Malaysia Boeing 777 passengers safe and sound in Afghanistan: any odds?

Malaysia Boeing 777 passengers safe and sound in Afghanistan: any odds?

… by Zabiullah Rashidi

The plane with a damaged wing is parked on an unpaved road in Aghan Kandahar, says an anonymous source in the secret service to Russian newspaper “MK.RU”. They pointed out this very version is regarded probable by a number of other states’ intelligence, having already got broad coverage in foreign press.


2014-04-13 23.13.57According to the inside, the hijacking was done by a Pakistani terrorist to get hands on 20 Asian specialists, now kept in a bunker on the Afghan-Pakistani border. The rest of passengers are in Afghanistan, living in groups of seven in small huts. The source described the plane’s location, adding it had performed a difficult landing in the area.

It’s still unclear what the terrorists had on their mind, as one of the versions suggests the reason for the hijacking lay in hope for success in negotiations with Beijing or Washington.

Many took the piece with a pinch of salt, some denying the possibility of a similar terrorist attack outright, both on social networks and discussion forums. They say the riddle that the multinational team has been trying to solve for over a month has been unduly politicized.

The Boeing 777 of Malayisan airlines disappeared into thin air back on March 8, carrying 239 people on board. Across-the-board search operations with all the top notch equipment involved, entered the fifth week. Interestingly, the version of the Taliban taking hold of the plane hit the international media just a week after the accident, but, strangely enough, remained virtually unnoticed. It’s centered around the fact that the areas controlled by the Taliban are in one of two air corridors, which the liner could theoretically fly after it vanished from radars.

The search crews have detected two signals consistent with those from ‘black box’ flight recorders, describing it as the “most promising lead” yet into a month of the multinational hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
2014-04-13 23.15.57
A US Navy “towed pinger locator” connected to Australia’s Ocean Shield ship picked up the beacons in an area around 1,680 kilometres northwest of the Australian city of Perth. This zone had already been determined as the most likely place the jetliner could have come down.

US Navy Captain Mark Matthews still urged people not to take this as more than a beacon of hope.

“We’d like to be able to tell the families that we found the location, but until we can reconfirm, you know, we should not be too optimistic,” he said. “We should be very measured, because the worst thing we want to do is put the families through the emotional turmoil of possible, but maybe false, detections.”

The exact position of the signals will have to be traced back before search operations engage in locating wreckage on the Indian ocean floor with the help of specially designed submarines. The crucial thing is to hurry up before the recorder’s battery runs low, which is due one of these days.

2014-04-13 23.17.01Malaysia’s defence minister and acting transport minister Hishamuddin Hussein sounded particularly uplifting in his address:
“The new developments over the last few hours has been the most promising lead we’ve had. I urge all Malaysians and the international community to unite in their prayers and not give up hope,” he said.

And the public did unite in their prayers as on Sunday more than 3,000 people attended a ceremony hosted by the Malaysian Chinese Association.


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  1. sc_aa2e26eebfa2e4c4f74fdf474ba70815  April 14, 2014 at 12:05 pm

    It’s amazing to me that with all the electronics on the plane that anyone can expect anyone to believe that this plane was lost or stolen without prior knowledge by the plane’s engine makers, air traffic contollers and most government intelligence agencies. Also, there was an account of family members supposedly calling the phones of the missing plane’s passengers and the phone actually ringing!! I don’t carry any of the tech gadgets, but I understand that they are equipped with gps and other trackable electronics. I remember working in a government facility that handled classified information. We could not even bring a regular cell phone into the building without incurring a security violation. The reason for this was that even if you had your cell phone turned “off” everyone knew that the phone could be remotely turned “on” and be used as a listening device. The way they countered this was to remove the battery from the phone and leave it at the front desk lobby or remove it from the building altogether. Now, you mean to tell me that someone could not have hacked the smart phones, tablets or other electronics and not only listen to what was going on but know the exact location of plane and passengers. See, this is just one reason for distancing one’s self from the military industrial complex and getting closer to Master Yahushua before judgment day.

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