Secret Surveillance




Imagine a world in which you are being spied on 24/7 by an all-seeing Eye. And be aware that Big Brother is watching you, not only from the US and Britain but also from Israel.


. . . by  Lasha Darkmoon


NSA-eye.jpg  -  1Mass surveillance is the new norm. Big Brother is watching you and listening to you always. With the help of microscopic cameras and wireless concealable microphones and precise location tracking devices, he is keeping his tabs on you twenty-four hours a day.

He is randomly searching you on trains. He is groping you at airports.  He is flagging you down in remote country locations and ordering you to open the trunk of your car so that he can inspect it for drugs, stolen children, and human heads in plastic bags.

If you’re a woman, he can taser you and rape you and then put you in handcuffs for resisting arrest.Orwell never imagined it could be quite so bad. According to whistleblower Edward Snowden, we now have “the largest program of suspicionless surveillance in human history”.

NSA official William Binney, who resigned from the agency in protest over its systematic violation of privacy laws, has revealed that the US government has “assembled on the order of 20 trillion transactions about US citizens. The data that’s being assembled is about everybody. From that data, they can target anyone they want.”

Guardian correspondent Glenn Greenwald confirms this. “No human communication can be allowed to take place without the scrutinizing eye of the US government,” he tells us. “This is the animating principle of the US Surveillance State. Mass surveillance is the hallmark of a tyrannical political culture.”

Another famous whistleblower, Thomas Drake, is equally candid. “There is no constraint,” he points out grimly. “The United States is now a surveillance state. “This is the new normal.”

No digital or electronic communication you make is secure. Many of your secrets are already known to someone. Your private life is subject to the minutest and most persistent scrutiny. You may be interested to know that Snowden is so paranoid about his privacy that wherever he is—in airports, hotels, libraries—“he puts a large red hood over his head and laptop when entering his passwords to prevent any hidden cameras from detecting them.”

All your emails—past, present and future—are there for someone to read. Every day the NSA records trillions of emails and phone calls. Your calls are not only being recorded but sophisticated voice recognition devices enable some geek in a cubicle to pluck your voice out of a million other similar-sounding voices. Your online chats, your calls over Google Voice, Skype, and other voice-over-internet systems, are all on record. Every website you visit, someone knows you’ve been there and how long you’ve lingered on each item.

Did you know that the Internet giants who said to you, “Trust us, we will never betray your secrets to anyone!” have deceived you and let you down? Did you know that Google has betrayed you to Big Brother? That Microsoft has betrayed you, that Facebook and Apple have betrayed you, that AT&T and Verizon have betrayed you?

You probably heard the shocking news recently that Broadband and telecommunications giant Verizon is now offering its customers hard-core porn titles with child and incest themes. (See Verizon Defends Pimping Child Porn).

Lurid titles include “I Banged My Stepdad,” “Mom, Daughter and Me,” and “Pigtail Teens Pounded”.

Verizon’s Associate Director for Advertising, John P. Artney, defended his company’s decision to promote incest and child porn. “Consumers today have extraordinary choice,” he enthused.  “The explosion in choice is a tremendous benefit to consumers.”

This is bad enough, but it gets worse.

Did you know that Israeli security and surveillance company, Verint Systems, has for years had back-door access to all the traffic passing through Verizon? This means that anyone who uses Verizon to access incest and child porn has all his porn-viewing history automatically transmitted to Israel.

Not only do the spooks in Utah (NSA) and the spooks in Cheltenham, England (GCHQ), have their tabs on internet users at all times.

Big Brother is also watching you from Tel Aviv.

How is most of our personal data gathered?  Well, it passes under the oceans through fiber-optic cables which Big Brother has learned to tap. The tiny filaments inside the cables utilize pulsating flashes of light to transmit up to 100 billion bits of data per second.

If Big Bother is based in America, Big Sister hangs out in the UK. The Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is located in Cheltenham, England. It is now commonly acknowledged that Britain is the world’s intelligence superpower. This is partly due to Britain’s advantageous  Atlantic location between the US and Europe.

“The UK has a huge dog in this fight,” Snowden told the Guardian recently. “They [GCHQ] are worse than the US.” By ‘worse’ he means better at invading the privacy of people, without any moral qualms or legal constraints.

GCHQ.jpg  -  2We learned recently that GCHQ (pictured) was tapping into 600 million telephone calls each day. A huge number of these, being transatlantic calls, are naturally of intense interest to the Americans.

These calls are accessed by tapping into more than 200 fiber-optic cables that snake their way across the Atlantic like slimy, seaweed clad serpents.

Each of the cables carries data at a rate of 10 gigabits per second. This works out to roughly 21 petabytes a day – “equivalent to sending all the information in all the books in the British Library 192 times every 24 hours.”

According to this writer’s calculations, if a reader set out to read all the books in the British Library at the rate of one book a day—that means getting through 13,950,000 books—it would take him roughly 6.5 million years to complete his task.

Hoovering up all the secrets of the world every day is clearly an impossible task, even if the entire population of the world were engaged in full-time snooping.

Out of the vast “haystack” of data, it is necessary only to find the “needles”. The government keeps telling us they are not interested in the minnows, only the sharks and killer fish, i.e., the terrorists.

I don’t think we should believe them, since they lie to us on principle.

Understand this: everyone, no matter how insignificant, is of potential interest to Big Brother, for anyone who has a guilty secret can be blackmailed.

Listen to Orwell who knew all about these shady characters:

“The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred.”
“The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred.”

“The old civilizations claimed that they were founded on love or justice. Ours is founded upon hatred.

The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.

Power is in inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” (Here)

Yes, that’s the New World Order for you: hatred, persecution, torture, power for power’s sake. This is what Big Brother wants. He wants power. Omnipotence. One of the prerequisites of omnipotence is omniscience.

And this is why Big Brother wants to know everything about you.

The powers that be say they’re only interested in catching the big fish, i.e., the “terrorists” who are ceaselessly plotting new 9/11s. They are not interested in you and me: in our private lives, our sordid little affairs, our telephone flirtations, our Skype romances or amorous emails. Things like that don’t interest them. False! The Petraeus affair proves the contrary.

We offer the Petraeus affair as proof that terrorism is not the only thing that interests these people.

They tell you that you have nothing to fear. Not if you’re a law-abiding citizen. Did they tell that to General Petraeus, a law-abiding citizen and pillar of the community?

General Petraeus and his mistress, Paula Broadwell
General Petraeus and his mistress, Paula Broadwell

Remember this: Petraeus was careful. Mega careful not to be caught doing anything he shouldn’t.  All he was guilty of was a little extramarital flutter.

He didn’t even send his mistress, Paula Broadwell, any emails. He kept them hidden in his drafts folder, hundreds of them, so that pretty Paula, his official biographer, could access them there through a password.

The general thought he was being clever, playing the old “draft folder trick”, letting Paula read his unsent emails and then deleting them later.

In spite of all these precautionary measures to maintain his privacy, the spooks hacked into his computer and sniffed out his secret love life, forcing him to resign.

General Petraeus was not engaged in terrorism. He was not planning a military coup or an attack on the White House. He was not thinking of bombing Dimona or the Israeli Knesset. All he was doing was sending billets-doux to his mistress Paula Broadwell, saying silly things like “I love you.” And for this he was ruined and forced to resign.

Petraeus had been critical of Israel. And so the people on Israel’s payroll went into attack mode. Many Zionist Jews were delighted at his downfall.

Foremost among General Petraeus’s enemies, his chief nemesis, was US Representative Eric Cantor, highest-ranking Jewish member of Congress in its history, and, incidentally, a cosponsor of legislation to cut off all US taxpayer aid to the Palestinians.

Image: U.S. House Majority Leader Cantor takes part in a panel discussion titled "The Awesome Responsibility of Leadership" at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, CaliforniaIt was into the hands of this arch-Zionist, Eric Cantor (pictured), that General Petraeus’ private emails fell. Allegedly, they had been passed on to him by a whistleblower at the FBI.

This story is unconvincing and has never been proved.

Cantor, who is a personal friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, probably got his information straight from the horse’s mouth – in Israel.

Given that President Obama himself knew nothing about Petraeus’s emails, how can one explain the uncanny coincidence of the private correspondence  of a high-ranking American general, seen as hostile to Israel, falling into the hands of America’s most preeminent Israel Firster?

It cannot be easily explained.

Was the fall of Petraeus a Jewish plot? What else could it have been? The entire Petraeus affair is a cautionary tale whose moral is: Don’t cross Big Jewry.

The Petraeus affair demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that even our sex lives are of interest to Big Brother – especially to Big Brother in Israel.

The idea that we are all being spied on in a responsible way, and that we have nothing to fear unless we are terrorists, will not bear scrutiny. The famous Latin tag Quis custodes custodiet? — Who will watch the watchers? — says it all. We are referring here to Israeli infiltration.

The fact that everything known to the NSA (US) and GCHQ (UK) is also known to Israeli intelligence, through Israeli internet giants like Verint and Narus, is a cause for extreme concern.

Apart from Jonathan Pollard, a long list of American Jews have spied for Israel. Surprisingly, none of these Jews have been prosecuted and punished. Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Steven Bryen, Douglas Feith, Michael Ledeen, Steven Rosen, Keith Weissman, Jane Harman—the list goes on—have never been brought to justice.

They cannot be indicted, no matter what crimes they commit, because they appear to be beyond the law. The law applies only to ordinary citizens — to you and me. The ruling elite, now disproportionately Jewish, remains untouchable.

James Petras puts it like this:

Because of the power and influence of the Presidents of the 52 Major American Jewish organizations, Justice Department officials have ORDERED DOZENS OF ISRAELI ESPIONAGE CASES TO BE DROPPED.

Israel is a key overseas ally of the National Security Agency, as has been documented in the Israeli press (Haaretz, June 8, 2013). Two Israeli high tech firms, Verint and Narus, WITH TIES TO THE ISRAELI SECRET POLICE (Mossad), have provided the spy software for the NSA.

And this, of course, has opened a window for Israeli spying in the US against Americans opposed to the Zionist state.

(See here, emphasis added)

So here we have two Israeli companies, Verint and Narus, with unlimited access to the private data of the entire population of America. Verint taps the communication lines at Verizon. Narus does the same at AT&T. And both companies, we learn, “have extensive ties to Israel, a country with a long and aggressive history of spying on the US.”

It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots.

Kobi-Alexander.jpg  -  6Then there is Jacob “Kobi” Alexander (pictured), a former Israeli intelligence officer who founded Verint Systems, the Israeli company that monitors all the telephone calls at Verizon. He is now a fugitive from justice.

Former head of Comverse, parent company of Verint, Kobi Alexander is now a wanted man who fled US justice to Africa and is reportedly now hiding out in Israel.

“It is important to note,” Christopher Bollyn writes, “that Kobi Alexander and Comverse were closely connected to Odigo, the Israeli messaging service that was used to warn Israelis to stay away from the World Trade Center on 9-11.”

Wanted by the FBI on three dozen charges of fraud, theft, lying, bribery, money laundering and other crimes, Kobi Alexander’s exact whereabouts are now unknown.

It comes as no surprise to learn that two of Tobi Alexander’s top associates at Comverse, Chief Financial Officer David Kreinberg and former General Counsel William F. Sorin, were charged with similar crimes. Both pleaded guilty and are now behind bars. Like Tobi Alexander, both are Israeli citizens.

These are the criminal types who have access to the private details of millions of people not only in America but all over the world. It’s frightening. You might as well hand over the keys of your national security to the Jewish mafia.


“National security is a euphemism for Jewish rule.” – JB Campbell

This is an edited abridgement, brought up to date with the latest developments,
of a long 2-part article published last year called “Mass Surveillance in the Orwellian Police State”.


  1. Perhaps this is all arranged by God? So to force all of us to have nothing to hide, no skeletons in our closets, no secret sources of shame? Perhaps this is a gift from the brothers of satan to help all of us on our spiritual journey?

    • I am not trying to justify the surveillance culture, which truly is disgusting. But just to make peace with it by removing fear of it.

      I assume that everything I write is being read by some faceless official somewhere in the world. And I don’t really care. I actually hope they might learn something.

  2. Good article, just a few other points about ‘corporate surveillance’ a good article just broke in the Washington Post “White House defends ‘Cuban Twitter’ to stir unrest” in the article they mention shell companies.

    Another company that is growing under everyone nose is Viafoura in the last couple of years they have landed the ‘Subscribers’ at most big Zionist Controlled media print and web based news sites and others like Discovery Channel.

    Their other specialized function goes way beyond comment moderators, when a subscriber enters their information to a news site they barcode the subscriber e-mail and link it to FB, Twitter and Google. They are then able to track a subscriber in real time after they leave a commenting site and your web based activities are feed into Big Data which goes to #Analytics to analyze who and what you are. Their technology is also able to backtrack to keep you under surveillance even when your not on one of their subscribers sites.

    If they keep up landing big sites like LA Times a few weeks back and the Toronto Star just prior to that they will be able to out class the abilities of a NSA in no time, mainly because people are not made aware when they sign up as a subscriber and click accept they have just gave permission to share their information to a third party. (which is more like a infinite parties as Viafoura has subscribers who are privy to the information as well, who also has subscribers on and on).

    I can’t say for sure that is why key people at twitter have quit and google has moved their people into twitter but one would think something is rotting in social media land.

    • Social media is just another chip under your skin. Virtually ALL of the ‘updates’ in computer usage – with or without social media membership – has for some time have been about surveillance. It is odd that they like to ask your permission each time to change the system to be able to do this. Especially as you have no choice in any event if you wish to continue using your PC. In the future the installation of ‘smart-meters’ in individual homes will be a way to carry out automatic ‘Zersetzen’ against any complaining voices. The priority ‘enemies’ of controlling governments now in every compromised country are quite clearly dissenters within their own populations.

    • @ Excalibur

      “Virtually ALL of the ‘updates’ in computer usage – with or without social media membership – has for some time have been about surveillance. It is odd that they like to ask your permission each time to change the system to be able to do this.”

      It’s useful to know this, but are you sure about this or is it just speculation?

      For a long time I’ve been thinking to myself, when I’m told it’s time to “update” my computer “What’s the point of all these frequent updates? What is there to update?” And I’ve suspected that by giving permission for one’s PC to be “updated” all one was really doing was allowing someone to make a complete record of all one’s computer activities. The point is, however, surely they can find out everything about your computer activities without the need for updates?

      I am informed by a computer savvy friend of mine that even when your computer is off, the authorities can read all your emails — even your unsent ones in drafts. Also all your unpublished documents, picture archives etc etc. Whether this is true or not I don’t know.

    • Lasha – I ought to clarify because what I said sounds too sweeping a statement of course. Whilst computer updates ostensibly provide progress and advancements – they also execute three other invisible functions; one is to ‘funnel’ all computer activity through a tighter and tighter compliance choke point. Another is to fundamentally change the entire basis on which we as individuals are allowed to use and view images on our PCs. The third is to slowly close off and abolish the opportunities of using the web freely in the way that we previously did. What was once a free right to all subtly becomes something ‘granted’ to us by license.

      Similarly – when ‘new legislation’ is enacted to ‘protect’ us following a terrorist scare (or a false flag attack which is blamed on terrorists) it is always presented as being an (UPDATE) instrument that is necessary to combat the evil and deranged terrorist killers, their friends – and their space needed to operate. When you examine the wording, however, it then transpires that we ALL have an equal opportunity risk of falling foul of these laws depending on who they label as a ‘terrorist’ or state enemy. Ultimately a ‘terrorist’ becomes whoever THEY say it is. Hence real terrorists could actually walk free as with 9/11 – and innocent ones can be locked up. It then dawns on you that all such laws are in truth designed as a direct attack on the ancient freedoms of the general population, whom the gangster ruling elite see as their real enemy.

    • Lasha – my use of the word ‘surveillance’ in the original comment was used in a general sense because ultimately that is what all these little changes add up to in the end. It is to hedge in everyone’s use of the internet to a space that ‘they’ tightly control. I did not mean that each specific update added direct spying capability, although some will of course. I have no doubt whatsoever that your friend is right and that ‘they’ can ultimately do whatever they want with our computers at the moment, switched on or off.

    • @ Excalibur

      Many thanks. I accept all you say and find it very fascinating. It makes sense. And it’s all the more scary for me in that, unlike you, I am a computer ignoramus.

      In order to protect myself from malware and having my computer generally sabotaged, I have to pay a security company a stiff fee every now and then. They do frequent “updates” which I guess give them access to all my private internet details, e.g., my emails and all the sites I go on.

      They are now sending me frequent messages that my computer is working rather slowly — which it is — and offering to make it quicker if I pay them an additional fee. How do I know they aren’t MAKING it run slowly themselves so as to get me to pay them a fee to fix it? A friend said to me “This looks like a protection racket.”

      Naturally I am concerned, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

    • Sounds like you are getting the wrong kind of help there Lasha. Ask someone competent that you know and trust locally how they deal with it. It need not be expensive. I am quite sure that many unwanted computer ads promising to speed up your PC are in fact designed to slow up your computer – and if you pay their fee they just remove the ad until they want more money! Old fashioned extortion. Unfortunately I do not think that there is anything that any of us can do currently to avoid the overwhelming surveillance. There might be a boffin out there that knows otherwise.

  3. Lasha your article and the general tone of the comments speak very clearly to me as to why the Israelis have closed all their embassies. I have heard not a word on this, not even the closures, on Australian television story time, but it seems to me that they are running and hiding while those at the top continue to desperately find people to do the crucifying.

    ’tis an old old depraved and exhausted story that I pray will end once and for all.

    We are One in Peace and Justice.

  4. The Zionist probably constitute the largest group of psychopaths/sociopaths the world has ever known. And that group is very large. Vice President Biden even claims to be a Zionists–though he may not really know what his claim amounts to–that is, to being a genuine thug. But now privacy. What is it? We live in an age where many are assailed by loneliness. Far more than at any other time. Can these lonely souls take some consolation in knowing that they are not alone? Are being surveilled 24/7? But seriously, what is the essence of privacy?
    We might start with private parts. Groping the genitals at airports or x-rays designed to reveal the unclothed body. These private parts seem to lie close to one’s inner self. Like a diary. The desire then to protect this area from dark looks and lecherous touches. The psychopaths delight in invading these sanctuaries of the self. What a banquet of delights for the Zionists to spy on all our most personal and intimate e-mail!
    Envy is at the bottom of this. If one is totally an external object as scientific materialism maintains then one is just a material thing. People who have an inner life seem to refute this position. And spite will destroy this affront to the psychopath.
    Privacy is necessary to develop the soul. And there are zones of the soul which can not be spied on or stolen. Worse fate for these human devils. All they can do is destroy the envelop but never read the letter inside. Their torment.

    • your comment is eloquent and poignant.

      Which encapsulates six of the seven deadly sins we must conquer in our own hearts, minds and souls
      each and every one of us

      sloth is probably the one that does not apply to the Zionists.

  5. Well they failed to notice the shooter at Ft. hood just yesterday. Did not protect Giffords, (if that actually took place.) Matter of fact, I do nto remember one single crime prevented by all this listening and watching they insist on doing. Malaysia airliner was highjacked despite their voyeurism, Russia invaded Ukraine while they were eavesdropping. So I don’t think what they are doing pertains to public safety or trying to sniff out terrorism as much as it is cheap peep show snooping.
    However, it reflects more on their own wimpy failed cheap lives than on our country losing freedoms. We have a wimp for a president, and congress could not read the Oblundercare insurance program without passing it first, so these blundering buffoons I do not fear. They can peep on me anytime they choose for they can catch up some much needed rest so they can stoop further down and kiss more buttocks so they can make a living if this is the only talent they have permitting them to collect an ongoing pay checks. Public education has failed to educate them about constitutional rights of this nation. Until they turn their snooping on congress and this president, things will continue to happen on a daily basis as the above has done. Good day.

  6. Great article, particularly because the author isn’t afraid to use the “J” word. Sadly, there are still many among us who fail to connect the HUGE dots between the crimes of this cabal and their demonic ideology, Judaism.

    Idealogies rule people. Sick ideologies create sick people and it doesn’t get any sicker than the “chosen people” and their warrior G_d (they won’t even spell it because they worship a demon) who commands them to smite anyone and everyone who resists their supremacist ambitions. And make no mistake, calling these creatures ruthless is putting it politely. They would LOVE to kill you, because lying and killing is all they know. (Christ wasn’t kidding, you know.)

    If there were ever “good” Jews, they crawled out of their sewer long ago and ditched the depraved ideology of Judaism. They’ve had many lifetimes to join with humanity.

    No need to feel sorry for the dirty bastards, anymore.

    • Dave – in the end the ultimate PROOF of this truth is that the global conspiracy we see today could NEVER be put together by any one generation in its lifetime. It is the same conspiracy – with different names attributed to it over the centuries – but always with the same goals of brutal jewish supremacism and world domination as demanded by their warped and insane talmudic cult.

      The only way that an international, parallel aligned, global conspiracy can possibly survive the upheavals of time and the deliberate jewish policy of spreading themselves into every nation of the world – is for it to be embedded secretly WITHIN the very core culture and ‘religion’ of that group. Each generation moves the conspiracy to a new platform – aiming to one day achieve that ultimate goal for their group. This conspiracy is by far the most dangerous threat to human health, life, happiness, existence and well being to EVER come at us from the dark recesses of human hatred and evil. Strange, therefore, that those ‘leaders’ charged with protecting us all dare not even mention it in hushed tones.

    • Brilliant comment. And it has occurred to me that the multi-generational aspect of this nefarious conspiracy is the tip-off that we are wrestling with more than flesh and blood here. I mean mere mortals don’t operate this way.

      But amongst these Sabbatean Satanists, the baton is passed from one generation to the next, the Rockefellers being a prime example. It must be that they carry the genetic code of the snake and somehow intuitively know what part they are to play, e.g. the buxom Jewess, Paula Broadwell. This matrix of evil can only be countered on a spiritual level.

  7. I think that this is a great article – and the more work there is of this nature out there the better. The penny must be made to drop in ordinary people’s minds as to what is being done to them on a daily basis. The old sales training adage – ‘Tell them, then tell them again – and then tell them again’ will eventually prove its worth. (This is, after all, what they do to us with the controlled media – even when what they are telling us is completely untrue!)

    Sadly over time people can become conditioned into accepting the unacceptable – especially when there are no proper leaders in place who see it as their job to protect the population and its interests. Removing Christianity as the default position was key in being able to bring this situation about. Hence carrying out evil acts – and permitting the regular application of evil acts – becomes easily allowable (and even laudable) for a modern politician or intelligence worker.

    George Orwell also showed us that whilst you can kill everybody or enslave them – the HUMAN SPIRIT and the urge for independence and freedom CANNOT be totally crushed or controlled. This is why their tower of Babel will fall as it has in previous generations – but this time with them being put out of business forever. Well done Lasha.

  8. Lasha, forgive me for being a bit rude, but I think even Guardian readers know all this. What we want to know is what happens with the gazillions of bits of stored data.

  9. A notably outstanding article, one of the best ever published on VT. Lasha Darkmoon lays bare the core problem of America today, getting rid of the zio City of London/Israeli International Zionist Crime Syndicate that has infiltrated America in 1913 and hijacked everyone of its major institutions and Intel agencies.

    These major RICO criminals have been able to buy up, compromise and “own” almost every single member of Congress to do their bidding. AIPAC is the paymaster and the inside espionage front for the IZCS, the largest, most vicious crime syndicate in the world that makes the Cosa Nostra look like amateurs.

    The good news is that these soulless scum are being exposed more and more everyday thanks to the Alternative media on the worldwide internet. This is deeply eroding the Controlled Major mass media, the main propaganda arm of the IZCS and its now only a matter of time that the CMMM is going to be completely eroded of any credibility.

    This newly diffused truth from the Internet has split the US Militray and Intel and the “newbies” now moving into control positions know that 9/11 was an inside-job, Gladio style false-flag attack done by Israel and some traitors in the JCS and Norad. Israel is slowly being pushed out despite the resistance of the paid Congressional whores and presstitutes. As Gordon Duff once said several years ago, zionism is now in its death throes. He was right but they are putting up a very desperate losing battle to maintain their grip.

    • Agree Dr James with all of your points. Remember that the original Cosa Nostra (translated ‘Our thing’) – was oddly enough a ‘resistance movement’ of sorts that manifested itself out of generations of local Sicilians over three thousand years being subject to wave after wave of foreign invasion and corrupt rule. Ultimately it had Christianity and its own version of right and wrong woven into its roots. The jewish crime cabal has only talmudic satanism at its core – which thrives on evil, inflicting pain and spreading misrepresentation.

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