Yatsenyuk installs Right Sector Gestapo – Resisting generals fired




Yatsenyuk dismisses generals who opposed Right Sector legal status

… from  ITAR-TASS  News Agency


39 years old - hand picked
PM Yatsenyuk … 39 years old – hand picked

 [ Editors Note:  We have solid confirmation here of the West’s fascist coup on Ukraine, and who was behind the staged shooting of both the demonstrators and riot police to quickly erase the concession agreement that the old and new government had agreed to.

We know now that was just a cruel ploy. Yesterday’s Catherine Ashton phone call intercept fortunately exposed that sordid story for all to see.

Our sources agree that Yatsenyuk, the interim prime minister, must have had a deal with Right Sector to provide the massacre to get he and his gang into power, where he would then put all the Right Sector thugs on the government payroll as official military units.

Why do we believe this?…because he did it so quickly. He had to pay to play, or they might have found a new guy to be Prime Minister. And purging the loyal army generals was a public message to the whole military command who the palace guard was going to be.

Isn’t spreading democracy around with your tax dollars fun? Aren’t you proud of your righteous American government for being so kind, so caring?

Putin has lots of cards left to play
Putin has lots of cards left to play

Don’t hold your breath for either the EU or the US putting any conditions on their financial help that all of the paramilitary group thugs have to pass a criminal background check.

And they might also want to look into whose employment they have been under for the past five years, to make sure they are not professional terrorist goons, which the West seems to have chosen as their new ‘We are not the Peace Corps’ gift to the world.

This of course gives Putin’s defensive moves complete justification now, as we can only assume Russian Intel has known exactly what the coup-meisters plans were.

They were not about to let themselves be sitting ducks for Right Sector thuggery in the Eastern Ukraine provinces where the military-industrial production is located, or whatever else the Russians would not dream of letting go over to the Euro Neo-Fascists.

Say your prayers that Russian Intel continues to drop these phone intercept gems out to us, a few a week. This is my official request for them to give us what they can, so we can use it against our own dirt bags… Jim W. Dean ]


EU's Catherine Ashton (L) - with Ukraine coup leaders and protestor killers
EU’s Catherine Ashton (L) – with Ukraine coup leaders and protestor killers


KIEV, March 6. /ITAR-TASS/. The appointed by Verkhovna Rada Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has signed an order to dismiss three deputies of Ukraine’s defense minister as they opposed to giving the Right Sector militants the status of regular military units.

A source in the Ukrainian government said this to Itar-Tass. “Yatsenyuk dismissed first deputy defense minister Alexander Oleynik,” the source specified. “Deputies defense minister Vladimir Mozharovskiy and Arturo Francisco Babenko were also dismissed.”

The source added that on Wednesday, at a closed session of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry the military officials expressed sharp criticism over giving the Right Sector militants the status of regular military units. “They stated that the legal adoption of this initiative would lead to a final split of the society and the country, and bring chaos into the operations of the state’s security agencies,” the source said.

He also said that “one of these military officials at this session directly told Arseniy Yatsenyuk that actions of today’s Kiev authorities that overtures with radical nationalist organization strip Ukraine of chances to ensure national unity, and it is just harmful to involve the state military agency in such dangerous games”.

“In this situation, the authorities were forced to make the corresponding management reshuffles. And they were implemented,” the source added, recalling that Petro Mekhed has been appointed as the new deputy defense minister.



  1. Yes EU and USA have created a monstrous situation. The Right Sector, NAZI, Dmitry Yarosh now demanding access to the Ukraine military arsenal, he wants to ‘handle’ East and South Ukraine – he wants a blood bath – he is not just ‘a terrorist’ he is stark raving mad. Will EU and USA please stand up and get rid of him and his followers !!!! Or are they waiting for Russia to do so, who is probably the only power who is capable of confronting so much evil and handle it terminatedly.

  2. Jim- I commented on the board and was told my account would be closed- I have nothing to hide- It was a long time ago since I registered for comment board and I have closed that email account since. I will definately stop commenting…. I’m not upset… I was going to stop commentating anyways as I realize I am not a part of your community and actually don’t have time for it anymore anyhow…. I was just wondering what silly comment it was that was deemed offensive enough for me to be blocked???

    • I guess it might seem that way… I’m not bitter about it….

      But trust me I’ve got CNN on right now and it disgusts me to see Rahm Emmanual (one of the most vile specimens known to mankind) get his own Chicagoland tv special where MSM glorifies him for robbing Chicago children out of an education. It’s almost like magic how they fool the sheeple- Chicago (children), as if their life is not already hard enough, get Greece style austerity – and while they place the ‘hard questions’ on Emmannual by the end of the show he’s a hero for it.

      People in this world are awakening! Things are not what they always seem… I be shillin!

      See ya all later VT!

  3. He is called the little Jew, converted to Greek Catholic.
    He has a sister living in Santa Barbara, California.

  4. I wonder. Putin could easily jail the idiotarian elements. Why doesn’t he? In the last weeks we saw politicians acting dumber than Obama’s teleprompter. Is this some sort of Illuminati cabaret?

  5. Thanks Jim.

    But if I was to choose one of options Gestapo, Mossad or Homeland Security, I’d most likely choose the least bad, that would be Gestapo. Maybe I haven’t seen Spielberg’s movies enough and maybe Right Sector introduced is not in fact the right Right Sector.

    Yatsenyuk has no credibility, and while saying he is not “democratically elected” I sink even deeper into big lie, that is democracy. A person while giving a vote simultaneously gives away part of his own right to make decisions to somebody else. And quite often that someone else turns out to be somewhat corrupted as well.

    After decades of hyping and media lies the same person convinces to give all his rights to make decisions to somebody else. And almost all of those somebody elses turned out be corrupted and working for some banking sector. And even those fews loyal to their voters, rather than telling them voters bad news takes loan in the name of the nation from the same bank to be re-elected. Say it is Corporate Fascism, but I’d rather use word Bolshevism, where Kremlin private Corporation controlled any aspect of life of citizens of Soviet. That’s the “free World” we got today in West.

    Our Minister of Foreign Policies Erkki Tuomioja demanded Kiev shootings to be fully investigated. It’s to be seen, wheter he finally makes top 10 antisemites of Europe. He has pretty good merit already, for example saying while last Israeli war against Lebanon, that Israeli smart missiles seems to hit anything but Hezbollah

  6. European Regional Meeting of the Trilateral Commission
    Sheraton Krakow Hotel
    Keynote address Arseniy Yatsenyuk

  7. Very interesting “Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine” http //www.bollyn.com/#article_14573
    “…What is most disturbing about the regime change that brought Yatsenyuk to power is that he seems to have been put in that position through the actions of Victoria Nuland, an official of the U.S. State Department who is married to Robert Kagan. The Kagan family, Lithuanian Jews of Khazar ancestry, seems to have a permanent fiefdom at the State Department…”

    • In your last sentence referring to the Kagan Family, lets replace ‘Lithuanian Jews’ with ‘Dual Ciitizens’ Mongers’ and ‘Khazar ancestory’ with ‘PNAC NeoCon.’

      Remarks insulting Jews doesn’t do any good for VT but it does do good for Israel (makes Abe Foxman gitty). Not that I don’t agree that Kagan’s should be boycotted from our State Department- their actions have caused toxic strife around the world for millions but there are plenty (or a growing amount) of Jews doing good things to stop War Mongering and the evil parasitic ways of the Worlds Managers.

    • I think if you Jews would police your own instead of support everything Israel does, we could relax but I think you know, in the MSM no one will blame Jews for anything and let’s be clear- it’s not random bad acting Jews, it’s Powerful secret society jews that have engaged in non stop revolution for the last 400 by design screaming persecution the whole time as they level one goyim state after the other- read the protocols if youy want proof. When you stand up and tell your Israeli leaders to come clean on the holohoax and 911 then maybe we will listen to your lectures on who to blame and how to do it properly as I have noticed you making the same type of post in several places

    • I do make the same post everywhere- I will give up on posting very soon…. It’s a battle I will lose on these comment boards- I ‘m aware of that…. I just hate to see that there is an actual really justified issue that this Nudelman is married to Kagan and that she gets access to the highest top secret U.S. info before Obama does even though she also swears allegiance to another flag- that’s a hugely legitimate concern probably for a lot of people- but then you start perverting that with “jew this, jew that” and you obscure a very legitimate issue with racism and Abe Foxman get’s a hard on. It’s a great scheme to control opposition.

      Who cares about the mainstream media says anymore? Ofcourse they dont say shit about their leaders, I callled my boss an asshole a long time ago and I got fired too. That shouldn’t bother you. The quality of the MSM product has severely diminshed. They have to turn to lifestyle shows just to keep some of their ratings. Nature is taking its course with the MSM

    • Agreed, Fred. The world’s people are figuring out what is up. We all need to be freed of our parasites. No exceptions. They are the source of any agitations between the rest of us. The common people of the Northern Kingdom of Israel chose to be Samaritans rather than to endure the yoke of Levites any more. They chose humanity over being chosen, and the price that comes with the latter.

      Just my take. Not making an historical statement.

  8. Sources report Yatsenyuk has Jewish parents, perhaps he’s taking orders indirectly from the banksters in the City of London. Perhaps Obama will invite him to his next White House Passover Seder.

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