New Evidence in JFK Assassination


Newly Unclassified Documents Prove High Level CIA Involvement

farewell to justice


by Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall


A Farewell to Justice is an exhaustive review of the only arrest and trial stemming from the 1963 murder of President John F Kennedy. The late New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison describes the 1967 grand jury investigation and prosecution of long time CIA officer Clay Shaw in his 1988 bestseller On the Trail of the Assassins. In 1992, the public outcry prompted by JFK, Oliver Stone’s screen version, led Congress to pass the JFK Records Collection Act. A Farewell to Justice uses classified documents released under this Act to update Garrison’s original case against Shaw and other CIA co-conspirators.

A revised version of the 2005 edition, the new 647 page A Farewell to Justice is a virtual encyclopedia of the JFK assassination. The book leaves no doubt that high level CIA officials authorized the murder and provides a complete list of the cast of characters who played roles in the assassination and/or cover up.

The new edition makes use of documents Mellen obtained via her 2011 Freedom of Information (FOIA) lawsuit and personal  interviews with surviving assassination witnesses. The most startling new evidence relates to Robert Kennedy’s systematic efforts to obstruct both the Warren Commission investigation and Jim Garrison’s efforts to identify the real culprits behind his brother’s murder.

Oswald’s FBI Pay Slips

According to Mellen, it was Warren Commission member Hale Boggs who first encouraged Garrison to investigate the assassination. Boggs himself first became concerned about government involvement in the conspiracy when the Warren Commission examined Oswald’s FBI pay slips in January 1964.

As well as providing a detailed outline of the entire grand jury investigation, Mellen also explores the role the FBI, CIA and Robert Kennedy played in sabotaging it. In addition to murdering and threatening assassination witnesses, the FBI/CIA wiretapped Garrison’s office, infiltrated his investigation team, stole files, fabricated witness statements, blocked subpoenas and the extradition of witnesses from other states and used CIA moles at the TV networks and major newspapers and magazines to portray Garrison as a self-centered, publicity mad lunatic.

Garrison initially intended to try Dave Ferrie, who he believed recruited Oswald to US intelligence as a high school student when he belonged to Ferrie’s Civil Air Patrol squadron. Garrison had witness testimony linking Ferrie, a known CIA pilot, to both Oswald and anti-Castro Cubans the CIA was training at a secret camp north of Lake Pontchartrain. Many of the same Cubans, training for roles in a CIA plot to assassinate Fidel Castro, would play parallel roles in Kennedy’s murder. When Ferrie suddenly turned up dead, Garrison moved to arrest Clay Shaw, based on witness statements linking Shaw to Oswald, Ferrie and the secret training facility.

Jurors Believe Government Played Some Role

Although Shaw was ultimately acquitted, Garrison succeeded in convincing the jury that the government played some role in the assassination. As they later told assassination researcher Mark Lane, without proof Shaw worked for the CIA, they felt there was reasonable doubt that he participated. His CIA personnel records wouldn’t be released until the mid-seventies.

Garrison would continue investigating the JFK assassination until his death. He made his findings available to the Church Committee (which concluded in 1976 that Oswald was a CIA operative engaged in counterintelligence) and the 1978 House Select Committee on Assassinations (which concluded there was more than one shooter and that Shaw was one of the high level planners).

According to Mellen, the CIA decided in the early 1970s to sacrifice Shaw (who would die in 1974 of lung cancer) as a limited hangout* by releasing his CIA employment records to HSCA. They reveal that Shaw worked for both the Domestic Operations Division and Clandestine Services between 1949 and 1972 and had strong links to PERMINDEX a shadowy CIA front that financed assassination attempts against French president Charles De Gaulle, as well as Kennedy.

Why Robert Kennedy Obstructed the Investigation

The classified documents released in Mellen’s FOIA suit establish that Attorney General Robert Kennedy was personally running the CIA operation to assassinate Castro and well aware of Oswald’s links to the operation. In 1961 Kennedy was directly responsible for the demotion, harassment and persecution of a State Department security officer named Otto Otepka for investigating Oswald’s potential security risk as a former Soviet defector. Kennedy also ordered Oswald’s release following his arrest for firing shots at General Edwin Walker in April 1963.

In the summer of 1963 several Cuban exiles, who were deeply devoted to Bobby, informed him of Oswald’s involvement in a plot to assassinate his brother. According to Mellen, who interviewed one of them, Kennedy claimed that Oswald wasn’t a threat because he was on the payroll of the New Orleans FBI field office and they were monitoring him.

According to Mellen, the younger Kennedy played a direct role in sabotaging Kennedy’s autopsy, the Warren Commission investigation, Garrison’s investigation and the 1978 HSCA investigation. Mellen’s hypothesizes that Bobby’s interest and intervention on behalf of Oswald indirectly implicated him in the assassination conspiracy. It would have destroyed his political career for any of his prior links to Oswald to become public.

*Limited hangout is intelligence jargon for a form of propaganda in which a selected portion of a criminal conspiracy is revealed to protect the main perpetrators.


  1. Cuba? Joint Chiefs of Staff? Nah, if you ever want to sign your own “death warrant”, just mention dismantling the Devil’s Throne. http // E. Howard Hunt made a deathbed confession which the Rolling Stone published, yet no other mainstream spews touched. Why? Perhaps because George H.W Bush and his lovely wife, Barbara Crowley, are still alive? https //….0…1ac.1.37.img..0.12.990.gS0bsk-qSmQ#hl=en&q=barbara+crowley+bush&tbm=isch

    • Right on! Sometimes the proof is in the out of the ordinary. GHW Bush and his clan have avoided the JFK topic. Making more of a statement about the death of Mandela in a ticker tape scroll across the bottom of the TV screen in 12 seconds, than 50 years after JFK’s death.
      Knee deep in this tragedy In my opinion, this traitorous bunch have never shown any remorse, voiced any words of sorry, regret, comfort, etc;, etc;.
      Is Barbara actually Alistair Crowley’s daughter? And is GHW Bush actually George Scherff Jr? Good post though.

  2. “*Limited hangout is intelligence jargon for a form of propaganda in which a selected portion of a criminal conspiracy is revealed to protect the main perpetrators.”

    Does anyone know the origin of “limited hangout?” As someone who has done his share of reading and writing, “limited hangout” seems like an odd choice for a combination of words, like it wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind to label “a selected portion of a criminal conspiracy is revealed to protect the main perpetrators.”

    I have a theory that this bit of intelligence jargon — Limited Hang-Out — LHO — originated as codewords Lee Harvey Oswald — LHO. I do not dispute the definition given above at all. But I can very easily see intelligence-types using “Limited Hang-Out” as codewords to refer to Oswald, like Nixon referring to the assassination as “the Bay of Pigs thing.” Think about it — Oswald is most likely “a selected portion of a criminal conspiracy revealed to protect the main perpetrators.”

    If Lee Harvey Oswald is the origin of the term Limited Hang-Out, well, that speaks volumes all by itself.

  3. I always wondered, wouldn’t a blood splatter analysis of Mrs Kennedy’s jacket reveal the direction of the fatal headshot?

    • A head exploding goes in all directions except the direction from where the bullet came. The velocity is more intense at the 180 from the bullet. That is why the motorcycle cops behind and to the left taillight of the limo was drenched in splatter, JFK’s head was found in the grassy median to the back and to the left also. Wouldn’t have gone that way if the bullet was from behind. If I shove you you are not going to come towards me. That is common sense. You are right, they could tell by the intensity of the splatter. K’s wife was going after a piece of skull towards the rear of the limo.
      I’ve watched the original Zapruder a thousand times. No doubt, bullet from JFK’s 1 or 2 o’clock position blew his brains in the direct opposite direction, or the 7 or 8 o’clock position. A chunk of skull was found far back on the median grassy strip NOT the grassy knoll section.

  4. Sometimes I think it can’t get murkier but it does. The Warren Commission was as impotent as it chose to be. It was an “independent” body of people. They could peered into any area they so chose. If this is tgrue, all they had to do was publish it about Bobby and he was finished.
    Richard Russell, a WC member hated JFK; He said prior to the assassination “Tome the president’s legislative proposals (civil rights) are clearly destructive of the American system, and the constitutional rights of American citizens,. I shall oppose them withj every means and resource at my command.”
    Allen Dulles Fired by JFK for operating rogue within the CIA and not informing the president of his Cuba plans.
    The ONLY one who was unbias and showed any true concern was Hale Boggs from Alaska. ALL the others hated Kennedy, which is why the murderous, adulterous LBJ selected them to serve on his controlled independent commission.
    The spineless mother’s boy Gerald Ford was the reason why remote car door locks were thought of and developed. No one crossed Dulles or they paid. Kennedy cross him. All these criminals combined their talents of covert mularkey and we lost the best president we ever had or will know. Nice article, thank you!. What a reason for framing Oswald? Because JFK approved his release?
    The entire Warren Commission was a selected gathering of stepford cronies who avoided the truth at all costs. Nothing more, nothing less. Oswald still didn’t pull the trigger that day.

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