Secret Space war XIII: Alien Partners tell Putin, “Don’t Worry, We’ve Got Your Back”


by Preston James


aliens-nordicRussian President Vladimir Putin seems to be walking with a prideful swagger in his step lately.

In spite of growing conflicts between Israel-driven-America and Russia over Syria, Iran and now the Ukraine, he appears unusually confident.

Other world leaders involved appear to be increasingly stressed out by these growing conflicts, but not President Putin.

What could be going on in the background which might explain this blatant confidence and swagger of president Putin?

Unsubstantiated rumors have been seeping out of deep contacts inside Russian Space Command the last few weeks that, not only does the new Putin’s Russia have a well developed Secret Space war Program, but that this Program provides substantial ultra-high-tech back-engineered offensive and defensive weaponry.

And that such advanced weaponry can and will be deployed if Israel is able to once again deploy their hijacked American War Machine to start another Proxy War, this time in the Ukraine against Putin’s New Russia.

Do Russians now have access to Space War Weapons based on back-engineered Alien ET technology gained through a new treaty negotiated between Putin and a certain group of Alien ETs who are enemies of the group controlling the World Zionists (WZs) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS)?

President Putin is a Firearms Expert (as well as a Judo Expert). Notice how he keeps his trigger finger outside the trigger guard when not firing the Pistol.

And even stranger, has this same Alien ET group who claim to be the avowed enemies of another Alien ET group which is directing the WZs and the IZCS the “Dracos”, also contacted a certain newly-emerging and powerful secret group inside the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and American Intel?

And with these reputed contacts, has this group of American Defense and Intel up-and-comers started to exert dominance over the US War Machine? Have they become convinced that the WZs and the IZCS must be stopped because their intent is to deploy DHS to tyrannize, enslave and serially mass-murder about 80% of all Americans?

And have they become aware that the 9/11 attacks were False-Flag, Gladio-style, inside-job attacks run by Israel,  Israeli-American dual citizens, NeoCons, and PNAC individuals and had nothing to do with Arabs, but were merely False-Flag terror to justify more illegal, unprovoked, unconstitutional, undeclared wars of aggression in the Middle East as a proxy Wars for Israel?

Has this powerful group of up-and-comers inside America become convinced that DHS and its overlords and the true Hijackers of America (AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, the ADL, SPLC and the like) must be stopped cold now before they destroy America and all its Christian and Deist Institutions and the very American Republic itself, which is the secret Goal of the WZs and the IZCS?

A powerful new treaty has apparently been established between one group of Alien ETs (the Tall White Nordics) and Putin’s New Russia. This new treaty President Putin has supposedly negotiated with this particular Alien ET group is purported to be like the ones American leaders negotiated with in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. However this particular Alien Group group is purported to be substantially anti-WZ and anti-IZCS.  Their view is reputed to be that the core of all the mass death and destruction of at least the last 500 years has its origins all the way to the Roman Empire and ancient Babylonia, and is now reflected in the policies imposed on America by the WZs and the IZCS, which is undoubtedly the world’s largest organized crime syndicate.

This crime syndicate the IZCS specializes in illegal drug and arms trafficking, money laundering, large corporate “bust-outs”, sex trafficking and sex slavery (especially eastern Euro and Ukrainian young girls taken to Israel for “captive prostitution”), trafficking in children for pedophilia operations, American pornography, and massive human compromise operations to gain and hold control over top politicians, government Intel, military and Intel officials. The WZs and the IZCS are based on an ancient “Death Cult”, “Money-Magick” and “black arts” philosophy dating all the way back to Babylon.

And so far the best information available suggests that this “City of London” Zionist Death Cult philosophy is based on an anti-human death-based religion created and deployed by the Dracos (Luciferian Reptilians) who reached an apex of power under the City of London private Central Banksters (whom they mind-kontrolled and en-cultured).

This new group of Alien ETs also has claimed that the “Dracos”, aka Reptoids from the “Dark Side”, hijacked the City of London when first incorporated. These evil and ancient Dracos, using the same technologies which they did in ancient Babylon before being driven out for many centuries, built up and then deployed their main Action-agents and Cutouts, Israel and America. they are believed to be World Zionism and using the rackets of the IZCS for off-the-books large funding for their Zionist lackeys to but more and more politicians through AIPAC and the like.

It was under Evil, anti-human Draco Power, the City of London Zionist private Central Banksters (COLZPCB) hijacked America in 1913. At that time America essentially became a new province of the City of London private Central Banksters using Draco-based Babylonian “Money-Magick.”

The Dracos are believed to be the arch enemies of humankind, actual human parasites that live off of intense human suffering and death. Allegedly they are “negative energy vampires” that live off of manufactured human suffering and traumatic death. These Dracos are believed to have set up “death Cults” like Skull and Bones (Russell Trust), satanic cults, pedophile rings in high government circles, and various types of interlinked luciferian cults which have been used to completely hijack the highest levels of Freemasonry. These death cults are designed to “dirty up” and corrupt all humans, that is, to soften folks up in order to make it easier for their very souls to be “snatched” from them.

After the City of London established a Beachhead in America with its unConstitutional, criminal private Federal Reserve Central Bank, it was then later able to create, finance, build-up and deploy its new nation of Khazarian Judaic converts (the new post-WW2 “Israel”). Once accomplished, the City of London Rothschild World Zionists have been able to deploy Israel as their main Action-agent and Cutout to begin the transformation of America into a Zionist Israeli province and upcoming new Gaza (Gaza II). The party responsible for directing this transformation of America into a neo-Bolshevik tyranny is Israeli controlled Department of Homeland Security, which has now been dubbed the New American Gestapo, the New American Stasi, or the New American Red Cheka mass-murder operation (take your pick).

The purpose of these occult-linked organizations set up all over the world, supported by Draco powers, is believed to allow the eradication/extinction of all humans on Earth incrementally through war, disease, famine and pestilence. In order to condition “up-and-comers” to do their dirty work, the Dracos generate the false ideologies of “Survival of the Fittest” by the “thinning of the herd” as  delusions. These delusional philosophies trick human leaders into leading their subjects and eventually all humans to their own destruction, like lemmings jumping off a cliff.

After the end of WW2, the City of London Banksters set up the new phony racial state of Israel to do their dirty work. To keep the new Israeli citizens adequately motivated to do their evil, they created a strong racial delusion based on the so-called “holocaust,” aka “self-deployed fiery sacrifice”. WZ propagandists periodically pound Israeli citizens and foreign based Judaics with the idea that unless they take down the whole world through World Zionism they will once again be persecuted and attempts to annihilate them will be made once again.

This deployment of an exaggerated, racial persecution delusion created the necessary background allowing the false charge of Anti-Semitism to be leveled against anyone or any group attempting to investigate what really happened during the WW2 “Work Camp” persecution of “low Judaics” by “fake/high Judaics/zionists who sat in the background in the City of London calling the shots.

This use of Israel as an artificially constructed so-called “racial state” based on racial delusions and falsities has worked so well playing on the sympathies of Americans and other Western Nations.  This has allowed Israel to completely hijack America, asset strip it almost bare, and use it as a captive force to wage its foreign proxy wars against entities who were not enemies of America at all, but who were artificially created to appear so by deception. And now for the first time, these toxic World Zionists (WZs), NeoCons and Israeli-American dual citizen Traitors are transforming America into a new War Zone by the creation and deployment of the Zionist, pervert-driven Department of Homeland Security.

Yes, WZ’s are not only attacking the Ukraine to weaken President Putin’s New Russia but are now staging a serious major internal war to be waged against Americans inside America by DHS. And DHS has secret plans to incrementally mass-murder up to 80% of all Americans eventually. DHS and those behind it are the true “Enemy Within The Gates” of America and all involved at the senior management positions are Traitors who deserve to be prosecuted for RICO crimes and TREASON and SEDITION, which are capital Crimes.

President Putin is very skilled at catching his competitors off guard, taking them off-balance and throwing them for a loop. He is a very skilled “Black Belt” Judo Expert with many years experience. Perhaps those foreign leaders who desire to tangle with him geopolitically had better think twice before they charge ahead carelessly. They may get thrown for a loop unexpectedly.
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If true, this would explain the now apparent reluctance of President Obama and his administration to proceed with more proxy wars for Israel in the Mideast and now specifically in the Ukraine which is loaded with extremely valuable resources and is considered essential to the national security of Putin’s new non-Bolshevik Russia.

Now here is the grim truth. No matter how good American Intel has been about the Russian’s Secret Space War Program and the level of advanced back-engineered Alien ET technology, which now has been deployed, it is limited. And it is unlikely that the full story has been gained by American Intel, due to the various levels of secrecy and “need to know” installed around the Russian’s secret Space War Program.

Of course this kind of layered secrecy has been installed around America’s Secret Space War Program. America’s secret Space War program is unfortunately now run by foreign offshore-controlled, private defense Contractors, most of whom are deeply infiltrated by Israeli Intel, some of whom are actually deep cover spies who report directly to Russian Intel, unbeknownst to the Israelis who are cocky and getting quite careless lately.

President Putin firing Russia’s famous AK-47 (now the AK-74 upgrade). Most don’t, but this one probably has 1 MOA due to a longer barrel and thicker receiver.

And must General Dempsey take strong control and stop this Israeli Espionage through their Intel fronts like AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, the ADL, SPLC and the like to prevent some kind of major international confrontation with President Putin’s new Russia over the Ukraine or Syria.

It is now generally recognized that Israel is working very hard, deploying every espionage and propaganda tool possible to propel American military might into another proxy war for Israel and the City of London. 

The reason? To allow Israel to obtain its planned new oil and gas pipeline in Syria (after Balkanizing it through deployed terrorism).  And to Balkanize the Ukraine to obtain its vast resources and block Russia’s sale of oil and gas to Europe so that it can jump in its Russia’s place and sell British controlled oil and gas through their planned new pipeline thorough Syria.  It is also now recognized that this Israel Pipeline Plan for Syria has the full blessing and support of the City of London Big Oil.

Some of those who are in a position to know about such internal security matters deep inside the USG are claiming the answer is YES, that General Dempsey is completely informed about infil-Traitors, and has established the resources necessary deeply inside this program to exert immediate and complete control any time upon his instructions should this become necessary and should he desire to do so. Allegedly these Israeli moles have been allowed to remain in place to use them to feed misinformation that is designed to mislead any real or potential enemies.

At present, nobody on the inside has provided complete verified information on what actual advanced high-tech back-engineered Alien ET weapon systems the Americans or Russians actually have developed and deployed in their respective Secret Space War Programs.

The best we can do is construct estimates based on the actual weapon systems we do know exist. We know that America’s Secret Shadow Government (SSG) has at least two separate very advanced anti-gravity craft fleets, one deployed by the USAF and the other deployed by the USN. Insiders have claimed that there is a secret competition for black-budget dollars between the two that has at times turned into space shootouts and other acts of spy-war.

The USAF and the USN have always been at odds after WW2 ended and the Cold War started. This deep conflict is all about money and power and the Navy’s “Grey Beards” claim that according to the US Constitution, only the US Navy is authorized to employ international spying on behalf of America. It is important to note that traditionally for many centuries, Naval Forces were the primary sources of a King or Nation’s international power and foreign Intelligence gathering.  These Naval Forces were used to protect trade routes and to establish the authority for new Colonies in foreign lands.

It is now known that the US Naval Intel and accounting sectors were specifically targeted by the USAF during the 9/11 attacks. During these attacks, charges were planted inside those sections in the pentagon, including a sophisticated covert operation using space war technology like holographic images and sounds.

There have been isolated reports of past space shootouts between USAF and USN anti-gravity Craft (AGCs). And there have been some reports of serious turf wars inside Congress over funding. It is well known that the USAF sees the USN conventional forces, including most carriers and destroyers, as obsolete and easy targets for any enemy.

The actual state of back-engineered Alien ET technology for Russian weapons systems is not known by American Intel at this time. But estimates are constructed using advanced algorithms on advanced computers to make estimates. And the latest version of the Russian Sunburn Missile System is a good example of an advanced weapons system that can be used to project what could be considered a fairly good estimate of the current state of Russian Secret Space war weaponry that has been deployed.

Some military technology experts believe that the Sunburn is based on Alien ET back-engineered technology.  Why would they think this? Because the latest versions of the Sunburn are believed to have hiving capability and the ability to travel at speeds up to 7,000 to 9,000 miles per hour.  That is a lot more than the officially released figures of Mach 2.1.

Hiving is the ability of these missiles when launched in mass to remain in constant communication with one another on special scrambled frequencies which constantly change.

If one or more Sunburn missile is shot down or interfered with, the rest adjust in response to the threat, re-target, and resort to random defensive maneuvers to make sure every target is still covered and attacked by priority of importance. Some of these maneuvers are so gravity-defying, it is suspected that anti-gravity technology has been utilized in the latest model of the Sunburn missiles. It is also suspected that new anti-matter light and time warping technologies are used to provide advanced “cloaking” for these Sunburns.

If these rumors are even close to accurate it means that any USN ships within range of these Sunburns (which may be substantially greater than the claimed 1200 miles), could be sunk within mere minutes. Some experts believe that the USAF (or the USN) has nothing that can adequately respond to the Sunburn, and even the Rail guns and high-powered particle beams which have been secretly deployed on some carriers and destroyers and kept under wraps until needed, or on special Space war orbital platforms, cannot respond fast or accurately enough to stop all of a hive of Sunburns that are launched.

As the Cold War came to a halt, it was rumored that the Soviet Union’s secret Space war stopped, temporarily put on ice. This occurred when the Wall was torn down, thanks to the extremely effective efforts of the Great America Hero Lee Wanta, who served as President Reagan’s Secret Agent. And it is now believed that under Putin’s new Russia, not only has a new treaty been re-negotiated with a certain group of Alien ETs, who were introduced to the Soviets by Nazi Scientists brought into Russia after WW2 to work on advanced weapons systems (just like what happened under Operation Paperclip in America).

Another way to estimate the Space War capabilities is to examine open-source Intel of any alien technology applications that have been leaked in the press.  There is one story claiming that Russia was in the process of developing a large anti-gravity craft (AGC) to use as a space platform deployed space weapon system, as well as for use as an advanced passenger airliner.  It has been claimed by some that the first prototype has been built and tested.

Here is what may perhaps be an “Above Top Secret” video obtained clandestinely by a Western Intel Agency and leaked to the press, perhaps with a wink and a nod of Putin or his deputies. You must decide if it appears to be real and/or could actually be real. Why would Russia allow this kind of a leak? Such leaks can serve as a warning to western powers to show more respect for Putin’s New Russia.

If it is a faked video and purposely leaked misinformation, it can serve as a Psyop to confuse and misdirect from real, already deployed Russian “deep black” or “above Top Secret” Secret Space War Systems that Putin perhaps wants to keep secret. Decide for yourself if this video might be real, and if so what its implications could be for Putin’s New Russia.

[youtube 78fdxuIply0]

Conclusion:  President Putin has appeared remarkably cool and confident in public lately.  A slow controlled speech backed by steely blue eyes and what appears to be a iron constitution, as well as a over-confident swagger to his stride. Not prone to careless statements or bluffs, Putin appears to be a strong, confident leader who means what he says and is willing to back it up.

President Putin has been considered by some Russian Intel to have been Russia’s equivalent of Britain’s “Ian Fleming” (the Real James Bond) in the past. But he has a lighter side too. It has been reported that he rides horses for fun, and likes dogs and animals in general.

Those who know President Putin claim that he does not want war for his New Russia, but wants peace and prosperity and a major role in International Trading of oil, gas and other Russian commodities which are growing in development every day.

But it is also generally recognized that President Putin demands respect from other world leaders and is not likely to be pushed around.

Driving out the Judaic Zionist mobsters has appeared to have been a high priority, and this is an extremely difficult job, since these crime networks called the “Red Mafiya” are so entrenched. Various Russian experts in the west believe that Putin is committed to this and has made significant progress, but it is an arduous process.

Those who know President Putin claim that he is very calculating when he negotiates or pushes foreign policies for Russia. That he is not prone to idle bluff or exaggerations, but usually means exactly what he says.

This task of driving out Israeli-American dual citizen traitors who are Zionists is a difficult challenge for newly emerging groups within the USG, the American Military and Intel. It is these folks who are dedicated to fully exposing these Traitors to America the Republic and are working hard to stop AIPAC, B’nai B’rith, the ADL, the SPLC and the like. Based on the deep penetration Zionist criminals and Zionist espionage fronts have attained in America, one can easily imagine how difficult a challenge it is for Putin to do the same in Russia.

So far it seems clear that President Putin will give no new quarter to the Red Mafiya zios, nor will he allow Zionists from Israel, the City of London or those who have infiltrated America to determine his borders or his security situation with the Ukraine.

And besides, according to Lee Wanta, President Reagan’s Secret Agent, a binding Agreement was negotiated between the Soviet Union’s leaders who were leaving power and Russia’s new up and coming leaders, that America would not ever interfere in Russia’s close security situation along its borders, and Russia would refrain from the same for America’s borders. (1) Sadly, recent news reports claim the the USG has given $5 Billion USD to rebel  groups inside the Ukraine to start a Color Revolution. If true, this is a serious violation of the Agreement which is still binding. (2)

In spite of the evidence that Israel has deployed some of its Terrorist Patsy groups to the Ukraine to start a Color Revolution and America has also apparently deployed its Al CIA Duh Terror groups to the Ukraine to assist, President Putin has responded calmly, but decisively. He appears to have started deploying some of his best Anti-Terror troops to Crimea to secure the Ukraine.

It should be a fair assumption that if Israel and America do not back down and stop deploying terrorists to the Ukraine, President Putin will likely fight fire with fire and deploy whatever Russian Military force is necessary to stop this outside agitation and generation of violence, terror and chaos inside the Ukraine.

Will President Putin back down and let Israel and American offshore corporate interests Balkanize the Ukraine and divide its vast natural resources? A fair number of experts do not believe that President Putin will allow this to happen. And could it be that his strong confidence is a result of a newly updated treaty with a group of Aliens that is working hard to expose the Franken, Sabbattean World Zionists (WZs) and the IZCS, and to stop their evil reign of power?

If this particular group of Aliens has entered into an agreement to establish Space war parity for Putin’s new Russia, perhaps this has bolstered his confidence and resolve to deal effectively with the Zionist Israeli/American-driven terror in the Ukraine.  Perhaps this group of anti-Zionist Aliens has told President Putin to respond confidently and not to worry about the Zios at all, that they will cover his back.

In the not too distant future a critical mass will be reached.

That’s when the World Zionist Parasites will really start getting it from all sides not only in what they consider to be their “highest conquest” America (what they refer to as “our Golden Calf”, or “our fattened Calf for slaughter”, but all over the World including the Mideast.

Imagine what will happen when the alternative news provided by the Internet diffuses into the mass-mind (shared consciousness of the masses) to the point that a 12% spontaneous eruption of this kind emerges, characterized by many millions of ordinary Americans who spontaneously resolve in mass to stop being victimized by an American government hijacked by Israel and the City of London private Central Banksters.

Never before in history has truth spread like lightning like it is today, and this is due to the Internet’s deep penetration across almost every society and into every group. It can not be stopped, it is far too late for that. Yes, within a few years all secrecy will end. There are many beyond-black secret things going on in the background now related to supra-national forces at play using ultra-high tech quantum computers that will assure this, no matter what counter-measures are attempted. the end to all state secrets kept from the masses is right around the corner, bet on it. And the ramifications of this collapse of all state secrets, is going to be the greatest exposure of RICO crimes, perversions and occult practices ever, far beyond what most folks could ever imagine. Snowden’s releases were just the tip of the iceberg. You are going to be shocked beyond belief at what is coming down the pike due to quantum computers putting a complete end to cryptographics.

The new NSA spy center used to eavesdrop on every American digital transmission after which are instantly and spontaneously downloaded to Israel by Satellite will soon no longer matter.  The coming end to secrecy and cryptographics will render it irrelevant. This huge NSA building will be reduced to a white elephant of very little value and will be likely abandoned.  The whole American Intel System hijacked by Israel is going to be exposed and made completely inconsequential and worthless.  There will be an abrupt, unexpected end to the phony War on Drugs and the phony War on Terror and thousands of USG, DHS and American Intel officials and staff will be stuck in the unemployment lines with all their so-called “Federal Family” pensions gone, grabbed up by the out of control USG right before it collapses from within. These abandoned dupes will all feel like they are new members of the “Chumps R US Club” and their former status as Police State minions will be rendered irrelevant.

And it is highly recommended that top DHS and NeoCon, Israeli-American dual citizen Traitors and Infil-Traitors refrain from starting a civil war up or going door to door or using their puppet state and local police departments, and VIPR “murder squads” to do so like in the land of Sandy Hookers. Why, because there appears to be a growing number of American Military and Intel High Command that know the full story now of who did the 9/11 false-flag attacks, how they did it and why. And over 200 Sheriffs have refused to participate in any gun grab, smart enough to know that it is an Unconstitutional law that will  eventually be voided in the Courts. Besides they do not want to die for nothing fighting normally law abiding citizens.

The new American High Military Command and Top US Intel Officers now know for sure that Israel and Traitors within America did 9-11.

Yes, word is still spreading like wildfire that 9/11 was an “Inside-Job”. Of course this is due to the public testimony of Steve Pieczenik, MD, PH.D., and Alan Sabrowsky, Ph.D., and the numerous reports from Engineers who have studied 9/11 and exposed the USG lies about 9/11 as well as the numerous reports by Professor Jim Fetzer’s research teams. And of course nobody sane disputes the smoking gun evidence that demolition charges were pre-planted in WT-7, which means if they were planted on one of the buildings before 9-11-01, they were planted in all of them too.

None of the hundreds of Controlled Major Mass Media or USG liars can explain why BBC announcer Jane Standley announced that WT-7 had collapsed 20 minutes before it did and was still standing on live TV over her shoulder in the distance through a window.  The answer of course is that some dumbbell in MI-6 who typed her script screwed up and forgot about American Daylight Savings time.

Note to Dual Citiznes and PNACers and Top NeoCons that did 9-11 and covered it up.

Many in the High Military Command and American Intel now know that you have infil-Traited and hijacked all NSA lives feeds and all American Communications administration and billing and they are extremely bothered about this as yet unresolved, unpunished Treason due to these ongoing real Crimes of State.

And for you, the Perps, Traitors and Infil-Traitors, a quick reminder: Your hijacking of all American Intel and setting up of the “Six Eyes” NSA hijacked system run out of Israel has been the largest breech of real American “National Security” since the Bush/Scherff Cabal seized power and murdered JFK, MLF, RFK and turned the CIA Directorate of operations and the DEA into the biggest American Drug Trafficker in history.Understand that we are onto you, your parasitical death cult agenda and now you will have to bear the burden of what we decide to do with you. Understand this, you are going down, one way or the other. The jig is up and you have already been fully exposed.

If you Traitors start something up like another false-flag, perhaps nuking a large American City, you may find yourself in the very Internment Camps you have been building for all whom you have designated as your dissenter/domestic terrorists. Somebody like John Cathey may end up being your head internment inmate and camp supervisor. I wouldn’t count on him or other camp supervisors who will be like him on being sensitive to your needs either, because they are criminal psychopaths like yourselves.

Soon we are all going to see the release of numerous previously secret conversations between top American Policy-Makers, Traitors and Infil-Traitors released for the first time on the worldwide Internet. This will be extremely revealing, shocking and will likely bring the whole corrupt system crashing down.

There is going to be a complete opening up of all Intel Files step by step and the American People are going to become fully inform,ed of your evil parasitical death cult Agenda. And when they reach a critical mass, you will be brought to Justice and final judgment with prejudice. Note to Perps, get out now and take your staches of loot with you and go in peace. This is by far your best option, so take it while you can and go now in peace.

The coming Intel Disclosures are going to generate shock waves across America and the whole World. Doubt it, just wait and see.

These coming complete disclosures of secret conversations by the “Perps” at the top of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and American private Central Banking and the USG and Congress, and all the Israeli Zio espionage groups like AIPAC, the ADL, B’nai B’rith and the like will shake the very foundations of the power of those who hijacked American and have attempted to bury the US Constitution and Bill of Rights in a Plethora of new illegal “laws”, regulations and Executive orders using their Phony War on Drugs and phony War on Terror as cover.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to refer to the City of London Rothschild World Zionists as the largest Organized Crime Syndicate in the World which there is substantial evidence that it originated in Khazaria. Therefore it may be more accurate to refer to the Rothschild World Zionist crime Syndicate as the Khazarian Mafia (KM) as VT Financial Editor Mike Harris has referred to them. And we know that Khazarian Judaics are converts to Judaism who live in Israel and comprise 97.5% of the Israeli Judaics and carry no ancient Hebrew Blood like 80% of the Palestinians according to recent John Hopkins peer reviewed genetic research.

These Perps will be running for cover like cockroaches when the lights are turned on (many likely running for their very lives when this all comes out, and it will, all of it every single word). Stay tuned, your mind is going to be blown in the near future.  If you think the Snowden disclosures were mind-blowing, just wait, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Light and Truth is coming, every rock will be turned over and you will see a complete end to the secrecy of the USG and American Intel top Policy-Makers. Watch the cockroaches scatter then.





  1. My questions that I posted earlier seem to have disappeared five times. I asked
    Who are the good and credible Intel sources from deep inside the American Space War System?
    What motivates them?
    Why do they confide in you?
    What is the American Space War System?
    I think the removal of my questions says a lot about this article. If my questions are such a threat then can we believe what he has written? Don’t delete my questions just answer them.

    http //

    Several paragraphs at the end of this article pertain to Putin and the Ukraine situation.

    http //;article=149507

    A few nights ago President Obama began screaming Nuke Russia and China too if they get in our way.
    After his staff calmed him down from his Cocaine Induced High he began screaming “Cut em off and starve EM out. Sanction every “G D” thing they buy, we’ll make them obey me.”
    This Fascist Corporate CEO named Obama is under orders by the Rothchilds, who is under orders from the Pope, Who is under orders from the Great White Brotherhood of Lucifer to get this war started.
    Pray with me – really visualize – they fail.

    5) The Off Worlds are now switching their loyalties as they have been double crossed – all of them. This modification in Vibrational Frequencies created by Monsanto is a violation of these Greata Treaties. Read the Pre-amble and the section dealing with feeding and spare parts.

    6) The Jesuit “Hit Men and Women” who work directly for the Pope have been identified and tagged and it appears that the Intel Apparatus for the BRIC nations may be very, very powerful and unimpressed with the CIA and their attempts to destroy Planet Earth and are now ready to take action.
    The last killing of the Brazilian Leader and the recent attempts on Pres Yanakovich have really gotten them upset – bad thing to do CIA/NSA.

    http //;article=149507

    Obama has been given the orders to kill Current Russian and Chinese, and now, Indian Leadership. He already has the Brazilian leaders bribed or scared out of their wits.

    Fascist NAZI Pigs like Pres Obama do not give a hoot about international law and YOU are in his way to world dominance. They will kill you to get their way. Remember Hitler, Mussolini, Franco?

    The next terrorist rioting by the US Forces is scheduled in Kalinigrad thanks to some American Fascists currently residing in Garyevsk. Be careful – they are under Direct Orders form the Rothchild’s Scum to break this region away from Russia through Political Pressure and they have an enormous amount of US Dollars backing them.

    You will bow to the NAZI Fascist Pig Obama or he will kill you.HE has gone MAD.
    Look what he is doing to those in the Ukraine – he has doubled the price of Bread and is now ordering their pensions to be cut in half to $80/mo/person.

    Just a note Pres Obama is now under orders to threaten Pres Putin Directly with fly overs of the TAW-50 cloaked to scare him. Use the Old WW2 Radar Triangulated to knock them out of the skies.
    Pres Obama has gone MAD.

    • Thanks, I think. It’s all in a days work for VT. Actually your article on Gladio is far more important and one of the best ever to appear on VT.

  5. Dr. James, When the conspiratorial secrecy ends, thank you for your relentless exposure as well as your faith in the resonant power of truth in awakening the consciousness of patriotic Americans who have suspected all along there was much more going on “behind the scenes”. We need never to believe we are victims when we know the truth & take action to “clean the slate”…

  6. http //

    * Ukraine was free in 2008.
    * Ukraine was enslaved by Obama in 2009, and turned over to a pro Kremlin leader who answered to
    Vladamir Putin. Russia was promised eastern Europe in exchange for Obama’s rape and reordering of
    the Muslim lands to Islamocommunists.
    * In 2013, Vladamir Putin having seen enough of the Obama slaughter of Muslims in Syria, stopped it.
    * In 2014, the cartel retaliated and overthrew the regime in Ukraine breaking their sphere of influence
    deal Obama implemented.
    * In 2014, Vladamir Putin took actions to put back into power his Ukrainian leader, and to protect the
    Russian minority in the Ukraine.

    The Ukraine was turned over to Kremlin control half a decade ago, and it has been a peaceful place. Suddenly the rent-a-revolution shows up to retaliate on Vladamir Putin for stopping the Obama rapine of Muslim lands, and a puppet cartel regime is put into place. Have Russian troops or nukes appeared on Slavic soils? Not in the least for 5 years. The only military actions have been the Murder Incorporated run out of the US military on Muslims by the Obama regime. (continued below)

  7. (continued) http //

    America under the Obama regime has had the most barbarious record in invading, slaughtering, terrorizing and yes murdering Americans in Yemen with Predator missiles. Where can one like example be found in Russia to what has been the international jihad waged out of Washington DC since the retirement of George W. Bush. Bill Clinton terrorists were exported to cause revolutions in national Muslim lands to turn them over to terrorists run from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue under Obama, and their being run out of Turkey, intelligence managed in Jordan and equipped from Qatar, with American advisers shepherding all of this lawless jungle.

    President Bush in his wars was preparing for a world war. That war was to be fought in the Asian steppes and not in populated areas, where hundreds of millions of military could be slaughtered using WMD’s.
    The great warning of this blog from 2008 HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT Obama Brzezinski moved the war line to the Crescent of Fire again. This line runs from Asia population centers in Indochina to the Himalays, the Mideast, to the Slavic lands. Birther Obama has expanded this now to Japan and China in conflict and it will be fought now into Germany.

  8. I wonder a lot- I wonder what Putin and Obama spoke of for an hr and a half and I wonder if the Alien Partners listened in on it. Maybe they even made a deal with the Aliens during that call? Russia’s opening/ closing ceremony looks like its was designed by e.t’s for sure. It was an awesome show.

    http //

    http //

    Obama sold out eastern Europe so Obama could install terror Marxists into Muslim lands.
    When it became too murderous, Vladamir Putin stopped it. For that the cartel attempted to take Ukraine from Vladamir Putin, and is now attempting to bring about an end game where Vladamir Putin is assassinated and Russia is Balkanized. If Vladamir Putin does not protect the Ukraine, then the anti-Christ will seize that territory, and according to Biblical realities, the anti-Christ will murder all the Christians.

    Given those realities, at this juncture of Vladamir Putin protecting Russian children from pedophiles, protecting heterosexuals and not inflicting on Christians, compared to a Pater Pope and Obama espousing sodomy, getting rid of Christ and in league with demons, the balance scale swings for Vladamir Putin with the prayer that he is held as an instrument in God’s hand for good, as I fully know what this Obama regime has been ruling over in the western gulag. The Ukraine is taking place, because Vladamir Putin did the right thing in stopping the Obama Jinn slaughter of Syrians.

    http //

    The cartel which installed Barack Obama the foreigner into America is the same one which has been busy installing al Qaeda into Muslim lands to rule.  It is the same cartel in this Neo Roman Empire superpower it is assembling which is trying to take the Ukraine from Mr. Putin…BECAUSE PUTIN STOPPED THE DESTRUCTION OF SYRIA. Mr. Putin had a revelation how evil all of this was. He is no stranger to thug rule, as that is how one rules thugs in Russia. He, though, was even shocked by the murderous and heinous removals of Muslim leaders.

    When Mr. Putin was assessing the June 13, 2013 removal of Birther Hussein, and a new image appeared, when he knew the original was dead, Mr. Putin and a new image appeared, when he knew the original was dead, Mr. Putin had a transformation and knew he was facing resident evil; he thought this was the anti-Christ. He has since reached the proper conclusion on the information. That is why Vladamir Putin terms the west as evil, because it has been nothing but heinous and murderous for years.

    Vladamir Putin… checked Syria from terror control, and in that, the cartel attempted to reannex the Ukraine for their own rule. It is a current smear campaign against Peace Maker Putin, but in the near future, Ukraine was to become the front line for the Balkanization of Russia.

  12. Just as well Putin has friendly ETs on his side. The cabal hit the Crimea with a 4.5 earthquake on Sunday but I don’t see anyone reporting this on Twitter. Here’s an article on Russia crying foul
    The ETs are monitoring the situation closely so I guess they must have mitigated the effects of that quake.

  13. TG – No, not Ashtar nor Ashtar Command. The ETs that Russia is aligned with are definitely not with the GFL. I probably shouldn’t name them but they’re OK. They’re friendly to humans and they have an extinction protocol out on Draco/Hydra reptilians and Greys.

  14. I’m an amateur astronomer who’s had at least five anti-gravity craft sightings in the last four years and about four more that were “maybe’s.” If you spend many time looking at the sky, on a clear night, you WILL see things that are not easily explainable. I have many eyewitnesses, too.

    There’s something going on, for anyone who’s been paying attention. Don’ know where they come from, but all ya’ gotta do is LOOK UP and you will realize that Dr. James is not crazy for positing such a thesis.

    • DaveE, have you got night vision goggles? If not, get some and you’ll see even more things up above. Ed Grimsley is the go-to guy for advice on which ones to get.

  15. What more can I say. The only thing “off the planet” here is VT for publishing such garbage.

  16. langhi, on what knowledge do you base your accusations? Absence of proof is not proof of absence. I’ve been told by a reliable source that Putin has at least one treaty with a friendly race of ETs who have been supplying the Russians with their secret technology.

  17. part 2 . . . and multinationals on the planet.

    Adults should be well aware that no amount of ‘belief’ can hide the fact that money has been used to enslave most who come in contact with the Western Cabals.

    Reminds me of the old farside cartoon of a tribal native running for his life over a suspended rope bridge carrying a TV with the caption to the effect Having stolen the white mans god, ——- knew his life would now change. Or something to that effect.

    The truth on this planet is that two often quoted Ideas give insight to what is going on. 1) /the greatest lie the devil ever played was that he does not exist. 2) That beings, spirit if you will, don’t exist.

    Then we eliminate a major part of the universe from our awareness and chose a very restricted and narrow world view.

    We are dealing with transmediumship and metaphysical abilities hidden from common men, much like the ability to discern the truth and understand the use of logic tools are hidden away.

    How did I do?

  18. Well done, Preston. I have read and reread your post and using my meager abilities have spent time between the lines. Thanks for sharing what inside people seem to be aware of. . . . and if this is it . . . waiting for some one else to do something on the physical planet? Might as well go enjoy yourselves until you can’t.

    The take-away of the cold war is that it has been a game for the mafia groups to control and run schemes throughout the world to collect paper money and power. (A really seriously deranged focus and occupation) Why were we so lucky that psychopaths are alive in such great numbers on the planet and the hive mind and appeals to authority sway adults so easily? More fluoride and tv, please.

    We know the NSA and the DOD work for the M-I complex and that most ‘intelligence operations are under Rothchild’s agents control and cooperation. No fantasies should be embraced that other controls exist. The Pentagon shut down its own defenses on 9/11 to accommodate the cabals in charge, one and all, the Navy and Air Force, Army, and Marines.

    Question Why would aliens care? Projecting them as anthropomorphic ‘saviors’ or ‘demons’ is a really silly use of awareness and consciousness.

    The Russians operate in the JWO Banking system as do the Chinese. Who takes out the Rothchild’s and all their clan and agents? China works with them and so do the Russian leadership. Are they still pretending the ‘money’ is real? But so do all the arms manufacturers -pt 1

  19. The LameCherry.blogspot has said for a while that PUTIN is the only one standing between a peaceful world and WWIII. So far, he is aligned AGAINST all these war-mongering Nazi zionists.

  20. IF there are indeed well intended ( or benevolent ETS) in our environment -loosely speaking -where the Hell were they when the lights went out? If they had intended to offer us help, mentoring, ultra tech why haven’t they done it so far? While we were being hi-jacked, manipulated, etc. where was the assistance?
    Every life form appears to have an agenda..what is theirs?
    I think this Prime Directive argument is nonsense ( we signed a treaty and/or did not request assistance) by our ET brothers and sisters or we are not sufficiently spiritually evolved enough to take our place in a hierarchy of highly developed beings is also crap of the first order. Get real. Everything is political, even exopolitics. Respectfully yours

  21. Yeah… this article is the icing on the cake. I’m blocking mail from this site forever, lest I be affecting by this disinfo madness.

    GO TO HELL, VT. And GOOD RIDDANCE. You’ve been invaded, all right by Intel disinfo princes.

  22. “I’m more likely to believe Putin is just another puppet of a central bank owned govt. that is playing his part as the good guy (to most of us).”

    Makes sense. None of the players fight interest, the holy cow, which is a level above.

    It all looks like a re-run of the Cold War, played for the dumbed down grass roots generations of today.

  23. Why I read this, for the curiosity and the study of other people.
    Preston James,
    Are you aware that the original meaning of the Italian word “banca” is actually a Jewish word for “picnic table” as these people in Venice, Italy would do their money handling and exchange outside in a courtyard social gathering away from a close distance to the houses or buildings were they pass their money around on the picnic tables to do their various dealings, and this is where the Italian word Banca translated in English Bank came from, you know when you deposit or withdraw or etc. from the Bank? These same money dealers than moved to London, England as mentioned in your article thirteenth sentence “City of London private Central Banksters”.

    The Picture of the man in blue with long golden hair, who is this side for since you left this out to make us think for whom because their is a right side of this picture with two triangles stars – one up and one down?
    Is this the seven Star System Sisters?

    • Interesting questions I don’t have the answers to. Interesting history on the term Banking, I didn’t know that. Thanks.

  24. Yes, GEN Dempsey is “completely informed about the zionist infil-Traitors” – almost to the point that he personally has let them walk all over our military and 330 million Americans, dragging us into war after war for the scumbags. The Mossad tried to blow up his airplane once. Yet he does absolutely NOTHING about them. If I were in his position, I’d have had snipers taking them OUT one by one ever since then (like their Mossad is doing to our soldiers) to the point that they wouldn’t know which one of them was next — just knew they were on the list.

    Why is the U.S. military brass “cowering” under the covers (unless they’re in bed with them – which is a distinct possibility with their gay agenda), while the jack-boot ed Israeli thugs STOMP ON our soldiers. It’s almost shameful to call the U.S. military force an “army”. Without a full arsenal of bombs and “technology”, they are totally impotent – NOT A BRAIN AMONGST THE LOT.

    *http //

    • Good questions and I have no definitive answers or hard evidence to explain this lack of decisve action to purge zios infil-Traitors and Traitors. Perhaps routing AIPAC and all the zio espionage fronts out, and removing their control over American Institutions is very, very challenging and not an overnight process. Perhaps those in the High Military Command, like President Putin, may be taking it slowly, step by step for reasons we don’t understand.

    • ISRAELI SNIPERS KILLING U.S. TROOPS [with cameras on guns]
      *http //

      *http //

      ISRAELI SNIPER KILLED 400 U.S. MARINES IN IRAQ (w/ camera on gun)
      *http //

      http //

    *http //

    This is the best article I’ve read on the situation.

  26. Nice story, but I think it is simply that Putin is ‘just’ a very extraordinary leader, and an extraordinarily good leader. Read the book “FIRST PERSON An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin”…. and take note of his “Judo is not just a sport, it’s a philosophy”.

    • Yes, you make a good point and that could it. But the anecdotal reports of his new Space war capabilities could also be true. Either way, this man President Putin is very self-assured and appears even more so since the Ukraine became an issue for him and even after Israel and America have sent in terrorists to destroy the order in the Ukraine Government.

    • self assurance doesn’t come from guns. obozo has tons of firepower at his command. he can blow away whole marriage party and nobody dares to question him. self assurance comes from your personal life and how sincere are you in your personal relationships. most us leaders fail miserably and that reflects nothing but their own life.

  27. A Good Question, doctor James. I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering who’s “behind the wheel” of those anti-gravity craft I’ve been seeing every so often for the past few years. Maybe Putin knows?

    Could be his swagger is the result of his heartfelt confidence that he’s in the RIGHT, that Obama and Kerry and Nuland are like gnats that need to be swatted.

    Maybe he’s just the guy we’re looking for.

    • You could be right because we do not have any hard evidence, only anecdotal reports of leaked information. However it could be both factors, his Secret Space War capabilities and his clearheaded understanding that most of Russia is 100% behind him in his view of the Ukraine and actions there so far.

  28. If an alien offered me her (his? its?) help I would be suspicious and ask why they can’t do the job without humans.

    • Very good point. The typical boilerplate answer from some mid-ranked insiders in the Secret Space War Programs (most of which are now privatized) is that there are some kind of “Cosmic Rules of Play” which allow interference only after “human consent” is obtained. And this is usually obtained after the populace is “dirtied up” and human-compromised so that they have lost their character and basic human values.

      Another troubling aspect is that it appears that most prominent Alien ET groups have the desire to interbreed in some fashion with human females and create hybrids. The logo on the uniforms of the Tall Nordics is reputed to be formed from two triangles merged, which represents the merging of alien blood with with human female blood. Some experts on the inside believe all Alien ETs have a hidden Agenda of their own which varies between groups from viciously anti-human (intent to mass-murder all humans) to far less anti-human, with even the best still playing out their own Alien Agenda whatever it is. Perhaps in time we will find out but now the availability of actual hard evidence is sorely lacking.

  29. Preston, you should write a book (you probably already have,)
    I’m coming around to the belief that whatever the alien connection, the tech now operative among the secret cabals of the top militaries is an order above nuclear, i.e. what is known as EM or scalar weapons. These are behind such disparate mysteries as the Kobe earthquake, over-the-horizon radar, the Haiti earthquake, the footage of EM ‘slugs’ firing at what seem to be alien UFOs closing on the Space Shuttle which filmed them, and much else. The Drone Emperor’s ‘lead-from-behind’ covert warfare is an admission of this, in that it studiously avoids superpower confrontation, because nuclear war has no winners. Putin’s smile may be because at the level of missile exchanges, the US is behind Russian GPS jammers, etc. and at the EM (scalar) level, they cannot even afford to reveal the existence of such weapons.
    In short, I see no convincing evidence of aliens’ preferences for any earthling faction (though you may well have such) we are playing with so much Gotterdammerung, we can only afford to joke around.

    • Good points, you may be right. However, there is some evidence that the American Military and the Russian Military too, has deployed some new very high yield, low radiation contamination nukes, such as new kinds of neutron bombs, positron anti-matter devices and some super high Tech combination air-fuel/ nuclear devices. All of these new ultra high-tech devices have been sold with lots od inflated sales hype which tends to make the Military and top leaders want to test these devices out. Some have even claimed that the first Twin Towers bombing, Murrah and 9/11 were secret test of new weapons using civilian populations for sinister secondary political purposes too.

  30. President Putin sees the greater battle running parallel expecting a crossover … resting upon the willing and the few.…with confidence assured not ” prideful swagger” of dispatched back-up

  31. Is it true that 5 nuclear aircraft carriers are moored in Norfolk, Va. “for routine inspections”?

    Looks like either a financial meltdown coming (no more fiat $$$ to finance further interventions) or are have the carriers just become obsolete like battleships in WW II?

    • @ Grenada- The story about the nuclear aircraft carriers in Norfolk, Va.I believe is from last year.

      What should be considered unnerving is the Iranians sending their ships near the U.S. border, the U.S. ambassador to Russia suddenly resigning to “spend time with his family,” the U.S. ambassador to China leaving China amidst sneers, and the booting of U.S. diplomats from Venezuela. Additionally, a Russian vessel was reportedly in Cuba for an undisclosed “visit.” Even with the U.S.’s military might this does not look good. China already demonstrated years ago that it has the capability to disable communications systems through an EMP strike by rendering a cruise ship helpless out in the Pacific- I would provide the link but cannot find the original story on the web anymore.

      Maybe it’s all hype, but I am definitely in an attitude of prayer as we move toward the coming of the Messiah!

    • All raw US Intel goes directly to Israel by US Satellite. Israel has a long history of selling many deep US defense secrets and what should be non-pubic phone account status and stolen intellectual property to real or potential enemies of America, sometime even to their own enemies (just for big money). In this way the Soviet Union was able to buy all of Pollard’s stolen US Intel which went first to Israel, and the Chinese were able to but the W-88 secrets from the Israelis. The North Koreans didn’t need to buy anything since Cheney and Rumsfeld just gave them nuclear equipment and material and a number of high tech attack helicopters. Can you spell T-R-E-A-S-O-N?

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