Russia under Attack

Why did the West go back on offense after the Cold War ended - with no national discussion?


 Russia under Attack

 … by  Paul Craig Roberts,   with  Press TV, Tehran


Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts

[ Editors Note:  This is one of best background pieces on the scale of Western aggression purely for economic exploitation, as none of the targets are military threats.

They are being further neutralized to make them easier to ‘negotiate’, something it appears the Israelis have taught everyone with the WMD stockpiles they always bring to the table that the West even has a stand down on discussing publicly.

The various publics of all these Western NATO countries andespecially the US never gave their governments permission to go on offense as that ‘strategy’ being in their best long term interests. The elites decided to do it, and neither a Democrat or Republican administration was an impediment.

What have the people done to protest their being trampled over?…Nothing. They have laid down on this, pretty much all over. The elites…have nothing but contempt for the public. And it is not entirely blameless, because politically…we have surrendered.

We will have to earn some respect if we ever want to be treated with any, otherwise we will continue to get PR one liners and an occasional paragraph, so as not to hurt our heads. Think about it. Everything that you and your family still have,  and are going to have, depends on it… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First Published February 15, 2014 


Why did the West go back on offense after the Cold War ended - with no national discussion?
Why did the West go back on offense after the Cold War ended – with no national discussion?

In a number of my articles I have explained that the Soviet Union served as a constraint on US power. The Soviet collapse unleashed the neoconservative drive for US world hegemony.

Russia under Putin, China, and Iran are the only constraints on the neoconservative agenda. Its nuclear missiles and military technology make Russia the strongest military obstacle to US hegemony.

To neutralize Russia, Washington broke the Reagan-Gorbachev agreements and expanded NATO into former constituent parts of the Soviet Empire and now intends to bring former constituent parts of Russia herself–Georgia and Ukraine–into NATO.

Washington withdrew from the treaty that banned anti-ballistic missiles and has established anti-ballistic missile bases on Russia’s frontier. Washington changed its nuclear war doctrine to permit nuclear first strike. All of this is aimed at degrading Russia’s deterrent, thereby reducing the ability of Russia to resist Washington’s will.

The Russian government (and also the government of Ukraine) “foolishly” permitted large numbers of US funded NGOs to operate as Washington’s agents under cover of “human rights organizations,” “building democracy,” etc. The “pussy riot” event was an operation designed to put Putin and Russia in a bad light. (The women were useful dupes.)

These 'PR' girls found themselves able to travel all over the world with no money
These ‘PR’ girls found themselves able to travel all over the world with no money

The Western media attacks on the Sochi Olympics are part of the ridiculing and demonizing of Putin and Russia. Washington is “determined” that Putin and Russia will not be permitted any appearance of success in any area, whether diplomacy, sports, or human rights.

The American media is a Ministry of Propaganda for the government and the corporations and helps Washington paint Russia in bad colors. Stephen F. Cohen accurately describes US media coverage of Russia as a “tsunami of shamefully and unprofessional and politically inflammatory articles.”

As a holdover from the Cold War, the US media retains the image of a free press that can be trusted. In truth, there is no free press in America (except for Internet sites). See for example. During the later years of the Clinton regime, the US government permitted 5 large conglomerates to concentrate the varied, dispersed and somewhat independent media.

The value of these large mega-companies depends on their federal broadcast licenses. Therefore, the media dares not go against the government on any important issue. In addition, the media conglomerates are no longer run by journalists but by corporate advertising executives and former government officials, with an eye not on facts but on advertising revenues and access to government “sources.”

Washington is using the media to prepare the American people for confrontation with Russia and to influence Russians and other peoples in the world against Putin. Washington would love to see a weaker or more pliable Russian leader than Putin.

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Many Russians are “gullible.” Having experienced communist rule and the chaos from collapse, they naively believe that America is the best place, the example for the world, the “white hat” that can be trusted and believed. This idiotic belief, which we see manifested in western Ukraine as the US destabilizes the country in preparation for taking it over, is an important weapon that the US uses to destabilize Russia.

Some Russians make apologies for Washington by explaining the anti-Russian rhetoric as simply a carryover from old stereotypes from the Cold War. “Old stereotypes” is a red herring, a misleading distraction. Washington is gunning for Russia. Russia is under attack, and if Russians do not realize this, “they are history.”

Many Russians are “asleep at the switch,” but the Izborsk Club is trying to wake them up. In an article (February 12) in the Russian weekly Zavtra, strategic and military experts warned that the Western use of protests to overturn the decision of the Ukraine government not to join the European Union had produced a situation in which a coup by “fascist elements” was a possibly.

Such a coup would result in a fratricidal war in Ukraine and would constitute a serious “strategic threat to the Russian Federation.”

The experts concluded that should such a coup succeed, the consequences for Russia would be:

— Loss of Sevastopol as the base of the Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet;

— Purges of Russians in eastern and southern Ukraine, producing a flood of refugees;

— Loss of manufacturing capacities in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov where contract work is done for the Russian military;

— Suppression of the Russian speaking population by forcible Ukrainianization;

— The establishment of US and NATO military bases in Ukraine, including in Crimea and the establishment of training centers for terrorists who would be set upon the Caucasus, the Volga Basin, and perhaps Siberia.

— Spread of the orchestrated Kiev protests into non-Russian ethnicities in cities of
the Russian Federation.

Western organization to overthrow governments is not an industry
Western organization to overthrow governments like the Ukraine is now an industry

The Russian strategists conclude that they “consider the situation taking shape in Ukraine to be catastrophic for the future of Russia.”

What is to be done? Here the strategic experts, who have correctly analyzed the situation, fall down.

They call for a national media campaign to expose the nature of the takeover that is underway and for the government of the Russian Federation to invoke the Budapest Memorandum of 1994 in order to convene a conference of representatives of the governments of Russia, Ukraine, the USA, and Great Britain to deal with the threats to the Ukraine.

In the event that the Budapest Memorandum governing the sovereignty of Ukraine is set aside by one or more of the parties, the experts propose that the Russian government, using the precedent of the Kennedy-Khrushchev negotiations that settled the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, negotiate directly with Washington a settlement of the developing crisis in Ukraine.

This is a pipe dream. The experts are indulging in self-deception. Washington is the perpetrator of the crisis in Ukraine and intends to take over Ukraine for the precise reasons that the experts list.

It is a perfect plan for destabilizing Russia and for negating Putin’s successful diplomacy in preventing US military attack on Syria and Iran. Essentially, if Washington succeeds in Ukraine, Russia would be eliminated as a constraint on US world hegemony, Only China would remain.


I suspected that Ukraine would come to a boiling point when Putin and Russia were preoccupied with the Sochi Olympics, leaving Russia unprepared. There is little doubt that Russia is faced with a major strategic threat. What are Russia’s real options? Certainly the options do not include any good will from Washington.

Possibly, Russia could operate from the American script. If Russia has drones, Russia could use drones like Washington does and use them to assassinate the leaders of the Washington-sponsored protests. Or Russia could send in Special Forces teams to eliminate the agents who are operating against Russia. If the EU continues to support the destabilization of Ukraine, Russia could cut off oil and gas supplies to Washington’s European puppet states.

Alternatively, the Russian Army could occupy western Ukraine while arrangements are made to partition Ukraine, which until recently was part of Russia for 200 years. It is certain that the majority of residents in eastern Ukraine prefer Russia to the EU.

It is even possible that the brainwashed elements in the western half might stop foaming at the mouth long enough to comprehend that being in US/EU hands means being looted as per Latvia and Greece.

A younger Ms. Nuland
A younger Ms. Nuland

I am outlining the least dangerous outcomes of the crisis that Washington and its “stupid” European puppet states have created, not making recommendations to Russia.

The worst outcome is a dangerous war. If the Russians sit on their hands, the situation will become unbearable for them.

As Ukraine moves toward NATO membership and suppression of the Russian population, the Russian government will have to attack Ukraine and overthrown the foreign regime or surrender to the Americans. The likely outcome of the audacious strategic threat with which Washington is confronting Russia would be nuclear war.

The neoconservative Victoria Nuland sits in her State Department office happily choosing the members of the next Ukrainian government. Is this US official oblivious to the risk that Washington’s meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine and Russia could be triggering nuclear war? Are President Obama and Congress aware that there is an Assistant Secretary of State who is provoking armageddon?

Insouciant Americans are paying no attention and have no idea that a handful of neoconservative ideologues are pushing the world toward destruction.




  1. It is Feb, 19, 2014. The escalating chaos has followed the pre-scripted plan.The Ukraine is in the abyss now. This thanks to the US and its allies. I smell war on a colossal scale coming.

  2. Safety in numbers. If a very large number act together for some thinks, like the idea of a strike. But the infighting that would erupt. We would need a single common theme. The black vs white, rich vs poor would undermine and break apart unless …..
    The anonymous masks are a good idea. Once I read an idea of public circles with mirrors in hand taking the sun reflection to burn paper or similar. Or Out the window I’m mad as hell and can’t take it any more. Obviously by the time the public is motivated it will be ostensibly too late. But if and when we do rise up we must unite with a single common theme for everyone.

  3. Excellent Analysis. Thank you. “Russia under Putin, China, and Iran are the only constraints on the neo-conservative agenda. “—-No question about it.

    —-The New Mesnes Abe of Japan, changing the constitution to prepare for war with his neighbors.

    —–Israel the most heated country in the World & the Little Evil Empire is roaming the world causing havoc to take away World attention. José Manuel Barroso, the corrupt EU President, he told Israel we will not Boycott you, after Kerry got the 3rd degree from Israel, for saying that many countries will like to delegitimize Israel and planning to Boycott.

    —- As for human rights, because of Western so called War on Terror we have more prisoners than Russia and as for Gay Rights, only few around the World have accepted, not to forget Russia is a country 99% Christians. Two of Those P.. Riot are involved with Neo Nazi group in Ukraine.

    —-Someone has tell the ill-informed Ukrainians, —EU offered money that will cover our expenses not even for 6 months, which will force us to bankruptcy, after it will be 8-9 months to become EU full member. Russia deal will cover our expenses & cheaper gas.

    —–Georgia—The Good News–John McCain & Lindsey Graham the 2 Corrupt & Israel Firsters their Buddy the former corrupt president was replaced by a very young, neutral and smart PM. When he was asked how could Georgia participate in Russian Olympics? He simply said I don’t mix sports with politics.

    • —–The Western media attacks of Russia, in addition to playing their countries’ propaganda, they are also jealous that smokes coming out from both of their ears, since Russia built a City with in a City for the Sochi Olympics & put on #1 show even better than China. As if we don’t have enough media merger, The #1 Media Giant Comcast is planning to buy the #2 Media Time Warner.

      —–USA funded NGOs, should be kicked out from every country, not only they are wasting our tax ($ ) for their own agenda, 99% of them are there to start war.

  4. I’m sure that there are more than a few here who remember the Red Square parades, military display’s. Then surely you must remember how the majority of what was seen were wooden models. At that time most Russian’s used outhouses, or simply pissed in holes out back… If Russia had drones!!

    Something is beginning to cast off an ominous odor of propaganda or basic fear mongering. Anyway it could be that the talk ( any talk ) of WW III may be to force acceptance of something less sinister which can then be argued or justified as being the lesser ( far less ) of two or three evils.. I’m not sure where all of this is headed….yet I am starting to see Government mouthpiece Scientists beginning to talk more about the weather, this winter in particular…

    This tells me, that without question, there is something in the works that will be used as a threat. How severe an event is anyone’s guess. Me. I would guess a perfect storm of some type in Early March…Blizzard’s are always a nice way to Usher in a colder than normal Spring.


    • Remember again what G put out in October and how he was told not to and that’s why he did as revealed in comments. The article is prescient. Search under What Can Be Told on the search box if anyone is interested. I know Raptor remembers.

      Once I camped 72 hours slone with no food and 3 matches as the end part of Outward Bound. It was canoeing in Canada Boundry Waters. Anyway I had no shelter at all one night alone , just trees. The lack of warmth, food, shelter gets us down to basic needs.

  5. I hope the FSB keep an eye for reports from David Chase Taylor. He’s been posting a lot of articles on the Freemason’s plans to disrupt the Olympic games at Sochi. Here’s the latest
    ****http //****

    Can someone here please tell the Russians.

  6. “Insouciant Americans are paying no attention and have no idea that a handful of neoconservative ideologues are pushing the world toward destruction.”

    Nonsense! Don’t lie to us and tell us it is just a few neocons pushing us to war. The Obama administration is complicit in all this too, and the media, Hollywood, and the intelligence agencies/military, and the top leaders of industry and finance.

    There is a massive masonic conspiracy to start a nuclear third world war on Christmas, and the necons are not the only masons. The government is filled to the brim with evil war-mongers, left and right, Republican and Democrat. Kerry, Hilary, Hagel, etc. all voted for the war. They are just as much war-mongers as the “neocons”.

    To pretend that there are only a few corrupt members of our government involved in this massive decades-long conspiracy is just down right ignorant. The whole lot of them are rotten, from top to bottom.

    Instead of blaming the neocons, you should be blaming all the Masons who have our country in their grip.

    Obama is just as culpable as Bush or Cheney or Wolfowitz or Kristol or whatever necon you want to name. Jewish-Masonry have so much power that they would never have let Obama in office if he wasn’t totally subservient to their wishes. Obama is an evil, lying, war-monger, a total snake.

  7. Stephen F. Cohen accurately describes US media coverage of Russia as a “tsunami of shamefully and unprofessional and politically inflammatory articles.”

    There it is again. It is certainly is not a coincidence that we keep seeing this type of language “tsunami of shamefully…” and “tidal wave of treason” and “volcano of lies” the “Obamacare tax tsunami, “etc. It is not a coincidence that the media kept incessantly reporting that the Senate triggered the “nuclear option” with regard to Senate rules. They have been using the term “weather bomb” as of late.

    “Are President Obama and Congress aware that there is an Assistant Secretary of State who is provoking armageddon?”

    Of course they are aware. They are ALL thoroughly corrupt, both Democrat and Republican. Who is so stupid and naive to think that Obama and the Congress are not complicit in this massive psy-op? Don’t insult my intelligence.

    We are under a massive psy-op, folks. This “tsunami” “tidal wave” “volcano” “nuclear” and “bomb” language doesn’t get blurted out by accident. Agents are signaling their intentions.

    Take action and hold people to account for their words. Point this out to others.

  8. Jim, I don’t think it’s fair to say that we have surrendered. In many ways we are effectively hostages. The population seeks answers from the same miscreants who create trouble. Our adversaries have had centuries to plot and destroy one nation after another from behind the scenes, and then seize power.

    The Russian people did not surrender, they were systematically terrorized, shackled, and destroyed by the millions and still never knew what happened. That was no small accomplishment in a country the size of Russia. The same occured elsewhere for centuries before and for decades since, up to the present. The only difference is that we have the internet and the criminals can no longer decide the elimination of whole populations in complete secrecy.

    Still, we have the problem of unrelenting conditioning which is extremely difficult to reverse, and information is completely controlled. Almost everything we were taught must be reviewed anew. So ghastly is the truth that most of our fellow citizens shut down at the thought. They are not stupid, they are being asked to consider a horrifying parallel universe of governance and it’s just too much for them. It does not help that the media and institutes of higher learning reinforce the lies.

    Before Snowden most Americans had no idea how perverse the police state had become, and wouldn’t believe it if you told them. Now it is unavoidable and has generated new thinking and vocal protest. The Nuland tape was another. We need a few more before there is real change. And I hope it’s soon, for the warmongers show no signs of letting go.

    • Snowden is a total phony and fraud, and was deliberately sent out to bring NSA surveillance activities into the public’s consciousness. Snowden is in the headlines because that is exactly what the evil and corrupt leaders in our government and media want. He is not a patriot or a renegade or anything like that. Like that fraud Julian Assange, he is an intelligence asset, plain and simple. He is no hero. He is a fraud.

    • Yes, now we have reached an accord, common ground if you will. Snowden is not only a fraud, he is an active one..His back story was rushed into the limelight. Now some have spat out how he did what he did. Fooling an unsuspecting career agent into password protected files…..I’m thinking a movie can’t be far off.


    • That may be the case but it is now common knowledge that the NSA abused their powers, and likely have been doing so for a long time. Fraud or not, his information let us know how the DC weirdos have tentacles probing every routine conversation in this country, which caused widespread reaction. Before him, most of the population would not believe we were all monitored.

      With all that technology they are still incapable of solving crimes big or small. Why didn’t they spot Madoff? Why are they recording a conversation between a grocer and a customer? How much does their malevolence cost us? These are questions now asked that wouldn’t have been asked before. Who deliberately sent him out and will he use that as a defense if DC gets him back for trial? Are they in some kind of cat fight at the top and figured he would tip the balance in favor of one or the other?How does this benefit him?

      The whole nest needs fumigating and replacement with those who show some semblance of respect for the Constitution. At least there is one more crack in the wall of deceit that is destroying this country.

    • It’s common knowledge because the government wants it to become common knowledge. It wasn’t anything close to secret anyway. Have you ever seen the intro to the J.J. Abrams show Person of Interest? For years now it has been telling us in the intro to that show that the government has been spying on us. Many TV shows and films have been revealing this for many years. The TV show 24 with Kiefer Sutherland had episodes all about this, and the film Conspiracy Theory (1997) with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts focused on this topic years before 9/11. By the way, this film has many hidden references to 9/11 in it, and also their plans for 4/20 as well.

      What makes you so sure that no one knew what Madoff was up to? I think plenty of people in positions of power knew exactly what he was up to, and were part of the conspiracy. When you are talking many billions of dollars involved, there are payoffs everywhere. They chose to arrest Madoff on 12.11.2008. (1+2+1) = 4 and (12+0+0+8) = 20, which makes 4/20.

    • Point well taken but that’s not what I meant. With or without the government’s guidance, ordinary people now understand the abuses of the NSA and the government that wrongfully empowers it. The TV and films could have been irrefutably accurate but that would not cause the shift in thinking which has occurred since Snowden. It was the unexpected and stunning disclosures that got the populace to remember due process. Whether he’s good or bad does not change the fact that the average person can now participate in a conversation about surveillance.

      Hidden TV and film references to 911 does us no good unless it piques the curiosity of the viewer. Concrete scientific evidence of an inside job is spreading slowly but surely, so the prior years of media hints went nowhere.

      As for Madoff, why do you think I am sure that no one knew what he was up to? If they can pull off false flags, start wars, and loot the whole country in broad daylight, Madoff is a pipsqueak. Of course they knew. Probably got a nice fat cut, too. Somewhere along the line he must have double-crossed them or wandered off the reservation and he got clobbered. That’s my point. It is the job of the NSA to pick up such things but it is nothing but a cat’s paw for the hoodlums who run everything. Instead of protecting America they act like neighborhood goons and monitor the ordinary people of this country trying to eke out a living and make ends meet.

    • “Point well taken but that’s not what I meant. With or without the government’s guidance, ordinary people now understand the abuses of the NSA and the government that wrongfully empowers it. ”

      That’s what the government wants. They want everyone to be aware. The government is planning to perpetrate some VERY bad things later this year, which would make 9/11 and 3/11 seem small in comparison, and they want to scare Americans into believing that they are watching our every move, so people will be afraid to speak out. Also, some people who will still wish to speak out will expend a lot of extra energy if they go through the hassle of taking extra precautions. So the evil usurpers who have a stranglehold on our government deem it to be in their best interest to scare us into submission by letting us know they are watching and listening to us.

      I assure you, if it was in our evil government’s best interest (from their point of view) to not let us know we were being monitored/recorded, they would not have allowed all this Snowden stuff out. There is a nexus between the government and the media, and if they did not want it out, the media would not have put Snowden all over the news every night. It is very obvious that they sent Snowden out deliberately to let the public at large know we are being recorded.

      The only real question, s why would they want to do this. I think there are multiple reasons. I just listed a couple above.

    • Cyprian
      By all of us taking the Snowden revelations with our mouths agape, tongues hanging out speechless IT REINFORCES our subjugation. By not revolting we are kind of accepting their chains. Little by little controlling us.

  9. Words of wisdom from a very greatm very learned and highly respected and esteemed Man, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. This article is a brilliant analysis of what is coming unless the zios and NeoCons are completely derailed forever from control over Congress. There is no exaggerating at all in this article, this zio NeoCon game can certainly lead to WW3 if not stopped. Perhaps that has been their actual script in the first place!

  10. Well, the desire for the United States to control the world translates to the desire of Jewish elites to control the world. We could find it comical if it wasn’t for all the death and destruction. The United States of Israel, thank you Obama thank you congress critters.

    Kite plane must hit steel.

  11. It’s very telling to see the major networks continually bashing Russia over nonsense issues. If it isn’t about stray dogs roaming the streets of Sochi, it’s adolescent rhetoric over Putin’s anti-gay laws. The talking heads are incensed that Putin won’t allow gay pride parades, and the indoctrination of kindergarten children with LGBT sensitivity training. We now know why, and it’s not working with most Americans. As I’ve told many shills and bloggers recently, I will not hate Russia, or the Russian people because you want me to. Thank you, Mr. Roberts, for this eye-opening article.

    • When you read sh*te like this you know there is an agenda big time…………

      http //

  12. From the late great Alan Stang

    So the point is that the “Soviet collapse” is nothing new. It has happened time after time. It is a standard strategy in the Soviet mindbending arsenal. It is a routine subterfuge the Soviets use, taught by Machiavelli and Sun Tsu. So, now that we have the necessary history, we are ready to examine the specific proof that this latest “Soviet collapse” is a fraud, leading to another look at the question of whom we are fighting in the present “war on terror.” Be with your reporter next week for more.

  13. Painful to watch this self-destructing path the US has chosen. More painful to watch the protesters in Ukraine, ignorant about their status as pawns. But I bet most of them are foreign provocateurs.
    Oh and thanks for the missile base – unaccountable to the Romanian army , not like it would make a difference, they in the pockets of the ‘exceptionalists’ – here in Romania. Makes me feel much safer now that the Iranian threat has been ‘confirmed’. Someone reassure me again that the toys the Russians have (Iskander) can make quick work of it.
    I don’t think Russia will let Ukraine go. They’ve shown with Syria that they can mean business if they want.

  14. It would be so easy to make an alliance with Russia. If we would put the same effort into aligning with them and they with us, both countries could pout a stop to this muslim/jewish/America chicanery taking place in the world today.
    It is common knowledge of the U.S.’s blundering and plundering all over the middle east. Russia cannot do it alone, and the U.S. obviously does not want to do it at all, and seems to rather enjoy the terroristic frolic we the people funds for our USG without concern. We need Russia, and Russia needs us. The U.S., Russia and China could stop these factions overnight, it they would just do it. What God would allow his name to be attached to a religion where killing is permitted in their name? There are lunatics all over the world looking for an opportunity for blowback on America. Can we blame them really? We need friends, NOT more enemies. So let’s start making some, instead of promoting enemies and war. Does anyone remember how we make friends?

    • Like the banner John Lennon hung in Times Square New York “War is Over…if you want it.” We need to remember the lessons we preach. We can make friends if we truly want to, but it is more difficult than declaring war and dropping a bomb, or shooting a missile. Call me naive, idiotic, stupid whatever, but, there is no reason on this earth why we cannot make friends with Russia, and/or China just enough to stop the terror for the common people sake so millions more families won’t be displaced, slaughtered, starve or succumb to the elements of having to leave their homes. Politics is BS. Humans have capabilities far exceeding their imaginations. Ask yourselves, why not? Why must it be this way? For all children brought into this world without seeking this misery and hate, we owe it to the furture of this earth, and these children to raise them to accept all people and to live in tolerance of others, despite our differences. Why not? Why not? Why not?

    • LOL! Who is “us”? And what exactly is the “U.S.”? And “we” need Russia? Who’s “we”? Apparently there’s something wrong with your worldview. The first thing you need to do is define your terms. You need to figure out who’s who and what’s what.

      There is no more “America”; “America” is dead. After a massive, long-term, highly successful effort, organized Jewry has completely subverted our political process, and, using the 9/11 false-flag attack as a pretext, has now finally completely overthrown the “rule of law”.

      So here “we” are in 2014 with a bunch of Satanic, psychopathic bloodthirsty Jewish supremacist madmen in complete control of the “U.S. government”, and they’re determined to use every last bit of U.S. military, economic and political power to beat the rest of the world into submission – or bust; i.e., either Jews will run the whole world, or there’ll be no world (as we knew it at least).

      So that’s “our” situation. You can analogize it as follows “We” – a small awake fraction of the powerless peasants – are trapped on a bus. The bus driver is highly intoxicated and completely out of his mind in the first place, and he’s speeding down a winding, treacherous stretch of road, at night, with poor visibility and icy patches all over the place and no guard rails (or “guide rails” or whatever you want to call them).

      And “we” know there’s a dangerous curve up ahead which the driver will never make at the speed he’s going. Most of the passengers are asleep. What do we do?

  15. Thanks for article! I’ve been worried about the Ukraine for some time, and now I’m really worried, as I have a lot of respect for Paul Craig Roberts. I’m going to give this article to my friend Viktor, who is one of the “gullible” right now.

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