NEO – Right Sector’s Muzychko gets three bullets with dinner


Right Sector’s Muzychko gets three bullets with dinner

…by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


“Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.”  – Mark Twain (1916)


Dimitri Yarosh and Alexander Muzychko (deceased)
Dimitri Yarosh and Alexander Muzychko (deceased)

–  First published March 28,  2014  –


Alexander Muzychko - He liked to cut captured Russians up with a knife
Alexander Muzychko – He liked to cut captured Russians up with a knife

I had written an article Sunday night where I stated that if the Ukraine military and internal security did not take on the ultra-nationalist thugs soon and clean them out, that they would take what little credibility the post-coup regime has, down in flames with them.

Little did I know that the Interior Ministry had an arrest team on the way to get the Right Sector’s head terrorist goon, Alexander Muzychko while he was having dinner with his bodyguards. From the size of Muzychko’s belly, dinner is a serious event.

If you don’t recognize the name Muzychko, he has been the highly visible enforcement muscle for the Right Sector’s leader, Dmitry Yarosh who is currently an MP and therefore has immunity. He is now a white collar mobster but keeps the thugs in the ranks as his political terror arm.

Muzychko has been very visible on YouTube videos crashing town council meetings and scaring the hell out of everybody in regards to what the Right Sector might do to them if they are unhappy. The one where he was slapping around the prosecutor’s assistant ended up being his undoing.

Charges were filed on Muzychko on March 8th for assaulting a judicial officer and an arrest warrant issued on March 12th. It seems that the Interior ministry had not been tracking the leaders as it took two weeks to catch him.

Muzychko had already threatened to kill the interior minister by hanging him like a dog. That was not a very diplomatic thing for the right hand man of the Right Sector leader and new MP to be saying to the head of security. So what we had going on here was the old “good cop, bad cop” game. Muzychko lost the game, deciding to shoot it out with the cops. He took three in the chest and is on his way to the infernal regions.

The Right Sector predictably tried to turn him into an assassination martyr, but that will be a hard sell. The guy was a dangerous and brutal criminal, with a long record of preying on Ukrainian people. He did his three-year prison stint in the early 2003 period for torturing a businessman he was extorting.

We have seen this repeatedly in times of instability and upheaval. All the criminal elements “go political,” and continue their criminal activities under a smokescreen of revolution or whatever the flavor of the day is, including joining the EU or NATO. The West has a long record of using criminal elements to overthrow governments as part of their Democracy Freedom March, and nobody does it better than the good ole USA.

Yulia Tymoshenko - the lady who wants to kill millions of Ukraine Russians
Yulia Tymoshenko – the lady who wants to kill millions of Ukraine Russians

The Right Sector goons are the number one suspects in the Maidan sniper killings that brought the Yushchenko government down and are running for their lives.

We know now that Julia Tymoshenko supported them, as anyone that hated Russians and wanted to kill them was a friend of hers. The Wicked Witch of the West put that all on display with the Russian security services’ latest phone intercept release.

When asked by an aide what should they do about the eight million Russians inside of Ukraine, she said with no hesitation, “We will have to kill them all with nuclear weapons.” Now isn’t that special?

These people, Muzychko, Yarosh, “Tymoshenko the Terrible,” and a lot more like them, are now all friends with our Nobel Peace prize president’s State Department, our Congress, the NeoCons, AIPAC, and all the other Neo-Imperialist warmongers we share the US with.

But even the Israelis got suckered by the Right Sector. The Jewish Forward online magazine has reported that Israel’s Kiev Ambassador Reuven Din El established communication with Yarosh over concerns that the Zios did not really want to interfere with their thuggery as long as Jews were spared.

Of course Yarosh, not being an idiot, told the Ambassador what he wanted to hear. The Israelis could not have been so stupid as to have believed him, despite Yarosh assuring him there were no anti-Semites in his group of 10,000. But when he announced the forming of the Right Sector political party this week, he invited all the other ultra-nationalists knuckle-draggers to join, Jew haters and all.

But these thugs had a ready-made support group in the US. The Iraq War NeoCons had been lying low after all the disasters they had urged the country into. They have been involved in the new anti-Russian Jihad, partially due to the masterful diplomacy that Lavrov has shown in defeating the Israeli-US-Gulf States attack on Syria. They were frothing at the mouth to get some payback licks in on Putin.

When the dust had settled and the bodies buried from the Kiev coup, the Washington Pressitutes knew it was time to clean up the reputation of the Maidan thugs. One of the tools of that trade is the big interview. So they lined one up for Yarosh with Newsweek. Here are a few goodies of him portraying himself as the passionate nationalist.

“I was training paramilitary troops for almost 25 years. Although we just came out of the revolution, my guys are continuing military training all across Ukraine, ready to cleanse the country of the occupiers.”… “As in any army, we have specialists trained to shoot S-300 missiles. In case of a partisan war, there will be shooting from every house.”

Dimitri Yarosh (c) - Right Sector leader
Dimitri Yarosh (c) – Right Sector leader

But this was for the American press. Fortunately, he and his followers have made lots of statements where they felt safe from Western ears and media hearing. Moving quickly to consolidate power and to eliminate anyone in his way, he pushed early to have all of his thugs brought into his new Revolutionary National Guard. He declared this would be his launching pad to move them into the police and secret service ranks. Is AIPAC already advising this guy?

He was betting that those wanting to run for the presidency would like to have some well-placed, good muscle to terrorize their political opponents. But Yarosh overplayed his hand by announcing that that the first task of the new Guard would be to arrest enemies of the Kiev coup.

That had to send some shudders even through the hard-boiled Western supporters who did not give a hoot for the 100 dead from the Maidan killings. Mass arrests of course would mean arrests of ethnic Russians, and an idiot would know that would bring the Russians pouring into the Ukraine to defend the millions there. Any world power would do so in a similar situation.

The Minister of the Interior had to make a decision whether to let Yarosh get stronger or go ahead and get the blood-letting started now and get it over with. The public hates the goons. Right Sector was only polling 1.5% for president, so they would cheer a crackdown on these gangsters. And we may not need to wait long.

The Right Sector troops have threatened revenge on the Interior Ministry. It will probably step back and let them make some attacks while preparing a counter blow. If the Interior Minister is smart he will bring the army in for back up. Yarosh is already calling for his replacement, so he is challenging the interim government right now. This is a showdown.

We have come a long way from Nuland's handing out cookies days
We have come a long way from Nuland’s handing out cookies days

The coup government will call the US Embassy for instructions as the good puppets they are. So Washington is stuck with the lesser of two evils. One is having a puppet government taken over by a bunch of hoodlums who would get their hands on Ukraine’s nukes.

The other is watching their heavily invested in coup getting into a mini civil war while the Russians watch…and if their people start getting killed in the East, this will trigger bringing their army in.

Either way the NeoCons will be dancing in the streets. If it turns into a bigger disaster, they will blame it on Obama’s mishandling.

And if it goes well and solidifies the coup government, they will happily hope to see a large NATO contingent invited into Ukraine for the eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation they want.

Think NeoCons equals Right Sector in expensive suits. Think AIPAC… and look at the power they have over our own government. Do you think people like this are capable of good intentions toward anyone but themselves? These are very dangerous people, and have to be dealt with in an appropriate manner. To be continued…

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for “New Eastern Outlook”.



  1. ddudnik most American youth want to do the right thing and stand up for the good but they are lied to on a regular basis as zionists own all of the mass media. Even the so called nonliberal Fox News paints Putin as that “murderous KGB guy”. Americans are not well informed so all they hear is that Putin is that same “murderous KGB guy”. We decent Americans cannot win as all our information on the mainstream media is distorted, fabricated,
    If USA neocons, zionists, neocon zionists, liberals try to involve us in a war with Russia then millions of Americans who are informed should get out and lobby for nonwar, and above all insist on a draft with no exemptions so that every Jew and nonJew in college has to be drafted. A draft FOR ALL with no exemptions save for severe mental and for physical disorders may be the best way to stop all these zionists, neocons, liberals who push for war yet have never ever been involved in violence and the majority have never been in the military, the military which they are more than willing to send out to be killed in massive numbers. Certainly being in the military is no requirement for understanding war . I only mentioned the military because our USA military is volunteer and the disregard that our politicians have for the death and mutilation of young men and women in the military was clearly shown with the deceitful invasion of Iraq in 2003.
    Jim Dean- thanks for continuing to make sense of the situation in the Ukraine.

    • Sorry to delay responses (work), who’s stopping you see and compare (using the same Google translator) news Ukrainian junta tries to condemn the soldiers “BERCUT” are unarmed! stood in the main square of Kiev under fire and “fire cocktail”, leave at least 5 people support these characters, if you want I can throw video , burned their fingers and beheaded, and his eyes gouged out. investigation is complete fiction fascists,

    • Sorry to delay responses (work), who’s stopping you see and compare (using the same Google translator) news Ukrainian junta tries to condemn the soldiers “BERCUT” are unarmed! stood in the main square of Kiev under fire and “fire cocktail”, leave at least 5 people support these characters, if you want I can throw video , burned their fingers and beheaded, and his eyes gouged out. investigation is complete fiction fascists,

    • PS You can distort, simple IT engineer for what asked to release women from the building “Party Regina” burned alive and another hacked to death

  2. Before the convulsions within Ukraine become too complicated for even the informed onlooker to understand – there is an overarching truth which needs to be understood clearly. That truth is that there does exist a focal point home for the centre of all zio-cabal global domination plotting. You might call it the ‘Focus of evil’. By ‘Focus of evil’ I do not of course mean the group of Arab nations which the neocons falsely dubbed with the expression ‘Axis of evil’. I mean the REAL Focus of and axis of evil. The one which changes its name, changes its bogus ideology (bolshevism, communism, zionism, neoconism, etc.), changes its geographic location and cynically changes its emphasis and demands on a daily basis to get what it wants. What ‘it’ wants is a world government, rigidly controlled by ‘it’, with jews in positions of ultimate authority everywhere – and with any and all verbal or physical opposition to it enslaved or murdered.

    This focus of evil is run by a group of talmudic gangsters that split from the fledgling jewish run ‘Murder Incorporated’ in the New York of 1917 to 1930 – to go into the political murder and population control game in its unfortunate target nation – Russia. Here they became oligarchs and kommissars – and built a monster state of their own – which the Russian people are only now getting over. With the fall of the Berlin wall and the rise of Putin – these parasites had to FLEE back to the west.

    • To understand this further you need to listen to Yuri Bezmenov explain that the subversion of the west was not carried out by ‘Russians’ or Andropov – even though it was orchestrated from Moscow – but by the arch subverters themselves which he tactfully refers to as “The World Communist conspiracy”. Listen carefully to Bezmenov and you will grasp what has been happening to western nations – and why our leaders are all compromised

      ************http //

      This is vital to understand if we are toi free our world from the grip of the most evil plotters the world has ever experienced.

    • Then look at the careful and sophisticated way in which western society has been dissected from a happy and vibrant group of proud peoples into a sad, defenceless and demoralised blob of humanity – engineered to be lonely, afraid, rootless and above all compliant to a small group of banker gangsters.

      http //

      There cannot be a single honest person who reads this and does not conclude that their lives and families have been manipulated for the worse – and certainly against the vital interests of ourselves, our families, our communities, our peoples and our countries.

    • Now that both Russians and Ukrainians are beginning the long path back to proudly looking after their own national affairs – yes each in a form of nationalism – the last thing that should be allowed to happen is for them to end up fighting each other! First remove the traitorous animals implanted into the Ukrainian government by the western zio plotters – then re-build your nations with your own new currency. I have some regard for real nationalists – who are NEVER in it for the money – and who are motivated only by love of country.

    • You are correct.

      On Ynet, the Israeli online news service yesterday, we find that a certain ‘Ukrainian billionaire’ has decided that he will be running for President in the next Ukrainian election. His desire, he claims, is to “prove to the world that the Ukraine is not an ‘anti-semitic’ state”

      http //,7340,L-4503348,00.html

    • Bad news for Ukraine, its people, its children and its future population. This will mean that their political – and in particular their ELECTORAL APPARATUS will be immediately compromised to acquire the required ‘result’.

    • You beat me to it. In that transition time frame you mention, these serpents and vipers coordinated their activity between Europe, the US, and Russia through B’nai B’rith, which I assume still functions to coordinate political activities with the rabbinical kahal and organized Jewry to effect the Protocols. The descendents of the Bolsheviks have total control over the US government. Dave-O points out that Talmudic vengeance and extermination of non-Jews is a primary motive, and this has been amply confirmed by leading rabbis in Israel to this day. In Russia, where 90% of the communist leadership was Jewish, over 60 million Russian Christians were starved, tortured, and exterminated, as The Black Book of Communism demonstrates.

      They’re masters of the rhetorical ploy of overwhelming people with details to obscure their interrupted agenda of acquiring all the world’s tangible assets and enslaving that part of mankind they don’t exterminate–at least that’s what they say in their own words. In the US, not only did they crash the markets in Fall ’08 to flush out investors and buy back their assets for pennies before their Fed Res started gassing the market again with liquidity, but they’re now quietly buying up vast amounts of residential property with free money, or what David Stockman has dubbed Zero-COGS (cost of goods sold). Since all Western governments are their stooges, it’s past time to “Throw Out the Garbage” and rid ourselves of the rotting stench of our elected officials.

    • I apologize if I’ve jumped around. You mention how they’ve dissected, demoralized, and engineered society, which Snoopy calls “zombified.” Have you noticed that virtually all the so-called experts and pundits on TV are Jews, or is it just me? Getting back to the time frame you mention, Hollywood was busy laying the groundwork, where stereotypical Jews were (and still are) consistently presented, from the time of the first talkies, as an elite of scholars, scientists, medical doctors, and philosophers to whom the confused Christian characters turn to agog with groveling awe and respect. Watching O’Reilly, Hannity, and the bevy of harpies on Fox News sit there agog at the pronouncements of one Zionist shill after the other “zombifying” viewers by encapsulating Zionist propaganda in cheap patriotism proves the tactic worked brilliantly.

    • Interesting that you mention Jewish Hollywood laying the groundwork for this mendacity starting with the first talkies. The ‘Kol Nidre’ is the holiest Jewish prayer and is recited several times on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It is essentially a flat statement that no promise of any kind will be kept for the coming year. It is also sung by the cantor in synagogue, accompanied on the violin.

      “The Jazz Singer,” one of the first talkies with Al Jolsen, describes the great devotion that Jews have for this “prayer.” Jolsen plays a cantor’s son who tries to break away from Jewish tradition but who in the end is drawn back to it, finally agreeing to sing the Kol Nidre on the great day. It is ironic that one of Hollywood’s first motion pictures with sound should have dealt with this explosive subject, even if the words were sung in Hebrew. The goyim didn’t get it back then and the majority still don’t get it now.

      “Can any person or people with this mentality be trusted? The Kol Nidre mentality is the underlying cause for all the anti-Jewish reaction by normal people down through the ages. Have we ever heard a renunciation of this “prayer” by any Jew – orthodox, reform or otherwise? In fact, how many of us are even aware of this subversive practice, this license to lie, which is glorified in a holy ritual every year?”
      –J Bruce Campbell

    • They learned the value of ‘movies’ and their hypnotic effect – with the completely bogus re-enactment film that they called ‘The Storming of the Winter Palace’ after the the Coup d’etat on Russia in 1917. The power of the silver screen’s images (along with the internationally coordinated written articles from jewish journalists embedded within western society) even fooled some intelligence services that should have known better. Ever since they have known that a ‘good story’ and a ‘fairy tale narrative’ beats reporting the boring old facts any day.

    • The world cannot allow this virus like attack on the entire human population across this planet to continue for a moment longer. The seeds and the relay spawning of the virus is passed on from generation to generation of jews by demented talmudic indoctrination. The vile and murderous purpose of the virus is deliberately ignored and hidden by serving national political leaders – because they are all now compromised by High Treason. Bezmenov explains eloquently how our REAL leaders are either murdered or publicly destroyed by character assassination.

  3. Right Sector goons are the number one suspects in the Maidan sniper killings? According to William Engdahl, it’s UNA-UNSO, Polish-trained Gladio killers who would be Numero Uno, with Pravy Sektor einsatzgruppen right behind at Number Two. But who’s counting? Nuremberg ’em all in a row, I say.
    These Nazis will soon have a decision to make. Whether to take on the Russian military, (unlikely) or to abandon most of their vicious agenda and settle for plundering their homeland, IMF-style. Carrying out their anti-Jew pogrom or abusing ethnic Russians will play into Putin’s hands.

    • The above comments and accompanying article are worth more to read than a hundred American newspapers….Didn’t the Czar’s Russia control Georgia and Ukraine? It wouldn’t break my heart to see a new E. Orthodox Christian Czar ( complete with coronation ceremony and High Mass ) do the same…establish order and root out the NATO/EU traitors..

  4. fine piece of journalism, Jim. i agree with Giuseppe’s praise of the style. some nice ironic turns of phrase bring a little grace into a very murky theme. the CNN article linked surprised me by its tone,m even though i know it is staffed almost entirely by assholes. BoogyWoogy’s comment eloquently exspresses just what i felt

    BoogyWoogy • 2 days ago

    Unbelievable, CNN is covering in a positive light with a heroic journo speech over the death of a far right nazi, whilst showing a bunch of radicals with ‘nationalist socialist’ inspired insignia on their arms marching with the coffin. WHAT IS GOING ON !

    Looks at this guys antics on Youtube, the guy was a radical schizo, psychopath and ticking time bomb.

  5. Concerning Victoria Nuland and trying to figure out what truly motivates her. When her father passed away earlier this month Dr. Sherwin Nuland it opened up a chance to see into her life.

    In a New York Times article with Dr. Nuland (AT HOME WITH — DR. SHERWIN NULAND; Vanquishing A Troubled Legacy) and on the Website Web of Stories Dr. Nuland reveals a lot about the family’s history as it pertains to Victoria’s Grandparents and her family’s life in America.

    It’s a very dangerous game she Victoria is taking part in her desire to right the wrongs of the past in eastern Europe using the same playbook that caused her family too flee is bound for failure. It won’t take long for those in the European Empire and Eastern Europe to figure out the Zionist are pulling the strings not so much as to gain power but to make them suffer as their people also had to suffer in the led up and during WWII.

    This is not freeing people this is Zion vengeance.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if her distant cousins mudered Czar Alexander II and/or Nicholas II…here’s a test make Putin a true Christian E. Othodox Czar with Church and State perfectly united and watch the way Jews will be unable to control their hatred…

  6. “But even the Israelis got suckered by the Right Sector. The Jewish Forward online magazine has reported that Israel’s Kiev Ambassador Reuven Din El established communication with Yarosh over concerns that the Zios did not really want to interfere with their thuggery as long as Jews were spared.”

    Israelis suckered? I beg to differ. The opposite is true, the rank and file of organizations purporting idealistic adherence towards political movements which opposed, or currently oppose, Zionist political objectives within the home nation should look beyond recruitment materials and ask themselves “is this movement genuine or an usurpted version funded through nefarious sources as part of a political PR campaign?” For instance, the various American Nazi Parties through the decades funded and led by corruptted individuals and infiltrators doing the bidding of government and NGO agencies as instruments of mass media PR spin, divide and conquer political strategies, and creation of domestic dissent snare traps. OTOH genuine movements and leaders (i.e. German-American Bund of the 1930s, George Lincoln Rockwell of the 1960s) are immediately targeted and eliminated. Same goes for the Al CIAda fighters, many dispossessed and seeking solutions to their collective plights, who become indocinated into crypto-Judiac Saudi Wahhabism handed an AK and flown off to (insert ME nation here)

    • But I digress, waking up the locals zombified by a lifetime of television and institutional political indoctrination is already a tall order. These other folks are beyond reach. Its quite an awesome network of disinfo this NWO has spun around the globe.

  7. you guys 50 40 years old, you still think about the war with Russia? do you think that the Soviet Union collapsed, but he rebelled. and we would not want to restore fascism. as in Georgia and Ukraine. Sorry we fell or how the Nazis in 1945

  8. you want a war with Russian? even nuclear? Sorry all collecting stones for the past 1000 years all were horrible. Now we politka restore Russia. and the U.S. can not do anything. Sorry guys, we will kill you! for the peninsula if you disembark there.

  9. From a New York Times article

    LONDON — After three weeks of urgent negotiations with the interim government of Ukraine and in an atmosphere of great power competition, the International Monetary Fund announced on Thursday an agreement to provide up to $18 billion in loans over two years to prevent the country’s default.

    Brian The Banksters have screwed Ukraine. It’s all down hill for Ukraine.

    • Excerpts from an article

      Ukraine’s Parliament at first rejected on Thursday an “anti-crisis” law proposed by the IMF. It later adopted the legislation when 246 of 321 MPs voted in favor.

      The bill will impose austerity measures rivaling those currently decimating the living standards of the Greek people. The draft law kowtowing to the IMF was proposed by the coup government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a former central banker who runs a foundation propped up by the U.S. State Department, the National Endowment for Democracy, NATO, Chatham House, Horizon Capital, Swedbank, and the German Marshall Fund.

      Brian Yatsenyuk has Jewish ancestry. Ukraine has some nationalist extremists but I think the Ukraine people should protest to break the relationship with the IMF, a criminal organization.

  10. Jim Dean, this article is very well written and write to the point, flows in motion to the next sentence without no dangling modifiers whatsoever, well written, thanks for the insight information I have been waiting for.

    • Thanks, actually I am North American born and them Italians all know and aware of what is occurring, besides they know their history pretty well back in the 1850’s Crimea war joining in with the French, Britain and Ottoman-Turkey in fear of the Zsar’s expansion, than the British and French went against the Ottoman back in 1918, very strange how everyone kisses each others rear ends and do not care of their fallen dead. Everyone seems to forgot that today’s Russia heritage came from the people that were pushed out further into today’s lands by them ottoman and mongols over time. Yet again, everyone is hungry for something and certain hidden resources.

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