VT was right again – False Flag killers in Kiev confirmed by security chief



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Kiev carnage carried out from opposition building: Ex-official

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[ Editors Note:  This came as no surprise. We had been expecting a ‘tipping point’ incident if any compromise looked like it was going to be worked out.

In a major country coup like this, when you have all of your assets deployed, you always have several back up plans to carry things through to their desired end. There is no ‘rain day’ option.

The usual bombing had been the anticipated tragedy as the shootings they did is often very dangerous for the larger number of people engaged, and irregulars are historically known for shooting their mouths off while drunk in bars.

That is why professional killers are typically used. When using locals, they tend to be ‘disposed of’ afterward, but that is messy in itself.

The first hard indication of Western involvement was not a word mentioned in the press about why no investigation. That was waaaayyyyy out of line. The US and EU wanted to roll immediately with the new government recognition and consolidating power, where zero roadblocks and speed is paramount when taking power.

The Right Sector thugs began purging the former government party members immediately and aggressively. They ran for their lives. It was not until early this week before the Russians even rolled out their ‘investigation card’.

Again, not a peep out of the world Press of the no massacre investigation making the new government look bad or worse, questioning their legitimacy. Frankly, what we watched happen was a replay version of the CIA/MI6 Iranian coup that put the Shah in power. As the old saying goes, “You use what has always worked.”

The scary part of all of this is how unconcerned all the Western leadership seemed about possible negative public reaction to their involvement in a terror coup. What did they know that we don’t. Do they feel they have found a permanent solution to that? God help us if that is the case…Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published March 13,  2014  –


Fate deicides who lives, and who dies
Fate deicides who lives, and who dies

Ukraine’s former security chief confirms that the snipers who killed dozens of people during last month’s anti-government protests in the capital Kiev operated from a building controlled by the opposition.

In an interview with Russia’s Rossiya-1 TV channel on Thursday, former head of the Security Service of Ukraine Aleksandr Yakimenko said shots that killed both policemen and protesters in February were fired from the building which was under the full control of the opposition and particularly Maidan Commandant Andrey Parubiy.

“Shots came from the Philharmonic Hall. Maidan Commandant Parubiy was responsible for this building. Snipers and people with automatic weapons were ‘working’ from this building on February 20,” Yakimenko said.

The former chief of Ukraine’s security service also said Parubiy has been in contact with US Special Forces and they may have arranged the deadly shootings.

Parubiy was appointed as the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine after the opposition took power in the former Soviet state.

The remarks came after a recent leaked phone call between EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton and Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet revealed that Ukraine’s opposition had hired snipers to kill both police officers and demonstrators last month.

In the 11-minute conversation, Paet said the February killings were carried out by snipers hired by the Maidan coalition, which is the main provocateur of the crisis in Kiev. The Estonian official also noted that ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych had not been behind the fatal shootings.

Moscow has called for the formation of an independent group to investigate the crimes committed by the extremist and armed elements of the opposition over the past three months in the Eastern European country.

Political crisis erupted in Ukraine in November 2013, when Yanukovych refrained from signing an Association Agreement with the EU in favor of closer ties with Russia.


Dmitry Babich Interview

Press TV has interviewed Dmitry Babich, a radio host with the Voice of Russia, from Moscow, to discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, as well as Russia’s role in the matter.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: What do you make of these comments coming out right now, first of all? These are quite revealing, wouldn’t you agree?

Babich: I agree, and I would say that the first impulse for the investigation came from a recorded conversation between the Estonian foreign minister and the chief of European diplomacy, Catherine Ashton.

During that conversation which was secretly recorded, they Estonian minister told how he talked to some of the Maidan activists who actually acknowledged that people on both sides during the riots in Kiev were killed by the same bullets and that these bullets did not come from Yanukovich’s forces but from some of the elements of the opposition.

I would remind you that Andriy Parubiy was the so-called commander of Maidan and who indeed control the building of symphony from which these shots were fired. This Andrey Parubiy in the beginning of 1990s founded the so-called National Social Party of Ukraine. Its program was purely national socialist. You can guess that in Ukraine, which suffered from the Nazis, people know very well what national social means and what national socialist means. So, he is a pure Nazi.

If you read his opinions, if you read his articles over 20, 15 years ago, you can see that he doesn’t conceal even his view on…, for example. So, basically, you can expect anything from this kind of person. It’s very unfortunate that he now heads the National Security Council of Ukraine.

Prior to this, the National Socialist Party of Ukraine became Svoboda, which means freedom in Russian and Ukrainian. And now Svoboda controls four seats in the Ukrainian government, and the prosecutor general is also a member of the Svoboda, formally the National Socialist Party of Ukraine. This person can arrest anyone in Ukraine within minutes.

Press TV: Indeed, Mr. Babich, as you’ve just pointed out, this is a government that has neo-Nazi elements within it; it is a government that came to power, as mounting evidence is showing, using snipers against the civilian population, being in contact with US Special Forces.

There are many elements within Ukraine and outside that have been questioning the legitimacy of this interim government in Kiev. Do you think with more evidence such as the one we see today, this legitimacy will be questioned on a larger scale and on a larger platform?

Babich: I would not comment on Mr. Parubiy’s connections to US Special Forces. I honestly don’t know.

But it’s enough to read the programs of the parties which now control the Ukrainian government. It’s enough to read their interviews. You can find them on the internet. You can translate them from Ukrainian and from Russian. These are indeed neo-Nazi views, this is for certain. You don’t need to maintain investigations to find it out.

It’s really unfortunate that these governments get support from the United States and from the European Union right now. The media in the Western countries shut their eyes to the real convictions of these people now in power in Ukraine. They don’t listen to Russia, just like they haven’t been listening to Iran for 34 years.

You know, it’s very unfortunate but I think that even the situation in Crimea, which I don’t like, to be frank with you, was the result of the broken dialogue between Russia and the United States, Russia and the EU. Russia will simply not listen just like Iran is not being listened [to] right now. This is a very dangerous situation when communication is blocked.

Press TV: Very, very quickly, if you can, my next question was about the situation in Crimea, and whether the revelations are going to have an effect on what’s happening there?

Babich: I’m afraid that these revelations are going to be rejected by the new Ukrainian government. Of course their government won’t allow any investigation because there is already a myth created around Maidan. This is a Ukrainian-nationalist myth about heroes, who died, you know, a terrible death in the hands or under the bullets of butchers.

The same kind of myth was created about the Ukrainian nationalist fighters who helped Hitler, you know, occupy Ukraine in the 1940s and later these fighters fought the Soviet army.

So, there is that heroic myth created around them, although these people had … put it mildly. They’re not going to destroy that myth. The new Ukrainian government will not investigate the allegation that indeed the bullets could come from elements connected through the opposition.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



  1. “You can guess that in Ukraine, which suffered from the Nazis, people know very well what national social means and what national socialist means. So, he is a pure Nazi.” When the “Good Guys” start throwing around racist epitaphs, like “Nazi” & “Neo-Nazi” in the Ukrainian conflict, we know we are leaving the factual world and entering the world of hollywoodism. When your mind is manufactured in hollywoodism any version of history is possible. Real Ukrainians not russian colonialist or american imperialists remember the HOLODOMOR where between 7 to 20 million Ukrainians where exterminated. Not quickly through Zyklon B gas, that hollywoodism shows in it’s endless Shoa Business. Not the Zyklon B gas that America used to humanly execute it’s prisoners but starvation, painfully administrated, consciously systematically over years by the Russians with Americans silent complicity. Why? Because Ukrainians believed that indigenous people should have a right to run their own country. It was the National Socialists of Deutschland that liberated the Ukrainians from the “Good Guys”. It was not the Ukrainians that suffered under Deutschland but their pure nasti torrmentors. Ukrainians, not the russian colonialists who now occupy half the country or the Hollywood brainwashed youth financed by Americans but the indigenous people of Ukraine, who lost loved ones, know very well who really saved them. They understand that the Russians and the Americans are different sides of the same coin.

  2. Sad isn’t? Whether caught or not, to achieve a political end, they salivate on killing commoners who simply want basic needs, and a few wants. WE don’t ask much. WE let them live off us by paying our taxes. We go to their elections, and they let us vote. If the result is not who they so desire, they can alter the outcome (in private of course unknowingly. Even when we discover a discrepancy, we are very tolerant. So, they dog us, don’t like what we do when it is against them
    Rebellious people need not be repelled or crucified. “A government of our own,” wrote Thomas Paine, “is our natural right.” At least they are, or were, standing up for what they believe. Here, we lay down, grab our remotes and enjoy the raping.

    • There is a radio conversation by alleged snipers that was recorded in which they spoke Russian. It was possibly first put out to imply a connection between the snipers and the Russians. However in it those snipers were saying that there was shooting from Hotel Ukraine and that they did not have armed forces there, so they were confused what was happening. Sorry, I don’t know what all was said, as there is no translated transcript AFAIK.

    • The actual implication is that those “Russian” snipers were not the ones shooting from Hotel Ukraine.

    • Still, question to Veterans Today. Supposedly in the first days of casualties some alleged snipers were caught, and you can see photos of them being dragged by crowds. Perhaps the ones caught were not the same ones doing the killing though, since the caught ones were on the losing end.

    • Here is a counterpoint story in Russian that V.T. doesn’t mention – note that posting date is BEFORE the sniper murders;
      http(insert colon here)//www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfy5OE5FwTE (unfortunately no English subtitles)

      Again, more or less the same thing in english (note the date..);

      The man being interviewed is ANDREY NIKOLAYEVICH ILLARIONOV, here are his credentials;

      Putins cheerleaders here at V.T. seem to think Russia is incapable of cointelpro, or even of pulling off a false flag of their own. Russian snipers would certainly fit the M.O. described in these interviews.

  3. ” The scary part of all of this is how unconcerned all the Western leadership seemed about possible negative public reaction to their involvement in a terror coup. What did they know that we don’t. Do they feel they have found a permanent solution to that? ”

    This quote is key to what is really going on, albeit simply my opinion, I am convinced that this is an act of desperation. As I said on another page, there is no way the Obama administration is this stupid.

    I put a few questions/statements to one of my state Senators in response to one of his newsletter e-mails…all I’ve heard since is crickets. So yes it’s very likely that they know something the rest of us have yet to become aware of…….It just looks and smells like a political setup to me. Still waiting to see who it is that will fall upon their sword.


  4. Yes, you were right, but let’s face it, predicting the treacherous actions of reckless serial killers with a long-standing, in-your-face modus operandi and a limited imagination isn’t exactly rocket science…

  5. Hey guys, they might use the same tactic in Texas this weekend
    ****http //truthernews.wordpress.com/2014/03/11/alex-jones-provocateur-violence-at-open-carry-gun-marches-in-austin-texas/****

    … Alex Jones and the Austin chapter of “Come and Take It Texas” (which Jones coincidentally sponsors) will hold open carry gun marches though the city of Austin, Texas….

    The gun marches, which will reportedly end at the South by Southwest (SXSW) film and music festival, will likely suffer attacks by agent provocateurs affiliated with STRATFOR-Infowars and the U.S. federal government. The provocateurs .. may target gun owners, civilians, and/or members of Texas law enforcement with the goals of a) terrorizing the SXSW event, b) portraying gun owners as terrorists, and c) igniting a civil-war in Texas over the right to keep and bear arms.

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