Fukushima: A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It Movie poster Brad Pitt Robert Redford
A River Runs Through It Movie poster Brad Pitt Robert Redford
A River Runs Through It Norman Maclean Brad Pitt Robert Redford
A River Runs Through It Norman Maclean Brad Pitt Robert Redford

This is Not the Movie Version

(San Francisco) – Robert Redford and Brad Pitt along with other top notch actors made a superb movie named “A River Runs Through It” in 1992. The movie was from a story set in the American West by Norman Maclean.

This is not that story, however. This a story of an ongoing, grimy industrial disaster that destroyed any hope of continued life on Earth. We have seen it come to pass in our lifetimes. People  mostly stood by and did nothing. There is nothing we can do about it now, it is a done deal and is now called an “Extinction Level Event.”

Some have asked “How much water flows through Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant’s six reactors? The short answer is: A bunch.

The operator of the leaking Fukushima nuclear plant said Tuesday that it dumped more than 1,000 tons of polluted water 67f97451-cba6-4bef-93b4-3f251673c51e
The operator of the leaking Fukushima nuclear plant said Tuesday that it dumped more than 1,000 tons of polluted water

Yes, a river does run through it. The Fukushima Daiichi industrial complex in North Eastern Japan is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The water flows down from the hills behind the Nuke Power Plant as it has for millennia. It is a natural process of the Earth. There are also the torrential rains and the regular typhoons; known in the West as hurricanes.

The site is on a big area of beach front property on the Pacific Ocean. Big enough to put six big reactors all lined up in a row on the ocean frontage, except there used to be a cliff there.

General Electric Corporation, the American manufacturer of little nuke power plants that could for submarines, picked the location and decided it would be cheaper to move the cliff than it would be to pump ocean water up the cliff to cool the Nukes.

A simple enough business decision, since it might cost 4% of the Net Electrical Output of the Reactors to pump the ocean water up the cliff. Done. Decision made. Scrape away the cliff. Not a problem.

If any Japanese objected, they could deal with General Douglas MacArthur’s post WWII Army of Occupation or the Yakuza Japanese Mafia “friends of Tepco.”

A River Runs Through It Movie poster Brad Pitt Robert Redford
A River Runs Through It Movie poster Brad Pitt Robert Redford

Meanwhile, GE was very busy enlarging the little reactor that powered American Submarines, literally. The engineers slavishly kept the upside down design, too, even though the reactor would be on dry land and not at Sea.

At Sea a misbehaving reactor core can simply be dropped to the bottom of the ocean. Decades later, in 2011, the submarine reactors were doomed to do just as they were designed to do and drop their misbehaving, melting 2,070°F Uranium reactor cores to drop, plop, right through the reactor. The white hot melted cores then proceeded to burn through the concrete basements and dirt into the old river bed.

The reactors did exactly as they were supposed to do. It was humans that screwed up and parked the ocean-going reactors on a beach in North Eastern Japan.

The old river would still flow through the plant area as it always has. Concealed, underground, it will leisurely carry intensely radioactive molecules from hundreds of tonnes of runaway, highly Lethal reactor cores into the Pacific Ocean for eternity.

So yea, a river ran through the Fukushima Daiichi site from the mountains. It still does – it is just underground. You know somethin’? It still will, too, till the end of time; long after humans are extinguished from the Earth by radiation.

That, in a nutshell, is why this disaster is called an Extinction Level Event (ELE) and the still flowing, invisible underground river has as much to do with it as anything. For once the Rad gets into the ocean and the air; it goes worldwide, nuking everything.

Sources and Notes

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  1. Fool that I am..
    Hi Mr. Nichols.
    Nice touch with the “River Runs Thru it”
    The geology there is a complete nightmare.
    At last count you figger we is all dead already
    Whereas I am hoping (and Praying) for Divine Intervention.
    Three years on.. you saw the tank farm, Yes?
    It gets cold there too (about like here (Colorado)
    Seems like pipes would break and such.
    What a Nightmare.


    • Aye, JM, More than a thousand big tanks of radioactive water. That much Rad all together creates its own X-Rays, zapping anyone that ventures by.

      About three fourths of the big tanks were bolted together out of inferior, cheaper carbide steel – not 404 grade stainless by a long shot.

      The bolts do rust as we speak, all set to break asunder. Beware the next Typhoon, or maybe just a clear day – any old day there, three years almost gone.

      Bob Nichols

  2. Interesting. But I wonder if our friends, the compulsive obsessed zi(lli)onaire masons, creating all the disasters also have an Extinction Level Event. Maybe one next month.

    • Well, it sure might.

      But, the reactors were dead and melted within minutes of the quake, the tsunami was just a distraction for the gullible.

      The whole mess was a very large radioactive cannon AIMED across the sea at the US. It is still Firing, of course, and will for millenia, or a really long time.


    • This is sad news about the river runs thru it. Yes…the tsunami was a distraction, but it wasn’t the only synthetic aspect to the Fuku extinction level disaster. The whole thing was by design. Jim Stone makes some devestating points

      At Fukushima we had

      1. An Israeli security firm, the WORST thing for security in the world, which admitted to having a full time internet connection to reactor 3 all the way through the disaster (totally prohibited) and they admitted to this in the Jerusalem Post.

      2. An awful suspiciously large camera exactly the same in size, appearance and weight of a gun type nuclear weapon,

      3. The Stuxnet virus, DOCUMENTED, which Israel created and planted in Iran to destroy Iran’s nuclear program, which was documented to be in Fukushima before the disaster

      4. A documented fake 9.0 earthquake (Japanese seismologists said it, but the ziopress covered it up, but the original truthful charts and seismograms are in the Fukushima report,

      5. An obvious nuclear tsunami (just look at the youtube videos, which show absolutely no earthquake damage as the tsunami arrives, a lack of damage which is corroborated by the real Japanese seismograms)

      6. All the key isotopes of a nuclear weapon detonation, which differ from those a reactor will produce, in the rubble and mushroom cloud of reactor 3, thus proving that the camera placed under reactor 3 was indeed a nuclear weapon.

    • Hello, thanks for writing in….

      I followed the plausibility of what you said, until up got to No 6. You said “6. All the key isotopes of a nuclear weapon detonation, which differ from those a reactor will produce, in the rubble and mushroom cloud of reactor 3,…”

      Nope, not a chance, That is not true, all reactors and nuclear weapons make the same 1,946 Rad Isotopes. That dog won’t hunt.

      Bob Nichols

    • Wolf, regarding #4. Do you have a link for the seismograms? I’ve never seen them. Which Fukushima report?

    • Yes. Jim Stone incorporates a couple of links in his expose. Check it out and decide for yourself; ****http //www.jimstonefreelance.com/fukushima1.html

    • Wolf,

      Hmm, you did it again with the Stoned stuff.

      What is you don’t understand about the SAME isotopes made in reactors are made in nuclear bombs?

      Finding a bunch of Isotopes is not proof that it was an nuclear weapon.

      Cut the Trolling here.

      Bob Nichols

    • Pardon me Bob. I honestly don’t know enough about isotopes etc to debate it. Like I say, everyone needs to decide for themselves if what Stone posits has any validity. What is not open to debate is that Fukushima is as you say…an extinction level event. I personally believe that it was no accident. I will “troll” your thread no more.

    • Chuckling …. that is kinda sad if it wasn’t so funny, “wolf.”

      I checked out the Isotope ratios, you must do so, too, and, like, you’ve only had three years to do so, “wolf.”

      So what is your game, dude? It sure ain’t trying to find out about Fuku.

      Bob Nichols

    • Dear Bob & Wolf

      You are both right, sort of.
      More isotopic evidence is needed.

      I appreciate Bob’s sounding the alarm about ELE, (True)

      (this set of events affects no fewer than 200 millions USA Americans
      mostly West Coast near term within 10 years
      plus Canada plus Mexico plus Northern Europe plus Northern Pacific.

      I will have to go back to examine evidence to alert classmates,
      Navy vets in WA & OR & other downwinders since Nov 1944 (Hanford)
      in West Texas (Trinity, July 16, 1945)..

      Back to topic.
      Yes, Bob, the same isotopes are made in both detonations & reactors,
      but the RATIOS are what allow our labs to differentiate between what’s what.
      Mostly because of the mix of fast neutron flux vs slow vs X.

      When I arrived at Det 407, Yokota AB in summer 1968, the chemistry boys
      were still laughing at the meltdown caused by the Red Guards.
      The RG invaded a reactor control room
      & ordered the nuc techs out into the fields to harvest crops.
      (re-education in peasantry, don’cha know)

      Then, we went on to the big’un from the Chinese at Xmas, 1969
      Of course the big’un at Xmas, 1968. Exciting times for Nuke Lab Techs.

      Listening to Chris Noel on Armed Forces Radio, as I processed Air & Chem samples
      on graveyard shift.

      Had that baby shit chocolate brown filter paper
      in my “hot” little hands.
      from RB 57 F from Lop Nor desert test site.

      Cruised at 74,000 feet, pumped up air samples
      to 3,000 psi in wire wound spheres,
      (Gary Powers in his U-2 only had one or two of those spheres
      to look for radio-Krypton to find the Russkie Pu plants.

    • Great metaphor. River runs thru it.

      My Bro-in-law lives just up the mountain from Telegraph Creek (river) in MT
      down along HWY 12 up from the PO at Elliston MT. Where movie was filmed.

      I don’t really want to tell them how much the jet stream from Fukushima
      is dumping on the entire US – Canada border this particular winter.

    • Hi John,

      BTW, I checked the ratios at Fuku; nothing to write home about.

      I’m kinda surprised you did not already know. Sooo, what gives here, John?

      Good day,

      Bob Nichols

    • Wolf, John Werst,

      I understand what you mean, John. If you have info on the No 3 Reactor Ratios and it can be transmitted or shared, send it to VT or my listed Email.

      Yup. those Rad detectors were, and are, something else.

      Yea, kin who are living in “less suitable” places are a worry. I have it too. There is not any great mystery here, we all know what is going to happen to them before their time. I just think of them as the “shorts” in this whole thing. It’s a bummer.

      Does your Bro-in-law know snow is the best Rad scavenger there is, bar none? That snow pack has got to be hot as a pistol.

      Bob Nichols

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