West Using Crimea to Hide Real Intentions

America's new allies in the Ukraine


West using Crimea to hide real intentions

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with  Press TV, Tehran

 –  First  published  March 18,  2014  –


America's new allies in the Ukraine
America’s new allies in the Ukraine

Any competent military or Intel professional would tell you that the West knew that the result of it’s coup in Kiev would be for Russians in the Eastern part of the country to seek protection from Russia. Why? Because they do not want to fall under the control of the new axis of evil.

Why would they allow US missiles and military bases staged on their territory, ‘legalized’ Right Sector terrorists incorporated into Ukraine’s secret service and prosecutor’s offices, and becoming perpetual serfs to the EU and IMF as their curtain of exploitation descends upon them?

The West wants their money, and they are planning to get it. Their plan was to load Ukraine up with loans, watching it bankrupt itself via a combination of mismanagement and looting which is all to common in the region.

The West is just as corrupt, the difference being there was more to steal from their people…or I should say, there was until lately. They have been looking East for greener pastures to prop up their failing economies. The foreign bogeyman is the age old diversion for discontent at home.

We are getting reports of the Kiev coup government agreeing on the quick EU/IMF loan at lightening speed with no public input whatsoever. Those who have taken over know that Ukraine is going to be divided between the haves, and the have nots. And they plan to be among the haves, as literally occupation troops inside their own country.

Nuland do ing here girl scout cookie routine
Nuland d ing her girl scout cookie routine

With all the time the new leadership has been spending hobnobbing with Western guests for photo ops and trips to the White house and the Hague, there was hardly time to negotiate the IMF draconian loan terms.

That means the terms had already been agreed upon before hand as part of a planned attack to overthrow the government.

It also puts the West in violation of their own laws forbidding economic assistance for governments taken over via a coup.

What we have here is a long planned, wanton aggression, and a violation of the Nuremberg precedent of ‘waging an aggressive war’. This includes the economic one now in progress  against Russia and Ukraine.

Details of Ukraine being sold down the river by the coup-meisters are starting to emerge. The price for European membership is basically to be foreclosed upon. Chevron is to get control of the nation’s pipeline giving them a choke hold on Russia’s gas exports to the West.

They are planning to foreclose on 50% of the East Ukraine industry to get that looted prior to the Russians going in. Why would they do that? Because NATO wants to put missiles in East Ukraine for a shorter strike time to Moscow, and then of course US air bases to protect them. No EU country would allow the Russians or Chinese to do such a thing as part of a ‘loan agreement’.

The average Ukrainian is going to be squeezed like a grape. Gas prices are going up everywhere, increasing public transportation costs by half. For private use the cost will double. A VAT will be added for medicines, pensions halved and tax deductions canceled.

Ukraine corn harvest is way off this year
Ukraine corn harvest is way off this year

Ukraine’s farmland will mostly end up in the hands of foreign agribusiness corporations as those who have land and find themselves destitute will be forced to sell out their holdings at depressed prices.

This is nothing more than an ‘Attila the Hun’ treatment from John McCain and his buddies at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

They have used this CIA front to subvert and loot targeted former Soviet states, who seceded from Russian by the way, back when we were a little more flexible about territorial integrity.

The sanctions talk up until now has just been media propaganda for conditioning the Western publics for what is coming. Freezing the assets of a few deposed leaders and some travel bans for ‘mismanagement of funds’ is a bad joke.

If the West was really concerned about government fraud and money laundering they would freeze the trillions of looted funds in the off shore accounts, replacing them with bonds that were redeemable upon completion of the account holders proving that the funds were accumulated via legal endeavors. A huge amount of these funds would become immediately abandoned.

So our world organization authorities are spitting in our faces with their phony concerns of financial impropriety. If the publics of these EU countries had a few brain cells to rub together they would be standing side by side with the Ukrainians now in the cross-hairs of the Western elitists who are not  able to squeeze any more blood out of their own people.

The concept of criminal negligence and liability is generally a world wide one. But an exception has been left for countries to engage in this activity with immunity.

We are seeing now how this immunity loophole has become a thriving business for international crime organizations to work in conjunction with various Western country political gangsters to loot targeted countries and be protected from prosecution. The usual cover is to put the crime orgs under an intelligence umbrella and simply classify their criminal work.

Nationalista Banditos
Nationalista Banditos

We saw stage one of this rolled out with the prime suspects for murdering the Kiev protestors and police having turned out to be the Right Sector thugs. There are witnesses now who saw about twenty of them exiting the building under Right Sector control after the shooting, and openly carrying their sniper rifles in shooting bags and cases.

Instead of the new government rounding up the killers, we see the nationalist terror squads purging the former ruling party members and threatening other political parties to disband under penalty of death.

And before the dead were cold in their graves, these prime suspect murders were being quickly incorporated into the new governments security services as a palace guard.

And the rank and file nationalist groups are being all pulled into a national guard unit as a backstop against loyal Ukrainian military not wanting to participating in the dismemberment and looting their country.

What I fear we will see is the loyal Ukraine troops used as a trip wire force to oppose the Russians coming in to block the coup-meisters take over of East Ukraine while the Right Sector national guard remains in the rear doing what they love best, terrorizing unarmed civilians.

Russian Spetsnas Red Berets have been active rounding up nationalist provocateurs. The Russians seem to have done a good job of communications interception to learn what the coup-meisters plans were. They have been quietly rounding many of them up for a ‘Jesus’ talk, not killing them…but sending them on their way with a guarantee of what will happen if they see them again.

russian spetsnaz green berets
russian spetsnaz green berets

The Russian Intel services are aware of the planned false flag operations to be blamed on them as part of the media vilification program, but which do not seem to be succeeding well. Europeans just can’t wrap their heads around the idea of Russian tank columns rolling through the capitals of Europe with their hammer and scyle flags flying. They have been lied to by the governments for so long they are pretty savvy and spotting war propaganda.

The next 48 hours will be critical. The West will use the Crimea vote to crank things up to the next level of sanctions, which will trigger Russian retaliation right away, where the public’s interest will go way up when their assets and investments are effected.

If the Right Sector and rogue American Special Ops people make a move in East Ukraine, we could see the Russian military move quickly to make sure they cannot get a civil war going in that part of the country to bog the Russian down.

It is a sad situation to watch happening. But we Westerners will not need a long investigation to know who the guilty are…our own governments.

Update 03-21-14: We have gotten through this OK so far. There has only been one provocation attack in the Crimea, what appears to have been a somewhat spontaneous one by a couple of hot heads with two killed and two wounded, with the story quickly growing cold.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



  1. Corn?? Yes it is bad for you. It has no value as a real food. But they make it profitable to produce it. And it is greed that drives these corporate farmers to destroy the land to make more money. It was corn that the Nazi’s fed to their workers in the labor camps that caused them to starve to death while eating. Corn and flour made from other grains. Not always healthy to try and live off them. I do not eat corn and try to avoid any processed foods with corn and it’s byproducts in it. Can’t do that all the time, but you can at least try to eat better foods and stay away from the GMO shit. Corn is best used as a fuel crop and it could replace gasoline as a motor fuel. The 1st cars ran on alcohol made from corn not oil based fuels.
    Yup the political and economical implications of prohibition are evident in our gas tanks today.

  2. Yup, the western zionazi’s brought checkers to the chess game again, it seems. Sort of like showing up at the gun fight with a knife. Putin is a lot smarter than any of them and has a good group of advisers behind him helping him make the right moves. NATO became useless when Russia changed it’s political ideals and became a free market state, not a capitalist state. He knows that so much money can buy you a good time but there is no love involved in it. NATO is such a relationship and the US is the one with most of the money.

  3. Why is the threat to Russia’s sovereignty questioned? Nothing sarcastic or belligerent about the question. It just seems too blatantly obvious that they don’t want to join the become a slave for free group or suffer the consequences. A spokeswoman to the us makes it very clear. According to her speech Russia does not want to join the growing number of nations that suffer under the grandest level of usury since Britian wanted to loan money to Germany before WWI, and that deserves more attention. Here is a presstv link. The level of depravity is beyond the scope of many people, so the simple yet magnanimously evil business continues unabated, unless Russia can pull off a miracle.

    *****http //www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/03/21/355615/obama-reassessing-ties-with-russia/*****

  4. The timing is funny. Again they encroach on Putin while he’s watching the Olympics. Apparently they forgot how fast the last mobilization of T-72’s and 90’s were. So fast they caught all that Israeli hardware abandoned and quickly. Georgia should have told them more, thank god hubris makes you stupid.

    Have to say I was worried Vlad was taking too much time on this one. There was a very long list of to-do’s and he didn’t look to be moving in any direction. Wrong. He sewed this up brilliantly. Russian proverb They [Russians] take a long time to saddle their horses, but they ride very fast.

    It’ embarrassing to watch the U.S. in this. It’s pathetic seeing them raise on busted flushes every hand. But when you base your arguments on lies, how can you win, or even look like you can? Russia obviously has done nothing wrong at any time, nor will they. They will continue to outclass the buffoons we have in office and make the U.S. foreign policy stand out for what it really is. How many Americans cheer for the Russians now? A scary amount I think and I am one of them. And that is not a good feeling for me. One thing, the E.U., Crimeans, Ukrainians, Russians, and true Americans all have a common enemy in this, and it is the U.S. gov. stooges and their bankers.

    • You got that right herr napus. When you base your arguments on LIES then you fight without honor and your enemy holds the moral high ground. How many Amerikans cheer for the Rooskies? I have to wonder. Certainly those who can see past the smokescreen of blatant mendacity. And it is a weird feeling.

    • I mean Christ, look at anything, boil it down and look for the high road taken anywhere? Where are the moral, smart, efficient, good for America/world decisions anywhere? Seriously, look at anything and you find me one instance that can even mirror an Eisenhower-esque decision. Hell I’ll take Taft!!! Corporations and think tanks run the show and they don’t care about shite but the NWO. How easy would this Crimea debacle been to assuage?

      Myopia, and it’s on god damned purpose. They are going to get us all killed and that’s been in secret print way before I came across it 22 years ago. Never thought it would accelerate so fast. Keep your powder dry….

  5. I would hope Americans are getting savvy to recognizing propaganda as well. I read on the “The Hill” this morning that Putin was sending ships to Central America.

    It sounded familiar, so I did a quick search and found drills with the Chinese Navy had been reported as planned for that region in January 2014. So, now we have a potential “Russian Invasion/Red Dawn” scenario according to “The Hill.”

    It is a bit spooky the Russians are training with the Chinese, but can’t fault them given the disdain the US has shown in the past decade for sovereign nations.

  6. I agree with Preston James that the West has wildly underestimated President Putin and the Russia we have today. . . the “EU” is corrupt through and through and totally undemocratic ….. and could very well break up
    as due to the accumulations of wrong decisions ….”we the people” are pretty fed up with their performance… and who knows maybe we can get rid of both Rasmussen and NATO.

    • Yes, a serious “teachable moment” as I have been taught hundreds of times with blood and sweat. But they will not listen. They are on a different curriculum, one we are not privy to. They see having a “YID” yes man installed, raised gas prices, Nazis in government, possible nuclear weapons of “all” sizes installed, and sewn chaos on Putin’s door as a wild success. I can only see that as true so far. Ordo ab Chao mein freunde.

      Honestly, after all I have learned about these people, do you know what I think makes them the happiest out of say, the 100 tragedies and a million unintended consequences? Not including the hundreds of thousands that will go hungry and be brought to their knees? Having a jew on Putin’s door step. That is the biggest accomplishment to be proud of for them, I guarantee it. That greases everything for years to come.

    • “I sometimes get the feeling that somewhere across that huge puddle, in America, people sit in a lab and conduct experiments, as if with rats, without actually understanding the consequences of what they are doing.”

      – Vladimir Putin, 4 March 2014

    • Wow, it’s even worse than I thought, I swear zionism has given me geopolitical ESP. I’m sure DaveE knows this link.

      http //www.michael-colhaze.biz/MC69UkraineUpdate4.html

  7. Where are the U.N. peacekeeping forces GHW Bush told us about? If this is the new world odor, why can’t the “odor” step in and stop this law of the jungle governing the conduct of Russia? What ever happened to the rule of law? Me thinks the Bush family was selling us false goods when big daddy told us about how this new world odor was a “big idea.” If this is the “universal aspirations with mankind,” invading the way they did, and the “credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N. founders,” failed to intervene then what is the “vision of the U.N. founders?
    Plus, does any of these bozos recall the Human Rights declaration floating around the world that applies to all countries? Why aren’t these declarations in the forefront of this military checker game they are playing? Damn good article though and I thank you. Very interesting!

  8. A spellbinding and 100% accurate in-depth analysis no where else available, VT Managing Editor Jim Dean lays out NATO’s master plan to capture the Ukraine, asset strip it and acquire its massive farmlands for large agri-corps, private central zio Banks, and the EU.

    We know that NATO is the puppet of America’s Secret Shadow Government which has been hijacked by the City of London zio Banksters and Israel. In theory NATO’s plan should work like clockwork. However there are some big problems. The first is that NATO has served as a terror disseminator used to provide a false provocations for war for many years and this is becoming all too obvious. The second is the the folks running things are getting old and have lost their ability to process reality effectively. The third thing is that the whole Western zio NATO complex is breaking down from greed, treachery and backstabbing and now rules by the barrel of a gun rather than rule of law. The fourth and biggest problem is the wildcard that President Putin and his New Russia provides. The West has greatly underestimated Putin and his New Russia’s capabilities both on the geopolitical chessboard and in the world economy, as well as in the matter of national defense.

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