Gladio – the Gift that Keeps on Giving




…by  Gordon Duff,  VT  Sr. Editor,  … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow


Gladio seems to still be with us
Gladio seems to still be with us

We are seeing it today, in the Ukraine, Syria, across Africa; more than two dozen instances have been cataloged. Highly organized armed groups, multiple nationalities, all drawn upon at need, ready for any mission, riot, revolution, subversion, terror attacks or assassinations.

Their actions are ruthless, their allegiances a matter of “conspiracy theory.” They never take credit, never issue manifestos, have no website.

Gladio operatives run entire nations, the Republic of Georgia certainly, Albania/Kosovo, in South America, Bolivia and Paraguay. There is always a political theme, though vague and ethereal, the signs are there, Western intelligence agencies, secret societies, manipulation of commodity markets, currencies and, above all sovereign debt.

The group is called “Gladio”, after the Latin term “gladius”, the short sword used in the Roman arena. Those who have heard of Operation Gladio have a vague notion of a NATO sponsored anti-communist program that, during the 1980s and 90s somehow “went wrong.” The version told the public is actually quite amusing.

Supposedly, Gladio was established after the war by SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe). Were one to assume the mysterious Gehlen Organization, CIA and Gladio were one in the same, same roots, same financing, same lack of accountability, one might be on a very strong footing.

Gladio loon Breivik - but his 'team' all got away.
Gladio loon Breivik – but his ‘team’ all got away.

What isn’t amusing is the fact that Gladio is still operating. When Anders Breivik, the worst mass murder in recent years, admitted to being a Gladio operative, few were surprised.

All the signs were there, intelligence services and police agencies helping him every step of the way and a prison life of not just privilege but periodic forays outside the walls when he feels the need for a breath of fresh air.

Other Gladio signature operations are seen at Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon, Ft. Hood or the anthrax attacks and “DC Sniper,” these and so many more, nameless mysterious “lone gunmen” with lots of help. Gladio operations may well have killed 8000 in Iraq last year alone.

When the Bush cabal chose to ring Russia with secret prisons and germ warfare labs while the family bought up huge tracts of South America, we saw clear signs of Gladio’s worldwide reach. Gladio didn’t die in a few Italian “show trials.”

The real Gladio is more than something quite different, perhaps beyond the simplistic terms of “sinister” or “conspiratorial.” The French use the term “ouverage” to describe something that is exposed or “unearthed.” Gladio is, to that extent, an ouverage, a look beneath, a glimpse, a rare opportunity to view to underpinnings of what existed then and exists now.

Gladio is fed, not just by greed but by a powerful mythology, combining a variety of religions and occult philosophies. There is only a generalized history of Gladio, featured in a well-organized Wikipedia page. There are unanswered questions, unanswered and unasked.

Why did NATO choose proto-Christian mysticism as a basis for terror organizations? How does an organization established and funded by NATO suddenly “turn bad” with no reason whatsoever given, no reason given and none ever asked for. Not only is there no evidence Gladio was stopped, quite the opposite, it has thrived and expanded its reach and power.


Occult background

Even today the vast majority of Americans know nothing about this
Even today the vast majority of Americans know nothing about this

Faced with Stalin’s threat, real or perceived, to take over Europe through military force, NATO decided it would create “stay behind networks” to hold some portion of Europe “safe” while the United States and, perhaps Canada, prepared new “D Day” landings in order to push back the “Red Horde.”

To do this, NATO recruited groups steeped in esoteric religious beliefs, ostensibly “Freemasons,” but other groups as well including the Thule Society and the Jesuits.

During the 1980s, the White House became a center for occult worship, the Reagan’s followers of astrology and the Bush family tied to Dominionism, a heretical Judeo-Christian death cult that deeply infiltrated the military service academies and eventually took over America’s nuclear command structure.

It is the removal of these “Dominionists” that we hear about as “discipline failures” among every rank of America’s nuclear forces.

In and around Washington, the “party circuit” long known for “special guests only” debauchery, typically cocaine and prostitutes became something quite different. For those invited “upstairs,” it was no longer an orgy but something darker and endlessly stranger, closely resembling scenes from director Stanley Kubrick’s last film, Eyes Wide Shut.

The rumors, far more reliable than conspiracy theories, told of “prayer breakfasts” and “Christian Evangelical” functions featuring satanic rituals, institutionalized child abuse and even human sacrifice.

In 2013, word leaked out of an upcoming child sacrifice to be held in Denver, Colorado on the Summer Solstice, an event that was to include key Washington powerbrokers and America’s financial elite.

The story, when published, was seen as wild conjecture until, two days prior to the “event,” police stopped the kidnapping of a two year old in Oklahoma City, a few hours’ drive away. Prior to be killed in a shootout with police, the kidnapper admitted the child had been taken for a satanic sacrifice to be held on the Summer Solstice, as was reported two weeks before.

“According to an affidavit for a search warrant, Wallace (the suspected kidnapper) began speaking about the Illuminati, a satanic cult, while holding the girl and pointing at knife at her. Police say they quickly did some research and learned June 21 is a day of human sacrifice for the Illuminati.”

The “Public Gladio”

"Something old, with something new"
“Something old, with something new”

In 1985, NATO military intelligence officers working on war plans for the middle east, part of the 26 plan set intended to cover every imaginable contingency, were approached about including Gladio into their tactical operations response scenarios.

Gladio had already been credited with terrorist acts including the 1978 kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro, the then Prime Minister of Italy.

Even then, the US Army had no difficulty in asking that an established terror organization be included as a “force multiplier” in military operations.

However, field commanders refused to share classified information with terrorists and the idea was scrapped. A year later, Gladio killed a number of American soldiers in a Berlin terror bombing. A year after that, they downed a TWA airliner over Scotland.

Since that time, they have been implicated in dozens of terror operations, many within the United States, a considerable level of activity for an organization of “ghosts.”


Gladio Ukraine

Recent reports from the Ukraine have again resurrected Gladio. Armed groups that have been tasked with escalating violence have been identified as part of the “P2” organization, the original group of Swiss and Italian Freemasons found responsible for the “Years of Lead” terror offensive in Italy.

In 1990, the European Parliament called for a comprehensive investigation of Gladio, citing it as a terrorist group run by intelligence agencies tasked with intimidating and interfering with European governments.

24 years later, they are alive and well, intimidating and interfering in the Ukraine while the 1990 investigation has yet to get off the ground.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



  1. Instead of “mysterious, occult forces,” consider the immense power of Chabad which now has offices all over the globe. These offices mainly fund themselves by offering money laundering services via Israel in the billions of dollars for local residents. This supposedly illegal service is widely known both in the USA and elsewhere and yet the media refuses to mention it anywhere. Police are terrified of being called antisemites for even investigating it. Chabad also acts as an agent of the Israeli government throughout the world and seeks to use its immense wealth to bribe or, if need be, to fund the opposition of local local politicians who stray away from supporting Israel or criticizing Jewish power. If you think this is just in Europe, guess again. Chabad has offices even in third world countries like India which, oddly enough, has few if any Jewish residents.I heard a rumor they it is now popping up in newly opened Burma as well. You can probably throw a dart a a map ans be assured that the country it lands on probably had an Chabad outpost. Its not as if the reason Chabad is there is seeking converts like the evangelicals. After all, Chabad consider conversions blasphemy and non Jews to be cattle. It is there simply to corrupt local society.

    Trying to pin the blame for what is going on is just more of a Alex Jones type smokescreen.

  2. I think that people should always keep in mind the old saying “If you want to find out who really controls a society, find out who you can’t criticize” when they read article like this.

    Keeping this in mind, the idea that either the Jesuits or the Catholic Church controls anything at all is a total joke. Merely a diversion. If they in fact did, there wouldn’t have been any of the pedophile charges made public in the media or the subsequent trials to occur. If they did control things, abortions and birth control would have been totally banned. If the church is so powerful why do politicians routinely ignore anything the church advises?

  3. Mike Kay after 35 plus years of investigations I know exactly what you stand for. I am in my mid 60s and I would not posture the way you do. Those of you who were taught when you were young that the Catholics were a cult can easily be spotted.

    High schools closed in New Jersey including St Patrick’s , a national basketball powerhouse, because the money was no longer there (paid out to lawyers for the sexual complaints).
    If there is any cult going around, it is the Evangelicals who feel they will be the saved ones- I believe they claim 144,000 will be saved. Guess I won’t be going with them.
    Anybody that talks about another had best produce evidence-real evidence.

    • I have learned that the Evangelicals (at least, the ones I have encountered) are into the Prosperity mind set.

      I was not raised a Catholic, rather, the opposite. My parents are confirmed atheists, but set me free to choose

      and I chose Catholicism.

      I have said this before and I say it again, repeating/paraphrasing Phillip Yancey

      I left the church because I found so little grace
      I returned, because I found grace nowhere else.

      Christ built no churches. Look how He struggled with His 12

      I see the Old Testament as the eternal ‘human condition’ and the New Testament as a better way the Life, the Truth and the Way.

      It is clear to me that for all the intellect, expertise and education, there are some very bitter people
      and bitterness is a terminal condition, no matter the colour of skin, bank account balance, Uni degrees etc

    • 60’s,
      I hope you will arrive at the place, where you stop identifying directly with your ideology.
      You are blind to the fact that your ideology has shaped you, and that it works in ways you neither know or understand.
      Your stance makes sense to you because lack the drive to take your investigations to the point where they challenge your identification.
      And dude, you don’t know anything about me.

  4. Oh my gosh, Mabel, it just couldn’t be the Jesuits!
    Please excuse my brainwashing, but I just have to believe in fairy tales, and I have to try to make you believe them as well!
    After all, all that money that the Vatican processes, and all that gold that they moved to the Phillipines, is just a story! All of us know that money never corrupts! Especially when we are talking about such great people as the military arm of the-er the kindly, peace loving Jesuits.
    And anyone who tells who the Jesuits are crypto jews is just wrong, because I say so, Darn it!

  5. The Jesuits were absolutely NOT founded by the Jews. Try about two or ten other sources because this source you used is wrong and possibly intentionally misleading. There should be hundreds of sources showing that Disraeli is not quite right about this one. If Ignacio of Loyola in Basque country had 6.25 % or 1.6% Marano Jewish blood, then one can say Jesuits were founded by the Jews? Absolute nonsense.

  6. This is comprehensive. Along with Preston James’ comment about the black nobility, we have just about all the elements involved in the operation: “wipe-out -humanity-except -the – elites” playbook.

    Is it possible that the new age (of Aquarius) has dawned and their control will soon be waning? I think Gordon and VT are attempting to expose this so it can be dismantled. I hope we can take the ball.

  7. Gordon,
    Great info, with authourity as usual. Keep shining light on things like “THE BORN AGAINS”

  8. To make generalizations about Jesuits makes no sense. Are you commentors talking about 1% or 5% or 25 or 50 or 78 or 93 or 99%. Ridiculous. There are some powerful Jesuit APOSTATES who have infiltrated the Church and are using it for the most evil reasons. I have known hundreds of Jesuits and they all minded their own business happily teaching in colleges or working in missions in very poor areas.
    Ignatius Loyola you call him a Marano Jew- is he a full Jew?; is he 50%; is he 25%, 12.5%? Of course you all knew he was a Basque.
    You all also knew that many Jesuits became liberal shills in the 60s but was it 10 %, 25% or 50 or whatever.
    You all knew that the French Jesuit martyrs in northern NY (south of where I live except for the large numbers who were north in Canada in 1600s). Were these Jesuits in on the NWO back when they were having their fingernails ripped out by Iroquois and Mohawks?. I guess when Isaac Jogues was tortured to death in NY Mohawk country, he was scheming for the NWO- that is why he was initially saved by a Dutch ship captain and dropped off in lower Manhattan.
    The Berrigan brothers were Jesuits who were arrested in late 60s and early 70s for tampering with records in military draft offices (Baltimore, MD). They were the children of a simple Irish family in Syracuse , NY.
    I still know a few former SF guys who back in their younger days were familiar with aspects of Gladio but never participated-70s Europe, 10th SF. They would never work w psychopaths..

    • True…St. Peters on N. Tryon here is run by the Jesuits….it’s about the most un-Catholic “Catholic” Church I’ve ever had the displeasure of going to…

  9. Good article, Gordon, as usual. One correction Bolivia isn’t run by ‘Gladio’ types, but by a decent Socialist President, Evo Morales (and ‘Socialist’ does not have to be a dirty word; he cares for his people, as does Maduro (and Chavez before him) in Venezuela). Check out the blog ‘Bolivia Rising’.
    I don’t know if they would call themselves ‘Socialist’; they are part of the ‘Bolivarian Revolution’, a freeing of themselves from Capitalist exploitation, run for and by the people.
    More power to their elbow, I would say.

    • @outsider

      Due respect outsider, but you may want to un-correct your correction of Mr. Duff’s incredible article. An ‘inspiring’ prisoner is there. I suggest digging deeper than what is spoon fed…

  10. The ‘Gladio’ series is still available, at least in the UK https //

  11. Thank you Mr. Duff!
    I thoroughly enjoyed your analysis of the function of modern christianity in today’s affairs.
    For those who have convinced themselves that the maniacal genocides are a figment of the past, we have Mr. Duff to remind us that the peace and love christians perform as pathogenic savages, just like those great men of the past who cut off their own genitalia in a rebuke of everything “material”.
    Ah yes, the jesuits, the crypto-jews who are the self appointed handlers of the pope, now holding the papacy alone, since that previous embarrassment was going to be such a thorn in their side! What was one of their recent statements? Oh yes, that they were moving to even closer cooperation with Judaism? Gollygeepers, what a surprise!
    Of course satanism is a wholly owned subsidiary of christianity, and of course both need each other to exist.
    The mechanistic dualism and subservience of unseen reality to simplistic and stupid over generalizations will doubtless keep this sick party going to the wee hours.

  12. Sorry Gordon, but no TWA aircraft was ever blown up over Scotland. There was an explosion in a PanAm Flight 103 in December 1988, but there is no evidence of any bomb. That seems to be arms trade returns to Oliver North, unstable Lockheed Hydra 70s or the likes, which the Iranians were unhappy with in exchange for US hostages, a deal brokered by our ZioNazi friends, who incidentally were on the scene even before London’s MI6! A ‘Rad-Haz’ accident for those who know about these things. “Hi Honey, I’ve blown up the kids! Find me a terrorist quick!”
    However, this doesn’t lessen the fact that Gladio types do exist and are psychopathic, bad bastards. Apparently rogue, freelance murder pays very well and is rarely brought to book. Who would dare?! That would be the real ‘Work of God’ (Opus Dei) and take a very dedicated Knight.
    Stay happy.

    • You’re not THE ‘Robbie the Pict’, are you? I’ve wanted to contact him for some time.
      Anyhow, there is a very thorough video on Lockerbie, ‘The Maltese Double Cross’ by Allan Francovitch (who also made other explosive documentaries, including one on the CIA. An American, he lived in the UK, but made the mistake of visiting the US for some reason. Whilst having no heart problem history, he misteriously ‘died of a heart attack’ in Houston Airport).
      Here’s the link to ‘Maltese Double Cross’ (video is not very good quality, but info is!)
      https //

    • Sorry Howard,
      Categorical assertions of that nature don’t shed any light. The Mebo circuit board fragment has been exposed as an FBI plant by the discredited Thurman fellow. The got the wrong solder and wrong colour of board. For those unfamiliar with the story, this was supposedly found by an off-duty policeman walking in woods in England, and although only the size of a thumb-nail, was attached to a remnant of shirt with, by chance, the remains of a label which enabled the shirt to be traced to a shop in Malta which Megrahi had not actually been in on the alleged date of purchase. However, you are asked to believe that this person saw this fragment in the Northumbrian woods and said “Oh look, a piece of something half-an-inch by half-an-inch attached to a piece of fabric, lying on the ground. That might be from the Lockerbie crash in Scotland. Let’s hand it in to the police!” Just how naive do you have to believe to believe this stuff?! Sorry Howard, you need to do some catch-up reading on this case before posting that kind of assertion.
      Yes, ‘Outsider’ I am he. Maltese Cross is only incidentally close. There was no bomb.
      Stay happy,

    • Theatrics aside Robbie, my recollection was that the company president testified that circuit boards of that type had never been sold to Libya, but had been sold to a shitty little country.
      Further, a retired police officer claimed that it was planted. It was a practice run for a passport surviving a plane crash and building explosion.

    • Pan Am 103 was a Mossad suitcase bomb meant to target two CIA agents that were partnering w/a certain Shia militia and running opium out of the Bekaa Valley…the German discoteque was Mossad as well….

  13. Articles like this is why I read VT. I do not know a lot about Gladio (where did they get this name?) I just know these people with this behavior cannot be tolerated by any country or government Even the commoners need to know about this type of scum roaming the earth inflicting suffering upon good people.
    I am learning more and more about this mentality, and those behind this pointless behavior. Although very sad, laws protect these misfits equally to the common ordinary citizen. They were born babies like everyone else. They had their diapers changed and butts wiped just like us, and how they got so screwed up is anyone’s guess but I am sure a lot of work went into the crazy mindset. Buffoons as this is one reason why the citizens need their weapons. Thank you Mr. Duff.

    • One more thing I would like to ask. Back in the late 60’s or early 70’s Mordecai Richler wrote an article for Playboy that told of an assassination school on the Canadian border. They would take people who had difficulties in society and would control their minds and send them out into the world to use their training to shoot political figures. Anyone read this or know where I can get this article. Gladio sounds like they might be out of this school. Sorry but it was interesting to read.

  14. i don’t knowmuch about all this Mr. Duff, but this article is why I read VT. You just don’t get this angle anywhere else but here. Gladio is foreign to me, but nothing beats being introduced to the idiots of the world with an article from this website.
    I know crazies aren’t specifically from one certain area of the world, nor are the birthed any different than the general population. I do know they once had their butts cleaned just like the rest of us, and wore diapers whether cloth or paper. Why someone persists in making fools and idiots of themselves will amaze me right up to the day my heart agonizingly emits one last beat. People like this is need shot on the spot, and why we need our weapons. If this clown thinks the world views him as brave, or courageous citizen attempting to effect a change in his country, government or whatever they are doing, for the betterment of the world they are sadly mistaken. They are less than what we all flush after a big meal in the privacy of our bathrooms.
    Scum in action is what is in dire need of cleansing.

    • Chandler I also find Aangirfan unmissable. Heart-breaking, harrowing, sickening and all, but for me an eye-opener into the very real underworld that calls itself ‘elite’.

    • Having unearthed harrowing truths in my own neck of the back-woods where I then lived, I discovered Aangirfan while healing my wounds. Until then, I had not been on the internet, and through Aangirfan I lost the last shreds of any illusions about this world and the people we had been brainwashed to ‘look up to’.
      Aangirfan and Veterans Today plus the Truthseeker and especially Les Visible have been my continuing education.
      In Christ I am

  15. What Gordon often calls the Dominionists and what Preston James names The Black Sun may have a real foundation in the very powerful but strangely out of public focus groups with the names “Nights of Malta” and “Opis Dei”. There are deeper connections between them and the especially the french government is infested with these shakers. The connections to the NATO stay behind force Gladio to this group was always virulent and we could add to this the P2 lodge, far from beeing destroyed.

    The Jesuits are well placed inside these groups and I would easily add the assasinations of the former chief of Deutsche Bank, Herrhausen and the first Chief of the Treuhandgesellschaft, Rohwedder to the plots which shaped german past WWII history towards the coming reign of neoliberal economics and unsocial politics which was unleashed rightly after this in most western countries.

    The many hidden fascist in high positions, as I tend to call them, need their willing stormtroopers and they need a well hidden commend center. Look into the major Roundtables of Europe/USA, it’s there were you find their strategic generals.

  16. Lots of meat on this bone. Something everyone should take a long hard look at. Really appreciate the effort here Gordy….many thanks.


  17. Mr. Duff,

    This is an excellent analysis. One fault we all have as humans is the need to label something in order to make it fit our understanding. Today’s “Gladio” was today’s label. History labeled it something else, and the future, something else, again.
    I have always had an interest in history, but, as we all know, official history never aligns with real history. Many years ago, I read an article that opined that Zionism was just the latest name for a long standing plan. While I do not recall what the article was, or who wrote it, viewing world events and recurring historical events all seem to point to corroboration of this concept. Whatever, or whoever is behind Gladio, has deep roots, centuries or more likely millennia old.
    I suspect that is part of Hitler’s strange allure. People sense he was on to something. The forces behind “Gladio” have worked incessantly to vilify every aspect of the NSDAP and any who dare to examine it, even cursorily. TV is still chock full of Nazi “conspiracy” and “secrets” nonsense in order to mislead. Tune into the recent rebrand – “American Heros Channel” and see for yourself.
    The truth is out there, but we have been conditioned not to see or understand it.

  18. Gordon, I can accept that Freemasonry, in light of Pike’s Morals and Dogma, and being a fraternity founded on secrecy, collusion, and subversion of the old order in Europe, might have some involvement, but the Jesuits acting collectively in cahoots with Masons is preposterous. Granted some number of Jesuit apostates may be involved in the NWO stuff, undoubtedly are, but the entire order so mobilized? It beggars belief. And, when you prefix this or that occult, demonic group in the military and elsewhere as “Christian” I’m wondering if you can explain the justification these groups find in Christian morals and ethics to commit murder, overthrow governments, and terrorize entire nations. Such activities are obviously inimical to Christian teaching. I hope your intent isn’t to impugn Christianity and everyday Christians, in the same sense that accusing Jews of the crimes committed by a powerful cabal of criminals acting under cover of the Zionist movement is morally reprehensible and sheer wickedness.

    • The Jesuits being in collusion with the Masons may not be as preposterous as one may think. In fact, many researchers believe that the ‘Superior General of the Society of Jesus’, aka the “Black Pope” is the capo di tutti capi of Freemasonry itself. For that matter, the Jesuit order was founded by Igatius Loyola, a Marrano Jew.

      Furthermore, the Vatican itself was infiltrated by Jews centuries ago, for example Pope Alexander VI whose name was Rodrigo Borgia, was also a Marrano Jew. Black Pope / White pope? It’s as obvious as a checkered Masonic floor.

      Some good info
      ***http //

    • Is there a relationship between Gladio, the Jesuits, Freemasonry, Dominionism, the Talmud and the Bolshevik CHEKA?

      Here is an excerpt from the extreme Jesuit oath which their soldiers pledge upon initiation

      “I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.”

      What’s that deal again about the greatest trick Satan ever pulled?

    • Undoubtedly, not ALL Jesuits are involved, but many are. According to Cathy O’Brien and (ex-CIA) Mark Phillips, the CIA used Nazis brought over with ‘Paperclip’ (including the notorious Dr. Mengele – renamed ‘Dr. Green’), in conjunction with the Jesuits, to form their ‘Mind Control’ activities (later named MK-Ultra’). Mengele was not just a sadistic beast; he had been tasked to experiment on children for mind-control purposes by Hitler and Himmler, and what he and others had learnt, plus what the Jesuits knew from the trauma records of the Inquisition and Crusades, was merged to form the basis for CIA Mind Control trauma experiments (I know Gordon is familiar with the ‘Franklin Cover-up’. Search ‘Ritual Abuse and MK-ULTRA Mind Control ” Cathy O’Brien” for a very informative video; they also wrote two books, ‘Trance Formation of America’ (basically a list of court cases and evidence that was supposed to be presented to Congress, but which was stifled), and the later more readable and fuller account, ‘Access Denied For Reasons of National Security’.
      Regarding Satanism, check out ‘Satanic subversion of the U.S. Military’; it’s up on the web, and includes some of the Franklin information.

  19. “Even today the vast majority of Americans know nothing about this.”

    How we can do change –

    Reblog this or start a chain letter by printing out three copies in order to escape the limits of the internet for important articles. (As for me, I will translate it.)

  20. So the first line of defense against these mercenaries is a real neighborhood watch and a police force. NY is safe, those guys attack everything; unless of course “they” are Gladio, then its each man for himself. It really bothers me that the occupy movement was tear gassed, maced, beaten, tazed, and arrested by military style police tactics while the protestors where standing still, sitting down, or trying to sleep in a tent. The Ukrainian Riot police on the other hand banded together into a pile to defend themselves from Molotov cocktails, swinging pipes, objects like furniture, rocks, and hunks of steal and later guns. They refused to arrest anyone. No brutality, just self defense.. They really could have taken a card from NY.

  21. A very important article. At first Gladio seems to be another product of Borman, Gehlen, Mueller’s take over of American Intel with Allen Dulles. But it is actually much, much more and represents the nexus of the occult networks surrounding the the Old Black Euro Nobility.

    Gladio is Reich of the Black Sun, and secret luciferianism and the source of both world zionism and fascism (two sides of the same coin which fools almost everyone). Kay Grigg’s exposed much of this stark truth about nato having a designated role to set up terror attacks in order to provide a much needed enemy so that communism could be stopped (cover story) while the drug networks were protected(main purpose).

    When the CIA was started everybody but the old OSS boys were polygraphed and had extensive background checks. the reason these men were exempt was to keep operation paperclip covered up. This core group the OBN prefer to stay hidden in the background, very low profile, while encouraging their Cutouts to be high profile and draw attention away from them. Sad to say Gladio ops have been re-activated in the Ukraine now featuring mercenaries and special ops from Israel, UK, Turkey and America. So far President Putin has remained one step ahead and is likely to be able to handle this.

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