is being added to daily on it to be targeted for mass elimination by special assassination squads, some VIPR, some special mercenary teams perhaps like the kind trained by Craft, Inc. under special DHS contract).

So far your elected members of Congress have done nothing to reverse any of this and most have voted for this UnAmerican Treason and Sedition and continued hijacking of the AIS by Israel, allowing the AIS and America to remain Israel’s bitch and disposable asset.  At present most members of Congress are either owned, compromised, blackmailed or too afraid of being individually being targeted by the Mossad or their AIS Cutouts to be “politically neutralized” or worse.  These Cutouts who do the dirty work of the Mossad have been described by some to be able to function like “monkeys on a string” with no working conscience or soul, that is hardcore murder machines should they receive such an order.

Those members of Congress that are owned by AIPAC and the like are getting so much money for campaigns and perks and offshore “rewards for their retirement” that they are unlikely to stop their Treason and Sedition against America the Republic unless they are fully exposed, shamed and prosecuted.

The IZCS knows that unless it gets another American proxy war in the Mideast for Israel, they are finished, so they are using AIPAC and all their internal American espionage vehicles to buy, coerce and even blackmail as many members of Congress as possible to reverse any peacemaking efforts by the current Administration. They also know that if the American masses ever start finding out that 9/11 was planned and controlled by those owned by the IZCS, they are done too. And that is what is happening now as the true facts about the zios doing 9/11 as a false-flag inside-job is incrementally diffusing to the American populace via the alternative New provided by the worldwide Internet and by word-of-mouth, person to person, friend and associate to friend and associate.

[Note: This article has been specifically written as a public service to provide previously hidden and withheld secret and top secret Intel to Members of Congress, USG Officials, US Military & Intel Officials, Alphabet Agents and those in DSH, FEMA & the TSA, as well as Officers and Members of the National Guard, and Local police officials and Officers, and members of the American Public. The simple fact is that any secrecy classifications imposed to coverup Espionage, High Treason and sedition as well as RICO Crimes by USG, military, Intel or any of their Cutouts or Proprietaries against America the Republic are barred and invalid and are not protected by Rule of law.

It is based on a special Intel Report prepared for Congressional Intel Committees by a new team of Intel specialists who are all America-firsters. It is not known by the author if this report reached these intended committees in full or redacted form or was tampered with or had a false report substituted for the original.

But if these committees ever received the original they all have been fully briefed on the information this article is based on and the information they have now and would have discussed in secret “executive sessions” would best be described as “Volcanic”, shocking, stunning and demanding of immediate correction. If they never received the original complete copy classified copy for discussion in closed “Executive Sessions”, this report will suffice because it covers all the main points of the original report.

One way or another these key Intel Committee members will now realize that the whole American Intel System is completely dysfunctional and has been a long term complete failure on all counts. Once these key Intel Committee Members have been informed, they will have no excuse and will become accessories to this High Treason, Sedition, espionage and RICO crimes against America the Republic.

Therefore, if any of your Congressmen/women or Senators are members of a House or Senate Intel Committee, make sure you provide a copy of this article to them.]






(5) Ibid.

(6) Ibid.


(8) Ibid.



[Note:  A big Thank You to the Editors of Veterans Today, especially Managing Editor Jim Dean and Senior Editor Gordon Duff, for allowing this article to be published. The Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) do not dare to ever carry any such articles, ever, despite the fact that those honest, Oath- Loyal USG, Military and Intel Officials that have had this truth withheld from them desire to know the truth (and there are actually many of these folks out there). Every day more and more of these fine folks are waking up and learning how they have been lied to, mislead and prevented from doing their real jobs which is supposed to be protecting the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, Rule of Law, and the real National Security of America which means NO MORE SECRECY LOCK-DOWN for all the crimes of the AIS and its controller the the IZCS.]



    Interesting debate. “Who benefits?” will usually shine light on the villain of the piece. Only Israel and Zionism has benefited from the past 100 years of turmoil and war. The arabs certainly have not benefited. I think the rise of militant Islam has been a reaction to Israel’s creation and subsequent behaviour. Now that crazy jihadist element is damaging Islamic and Christian countries.

    How many muslims in the US government, and how many jews?

  2. If these registrations are accurate they support what many so-called “conspiracy theorists” have been saying for many years. Hmmm, could they be correct after all?

    How come so many major International Corps and 140 of the most powerful and key ones are incorporated in Delaware?

    LC, you do come up with some very interesting research.

    • I said IF it is accurate. I don’t know anything about Russbachers ex-wife plus or minus, but Stew is usually correct in most things he says. Sometimes poor sources are still cotrrect and use good info to gain plausibility.

  3. Consider the NSA as the Crooks they are when they decript a batch of passwords under an alias, drain your bank account and blame it on “hackers”. Last one was TARGET with several others before that. — Each time these “hackers” raid the accounts we can be certain that the NSA “let it happen”….like 9/11.

    • Yes, good points. It is also rumored that they also allow corrupt “friends” to use illegal Robo-calls to collect large fees from the phone companies in some very strange contractual arrangements.

  4. Quoting Erica
    “noting at my class reunions which alumni in my high school class had disappeared into the Intel machine, i.e. those “gray personalities” whom we rarely heard from before or after–and who are contented being cogs in a machine.”
    Very true. As noted keeping track of my high schools classes of the 40’s, 50’s and Harvard College of the 50’s. Airheads to corporate executives, one company for life.

  5. One cannot grasp the historic significance of the arrival of this information without a look back at one of the early American Patriots, the late William Cooper, who provided us with “BEHOLD A PALE HORSE” and exposed the most revealing sinister methodologies for executing the very intelligence disasters we are now confronting.

    From page 289;

    “For us there are no checks to limit the range of our activity. Our Super-Government subsists in extra-legal conditions which are ascribed in the accepted terminology by the energetic and forcible word -dictatorship-.
    It is from us that the all engulfing terror proceeds. We have in our service persons of all opinions, of all doctrines, restoring Monarchists, Demagogues, Socialists, Communists and Utopian dreamers of every kind. We have harnessed them all to the task; each one of them on his own account is boring away at the last remnants of Authority, is striving to throw off all established form of order. By these acts all States are in torture; they exhort to tranquility, are ready to sacrifice everything for peace; but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our International Super-Government, and with submissiveness.”


    First remedy;

    http //

    Second remedy;
    [Dear everyone: Only one link in a comment. We do not want a lot of links in the comment boards, so only use your best pick. Thanks, Jim W. Dean]

  6. Brilliant piece, Doc. Just to put zionist / Jewish infil-traition of the AIS in perspective, James Bamford, in his book about the NSA, cites a contemporary newspaper form the Truman era describing the OSS (forerunner of CIA) as “five Jews working in a converted vault.” Of course, the tone of the piece was “oh, just behold those brilliant Jews, working so diligently to protect us”…… Uh huh.

    It didn’t get much better from there, it seems.

    • Bingo, you have just provided a very important piece of the puzzle of why American Intel was set up to become debased and a tool of the IZCS. I did not know this. Very good work Dave E. Thanks. yes, VT readers are some of the brightest most informed folks anywhere, many of them retired Intel and military, and experts in their own right.

    • It is known that when the CIA was set up, the old OSS boys did not have to submit to lie detector tests or deep background checks, but everyone else did.

  7. Very good points. That why the FBI and many American Intel Agencies have selected so many Mormons as their agents in the past. These folks can be counted on to do what they are told and don’t ask questions or challenge the WFO, ever.

  8. Wow, LC, that is a great term you came up with to describe it all. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Yes, you are correct, 9/11 was also the largest Ziops in history against America the Republic, but they went for broke and the facts are now coming out. They got cocky and used too many types of operative including their Urban Moving Systems and their Dancing Israelis who set up videos before the planes hit. Getting caught doing the 9/11 false-flag attacks has exposed the secret Israeli spying mechanism and their hijacking of American Intel and communications systems, as well as almost all airport security. More everyday learn that all terrorism is created over many years, paid for and managed as well as engineered by the International Zionist Crime Syndicate IZCS). Silverfish got cocky and admitted WTC was purposefully demoed (“pulled”) and the so-called Federal judge involved covered it all up in one of the most blatant miscarriages of Just-us ever perpetrated on the Victim’s families and the American People. The curtain has now been pulled back and the Wizard of Oz (as in Ounce of Gold) and he is a weak old man who has bought, bribed and used stealth and craft and the black arts to deceive Americans. But once the curtain has been pulled back and Oz is exposed, it’s only a matter of time and their game is over for these soulless, inhuman abusers and mass-murderers of mankind.

  9. First off, may we extend a well deserved ‘Thank You’ for this most riveting article. Did anyone imagine the day when the phrase “American Firsters” would be on the horizon, or even mentioned? If they control America’s defensive systems, we’re doomed.

  10. How and why does Israel have the launch codes? I’ve been told directly by people there in key positions Israel is our friend. They say, Israel is the only country protecting the U.S. in the region. The dismantling of govt limos used by dignitaries with less than 300 miles on them were just given to the Iraqis to destroy for the steel. Autos that could be shipped home and distributed here at home. Over a billion and a half dollars were wasted in a region in northern Iraq. Once they put the finishing touches on the multi-million if not billion dollar “compound” they turned it all over to the Iraqi’s right before they left I am not sure what all is true, and what is not, and it may not be related to this article, but, it sounds to me like the AIS is the not only dysfunctional body wasting OUR tax dollars without concern for We the People. I may be naive, but not stupid. I can balance my check book with the best of them. I can’t do anything beside letter writing and phone calling without the coordinated help from millions and million of other “real” Americans. From my sources point of view, it is the Muslims that want to conquer America, NOT Israel. First hand witness over many years with conviction from direct experience. I am merely asking, dysfunctional exists in many forms. Could this very convincing individual be right? Muslims? Jews? Muslims? Jews? and so on and so on. Being dysfunctional-purposeful misleading? Which is it, muslim or jew?

    • Our friend? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Their espionage lobbyist fronts inside America has influenced, bribed, coerced, blackmailed US Congress to provide aid packages of approximately $30K per Israeli Citizen and fat defense contracts which give them plenty of money to work with to influence and buy Congress and most USG officials. American pols , police and USG officials naive enough to accept “all paid” junkets to Israel get the Red Carpet treatment.This is lavish percs, high officials get their choice of girl or boy companion/sex toy (all video’d of course for later use if necessary). But they also drink the Jonestown type Koolaide they are offered repeatedly alleged to be filled with special mindkontrol chemicals and hypnotics and get repeatedly flashed with the most advanced psychotronics. The result the victims will “love Israel forever” and get them anything they want. If that fails the videos are used.

      Israel is the Main Cutout for the City of London zio Central Banksters and the center of World Terrorism, using its secret friends like America, Saudis, UK, and others to create, train and finance terrorists that will be deployed to provoke the wars needed to keep the defense contractors coffers full and the politicians and US officials financially fat. Of course there are many Israeli Citizens who are very angry and frustrated with their leadership. Over a million demonstrated in the street last years protesting their bad representation.

    • Israel and stateside Neocons and traitors in the US Military High Command did the 9/11 attacks. This is anything than being our friend, it an admission of being an enemy of America the Republic. Israel was established after WW2 as the action agent of the City of London zio Central Banksters who themselves were hijacked by the zios earlier. It covertly captured America on behalf of the City of London Banksters in 1913 and has milked America of its wealth and the labors of its people ever since using a phony, illegal Federal Tax system also which rules by the Boot. It set up DHS which is a neo-Bolshevik internal police state army designed to first tyrannize and then to mass murder most Americans not in the “Federal Family” followed by their own purge (Bolshevik Style) along with all US Pols and Officials that thought they would be on the inside forever. yes, it will be Night of the Longknives or operation hummingbird for them if it goes that far (it most likely won’t as “we the people” is now rising across America). The City of London zio Central Banksters and the Israeli leadership have been the rue enemies of America the Republic since the Revolutionary War was lost by them.

    • Also all the allowed immigration of so many Muslims and the allowed illegal immigration of Mexicans and others are both zionist creations using multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness to destroy American culture, language and borders in order to eventually destroy America the Republic forever and Balkanize it for the city of London as revenge for losing the Revolutionary War. It is the zios who agitate, train, mind-kontrol and finance any Arab Terrorist groups. And some of these are zios in diguse impersonating Arabs.

      Apparently Israel was able to steal many if not all American launch codes becauser of their hijacking of the Six Eyes system. The first step in this was to con Congress and American Intel and defense into accepting them as the sixth eye in the five eyes system. Once this was done they used all the data from their communication billing companies to acquire the necessary intel to complete the hijacking of the whole US Intel System and run it all out of Israel. It cost a lot of money to do this and their association with the zio controlled and owned private central banking System and massive donations from zio sympathizers and Judaics, as well as a massive deployment of humint, human compromise, blackmail, payoffs, perks and bribes, led the this complete hijacking of the AIS.

    • The Jews did 9/11, not Muslims. The Jews created the modern Police State, DHS, not Muslims. The Jews have been robbing us blind for YEARS, through the banking system which only lends to other Jews at decent rates, not Muslims. The Jews buy our Congress, infil-trait our churches, feed us crap in the media they control 99.8 percent and pay or are the terrorists behind so many black ops we see. Same in Iraq where Jewish terrorists shoot Muslims to blame on our soldiers, destroy Muslim temples for same reason. The Jews were behind the destruction of Russia, not Muslims and they are still at it, it seems. Just to name a few.

      The Jewish rap-sheet on their crimes in America alone is LONG, not to mention the rest of the world. I’m beginning to think you’re a troll or live on another planet most of the year.

  11. Preston, thanks for a great article and for assisting those patriots in critical places who need this information. Far too many of them have been bluffed, used, and abused into doing things they never would have done otherwise. Let us never forget the many AI, LE, and Military officers who were destroyed when they realized the truth or came too close to its discovery. It will take time to unravel and break the fetters, and rout the moles and snitches. The officers will have to tread carefully, for the entire system is fraught with danger. Good luck to them all.

    Another group is trying to wrest financial control away from those who have wrecked it–do you know anything about them?
    http //

  12. It is a fascinating thought that we, and generations before us, have lived with what we have thought to be realities – such as democracy and rule of law – but these “realities” may be little more than smoke and mirrors. Hopefully if it’s possible to weed out the rotten bits, what’s left will potentially be quite good… unless taking the rotten bits out removes the core leaving the remainder in a precarious state.
    I must admit I started suspecting that democracy itself (and especially the two-horse race version which predominates in most English speaking countries and other) was little more than a means to an end after having read about the English, French and American revolutions, which most people leaving school probably have the wrong ideas about – if any idea at all.

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