Western media hyping Russain moves to protect Black Sea Fleet

If the West thought their Ukraine coup would neutralize the Black Sea Fleet, they were smoking dope


Russia confirms troops move in Ukraine’s Crimea

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These are throw-away rioters here
These are throw-away rioters here

[ Editors Note:  Western media is doing all it can to shift attention away from the debacle now happening as a result of the Neo-Commercial Cold War taking place in the Ukraine.

As trained militias who took over their street protests in the final days reveal their true colors we see once again Western funded terror proxies unleashed upon another country, regardless of their own contributions to their demise.

The troop movements being reported are in accordance with Russian agreements with Ukraine to defend the Baltic fleet facilities in times of emergency…which now would certainly qualify.

Threats by Obama to Russia not to invade are all part of the silliness. The old Soviet days are gone. The West seems to have filled that void in an odd turn of events.

The new Crimea government already has a referendum scheduled on reuniting with Russia. There may be some triggers to it, like a deteriorating situation in Western Ukraine which is all but certain. The Russians would not move unless ‘invited’ to do so, and I would not expect even then until after significant violence by the NATO, EU and US proxy terrorists.

Where the Ukrainian military will be the crunch comes is foggy at this point. You might have noticed all the zero media coverage on them…something very suspicious. With the riot police dismissed in Kiev the nationalist extremists have been cleaning out the opposition.

UNA_UNSO are foreign Intel proxies
UNA_UNSO are foreign Intel proxies

We will know in a week or two if the militias are acting as the deniable muscle for the interim and future government, or for someone else who will throw the interim government under the bus when the time is right.

The other option could be that they will be used as bait to trigger a Russian intervention, and have that trigger a NATO rescue request from the  government.

The military appears to have been bought off to stay in their barracks until the house cleaning is done. Then they can claim later they know nothing about who did what to whom.

The generals usually end up supporting the winner. We have all been here before on that… Jim W. Dean ]


 – First  published  March 1,  2014  –


If the West thought their Ukraine coup would neutralize the Black Sea Fleet, they were smoking dope
If the West thought their Ukraine coup would neutralize the Black Sea Fleet, they were smoking dope

Russia has confirmed it moved troops already based in Ukraine’s Crimea region to protect its naval fleet, saying the movements comply with Russian-Ukrainian agreements.

In a statement published on Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the Ukrainian government had been informed about the movements.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian charge d’affaires in Kiev, Andrey Vorobyev, on Thursday and gave him two letters, one on the newest developments in Ukraine and another asking Russia not to move its Black Sea Fleet units outside their deployment sites.


“The Russian Foreign Ministry has passed a reply to the Ukrainian side on the movement of the Black Sea Fleet armored vehicles in Crimea, which is caused by the necessity to provide security for the Black Sea Fleet’s naval deployment areas on Ukrainian territory, which happens in full accordance with basic Russian-Ukrainian agreements on the Black Sea Fleet,” the statement said.

The statement comes as acting Ukrainian President Oleksander Turchynov called on Russia to stop what he called “provocations” in the Crimean peninsula.

Referring to Abkhazia, a disputed territory on Black Sea’s eastern coastline, Turchynov said, “Russia has sent forces into Crimea… they are working on scenarios which are fully analogous with Abkhazia, when having initiated a military conflict, they started to annex the territory.”

“I personally appeal to President [Vladimir] Putin to immediately stop military provocation and to withdraw from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea… it’s a naked aggression against Ukraine,” he added.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council has held a “private meeting” and secret consultations to discuss the worsening crisis in Ukraine.

Officials said the meeting took place on Friday at the request of Ukraine’s UN Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev, who wrote to Lithuanian Ambassador Raimonda Murmokaite. Lithuania holds the council’s rotating presidency.




  1. I wish people would grasp the nettle and understand Victoria Nuland is not looking after our interests (American) – as the first lady poster on Facebook – required. She is a dual citizen and her allegiances are to the Zionist Empire.

  2. For a full understanding of the happenings in Ukraine we have to know the history of this country (it’s not a nation in the real sense of the word) as well a the modern somewhat amorph structure of the right wing extremist nationalists. I want to remind you of Brevik in Norway to understand this Today the fascists use verbal antisemitism in their developing process, but they are financed heavily also by jewish oligarchs (read Israel Shamir on this part, he knows very well and he writes it also). But this changes at the moment they get more influence. You could observe this process very well in Ukraine (and also
    Brevik himself adors Israel, there is no contradiction). Now we have a former jewish chief of the ukrainian central bank as puppet head of the state in Ukraine. Isn’t that a success, yes it’s real magic. That’s the real reason why no western country talked about the fascists, because it’s integral part of their strategy and those Jesuits/Opus Dei only slightly covered heads of the EU (Van Rompoy and many, many more of that ilk) use those forces for their own political advantages. The REAL fascists in hiding are our own political leaders and military commanders as well as their masters higher up in the financial and religious (speek real power) ranks. Jesuits, jews and the well hidden black nobility master shakers work hand in hand to fulfill their plan of total world dominance and control that’s absolute fascism from the very top.

  3. And – as an addon to my last post – the terror killing on the chinese station was done by those battle hardened and mind controlled patsies, which some weeks ago fought in Syria as terrorists. What a nice timing of the events, staged on a great chessboard. Creating chaos, death and destruction without any hope for the people in the next future was always part of their plan. People without hope and with fear always get desperate and often do strange things. This reminds me of the actual happenings in Venezuela, Brazil and – of course – Argentine in the near future.

  4. I would also remind every one to look closely at what is happening in and around Syria at this time. There are some rumours about Israeli forces in Golan, US forces in Jordan as well as NATO forces in Turkey. The first strike didn’t work, but now would be a nice time for them to undertake a second strike.

  5. Ukraine wants Israel to help with security at Euro 2012 – RIANOVOSTI

    “Israel’s experience in this direction is very interesting for us. Specialists and experts are ready to cooperate. We needed agreements and we have reached them during the talks,” President Viktor Yanukovych said at a news conference with Israeli President Shimon Peres.

    President Peres, along with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, is currently on a four-day official visit to Ukraine’s capital of Kiev.

    “We will definitely do everything that depends on us in this direction. We will be participating in all activities of security provision,” Peres said.

  6. Thanks Jim Dean, that is the lighter way to look at things…. Now this is kind of weird, it is like a re-run, but everything is upside down – the cold war we had in the 50’s, I was a teen, we feared the Russians they were the bad guys and USA were the good guys – now the Russians are the good guys and the USA and EU are not just bad they are insane. EU and USA in the 50’s were democratic, at least I was told they were, now they are ousting a democratically elected President and working with the NAZI’s, who are killing the police, not the other way round police killing the NAZIs as its supposed to be – – and the NAZIs want to kill all the Russians and the all the Jews…. and the USA and Germany are not saying a word , they are supposed to protest any and all anti-semitism, and some of the NAZIs were even soldiers or some such in the Israeli army. !!!! Sounds like a really bad story or a nightmare, but I am wide awake and its actually happening. Well my stable datum is this is 2014 and the Russians are the good guys, they are sane, they think before they speak or act… and they try to follow their own laws and international laws, I like them. Period. And to hell with the USA, the EU and the NAZIs.

  7. It is getting better by the minute.
    Kiev has asked for helped from the Chechnyan Islamist.
    Putin must be thrilled by that news, remember the massacre by the school by that group.
    And treats by east Oekranie that they are capable of nuke weapons.
    And now they are realizing that they are not receiving enough money from western Europe.
    McCain asking for money.
    Is it not dandy. Europe is about broke it self, more food banks in countries who never had them.
    Good ole USA broke, rampant unemployment, skid rows. Lots of people desperate.
    NATO countries wanting wars instead of feeding and schooling their people, bringing jobs back home instead of bringing them overseas. We are joining the third world.
    The 1% of the population are so far removed of the people in the country, not understanding ( not willing) what is going onion their own back yard.
    Nukes, Jihadist, Neo Nazis, a deadly combination.

  8. Войска НАТО высадились во Львовской области

    Сотни военнослужащих Североатлантического альянса размещаются на западе Украины


    NATO troops landed in Lviv region

    Hundreds of NATO troops located in western Ukraine

    • NATO, or possibly private contracts, or US service personnel…
      http //www.eur.army.mil/RapidTrident/

  9. Trouble is that the UN has never been “an instrument of world peace” my friend.

    The embers of WW2 had barely cooled when the Washington Empire used the UN to wage brutal war on Korea.

    As an aside the Empire was doing what it has always done, long before there was AIPAC and I’ve always agreed with the opinion (I can’t recall who formulated it) that Israel comprises the Empire’s “unsinkable aircraft carrier in the ME” – to which I add, like an Eastern version of lawless, genocidal Western frontier forts. I am NOT down-playing the current state of war, just pointing out that it’s on a continuum.

  10. “Russia has confirmed it moved troops already based in Ukraine’s Crimea region to protect its naval fleet …”

    WHO threatens Russia’s naval fleet?

    • The Empire, via NATO and proxies same as Syria and Libya. And if you recall, Russia has a naval base in Syria too.

    • Thanks, just wanted to add “solved” because I found a Russian headline which I post above.

    • Syria is a naval facility…a jetty sticking out into the sea for a ship to dock. Google it and you will find a tiny port, but no facilities to work on ships or repair anything. But there are lots and lots of warehouses.

  11. I am reminded of the brinksmanship of the Cuban Missile Crisis, but I’m not at all sure that this Crimean Crisis will be resolved, considering that WW3 can be said to have already started over twelve years ago soon after the 911 “New Pearl Harbour” with the invasion of Afghanistan and full implementation of the PNAC.

    OK that hasn’t gone entirely to plan, i.e. destroying seven countries in five years, with Iran presumably now off the list (NOT a pushover like Iraq, Somalia, Libya, etc.), so maybe Ukraine is a proxy to complete the encirclement of Russia, which was always the goal being engineered by Ziggy and Kissinger on behalf of the global bankster cartel.

    In any case VERY dangerous times to “prod the Bear”.

  12. I’m going to test my psychic abilities and make a prediction of how this is going to work. It’s clear the Jew World Order types want a war with Russia, but they know they don’t have the support of the American people, probably not even the so-called “Americans” in Congress.

    SO……. I think in the next few days, or weeks, there will be nuke or two “miraculously” discovered off our coast, of Israeli / Jewish origin but made to look like a Russian nuke. When “found”, of course, it will give Obama all the pretext he needs to go to war with Russia.

    We’ll see. I know this just sounds like a Hollywood gangsta / war / “24” episode, but hey, they write ALL the scripts, don’t they?

  13. From the article “Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council has held a “private meeting” and secret consultations to discuss the worsening crisis in Ukraine.
    Officials said the meeting took place on Friday at the request of Ukraine’s UN Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev, who wrote to Lithuanian Ambassador Raimonda Murmokaite. Lithuania holds the council’s rotating presidency.”

    Surely if the UN was set up as an instrument of world peace, any meeting it held would be open to and transparent amongst all its members?

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