Ed Miliband The Latest Western Politician ‘Taken in’ By Sderot

Fails to keep election promise to see the situation in Gaza for himself


… by  Stuart Littlewood


Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband, UK Labour Party leader and younger brother of former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, has just been on a visit to Israel and occupied Palestine.

Ed, who is Jewish, is a wannabe prime minister. And he may succeed in taking the top job next year if Agent Cameron continues annoying the voting public.

A BBC report tells us that Miliband and his wife Justine “were shown where the rockets are fired which rain down on this Israeli town of Sderot.

“They visited a playgroup which looks like many you would see in the UK, until you realise the kids are playing inside instead of outside as they would not be safe under the deep blue sky and are only so under a roof of reinforced concrete.” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-26998207

The BBC, as usual when reporting on Israel, jettisons journalistic principles and fails to present a balanced, factual picture. How many Israeli children have actually been killed by garden-shed rockets “raining down” from Gaza? And how safe are Palestinian children from the frequent Israeli air-strikes?

How many have been slaughtered by Israel’s state-of-the-art missiles, bombs, tank shells and other ordnance? I’ll start them off… 1520 Palestinian children killed and around 6,000 injured since the year 2000.

Dr Mahmoud Al-Zahar, a co-founder of Hamas, underscored the situation in this chilling statement:

“They [the Israelis] have legitimised the murder of their own children by killing the children of Palestine. They have legitimised the destruction of their synagogues and their schools by hitting our mosques and our schools.” Al-Zahar knows all about a father’s grief. He has been the target of assassination attempts. His two sons were killed and his daughter injured in Israeli raids. Why doesn’t the BBC go interview him?

The fact is, Sderot is vital to Israel’s propaganda effort. It is an important plank in the regime’s attempt to justify the bloodshed it has inflicted on the people of Gaza. The Israelis use it ad nauseam to brainwash the media and their own people. And Miliband E lapped up the nonsense that has been fed to so many before him.

When Western politicians are hustled along to Sderot does it never occur to them to ask, what right have the Israelis to be here? If they did a little homework they would know that Sderot is built on the lands of a Palestinian village called Najd, which was ethnically cleansed by Jewish militia in 1948 before Israel was declared a state and before any Arab armies entered Palestine. The 600+ villagers, were forced to flee for their lives. Britain was on watch as the mandated government while this and many other atrocities were committed by Jewish terrorists.

Najd was just one of 418 Palestinian villages and towns wiped off the map by Zionist Jews. It was not even allocated to the Jews in the 1947 UN Partition Plan but they seized it all the same and bulldozed its 82 homes. There is no American that I know, or Briton, who would stand for being thrown out of his home by foreign thugs.

Palestinian Arabs owned over 90 percent of the land in Najd and, according to UN Resolution 194 and also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, they have a right to return home. But, as we have come to expect, Israel refuses to recognise the rights of others and will not allow them back.

The inhabitants of Najd, one supposes, became refugees in the nearby Gaza camps. The irony is that the sons and grandsons of some of those displaced and dispossessed families are very likely manning the rocket launchers…. Well, wouldn’t you?

And who but an Israeli would be so arrogant as to live on land stolen from their neighbour at gun-point… and demand to be left in peace?

In a statement Ed Miliband told Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East: “If elected leader of the Labour Party, I would visit Israel and the Palestinian Authority and take a first-hand look at what is happening on the ground in Gaza.” At a reception later, he said: “I did say I would make a visit to see for myself the situation and I promise to do that.” http://www.lfpme.org/news-p120

Martin Linton, Director of LFPME, remarked: “We are glad that Ed has said he will go and see the situation on the ground in the West Bank and Gaza for himself. It is difficult for anyone to understand just how desperate the situation is until they have seen it for themselves….”

Did Miliband E drop in on Gaza for coffee with Dr Al-Zahar and Prime Minister Haniyeh? No. Instead of seeing the situation first hand as promised, he accepted whatever tosh came out of Israel’s propaganda machine. So, was he prevented from visiting Gaza by Netanyahu, or did he plain forget?

Do let us know, Ed.


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7 Responses to "Ed Miliband The Latest Western Politician ‘Taken in’ By Sderot"

  1. Detlef Reimers  April 14, 2014 at 4:07 am

    In religious terms, Palestinians are either Christians or Sunni Muslims, their own “government” which I would rather call “control structure” is also divided and consists of a special branch of Muslim Brothehood, called HAMAS, as well as others. The representative Abbas hasn’t been legally acting for the Palestinians for a rather long time now, because there was no reelection to justify his ongoing hold of this position.

    The living situation gets worse and worse and all this mayham has been forced on them by the complete illegal and murderous actions of the israeli government. It is a sad fact for me to see this situation go on and on, because both sides have proven to not act on behalf of their people but are driven by an ideology that makes people suffer constantly. As long as ideologies have a close grip on the people, the situation will only continue to get worser.

    BDS is a good thing, for shure, but it’s not enough as vlong as Israel get’s subsidized by the US and Germany and as long as the inhuman ideology of World Zionism will continue to torture mankind with the help of an unknown large crowd of supporters in governments, military and finance.

    I know the family history of the Milibands and Ed Miliband shurely is a profound zionist ideologist, of whom his dead father would shurely be proud of, but he does not serve the interests of the british people at all and never did in his carreer. He is one of the real dangerous and ruthless trotzkyate change agents.

  2. Bartered  April 14, 2014 at 12:24 am

    I could instantly tell that Eddy has become a zombie by that “you don’t understand” look in his eyes and that stinking finger shooting up in that “now pay attention” gesture Ive seen too much of from the other zombie trolls pushing for the racist state. I think the BDS movement is doing a wonderful job of fulfilling the overwhelming need to educate the masses about the Eddy’s of this world. BDS is also educating the public about Palestinian genocide, and the program has proven more successful in creating outrage in Darfur only because their is a handle on this program; One is exports outside of is real and the other is exposure from their camp about how ineffective it is. If African nations subjected to the hideous act of land grabs through genocide could get half the attention that Palestine has, the anger for these criminals would push the Earth out of orbit.

    • Bartered  April 14, 2014 at 12:27 am

      should be creating more outrage than Darfur. I hate my language.

  3. maca001  April 14, 2014 at 12:03 am

    Ed Miliband has had a lifetime to refine ‘his‘ skills, with the input of his mentors, just as Jeb Bush will implement his own miraculous interventions based on heritage connections. These people have been compromised and offer no real alternative. They simply follow the status quo. Expect the same.

  4. James Robertson  April 13, 2014 at 11:00 pm

    I know that they have done a lot of evil things to Mahmoud al Zahar but I must completely disagree with the comment that “They [the Israelis] have legitimised the murder of their own children by killing the children of Palestine. They have legitimised the destruction of their synagogues and their schools by hitting our mosques and our schools.” This statement is wrong in several important respects in my opinion.
    We must try to live up to our own values, we must not let others dictate our behavior to us through their acts of evil. The Hamas campaigns of suicide attacks against Israeli civilians were a tremendous boost to the Occupation. These operations are evil and totally destructive to the cause of Palestine.
    It is never ok to kill children or any other civilians and this is the same twisted and depraved logic that Israel uses to justify their evil. They say, “we are the victims we have to use criminal tactics to avoid a future holocaust.” Never let evil people define your moral boundaries, it makes absolutely no sense.

    • Curmudgeon  April 15, 2014 at 6:16 am

      When dealing with normal human beings on normal circumstances, I would wholeheartedly agree. Hamas are no angels, but compared to the psychopaths to whom al Zahar was referring, they become angel-like.
      Yes, the suicide bombers gained sympathy for Israel, but only because of the controlled media. As Mr. Littlewood would ask, why was no one asking what would make people so desperate to do something like that?
      On the other hand, JB Campbell has another view.
      http //www.jbcampbellextremismonline.com/5/post/2012/11/jews-against-humans.html

  5. DaveE  April 13, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Seems to me the existence of Israel has always depended on Goyim having VERY short memories. Didn’t Ben Gurion himself say that the Jews’ various enemies would either die off or forget what the Jews did, something to that effect?

    And of course, there’s always the old Kol Nidre defense…… that a Jewish promise is only made to be broken.

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