VA Adds Mental Health Services


extra-newsSubstance abuse, post-traumatic stress in focus

by Nancy De Gennaro – The Daily News Journal

MURFREESBORO — New efforts to provide veterans with help with substance abuse and post-traumatic stress also requires more community support, an official with the program at York VA Medical Center said Tuesday.

“We need them to work with us as far as helping veterans transition back into the community … with jobs, volunteers, those kinds of things,” said Sandra Keysaer, a registered nurse and associate chief of the mental health intensive-case management program at the medical center. “It takes a whole village.”

Officials from the Veterans Affairs Tennessee Valley Healthcare System were on hand Tuesday for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new mental health residential rehabilitation treatment facility at the medical center.

“This is a transitional-care program and we will be focusing on veterans who have substance-issue disorders and (post-traumatic stress disorder),” said Keysaer, .

The mission of the program is to provide state-of-the-art, high-quality residential treatment and services for veterans with mental illness, addiction issues, homelessness or psychosocial deficits, officials said. Goals include recovery, rehabilitation, health maintenance, improved quality of life, and community integration success.




  1. Good job jm- I followed all your reasoning

    you ought to do recruiting ads- you have the spark of wit and joy

    promise the next group of enlistees improved subterranean living and an enlistment bonus where they can pick up a caaar in Boston

    • I was in Boston for a few weeks on training (DEC VAX 11/780
      By now a fossil.. boy have we come a way!
      We have (at least I am staring at) the stuff we only dreamed.
      And we use none of it to make people miserable.
      I will gladly make an ad for them!


  2. I saw a PSA (Public Service Announcement.. Ad Council type thing, terms of art..
    Service? Sewercide?? Really Miss Jones! ( a Playboy one-framer from many years ago
    (when they had secretary’s)
    Now.. down to business!
    There is a haavaaad man who is fronting a study (OK, this is but one of such)
    When you parse it you find..
    1. going in about the same percentage of nuts as the usual can.
    a propensity of people who like beating people up, just like old times.
    Other than that, nothing too surprising.. bear with,
    2. On Return, a large ‘increase’ in the amount of ‘mental illness’ in the troops,
    (and a mock concern about suicide)
    3. Post exposure counseling proposed as a response
    (yet another intrusive cottage industry the banksters break you for the Medical Mafia et al)
    4. They (the volunteers / desperate) obviously were defective to start with. (so DOD need not treat!
    5. Since they are all crazy now “we” would not want them having guns
    (or for that matter sharp objects)
    (and Yes, some come back really screwed up (surprize surprize!
    The banksters do not care who maims who, just so you run up a debt!
    They told you about ‘Killing People and Breaking Things”
    Little did you suspect they meant you!
    It seems five or six tours and too much suffering witnessed does a body No Good!
    Either you are a heartless bastard (sick puppy)
    Or you are a hurt person (because you still care)
    A No Win except for Daddy Warbucks (who never much liked you anyway.
    There is an agenda to demonize and marginalize the Vets.


    • at risk of too much salt in wounds..
      Remember ‘Only The Best for “Our Boys” (and that meant you?
      Wayell.. you know better than I.
      Time to pray to the god of your choice I guess eh?
      They must not have meant you after all.
      Lost the paperwork?
      Non-response (shine you on) is the ‘response’.
      This sucks, and you ended up being murderers (but did not know)
      No Wonder there are a few Morale problems.
      Reading assignment if you will suffer me

      Smedley Butler ‘War is a Racket” (circa before we were born
      Major Jordan’s diaries (re the WWII lend-lease program)

      Two movies too (movies can be fun!

      1. Wag The Dog
      2. The International

      I could go on and on and often I do so.
      That should suffice for the Present.
      Springtime.. a Time of Rebirth (and a bit of ‘housecleaning’ ?
      (so many rackets, so little time!


    • In a different situation you might deem me a ‘tokyo rose’ or something.
      Turns out we have been lied to, rose was no friend,
      nor were the people they (our parents) were forced / tricked in service to
      (and some of them will still never hear of such, might even hit you.
      However much fun (and real heroism) at the time..
      Now We Know Better!
      Kinda takes the fun out of killing the neighbors.
      What An Unspeakable Waste!!



    • Please search on “The Geometry of Robert Pavlita”
      find ‘midcoast’
      Read ‘book, and ‘wrench’
      And look at the geometry too.
      You are not alone for what it is worth.
      Best to You.


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