Malaysian Flight More Newsworthy Than 8,000 Veteran Suicides


by Robert Rosebrockdisabled-homeless


LOS ANGELES – On March 8, Malaysian Air Flight 370 disappeared with 239 persons on board from 15 nations and regions with the majority of them Chinese citizens. There were three American passengers on board the fateful flight.

Since March 8, CNN and FOX News have been reporting the air disaster non-stop. As a result, we’re forced to watch countless “aviation experts” guess and theorize at what might have happened, compounded by politicians who are even more clueless.

Since March 8, an estimated 440 of our Military Veterans have committed suicide on American soil. That’s 437 more than the number of American passengers who perished on Flight 370.

A study by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reports that that an average of 22 Veterans commit suicide every day

America is in a State of Emergency as disabled and homeless Veterans are abused and neglected by the Department of Veterans Affairs
America is in a State of Emergency as disabled and homeless
Veterans are abused and neglected by the Department of Veterans Affairs

It’s reported that about 70 percent of Veterans who commit suicide are over age 50.

There’s been very little news coverage about the greatest human disaster in American history, which is the catastrophic loss of more than 8,000 lives annually by suicide of those who have defended our Nation’s freedom.

This is practically three times greater than those who were killed in the 9-11 NY World Trade Center attack nearly 13 years ago, and this human tragedy is repeated day after day, year after year.

VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki submits: “The mental health and well-being of our courageous men and women who have served the Nation is the highest priority for VA, and even one suicide is one too many.”


Highest priority?

If the Secretary was really serious and concerned about the loss of a single Veteran from suicide, never mind that 22 Veterans take their own life every day and more than 8,000 a year, don’t you think he’d be appearing on ABC, CBS and NBC, along with CNN and Fox News, reaching out to America’s citizenry for answers and solutions?

And if any of the aforementioned TV / Cable News programs were really serious and concerned about reporting major news, they would be talking about the tragic number of Veteran suicides with the same intensity they are reporting the tragedy of a missing airplane.

Any idea on the total amount of money and man hours that have already been spent searching for the Malaysian airplane?

Have we forgotten the price of war to defend our nation’s freedom, never mind defending other nations around the world?

Let there be no misunderstaing: War is Hell!

Whether America’s Military men and women are fighting a war or trying to heal from fighting a war, it’s always hell because the war never ends.

When our Military Troops go to war, they serve under the Department of Defense as highly trained professional warriors who are equipped with the finest defense weapons in the world to defeat the toughest enemies in the world.

After returning from war, they are supposed to be served by the Department of Veterans Affairs with the finest healthcare facilities in the world. But instead of healing from overseas war, America’s military Veterans are fighting some of life’s toughest battles, day-by-day, just to survive in the Country they defended with courage and honor.

Unfortunately, these homeland battles are not fought as a collective and supportive Military unit, but as one lonely Veteran at-a-time against arrogant bureaucrats of the VA, which is the second largest bureaucracies in federal government.homeless2

To make matters worse, Veterans are not trained to fight personal “David vs. Goliath” wars with our own government and they have no protective force or weapons of defense in these endless and tiring battles.

As time goes on, their warrior and survivor skills diminish and their sense of victory becomes hopeless while their opponent keeps getting bigger and more powerful. Tragically, every year more than 8,000 Veterans voluntarily surrender their lives … victims of bureaucratic battle fatigue.

Their only solace is found in Plato’s prophetic claim more than 2,500 years ago: “Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

Every day, 22 American Military Veterans who pledged their lives to defend our Nation’s freedom will end up taking their own lives because we have failed to defend them.

This is unquestionably one of the biggest news stories in the world but it is being shamefully suppressed here in the USA.

It’s time for the major media to stop searching for “traces of life” in the vast Indian Ocean and to immediately begn focusing on despondent Veterans on American soil who are visibly crying out for help.

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!

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  1. Nearly a third of veterans seeking health care of any kind from the VA are eventually diagnosed with a mental illness. As long as the corrupt Big Pharma front group the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) is allowed to influence the course of treatment for these veterans and our active duty and reserves, the suicide rate will remain high. The drugs that NAMI promotes have suicidal side-effects!

  2. Why does Robert Rosebrock persist in repeating the “patriotic mantra” b.s. about “fighting for our freedom”? Is he controlled opposition? Is he a dupe of the controlled mass media. Like some other veteran advocates his writings are riddled with propagand falsehoods. Which is of course why we have national security disaster numbers of veteran suicides. Does he really think the controlled major media gives a damn about veteran’s suicides? Does he know who owns and controls that media?

    • Don’t know if you are Grampah or not, but I am 76 years young, and served my Country with DUTY-HONOR-COURAGE, and willingness to kick any ass hole who demeans my honor! So if you are talking about veteran ADVOCATES, you got one big time!! I am a PATRIOT and a all AMERICAN ADVOCATE. Also, I am not a liar, nor do I care what the controlled media or the MSM think. If you follow the thoughts of Obama’s socialist ilk, you are the one who is lied to.

      Now, as for Mr. Rosebrock’s persistence in about fighting for the freedom of our wounded and homeless warriors, thank God we have a few men still standing ready. From your displayed attitude toward the efforts taken to insure our veterans are protected from idiots like you, I would have to say you probably never served a day in your life, or possibly were kicked out as unfit.. Don’t attack veterans or the ones who stand ready to fight for them as ADVOCATES supporting them!! If you don’t like it here, there is no fence keeping anyone here. If you don’t like being called an idiot, don’t act like one! Normally people like you don’t deserve a comment because you won’t get it!!!

      John W. Jackson
      Command Sergeant Major, USA (Ret)

    • Robert Rosebrock

      Grandpah …. First, why don’t you post your real name? Ashamed?

      I’m proud as hell that our U.S. Troops are still fighting for “your” freedom to post whatever trash you want to write about along with all the other Freedoms tht you take for granted … even though they are diminishing because of ingrates like yourself that criticize those of us who speak out for the greater good of America.

      Of course the major media doesn’t give a damn about Veteran suicdes, nor doe the POTUS and his secretary of the VA.

      And it’s the POTUS who has promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” I’m in the minority that opposed such a major threat to our Nation, but something tells me you voted with the majority … again. If you think things are bad in “America” now, just wait.

      Enjoy what little freedom you have left and stop bashing our Military and Veterans who have defended the “True America.”

      Suggest you direct your criticizm directly to the President of the United States and the major media instead of me. I still love my Country and those who defend it, but I do not love our government and those who run it.

      God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution

    • Well Grampah, you are showing your senility. As a person who is proud to say I have worn the uniform of my country proudly, I am one of those ADVOCATES you are trying to throw under the bus. Well, it won’t work, because you see I served with one goal in mind; DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY, at all cost. Crazy?..No, just love my country and how it was founded as one country under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all……even you Grampay!

      I have met Mr. Rosebrock, and am proud to see him stand up against idiots that spew your nonsense. The facts are there if you can read. The VA nation wide have deserted our veterans. For every good thing they do, there a 100 bad events they cause. West LA VA Park rightfully belongs to the veterans and is there for their use, not nine other civilian conglomerates that you perhaps back. With your tone and lack of respect for us who love our country and the veterans that have served it, and those that still do, I doubt you served your country in any way. Oh yes, some did put on a uniform and were malcontents until they either ETS’s or got kicked out….maybe that fits you! Now that I have wasted time trying get you to check the FACTS rather than run your mouth, you probably aren’t smart enough to get it! By the way Grampah, I am only 76 years young, but will fight any ass hole who attacks veterans who gave so much for you to be such an idiot!! Notice, I sign my real name!

      John Jackson
      Command Sergeant Major, USA (Ret

  3. “Malaysian Flight More Newsworthy Than 8,000 Veteran Suicides”
    Of course. If the 8000 suicides were high profile, it would put a big dent in recruitment for the upcoming confrontations with Russia and China.

  4. The cost of war is not only on weaponry and equipment, but in human lives. We all know this. Our leadership in Washington D.C. doesn’t consider, the collateral costs of war. I know when lil ol’ Georgie had to effect a vendetta against Saddam for threatening his father it would be costly. The suicides are not dwelled upon. They are avoided like a plague because the Bush name is directly connected to the human tragedies of the latter part of the 20th century declarations of war.
    Wars are a failure of leadership, but they slaughtered Kennedy in part because he kept us out of them and that was viewed as a sign of weakness and traitorous behavior.
    We are destroying ourselves with purpose and intent. My country the United States (which is grossly misleading now,) and other small and weak nations that pose no threat to us. Doubtful we would put troops on the ground in China, or Russia, for fear of getting our a—- kicked.
    Use the citizens to fight your wars, then ignore them when and if they get back. State how wonderful they are and then deny them appropriate medical care in their time when they are no longer able to do for their country.
    This mindset of war has become a gross reminder of the failure of 25 years of U.S. leadership, as well as the disrespect being shown our maimed, and debilitated troops. While the Bush family continues to show their mugs in public peddling their hypocrisy, these true American soldiers who once took their bait and sacrificed their…

    • privat lives risking everything and some lost, now know it was nothing but lies lies lies. How would this make any of us feel? It happened in Vietnam, and the government can never let the people take to the streets again and embarrass them with the truth. They are trying to censor us to hide their lies, corruption, misfeasance and malfeasance, incompetence and impotence.
      Sorry for the length but, this article is excellent. The only thing we’ve forgotten is each other, our past, and what we once used to be. America is gone thanks to the traitors of this nation in the top posts posing as caring, compassionate, capable. Unless the different sectors of this nation decline to elect any incumbent, we are defeated and nothing will ever be the same. We the People could do better than any president over the last 25 years. If this is the new world odor, it stinks!!. We have let them sell us down the river, and still look at them as our stewards of our nation. Bush/Clinton/Bush/Oblunder have tarnished this nation for as long as we sit idle and do nothing. A license to betray, and deceive. Very nice piece of work here Mr. Rosebrock.

  5. I think the two commenters have missed the point in the article. It is not about IF we are fighting wars because of government poor choices, it is ABOUT TAKING CARE OF THOSE THE GOVERNMENT PUT IN HARMS WAY, and then returned with many physical and mental issue. If you don’t like the way our government reacts to world affairs, change our government at the ballot box. I would venture to think that perhaps you may not have voted though. In that case you would have not arguments either way. As for me, I support my country, knowing that it is led by people that we, the people placed in office, and who make some miserable mistakes in initial choices. Now our troops, who are just people, have obeyed the wishes of the American people’s government, lets take the time and resources to take care of them!

    Command Sergeant Major, USA (Ret)

  6. “Have we forgotten the price of war to defend our nation’s freedom, never mind defending other nations around the world?”

    Are you serious?

    I do agree that veterans should be treated much better than they are since they are basically treated as foreign policy pawns by our own government. They are seen and treated like animals to serve the bankster/corporate oligarchy that truly runs this country.

    So I ask….are they really “defending our nation’s freedom and defending freedom for other countries around the world?”

    History doesn’t lie. The answer is NO.

  7. The real issue is how people are lied to – to get them to kill others for said country.

    Looking at history one must realize that Hawaii wasn’t even a state until 1959. So the “Empire” may have been attacked but never the mainland. While its nice that the military provides pastors to sooth the conscience of those predominately Christian’s who know that God said “Thou Shalt Not Kill” but OK the same killing when its for ones country. Such as WWII when American Roman Catholic’s went to Germany to kill fellow Roman Catholic’s (Spiritual Brothers) of their own faiths.

    This would include Mormon’s and others who join/drafted to wage wars on 3rd world countries believing that an AK47 that has a max range of 250 Yards+/- is a viable threat to America 2,000 – 9,000 miles away from America. ADD Best to fight them there then here Propaganda.

    NOTE Every country the US has placed political sanctions on they eventually go to war with. Thus turning the once Christian nation into merchants of death to impose their ideals of commerce with supported genocides, democratic governments overthrown all for the quest of Empire.

    Never was it about your freedoms.
    Everything they alleged Germany was from 1933-45 the USA and Israel are today. As well as Britain too.

    • William Martin, I would disagree that being lied to is the real issue…..but rather, the fools that vote the idiots into office. Obama is a socialist raised by commie grandparents and parents, and has no experience at anything other than lies. Don’t blame GWB for Iraq when the entire Congress voted to go there. except of course the one remaining camel jockey in the Senate named Obama.

    • Being lied to IS the biggest issue. As far as my cousins Obama and Ann Dunham, Obama’s fault has been his constant lies. Namely his biggest lie of all was when he swore an OATH to protect and uphold the same Constitution he swore as a Constitutional lawyer to protect. Hearing American’s CHEER as he speaks of By-Passing Congress is half of the Crux.

      After the War Crimes of Bush American’s wanted ANYTHING but another repeat of the Bush Era which again Obama lied about removing that Big Government in place. Further, GWB ended the Iraq war under the SOFA Agreement with Iraq’s parliament not Obama.

      The biggest issue though is the lies of transparency, whistle blower protection, GITMO etc. Obama has with the Israeli’s turned American into an exact duplicate of NAZI Germany 1933-1945. Spying, Renditions, Tortures, War on Journalist’s, Kill List’s, Doubling Down on the TSA-DHS Brown Shirts, IRS & SEC targeting of civil dissenters as well as non-NAZI PARTY Members known as Tea Party.

      American’s are SUCKERS!
      Fascism in too big to fail or Jail, Tyranny and the above noted Dictatorship of Executive Orders and continued Illegal wars which is the real reason WE as American’s are hated. Has nothing to do with alleged freedoms as US Soldiers return not to parades and confetti but to be labeled as Domestic Terrorist’s and the same freedoms allegedly fought for are stripped from them as well as their arms. Not to mention the 22 a day who commit suicide due to WARS.

    • Also, until America changes its voting system removing the diebold machines and replacing them with ATM type machines where each American is given an actual receipt of those voted for as well as a #Number one can audit to check for voting fraud as well as compared with death records and gleaned NSA spying data to verify who’s who in America. Or the standard dyed Purple Finger with help too.

    • I have often posed the question, especially military personnel-what is the difference between a royal military college and a madras?

      This, after a lifetime of thinking about Life, and issues as I have lived them.

    • my spelling-madrassa- was changed by auto spell check.

      they are both educational institutions, but one has ‘royal’ as a prefix, which makes everything destructive OK.

      Same ‘royals’ institutions and their presstitutes make out the madras as to be the violent, terrorising criminals

      Boo to all spin doctors.

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