“Flight 370 Was Remote-Hijacked”


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


Author, barrister and political advisor Matthias Chang
Author, barrister and political advisor Matthias Chang

A high-level Malaysian source has confirmed that missing Flight MH370 must have been hijacked by remote control.

Matthias Chang, a barrister who served as Political Secretary to the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, explained why only a remote-hijacking “fly by wire” scenario can explain the plane’s disappearance.

Read Matthias Chang’s MH 370 – A Sinister Tragedy In the Fog of Coincidence?

In an exclusive interview with Truth Jihad Radio, Chang – who remains well-connected with the highest political levels in Malaysia – patiently explained why all of the evidence points to a remote hijacking by one of the handful of countries capable of such a technological feat. He expressed annoyance with Western media criticism of the Malaysian government, arguing that it is Western governments, not Malaysia’s, that are covering up what they know while the media fails to ask the hard questions.

[The audio interview will be posted for Truthjihad.com subscribers by this evening here.]

During our interview on the morning of Friday April 4th (Malaysia time) Matthias Chang told me: “I want to raise a point that has not been much discussed in either the mainstream or alternative media, which is that the technology of autopilot has been in existence for a long time. Since September 11th, more sophisticated systems have been placed in all planes to avoid any hijackings. If there is a hijacking in progress it kicks in and flies to an airport to land safely. The system can be triggered by the pilot himself from the cockpit, or it can be triggered by ground control. And by ‘ground control’ I mean it can be operated from land, an AWAC plane, or a ship, by an entity that has the capability and technology to fly the plane remotely. That technology is out there.”

Chang pointed out that only remote-hijacking can explain the plane’s flight path: “This plane is flying for six hours on its own. Who’s flying the plane? The entity flying the plane must be those with the technology that’s used now to pilot drones. We know drones have been flown in Afghanistan from Florida. We have seen video tapes and news broadcasts about how ‘pilots’ in Florida are flying planes and drones in Afghanistan as if they are playing computer games.”

Chang explained that the Western media’s pilot suicide hypothesis “doesn’t hold water. If you’re a pilot, why turn back, go north to Thailand where there are military exercises going on, and you will know from the radar that other planes are flying, then turn south and fly for six hours? That’s ridiculous. Also, most suicides leave notes explaining why. This is another huge question mark. Why this accusation of the pilot, when the facts are inconsistent with suicide?”

Suggesting that the Western countries have been leading the public on a wild goose chase, Chang explained:

“During the past four weeks, we have heard of various countries providing data. Australia said there were two floating objects west of Perth, but when ships were sent they were not found. France, also, said they discovered two objects. When the search planes went, these too couldn’t be found. The satellite of Thailand (a US client state) found two objects. It was sea rubbish. This was followed by (US occupied) Japan saying they found objects. But those objects were not MH370s. The British firm Inmarsat, using its calculations, said the plane would have crashed in the area where the objects were located. But subsequently Boeing, doing new calculations projecting faster flight at lower altitude, said the plane could have ended somewhere 1000 miles north of the previously projected location.”

Were all of these people ordered to look in all the wrong places – by a military high command that knows perfectly well where the plane is?

Chang continues:

“Given all this information, it’s crystal clear, clear as day, that the one country that has the most sophisticated surveillance technology has remained mute. They may have given sealed evidence – I don’t know. But no public announcement.

As VT Editor Gordon Duff says, a gnat has a hard time disappearing. So how can a 777 vanish?
As VT Editor Gordon Duff says, a gnat has a hard time disappearing. So how can a 777 vanish?

“America has the most advanced satellites in the world…it can detect an object the size of a coin, look at bunkers buried deep underground. NROL 39 (the US National Reconnaissance Office) uses the octopus emblem. It states clearly that enemies of America cannot hide because ‘nothing is beyond our reach.’ The octopus’s tentacles encompass the whole globe. I find it very odd that America has been reticent, conspicuously silent, about what their satellites have shown, if anything.”

What makes it especially odd that the US will not admit it tracked the plane is that the flight path involved some of America’s most sensitive military areas:

“As MH370 reached the airspace of Vietnam it went north toward Thailand where the US-run Cobra Gold and Cope Tiger military exercises were being held. Then, allegedly, the plane ended in the Indian Ocean. But there is no evidence or debris. Now what is conspicuous…is that when a plane goes past Southern Thailand into the Indian Ocean, it has to fly past a very important landmark: Diego Garcia, a secretive US military base. It was from this base that the US launched bombers to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam before that. Surely this base has some of the most sophisticated surveillance technology. Any unidentified plane that flew in the direction of Diego Garcia would certainly be located and identified.”

Chang, the former top political advisor to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, noted that the bizarre disappearance of MH370 coincided with the US-run Cobra Gold and Cope Tiger military exercises – just as previous “disasters” have mirrored suspiciously-timed drills and exercises:

“On 9/11, when planes struck the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, there were military exercises taking place, and NORAD and others were confused about whether the planes were part of the exercise or not.”

Chang was referring to the notorious 46 drills of September 11th 2001, the biggest pre-designated National Security Special Event Day in US history. Those exercises practiced and then mimicked every aspect of the actual attacks, including a live-fly plane-into-building exercise that shut down the National Reconnaissance Office and prevented NRO personnel from seeing satellite images of whatever the alleged attack planes and their military control planes, including the “Flying Pentagon” E-4B Command Center aircraft, were really doing that day.

Chang noted that the 7/7/2005 London bombings – like 9/11– perfectly mirrored drills that were occurring at exactly the same times and places:

“On 7/7 in London, there was a bombing of underground stations, plus the bus in Tavistock Square. Surprise surprise, four Muslim youth were said to be responsible for the deaths and injuries. Yet on that very day, there were terrorist bombing exercises at precisely the same four locations.”

[youtube JKvkhe3rqtc]

Chang observed that Christopher Bollyn, whose book Solving 9/11 implicates Israel and its US agents in the worst terrorist attack in US history, has discovered indications that the disappearance of MH370 might be connected with another false-flag plot: “Bollyn exposed how, immediately after the hijacking (of MH370), the Times of Israel put out propaganda that the plane was hijacked by agents of Iran, then landed in Bangladesh to weaponize the plane to carry out a diabolical attack like September 11th.” (Bollyn also discovered a suspicious “evil twin” of MH370 hidden in an Israeli hangar – his article is linked here.)

Chang said that the media’s focus on the search for the MH370’s black box is a deception. “We’ve been diverted to look for the black box. Bullshit! There are plenty of signals.” Chang asserts that both Boeing, a leading US military contractor, and the Rolls-Royce company that makes the plane’s engines, know exactly what happened to MH370, because they are constantly fed signals giving them every significant detail about all of their planes including exactly location, altitude, airspeed, engine function, manual or autopilot, and so on.

Regarding Rolls-Royce, Chang said:

“As long as the engine is running, they monitor it. If anything goes wrong with the engine for any reason, they land the plane and abort the flight. There have been a couple of instances when Rolls-Royce detected malfunctions and told the pilot to land as soon as possible due to the malfunction.

“So for six hours or more, Rolls-Royce would have kept track of the pings. Rolls-Royce would know where the plane’s going. Now I’m told, rightly or wrongly, that in the protocol, Rolls-Royce may be prohibited from disclosing this information.”

Likewise, Malaysia has been prevented from disclosing the sealed evidence it has been provided by one or more unnamed countries – or even the name of that country or countries.

But despite the gag order, Chang thinks the evidence speaks for itself: “There is cyber war between these (larger) countries, and we small countries are caught in the middle. I think the passengers were collateral damage.”

Chang’s conclusion about Flight 370?

“Under the cover of the military exercises, something diabolical, something catastrophic, has happened.”


  1. IMO the following scenario, put forward by radiation contamination activist Leuern Moret, a natural sciences researcher with a degree in Near East Studies, appeared very early in the missing ML Flight 370 timeline.

    ‘The Flight 370 downing was a U.S. Navy energy weapons demo for Putin; Rothschild patent scam, and a Payback for the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal verdicts vs. Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom.’


    While a naval beam weapon shootdown of ML 370 is rather disconcerning (to say the least) there are historical precedents of similar occurences (Hiroshima anyone?). Given Putin’s role in derailing the America/Israeli cabal’s multipronged effort to splinter and shatter Syria’s government and Russia’s interjection into political affairs among her western border nations I believe the theory deserves one more look. Especially so when combined with a single, yet undenied, SOS report

    metisdead, on 14 Mar 2014 – “Furthermore, according to the US Embassy, at 2 43 in the morning, American military personnel stationed at U-Tapao Airforce Base received an emergency SOS transmission from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370; the captain of the aircraft shouted that the cabin was disintegrating and the plane needed to make an emergency landing.”

    2.43am thats 1.15mins after the transponder was switched off.



    • Sorry but urgently want to convey to the American people You people 40-50 years old and you believe the American media?, I was born in times of war holdnoy! I never believed that there will be a nuclear war!! Carrie moves to this

    • There is no need to use weapons! Ukraine buys TVL are not suitable for nuclear reactors, will eat all of Europe, a new Chernobyl

  2. With 9/11, we always knew WHY it happened and it took a while to know WHO did it. This is just the opposite. We know WHO did it (Israel, the zionists, Jews or whatever) based on their extensive terrorism track record, but we still have no idea WHY they did it. Not that we won’t find out, maybe soon.

    They DO love to keep us guessing, but we’re wising up. more every day. At the current rate of progress, we’ll know where the zionists will attack us before they do.

    • rolling his eyes, what’s the Jews! ? you how children think that is seen throughout the Zionist conspiracy! Have you ever thought about the plot of your oligarchs!? Which unlike Putin not jailed (all began to howl on Human Rights)

  3. Chang is absolutely correct about this. There is not a single doubt in my mind.

    To me……..I think we ought to all team up here and now…. and try to FORCE this story into the open
    in the mainstream media…. Just copy the Chang piece and BOMB THE CORPORATE MEDIA with it…..
    all of us, all across the country!

    2LT Dennis Morrisseau USArmt [armor – Vietnam era] retired
    W pawlet, VT USA [email protected] 802 645 9727

  4. Mr. Chang Thanks for most informative article about MH370.

    Also, thanks for your prior excellent article — published in 2010 — titled “America is Insolvent.”
    (http //goldenageofgaia.com/accountability/financial-crash/matthias-chang-america-is-insolvent-why-would-chinas-rating-agency-rate-us-sovereign-debt-aa-when-it-is-no-better-than-junk/)

    Very PRESCIENT article and its so surprising that your prediction has not yet become reality.

    On related subject Readers would be grateful for your insight on reported heist of 33 tons of gold from Kiev, Ukraine, which reportedly occurred during March 6 -7.

    (Reports also surfaced on Internet that Kiev gold was subsequently transferred to MH370.)

    Then, MH 370 disappeared on March 8.

    What is $ value of 33 tons of gold?

    By rough calculation, its value is estimated at approximately $1.3T.

    (US debt is estimated at 16T – 17T?)

    Trying to follow that train of logic, here’s where things get confusing
    MH370 was headed for China (perhaps as repayment of insolvent US’ debt?).

    Please, tell us who did it.

  5. I read Chuck Yeager’s autobiography many years ago, Certainly long before Israel turned the WTC complex into dust.

    Yeager stated clearly that as long ago as 1962 the Air Force & NACA, (look it up) and the CIA were battling one another over whether or not planes should have pilots in the cockpit. You can guess which side Yaeger was on, and on which side the CIA was positioned.

    Remote controlled planes are 50 year old technology. If there is anyone dopey enough to believe that 50 years later we don’t have the ability to grab and steer any aircraft in the sky, then they don’t really have the information nor the intelligence to read these forums, let alone to comment.

  6. ——1954 Israel “The Evil Empire” is the “First Country to Introduce Hijacking a Commercial Airlines to the World,” Ironically, when Israel hijacked Syrian Airline.

    ——In 2013 we found out Israel “The Evil Empire” has a direct & complete sharing privileges of every single NSA file of USA, Including foreign countries’ info.

    ——No question Israel “The Evil Empire” has it too. “America has the most advanced satellites in the world…it can detect an object the size of a coin, look at bunkers buried deep underground. NROL39 (the US National Reconnaissance Office) uses the octopus emblem. No question Israel

    ——In 2010, Israel was the 1st & Only Country to steal 33 fraudulently obtained passports from Israeli airport, so Israel Mossad could assassinate Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh the leader of Gaza who was living in Dubai. Out of those, Israeli Mossad carried 12 British passports, 6 Irish, 4 French, 1 German, and 4 Australian. The rest of the passports were under investigation at that time.

    • lol Mossad promised that field will burn Munich Olympics all the terrorists, but they live under the wing of the United States, the U.S. organized resistance, but then it eats shit

  7. There certainly has been all sorts of nonsense written about this flight – and lots of hare-brain speculation. This Malaysian barrister, however, while still speculating to some degree is making some very valid points based on the facts we know – and his assessments follow the most likely scenario.

    What has troubled me from the start about this whole event has been the reaction (or in some ways the non-reaction) of the mainstream media – they have not been pushing a prepared narrative. I have been trying to work out why that might be. There is no doubt that the whole thing stinks like a dead budgy. There is of course ONE viable explanation for all this. That is that israel perpetrated this act (entirely off its own back) in order to pull off an as yet unknown false flag attack. Then one of the ‘larger’ powers – in the form of the US – or even Russia – was forced to put a stop to it.

    The jewish control of the media then steps in to block any negative worldwide reporting of israeli actions – and there is an impasse with no carefully prepared narrative. Especially as the similarity to the 9/11 attacks is now inescapable. israel, after all, has it in for the Malaysians for defending Palestinians. They are desperate to start a war with Iran and Syria. They immediately tried to frame Iranian passengers. Western powers obviously KNOW what happened to the plane and where it went – indeed – they may even have had to stop it to prevent, ultimately, a world war.

    • This is obviously further speculation – but as Sherlock Holmes would say “Once you eliminate the impossible – whatever remains – no matter how improbable – must be the truth.”

  8. Listen to Jeff Rense & Yoichi Shimatsu interview. Best explanation I’ve heard.
    https //www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBZlkMQiTZQ

  9. The Zionist controlled MSM never mentions the possibility of a remote controlled hijacking of the Malaysian airplane, they might be concerned some Americans may wonder if remote controlled hijacked planes were used on 911, perform some Internet research and discover our BFF Israel used remote control to hijack the planes on 911 to murder Americans for fun, profit and to initiate the war on Islam.

    Rumor has it the Zionist controlled MSM is about to tell us a drunken, gay porn addicted Palestinian dressed up as Chinese man charged the cockpit hijacked the plane and tried to slam it into an Israeli submarine carrying vital medical supplies to anyone who needs them include Jews persecuted on remote islands.

  10. A white plane could be seen flying high above the twin towers right after they exploded. Later I understood some planes are flown by remote control. A few years later, I read about Boston brakes. A car can be turned off or stopped by remote control by someone with the proper equipment. Remote control has now spread to larger machinery than small engine plans, boats and cars as kids play with. A friend of mine has a remote control helicopter he flies over the neighborhood taking pictures and spying on whatever is going on around the place. Then, there are drones, flown by remote control, but can kill by someone while the remote pilot sits far far away. So why not be able to hijack a plane via remote control? Excellent reporting Mr. Barrett! This is something to ponder.

    • What you mentioned below, that most people still think Arabs did 9-11, might be their biggest problem.

      The day it goes viral that someting j’ty was behind the biggest terror (a Jewish state, Jewish masons, Jewish London), FEMA camps will officialy open.

  11. Rand Corp has had remote controlled plane software technology for decades, well before 9/11. Remember the Egyptian airliner that took off from NY and did a nose dive into the Atlantic? The public can be made to believe whatever “they” want the public to believe. Nothing is as it seems.

    • ‘The public can be made to believe whatever “they” want the public to believe. Nothing is as it seems.’

      True. I fear one day the audience leaving a cinema after watching Captain America 66 1/6 will believe they watched the news.

  12. Do I get this right, Dr. Barrett

    Rolls Royce knows what is going on
    Boeing knows what is going on
    Malaysia knows what is going on

    And they all keep silent?


    • Chang says Malaysia has been telling all it knows – including revealing its surveillance capabilities. The only thing it is holding back is whatever “sealed evidence” it has been given by other countries on the condition that it be kept secret.

      But Chang’s speaking out is a way for Malaysia to establish an unofficial channel of truth, without violating its agreements.

    • “Sealed evidence” about what happened to MH370 has been given to Malysia by other countries?

    • Well done. Now you can go back to your other job. Defending GMO crops for MySatan and debunking chemtrails.

    • I’m inclined to accept this kind of logic. Sort of. What is more important here, knowing why the plane disappeared, or how it disappeared? If the plane was off course and over territory where military drills were taking place, the lack of communication between the crew members of the passenger airliner and those on the ground holding drills could raise serious questions regarding yet another catastrophic accident. Yes they happen. So does the disquieting silence from those who know.

    • Are you really doing this for free?
      Man….you’re stupid.
      There are people making a living out of this.
      Wake up, fool.

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