Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – March 10, 2014


vt-top-1011Veterans! Here’s your Top 10 News stories of the day compiled from the latest sources


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1.   Senate staffers took secret CIA papers years before agency realizedDemocratic staffers of the Senate Intelligence Committee obtained classified documents at the center of a bitter struggle with the CIA some three years before the agency determined that the materials had been spirited out of a secret facility and demanded their return, according to U.S. officials.
2.   Putin doesn’t see America as weak, former US ambassador to Moscow saysPlotting a U.S. response to Vladimir Putin’s land grab in Ukraine requires an understanding that the Russian leader operates without a clear-cut foreign policy and out of “dual impulses” of asserting Moscow’s power while courting Western approval, according to an American diplomat who observed him up close for five years.
3.   US military presence in Africa growing in small waysAmid a surge of Islamic militancy in North Africa, a team of fewer than 50 U.S. special operations troops with a single helicopter arrived at a remote base in western Tunisia last month.
4.   Newport News Shipbuilding: Carrier funding prompts head scratchingThis week’s rollout of the Defense Department budget prompted as many questions as answers about the U.S. aircraft carrier fleet and the status of future big-ticket jobs at Newport News Shipbuilding.
5.   Drones now doing business in the skies above youDrones, once known as weapons of war, are undergoing a dramatic makeover as a hot new business tool in the sky. But, as with unmanned military craft, domestic drones are prompting concerns over safety and privacy.
6.   Frustration in Afghan women’s rights struggleIn 2009, the United States gave Wazhma Frogh the International Woman of Courage award for her women’s rights activism in Afghanistan. In Frogh’s office is a picture of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton granting her the award as First Lady Michelle Obama smiles, clapping by her side. Four years later, trying to get away from an Afghan militia commander, she was denied a U.S. visa.
7.   Sinclair’s sex assault accuser was ambitious soldier tooThe Army captain who has accused Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair of sexually assaulting her during their three-year relationship was an ambitious soldier with plans to make the military her career, much like the boss she loved and admired.

8.Veterans covered under VA care meet requirementsHyperlink to Article Clovis News Journal:  Veterans who already have Veteran Affairs health care are covered under the new American Care Act requirements.

9.Group: Medicaid expansion would cover some vetsHyperlink to Article The Virginian-Pilot:  About 21,100 veterans in Virginia and 4,100 of their spouses could qualify for health coverage under Medicaid if lawmakers decide to expand eligibility under the Affordable Care Act, according to estimates… Some are signed up for VA health care but could use Medicaid as supplemental coverage to more easily see doctors and other providers outside the VA system.

10.Walz speaks to his supportersHyperlink to Article The Journal:  First District Congressman Tim Walz stopped in New Ulm on Sunday to speak to supporters at the American Legion club rooms… Asked about the backlog in Veteran Affairs Claims, Walz cited a lack of communication between the Veterans Health and Veterans Benefits Administration branch, as the major reason for the slow down.


Eye Injuries Avoidable, Doctor Says: March is National Save Your Vision Month, and the Defense Department wants service members to take care of their eyes by wearing eye protection when performing dangerous work, reducing eye strain and routinely undergoing eye examinations.  Dr. Robert Mazzoli, an ophthalmologist at the Vision Center of Excellence at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Wash., noted the Iraq and Afghanistan wars of more than a decade produced a historic high in the percentage of eye injuries.  “When we were first  … Read more