NEO – The Organizer of International Terror – 4


USA – The Organizer of International Terror – Part 4

Ideological Terror

…by  Konstantin Penzev,   with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

[ Editor’s Note:  One is not surprised to find more than a few angry Russians, who usually have a better grasp of history than most Americans, writing about the irony of their throwing off the yoke of Soviet tyranny only to wake up one morning and find Amerikanzis threatening them on their borders.

And even worse, is their seeing the use of proxy troops, which the Ukrainian Army and the ultra-nationalist hoodlums seem to have been chosen to be.

Americans forget, if they ever knew, that Hitler did the same, using cannon fodder fascists from European countries on the Eastern front.

The numbers would surprise you, plus they are coming from Norway and even the Netherlands, and lots from Ukraine. But they were a different story, having suffered horribly under communism, unlike Western Europeans.

In his conclusion, Konstantin takes a shot at the mid-20th century racism in the American South, as if racism did not exist all over the world at the time, especially in the Soviet Union, and even Russia today.

While he has grasped the divide and conquer tactics used by the Soviets, and now the West on the "emerging democracies,” we must forgive him for not being able to see how it worked in the South.

A victorious North did give Blacks the vote in the South, not because they liked them, but to ensure their presidential vote for Republicans during the Robber Baron days.

Buster and Johnny - before the propaganda began

Buster and Johnny – before the propaganda began

Confederate whites were stripped of their right to vote, and an illiterate black could be elected and serve in the state legislatures where a college educated white woman could not even vote.

Poor whites and poor blacks were set against each other, where the Southern and Northern elites both exploited them to the best of their abilities. The Ukraine is next in line for a good dose of this treatment.

But we will try to cross educate ourselves in this forum, so we will hopefully never allow ourselves to be either victims or victimizers, sad roads to travel, especially if you do them both… Jim W. Dean ]


–   First published March 11,  2014  –


Russians know it when they see it

Russians know it when they see it

It is no need to explain to a Russian what the ideological terror is. There was a time when any publicly expressed doubt as for the validity of the Communist dogma could cause problems in one’s career at best, or result in a criminal prosecution at worst.

That is true. At the same time, we should clearly distinguish a conflict of worldviews and anti-state activities. The first relates to the philosophy, but the second relates to criminal offenses.

The anti-communist propaganda, practiced by Washington, primarily had the anti-state character. The latter was a real, but not a declared aim of the White House.

No matter how hard the missionaries of global ideologies disguised themselves in clothing of liberators and saviours of humanity, their essence suggested itself sooner or later. Alas, there is nothing more pathetic than a messiah caught sinning.

We witnessed the collapse of communism, and the bubble of American liberalism will burst in the near future. The war in Syria and Libya showed the world what the theoretical arguments about democracy really are, backed by murders and massacres.

If the “free” U.S. supported the dictatorships of Somoza, Stroessner, etc., and still continues to support pro-American tyrants, then what has it to do with democracy? Obama’s speculations about freedom, the exceptionality of the United States and other blah-blah-blah are just a cover for dirty political games.

Do you doubt the validity of the U.S. mission? Then you will be tortured in the concentration camp of Guantanamo, secret CIA prisons located around the world, you will be hanged, and if there are no legal grounds to hang you, you will die in prison like Slobodan Milosevic.

Wilson (R) - with the big four at the Paris Peace Conference

Wilson (R) – with the big four at the Paris Peace Conference

Well, then. All the maxims, being told today by Obama and leaders of the State Department about the special mission of the United States – democracy and freedom – were not invented by them or their speechwriters.

All this ideology is called “Wilsonianism”, as it was President Woodrow Wilson who voiced it at the highest level for the first time.

In 1918, he proclaimed that the goal of the U.S. was to destroy “any despotic power, wherever it is”. Needless to say, Washington took upon itself the right to decide who was a despot and who was a democrat in this world.

Wilson said in 1919: “We have built this nation to make men free, and we, in terms of vision and goals, are not limited to America”.

Oh, yes! American soldiers and foreign mercenaries of the U.S. intelligence “liberated” from the life and property an incredible number of people in Korea, Vietnam, Libya and Syria. They cut off ears of civilians and killed whole villages in Vietnam. This is the way the White House was fighting against communism, despotism and tyranny. It is simple – there is no man and no problems with ideology.

Citizens of the United States are proud of the freedom of speech existing in their country. Yes, it is true. No other country in the world has such freedom of speech as the U.S.A. In the U.S., you can freely promote the most sophisticated violence, lechery, greed, and everything called “mortal sins” in Christianity.

The U.S. film industry does nothing but accustom people to lechery and sadism. If a severe American student does not like his classmates, he just buys an automatic rifle and launches them into eternity in the maximum possible amount.

Obviously, such actions relate to the freedom of expression, and the Norwegian Breivik used it too. Now he threatens to start a hunger strike if they do not buy him a PlayStation 3. And they will buy it, have no doubt.

Yes, Russia is not a free country, as it is understood by the Washington administration. Sure, these “wild” Russians legislatively prohibit the incitement of ethnic, religious and racial hatred. Yes, Washington also does not encourage such actions within their own country.

However, when it is a case of Russia and other states, disliked by the White House, “the wind of freedom” starts blowing with a hurricane force from the White House.

"Snookie Riot - Terrorism of the senses?"

“Snookie Riot – Terrorism of the senses?”

For example, let us remember the recent events relating to the case of the music band “Pussy Riot”, which offended the feelings of all Russian Christians by their trick in the Christ the Saviour Cathedral. Lord alone knows what all this could end if the “pussies” were not locked up in jail for a while.

Who can guarantee that religious extremists (and they exist and will always exist everywhere) would not arrange a pogrom in the spirit of “Then Phineas rebelled and held court”?

The action of the “Pussy Riot” was a pure provocation aimed at destabilizing Russian society, and the West not only supported it: the international human rights organization Amnesty International recognized the detainees to be “prisoners of conscience”. What a “conscience” it is and what meaning do they assign to this word in the West?

The Associated Press reported the following with the reference to the White House. American President Obama was “upset” with the sentence passed upon the “Pussy Riot”. And yet… Maybe he and some other people should finally realize one thing. The Orthodox Church has preached in Russia for over a thousand years and has survived far worse foes than several exalted maidens.

As for the incitement of ethnic hatred in foreign countries, the actions of this kind are favourite tactics of Washington, and its diplomatic and intelligence agencies.

In the article “About the New Course Two Years Later”, published in the journal “Our Contemporary” A.S. Panarin pointed out one of the main lines in the U.S. policy, which lay in inciting the Slavs and Muslims against each other in order to prevent a “Slavo-Turkic synthesis”, which had been “the core of united Eurasia for five hundred years”. A.S. Panarin said that the corresponding scenario was performed in Yugoslavia, when the “Atlantists” aimed their “anti-terrorist action” against the Serbs, using Muslim Albanians as the henchmen.

The current anti-Chinese propaganda has the same purpose. Almost all the stuff about the “Chinese threat”, regularly appearing in various media, has the purpose to sow discord with the Chinese people.

Finally, we should say a few words about racism. In those days, when President Wilson declared: “We have built this nation to make men free”, racial segregation was quite a common reality in the United States, fixed by law in many states.

There was a ban on racially mixed marriages in 16 of the 50 states of the U.S.A. 50 years ago. Only in June 1967, the U.S. Supreme Court recognized these prohibitions as unconstitutional.

Konstantin Penzev, author and historian, observer at the New Eastern Outlook online magazine.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean  and  Erica Wissinger


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6 Responses to "NEO – The Organizer of International Terror – 4"

  1. Bente  March 12, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    Thank you !!! This is well said, true and I just wish it could go on mainline media and reach many more….
    but we are not there yet… I actually had no idea this American exceptionalism started 1918…. hm ! Interesting…. I take it you are Russian, I have found that Russians are incredibly read ie well versed in multiple subjects… you must have a very good school system – – the US’s schools are for the birds and the EU schools are copying the US…. producing morons, drugging them so they can be compliant slaves. UGH !!! Much to change…

  2. spent  March 12, 2014 at 1:39 am

    I would like to get VT’s take on this http //

    • Raptor  March 12, 2014 at 3:27 am

      Yep I saw that and was wondering if anyone was going to have a comment. It looks as if it’s possible someone is about to fall upon their sword. Who is it going to be?


  3. ProtectUSA1st  March 11, 2014 at 11:52 pm

    —-We have the most corrupt election, but we roam the world to check others, especially, checking Egypt’s election by it’s enemies the Zionists. How extra ordinary.

    ——That is why Israel-Firsters, Israeli-Americans Zionist Termites Occupied as Part-time & Full-time Employees from top to bottom at “The Wilson Center”, in DC.

    ——Jane Margaret Lakes Harman, an Israel-American Zionists, President & CEO of the Woodrow Wilson International Center & who was also involved in Spy Scandal at AIPAC about NSA Wiretapping, during Bush, Jr., took Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an Israel-American Zionist to Egypt.

    —-Egypt–1/30/12, On a TV Interview, Ginsburg, was asked whether she thought Egypt should use the Constitutions of other countries as a model, Ginsburg said …………
    ”“I would not look to the USA. Constitution, if I were drafting a Constitution in the year 2012. I might look at the Constitution of South Africa,” says Ginsburg, whom President Clinton nominated to the court in 1993.”

    • Raptor  March 12, 2014 at 3:32 am

      It’s not just the Israeli duel citizens……it’s about everyone involved these days….people have lost their center and that is not by accident. This has been a growing problem brought about by a completely distorted view of reality….it starts in public school systems at the bottom and continues on to the top….people are like robots, those that aren’t have been compromised beyond hope and are a non factor.

      Until people realize that they can do without most of the things they rely on, nothing will change. Debt has 80% of the US Population by the balls…their own brand of prison.


  4. franktalk  March 11, 2014 at 10:07 pm

    When the true history is hidden from the people, the world makes no sense because the reasons are easily hidden in the confusion and the wrong premise is often exposed. Such false information creates in honest good people, false conclusions. Please keep learning, the Hegelian dialectic and the divide (using dualism) and conquer games of the old kings and merchants. People have to get smarter.

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