Israel to solidify control of Mediterranean gas fields



Israel to solidify control of Mediterranean gas fields: commentator

…by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,    … with  Press TV, Tehran


When 'having a lot of gas' - is a good thing.

When ‘having a lot of gas’ – is a good thing.

[ Note:  The topic for this interview was Netanyahu’s refusal to stop settlement expansion even during the peace talks.

So I had to quickly review the long used Zionist tactics for killing the peace talks and then blaming Abbas. But you know me, I also wanted to get in an issue that our wonderful free press refuses to discuss, which is the huge elephant in the room.

And that is how will the ownership of the off shore oil and gas fields be split up. We know what the Israeli position is going to be…”We take everything…because we have WMD and who is going to stop us?” "Can you feel the love?”

They even plan on taking Lebanon’s which is why they are keep the boot on their necks like they are. It is not really because they are a security threat. They want this pre-war condition to prevent them to getting any exploration and development going as they know that income will make them must stronger opponents to compete with.

Because no one has mentioned this before, Press VT went with the gas fields control issue in the main title. And that why I used the pipeline banner you can see why Syria is being cut up. Another pipeline can go through north Syria with Gulf gas and oil and tie into the European pipeline.

‘They’ want to cut all of their local neighbors out of those future riches, and long term, replace Europe’s needing Russian gas. All the security issues are a smokescreen for another battle to get control not only of these reserves (while denying them to others) but also the distribution.

It is, beginning, middle and end…always about money. There really isn’t another issue for these people, period. The rest are just for show.]


Would Israel use its military and WMD threat to steal a bigger share of these gas fields? You bet your booty!

Would Israel use its military and WMD threat to steal a bigger share of these gas fields? You bet your booty!

 –  First published March 10, 2014  –


Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, managing editor of Veteran’s Today, Atlanta about the Israeli PM opposing the freezing of illegal settlement building as a condition for the extension of talks.

You can see the 4 minute video interview at this Press TV link. For some strange reason, American media never calls us to do interviews like this, not even Democracy Now. Gosh…I wonder why?

File Photo - Press TV

File Photo – Press TV

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Basically Netanyahu has said he is going to do what he wants to do. How likely is it that the United States would actually this time around try to put some pressure on Tel Aviv to get them to at least stop expanding the illegal settlements? Do you see Washington playing any kind of a role in that?

Dean: Well, they actually do have a lot of pressure on them now, but the regular Likud Party structure and strategy for hailing the Americans has always been to slow down the process.

And they use this subversion they have on our Congress to try to drag the process out as long as possible and that undermines the prestige of the White House not being able to get anything done and then they try to have them lower their demands. So you have that aspect of it.

Then number two, they are always trying to get the Palestinians to leave the negotiations, because they’re continuing the settlements, so then they can turn around and say, “See we have no partner for peace. How can we have peace if the other side doesn’t want it”.

Of course, nobody believes that, but they’ve never been punished for that.

And then part three, which is kind of a wild card: they are also stalling because of the destabilization efforts that are going on particularly in Syria. They want to buy time and see how that works out because if Syria is less of a potential threat to them that could make them feel a little more comfortable.

And then the last item is – which doesn’t really get any coverage in the news – they’re really trying to buy time to solidify control of off-shore gas fields in the Mediterranean, particularly the ones that don’t belong to them like Gaza and some other areas.

And for some reason corporate media is not discussing this at all because it represents huge money and I can assure you the Israelis are focused intently on securing those gas fields.

Press TV: So you are saying basically a lot of this stuff is a smokescreen in order so they can get more control of the gas fields. That is the actual goal?

Dean: That is the Holy Grail prize when all of this is done. And this is why as a strategy, rather than just let the governments do, we need to up the game and punish them for stalling.

And the easiest thing we can do is expand the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement) settlements boycott into a ‘weapons of mass destruction boycott’.

I just don’t understand why all of these organizations just don’t call for complete economic boycott on Israel until they turn over all of their WMDs to intentional authorities and they just don’t let them get away with this.

Then, also put up the issue of reparations to Palestinian people. The … lobbies have been very big on reparations and having people pay reparations for generations and I can’t understand why after the tremendous punishment that’s been dealt to the Palestinians that no one wants to bring this up.


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7 Responses to "Israel to solidify control of Mediterranean gas fields"

  1. kattmanduu  March 16, 2014 at 1:28 am

    The control of and vehicle of trade (currency) of the resources has been the real reason that the USA even wants to get involved in that region. The israeli’s figured that out, they see that we are not really very interested in their plight and could care less if they live or die. This is why the israeli’s are getting in the energy game and to ensure that they will have a supply of gas that isn’t controlled by the Arabs. Also maybe if the israeli’s can control the only alternative to Russian supplies of gas or oil to the western European countries they can garner a bit of support for their cause from those nations they didn’t have before. The israeli snipers in the Ukraine shot at both sides to attempt to get them into a civil war and disrupt the energy trade deals with Russia and the western European nations, that civil war didn’t go well for them, calmer heads prevailed again. So they trot out the old cold war horse and then shout that the Russians are invading Crimea and soon they will be all the way to the English Channel. That one didn’t work too well either. The israel deck of fear cards is getting thin it seems.
    Only thing is they still control a majority of the western media so they can control the truth to a certain degree to a majority of Americans who lost their remotes after turning it to Faux Snuz, CNN or MSNBC who seem to support the israeli plan for the most part. Or at least they don’t seem to be very critical of israel no matter how bad they act.

  2. ProtectUSA1st  March 15, 2014 at 12:11 am

    ———-Israel has been shipping oil & gas from Egypt for 1/2 price, then managed to get more from the Kurds in N. Iraq as well as South Sudan until the Turmoil.
    ______”2/19/14–– Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades said prospects for oil and gas finds off the island’s coast could provide an incentive for Turkey, which unlawfully invaded in 1974, to finally settle on a reunification plan and have access to energy, while providing link and peace bridge to Israel as well.”

    ——-The likelihood of any profits from oil or gas exploration off Cyprus is years away but Turkey, which still occupies the northern third of the island, insists that it should share in any returns if they happen. That could put a damper on the negotiations to reunify Cyprus, which talks starting again after a two-year delay.

    ——Anastasiades, whose first year in office was spent dealing with an economic crisis, has now turned to the vexing problem that has eluded a solution for four decades. But now the possibility of oil and gas reserves off the coast has spurred the international community, including the UN, US and energy companies, to try to bring Cypriots and their Turkish counterparts together.”

  3. frog  March 14, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    Off course the MSM don’t touch items like this, the tribe owns all the media,hollywood,magazines,newspapers,tv, even American free press and barnes review,(take note john friend) congress,british members of parliment etc
    You are right up there Jim Dean, excellent article, im still getting over americas help to overthrow a democratically ellected Govt in Ukraine, and support thugs in power??!!!
    What have we become, usurps for the zio’s/rothchilds

  4. robert  March 14, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    Makes you question why the Cypriot and Greek banking crisis occurred when they did and who was really behind it? The Leviathan and Tamar gas fields belonging solely to Israel have been disputed but the usual standover pressure is being exerted to ensure claims are not realized.

    BTW the photo you have included is actually of the Turkish Navy and not the Israeli Navy!

    The point of Israeli military grandstanding however is not lost.

  5. Curmudgeon  March 14, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    Mr. Dean,

    It is truly unfortunate, that you have no means other than VT and Press TV to broadcast your points of view widely. This is not a knock on them, it is a reality.

    Having said that, if you were interviewed by the main stream presstitutes, and if you were well received, you would be in danger of being Traficanted or worse. I have no doubt that אברהם פאַקסמאַן has a file on you at the A(rab) Defamation) L(eague). Keep safe Mr. Dean.

  6. Preston James, Ph.D  March 14, 2014 at 11:47 am

    VT Managing Editor Jim Dean hits a grandslam homerun once again. This article is a superb geopolotical analysis of what the Controlled major mass media would never dare to touch and explain what is really going on in the background in the Middle East.

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