The Worm Begins to Turn for Right Sector Thugs in Ukraine

The political mobsters want to run the country from the streets

Against democratic principles’:  EU’s Ashton denounces nationalists’ pressure on Ukraine parliament

… by  Russia Today, Moscow


The political mobsters want to run the country from the streets
The political mobsters want to run the country from the streets

[ Editors Note: We had written here a few days ago that how toughly the Kiev Coup government dealt with the Right Sector would be a balance between their usefulness in having run the old regime out of the country and whether the Western powers gave the nod for crackdown that could trigger a civil war for a while.

That is happening now with the EU’s Ashton formal calls for their disarming. They will refuse of course, and that will make for an eventual showdown. If Kiev cannot defend the country against organized crime it is obvious that it will be a black hole for any Western aide. Of course the coup itself was an organized political crime by the West.

Reports are coming in of the Right Sector having looted properties it was assigned to protect. And there was a recent shooting on the streets of Kiev where the deputy mayor was wounded and the shooter is holed up in the Right Sector hotel base being protected by the other members. This might be the straw to break their back.

The interior minister that they want dismissed has them surrounded with his police. Once they are disarmed the witnesses will begin coming forward about their depredations and more arrests will follow.

The Right Sector will respond with political assassination and bombings, and that will trigger an all out war to wipe them out and chase the remnants off to Chechnya, and the sooner the better… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published March 29, 2014  –


The lawless actions of Ukraine’s nationalists have finally caught attention of the intl community, with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton denouncing Right Sector for its ‘pressure’ and ‘undemocratic’ demand of the interior minister’s resignation.

A day after neo-Nazi activists who helped bring the acting government in Kiev to power turned against it, Ashton has issued a statement condemning the “pressure by activists of the Right Sector who have surrounded the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.”

This “intimidation” the EU foreign policy chief believes, stands against all “democratic principles and rule of law,” as Ashton called on the ultra-right group “to refrain from the use or threat of violence.” Ashton stressed the need to “hand over any unauthorised arms to the authorities immediately.”

At the same time she welcomed the “impartial and credible investigation into the circumstances of the death of Aleksandr Muzychko,” whose death in a police shootout led to the latest showdown outside the parliament in Kiev.

The US Embassy in Kiev and the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine also issued a statement ‘condemning’ the Right Sector tactics at the Verkhovna Rada.

“We welcome the statements of Pravy Sector’s leadership that they intend to keep their actions ‘within the framework of the law.” We urge all political forces to distance themselves from extremists, who undermine the efforts to stabilize Ukraine and to protect its sovereignty,” the joint statement read.

On Wednesday night, several hundred neo-Nazi activists from the Right Sector and their supporters besieged the parliament building, pressuring lawmakers to sack the newly appointed Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. The Right Sector believes that Avakov is personally responsible for ordering what they call a political assassination of one of their leader, Aleksandr Muzychko, who was killed in a special operation in a city of Rovno on Tuesday.

Avakov said that he is ready to resign if ordered, but wondered what would happen to Ukraine if he does.

“Resigning is not a problem for me, it wasn’t three days ago, it isn’t now. I can do it immediately. The problem is, what direction will the country take in this case. We will move toward acting like the victorious gangs in Somalia, or we move in the direction of order? I prefer order,” Inter-fax quotes him as saying.



  1. totally agree! Obama and the CIA spent on the revolution in Ukraine about 20 milliard dollars of taxpayers and gave Russian Crimea, and sanctions against Russia lost another 20 milliard.

  2. We haven’t seen the end of this.
    Wait untill they cut the people’s pensions in half and raising cost in heating oil and gas.
    Cut in civil service employees.
    It would not surprise me if than the east and south Ukraine wants to join Russia.
    Peace to all!!.,

    • Then I called the moderator Russian ekstrimistom ). and now let’s look suicide Yuri Kravchenko in 2001, two shots to the head, if not very similar to suicide Muzychko 2 shot in the heart? very similar?

  3. How do you identify a Neo-Nazi? Do they belong to a party called Neo-Nazi? No, that is a label put on right leaning people to slander them. In the west people are branded “NAZIS” for all sorts of reasons, including not believing the so-called holocaust. That would make some black, Arab and Asian men NAZIS. It’s a term used to destroy an enemy by defaming him, attacking his ability to have a career and sometimes to put him in jail.

    In truth “NAZIS” were nothing like they’ve been portrayed by the brutal allies and most so called “Neo-Nazis” are not Nazi at all. I can certainly see why RT would write an article like this, they know what plays well in the west, like Putin referring to “anti-semites” the other day. The truth is the west is behind the trouble in Ukraine and it’s not surprising Ukrainian nationalists would come out and fight for independence, unfortunately these nationalists don’t know the USA and the Jews behind this could not care less about the Ukraine and Jews in particular often hate Ukrainians (they murdered millions of them in the Holodomor). The Americans and Jews have their own reasons for a Ukrainian revolution. The Americans want to put missiles in Ukraine and point them at Russia, the Jews want to add one more capitalist state to the west that they control.

    • I’m sorry but the Jews in Ukraine were destroyed no less than Russian or other nations, 2 – 3 million people (but we do not call them Jews, Tatras, the Poles, the Czechs – all who have lived and lived on the territory of Russia – all Russian), shot and burned their predecessors of the modern heroes “Maidan”(unlike your enlightened nation and we were Russian, even the Negro is Russian)

  4. Aw c’mon, who’s not a “thug” in this mess? And “lawlessness”? Please; “lawlessness” is the order of the day. Singling out one particular group isn’t fair, under the circumstances. It reminds me of the Jews’ efforts to demonize Hitler while trying to make bloodthirsty scumbags like FDR and Churchill look good.

    The “Right Sector” may have a very important role to play in highlighting the illegitimacy of the newly installed puppet government.

    • Nicely said. The Right Sector has a role to play, this if only because it has some genuine support among the population. However, it needs to work on group discipline, as well as on its leadership skills, people with perhaps a little more savior faire and it needs to come up with a better way of getting its message for an independent Ukraine free from IMF/NATO diktats or entanglements. But it is clear, with the present US backed ZIO leadership, Ukrainians already have a jackboot aimed at their collective throat. What could be worse than this?

    • Of course, I assume the Right Sector realizes that the Crimea is a done deal and cannot be undone. They must also see that independence for the rest of the Ukraine and a future for themselves means working sensibly with the Russians.

    • CW I really like your Freudian slip ‘saviour faire’…as a better way to authentic Ukrainian freedom

    • LOL you are trying to assess the events of the 10 th source, “right sector” robbing business, estimates in the face of “temporal power”, but is afraid to act in Kharkov Donbas or otherwise receive the entry of Russian troops. They are puppets of Obama and the CIA

  5. It would be fun if the current Ukraine “government” had a burst of rationality and reoriented itself back from the EU to return to good relations with Russia. At which point the Right Sector would suddenly become heroic defenders of democracy again, with violence encouraged and cheered on by Western Politicans and Corporate Media.

  6. Mothers, oh mothers, look into the faces of these children! These are OUR children! Let us beseech the Universal Feminine Principle to pacify this aggression!

  7. Again I would point to the irony of the Right Sector being the only apparent force in post coup Ukraine resisting integration into the EU (a communist front) and hence NATO structures. I believe they are on record opposing IMF loans. Take a look across Europe, a similar ‘far right’ phenomena is emerging with the goal of separating from the EU (and the euro) regaining national independence. But it is true, the Right Sector was used for their “thug-like” penchant by the ZIO-banksters and, as was obvious from day one of the Coup, they will now be hunted down. But will the Ukraine be better off with what remains in Kiev?

    • Agreed again Cold Wind. I think that we should also remember that while ‘lawless’ individuals moving around within the Right Sector will have their every theft and violent act highlighted across the world – the secret thefts, violence and murders of the EU encouraged zio-conspirators will either never be spoken about – or will blamed on the wrong people. Every group of men – including trained soldiers – needs a discipline board to control excesses.

    • Will not restore the right sector independence, they need power. a ES and the U.S. to come to power. Even the French (after the elections) will not want to deal with U.S.

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