‘MH370 call exposing 9/11 cover-up?’



by  Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, … for Press TV


Did Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370’s co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid make a cell phone call after the plane altered course and “disappeared?”

The Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times reports that Abdul Hamid “made a desperate call from his mobile phone as the plane was flying low near Penang, the morning it went missing.” The brief connection was only possible, experts say, because the plane had “dropped to as low as 5,000 feet” as it flew northwest of Penang. Even at that extremely low altitude, it appears that Abdul Hamid’s attempted call did not go through. It was cut off “because the aircraft was fast moving away from the tower and had not come under the coverage of the next one.”

Experts cited by the New Straits Times and the London Daily Mail confirm that the absolute altitude limit for making even a brief cell phone connection from an airliner is about 7,000 feet. But that does not mean that a passenger could carry on a conversation from that altitude. As the experts suggest, airliners travel too fast for calls to be handed off from one cell tower to another.

Unless the plane has special equipment developed during the past few years (and MH370 did not) it is impossible to have a cell phone conversation from an airliner at even a few thousand feet of elevation. Below 7,000 feet, one could dial a number and, with luck, get a brief connection to a cell tower – but that connection would drop before the call could be put through and answered.

That is what happened to Fariq Abdul Hamid’s attempt to make a cell phone call from missing Flight MH370.

And yet we were told that on September 11, 2001, passengers on hijacked flights also made “desperate calls” and somehow engaged in long cell phone conversations with people on the ground!

For many years, the US government and mainstream media reported that at least fifteen cell phone calls had been placed from the allegedly hijacked airliners flying at over 30,000 feet. These reports began with the claims of Bush administration Solicitor General Ted Olson, who told CNN that his wife, right-wing commentator Barbara Olson, had “called twice on a cell phone” from allegedly-hijacked Flight 77 – the flight that supposedly hit the Pentagon. Olson said the first call from his wife lasted “about one minute” and the second call “two or three or four minutes.”

According to Ted Olson, his wife told him that “all passengers and flight personnel were herded to the back of the plane” by hijackers armed with “cardboard knives and box cutters.”

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The story is fantastic. The alleged hijackers were barely five-and-one-half feet tall, and weighed in the low 100 pounds range. The pilot, Chip Burlingame, was a large, muscular, military-trained weight lifter and boxer. Yet, he supposedly gave up his pilot’s seat, failed to take a few seconds to squawk the hijack code, and shambled meekly to the back of the plane at the orders of four small men carrying implements for opening packages – none of whom could even fly Cessnas.

Unsurprisingly, the calls reported by Ted Olson could not possibly have happened. One of North America’s most notable scientists, Dr. A.K. Dewdney, proved in a series of experiments in 2003 that cell phone conversations from airliners would be extremely unlikely above 1,000 feet. Dewdney found that the maximum altitude for getting even the briefest cell phone connection was 7,000 feet – the same altitude cited by the Straits Times and London Daily Mail as the absolute limit for cell connections.

Yet, while Olson was supposedly talking to his wife on the “hijacked” plane, Flight 77 was, according to the official flight path, cruising at 35,000 feet! The plane said to be Flight 77 did not descend to 7,000 feet until 9:29 a.m., just a few minutes before the first explosion at the Pentagon.

The claim that Barbara Olson called her Bush administration husband from hijacked Flight 77 is not just false; it is preposterous.

The FBI agrees. It confirmed in 2006 that the only call from Barbara Olson’s cell phone on 9/11 was a failed attempt that lasted “0 seconds.”

The FBI now officially admits that, of the fifteen alleged 9/11 cell phone calls, thirteen never happened. It says that there were only two such calls, both placed from Flight 93 shortly before it crashed (or was shot down).

The FBI should arrest Ted Olson for obstruction of justice. It should track down and arrest those who created the bogus 9/11 cell phone reports. And it should arrest Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby, Chertoff, Mukasey, Hauer, Myers, Zakheim and the other perpetrators of the 9/11 false flag event.

But to do that, it will have to break up the biggest organized crime ring in America: “The cabal.” That is the name prominent American financier Mark Gorton gives to the loose-knit group behind the murders of the Kennedies, Martin Luther King, Senator Paul Wellstone, and hundreds of other Americans, as well as the Oklahoma City and World Trade Center bombings.

Gorton is a wealthy, respected, reportedly brilliant American businessman who just shocked observers by publishing three works-in-progress entitled “Fifty Years of the Deep State,” “The Coup of ’63” and “The Political Dominance of the Cabal.” Taken together, these three works synthesize and condense much of the best research on American false flag events and political assassinations. Gorton’s essays reveal “a hidden history of America with corruption so profound and scary that it shocks the sensibilities of most Americans and drives the mainstream press to seek comfort in official government lies.”

The media propaganda machine, dominated by the cabal Gorton exposes, is already attacking Gorton as a crazy conspiracy theorist. But even anti-conspiracist website Gawker.com calls Gorton a genius and admits: “Mark Gorton does not have a reputation as a crackpot. Quite the opposite. He’s been favorably profiled in the New York Times for his business acumen and charitable deeds.”

Gorton is understandably concerned about his personal safety. In “Fifty Years of the Deep State,” he writes about the “Post 9/11 Death Squads” that have killed numerous witnesses and a few politicians, plaintiffs, lawyers, and journalists. Among the dead 9/11 witnesses are Katherine Smith, Dr. David Graham, Kenneth Johannemann, Bertha Champagne and Barry Jennings. Those murdered to derail 9/11 truth lawsuits include Beverly Eckert and Michael Doran. Journalists who may have been killed by the 9/11 clean-up team include Hunter S. Thompson and Philip Marshall.

Gorton’s essays should be required reading for every American. They are well-documented, and include bibliographies listing many of the best works on the American deep state.

Gorton’s articles, and the research on which they are based, raise a troubling question:

Did the cabal steal MH370 using remote hijacking, disinformation, and war games that suddenly go live – the same techniques it employed to steal America on September 11, 2001?


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  1. Glad you brought this up!
    Another journalist that might be added to your 9/11 hit list is Gary Webb. Rumor had him working on Bush’s income from their world wide drug trade. It took TWO .38 shots to ‘suicide’ Gary.


  2. —–Flight MH-370 Who done it? If any country it’s ISRAEL–“The Evil Empire”

    —–ISRAEL is mad with China & Russia since they stopped the war between USA & Syria

    —-There were 158 Chinese out of 239 on the plane. So that was ISRAEL’s way of destroying China’s pride, as well as financially, knowing the China will do everything for its people.

    —-USA Major Suspect on —9/11

    ——There are many reports that suspect ISRAEL with Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

    ——In the late 50’s Israel was the “1st country to introduce to the World Hijacking a Passenger Airline, ironically, it was Syrian Airline.”

    ——-In 2010 Israel Mossad “hit squad” stolen 11 passports from Australia all the way to Europe (Ireland, UK, Germany, Hungary, etc.,) to murdered Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mahbouh in Dubai. The hit squad stalking the Hamas commander in his hotel before he was killed. Dubai Police Chief Dhahi Khalfan Tamim asked Interlope to issue an arrest warrant against the Head of Mossad. And told Israel he wouldn’t be able to travel to any Arabic country.”

    —–“Israel was engaged in assassinations in Paris, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Dubai, Malta among many other places and yet it is not a “Rogue State”.

  3. The Wounded Warriors are superficially praised on television and we are supposdd to forget the illegal wars of the last decade. There is an eerie silence coming from the majority of American’s. We have a thorough understanding of false flag terrorism and the government demonizes us as”conspiracy theorists”.
    The level of mind control is frightening. It’s everywhere!!!

  4. I know little piss ants from this region, and if one of them came at me with a simple box cutter, I could, and would, put it where the sun doesn’t shine. All those Americans males on those airplanes and these little cowards pulled this off? I never once ever believed the stories, never once. I just knew a Bush had to be on our White House in order to pull off this malignant lie. Lying is simply what the Bush family does, like mosquitos bite and suck blood. Scorpions sting with their stingers, snakes inject toxin with their fangs and the Bush’s lie as it is just their nature.
    Just like being in Waco, knowing the truth about Branch Davidians, where Koresh was every Wednesday evening and they knew where to find him. The local sheriff investigated and found nothing but the mighty Clinton immoral machine ordered the raid and it turned into an embarrassment and a folly with carnival carnival surroundings, Flack jacketed macho idiots climbing ladders attacking a religious sect practicing their First Amendment rights. When will we Americans learn it is just the opposite of what their news talkies tell us?
    Much aboard this airliner would have floated to the surface by now, so let’s stop wasting money on pretending to search for the hijacked plane in the opposite direction it was headed, and get back to our daily grind of awaiting the next hoax to take place..

    • Well Chandler, that is exactly right what you say about the supposedly box-cutter-killers!

      Please listen to Mike Harris’ show on 4-14-14 with Gordon Duff (when Mr. Duff is on I am all ears!!)

      http //www.renseradioarchives.com/harris/


  5. That Olsen shyster, instead of being in Jail, appears to have re-married his supposedly dead missus. A former Attorney General of the USA lies about his wife’s phone call and her description of what went on the doomed Plane and he’s still out of Jail? Not a single peep from the MSM.

    What about close friends of the perhaps, not-so-late Barbara? Surely a charade like this sooner or later gets aired, even in America, where the media is controlled from Tel Aviv. A comic opera state is what the once mighty USA has become. A place where the inner party swindlers get away with the mass murder of over 3,000 people in broad daylight.

    Time has come for patriots in the senior ranks of the Military to make up a list of the 5,000 or so names of those in the cabal who constitute the shadow government behind the curtain. Then, at say, 4Am in every nook and cranny, wherever these maggots live they are nabbed, de-shoed, placed in orange jump suits and locked up.

    At the same time every TV studio, radio station and Newspaper gets a visit from Armed military men one of whom has the job of informing the audience and listeners that a national emergency has been proclaimed and further information will be forthcoming in due course.

    John Lennon had it one of his songs. It’s not as if it hasn’t happened before……….

  6. It is reassuring to visit VT and other similar sites that verify what we all mostly have begun to assume about our criminal government from the last 100 or so years. I’ve been reassured about enough at this point. It is way past time to act on the crimes against humanity that the ‘cabal’ has perpetuated. They certainly have the upper hand when it comes to weaponry, but we certainly and decidedly have the upper hand when it comes to manpower. We only need a capable leader who is willing to be sacrificed, like JFK, MLK, RFK, JFK, jr., Paul Wellstone, et al., that we can rally around after he’s gone…well, perhaps I’m wrong about that.
    But this is a tremendous problem. How will we EVER foster a leader in an environment where our own government is so powerful that they kill them in their infancy, so to speak? There are NO leaders now, other than these guys sitting behind their keyboards, and I don’t blame them. Who, in their right mind, would want to run for POTUSA on a morally sound platform in this climate of evil, pedophile, drug running, murderous, compromised, organized criminalistic country of ours? No one of any character that I know.

    So, it’s either pitchforks and torches on the lawn of the WhiteHouse by a couple million decent American citizens, or a future of this hell for our children and theirs and theirs and so on. The way I see it, it’s either pitchforks, torches, gallows and executions or submissiveness to this beyond evil country that we’ve all unwittingly supported. ? Step up.

    • Aangirfan has been locked out of the old site but continues to present at a new site.

      I found it purely by accident, at the Tap Blog.

      Not being particularly techy, I just clicked on the right hand column listing ‘posts’, this one being on Aangirfan, and then when I opened that, I clicked onto Aangirfan’s blog link.

      Aangirfan and Veterans Today are my priority go-to sites, daily,
      because they most accurately re-present the world as I learned it to be. And give me impetus for on-going hope and action


  7. Dr. Barrett it is always a pleasure to read you. At this point I really feel there in no hope for those who still believe the official story about 9/11. I can only hold them up as exhibit A of my contention that everybody does not have the right to vote. I am not saying they are bad people, i love my dog and she is a good dog, I just don’t think she has the right to vote.

    I loved Mr. Duffs last interview with Harris http //www.renseradioarchives.com/harris/. Where he asks Harris how many five foot guys with box cutters do you think we could kill. Having taken Boxcutters away from gang bangers (Michael Franzese was there, he pulled his pistol on them after the fact, so i won’t tell anyone about it in case he one day wants to use it on his Godfather TV shows) who were far more formidable than the local 7/11 attendants I know how ineffectual a “weapon” they are. The whole story from the get go should be impossible to swallow for anyone who has more than just a passing acquaintance with hand to hand combat. It was the first thing I couldn’t believe even before I went to school for architecture and engineering. What 9/11 and indeed all the false flags following should be teaching the people reading us is that not all people are equipped to make intelligent decisions. Egalitarianism is biggest of all lies, the one that laid America low. It is also an excuse for those who really have to make the decisions to do nothing and avoid the conflict entailed in empowering themselves.

  8. Apology in advance, I can only echo other comments in aggreement concerning the impossibility of cell phones at altitude. However in the interest of unravelling this onion and following every lead I ask, no plead, that at least a fraction of attention be afforded to the following;

    Does anyone here possess the linguistic and web research skills necessary to resurface the China Times source material referencing this rumored SOS call which has not been explored sufficiently to confirm or deny?

    post 1654

    “Furthermore, according to the US Embassy, at 2 43 in the morning, American military personnel stationed at U-Tapao Airforce Base received an emergency SOS transmission from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370; the captain of the aircraft shouted that the cabin was disintegrating and the plane needed to make an emergency landing.”


    Emphasis on “disintegrating cabin”. Causes one to pause and reconsider a theory heretofore ridiculed and discounted through ad hominem – the Judy Wood beam weapon hypotesis.

    The technology is no joke, in fact deployed by the USN in the Pacific days before MH 370’s disappearance.

    Strategic Defense Initiative research had a focus on such technology for a satellite platform IIRC

  9. Dr. Barret never fails to please. Another superb article that lays bare more truth. More of this please.

  10. Check this link out over on intelhub….fascinating if it turns out to be true

    **http //intellihub.com/u-s-black-site-british-government-fire-viral-article-names-diego-garcia-mh370s-final-destination/**

  11. “Journalists who may have been killed by the 9/11 clean-up team include Hunter S. Thompson and Philip Marshall.”

    Why Hunter S. Thompson?

    • He is a famous author with a big readership….he called it BS straightaway……

      http //www.dailypaul.com/151201/hunter-s-thompson-knew-9-11-was-a-sham-on-day-one-september-11-2001

    • I thought he was killed because of something in the Johnny Gosch child abuse story connected to Bush. After Death Of A Conspiracy they killed the magazine Pointblank Des Moines for the story.

    • jackheart I always enjoy setting aside some time and reading you’re article’s you don’t write to please

  12. Why would Olson lie about the phone call? Given the apparent importance of the fake phone call in establishing a major part of the phony 911 narrative, it must have been planned well in advance and therefore he was a significant player.

    I wonder what he got out of the deal? There had to be some quid pro quo. Maybe somebody offered him a way out of a bad marriage? Apparently he’s presently in his fourth marriage. Maybe his third marriage (to the apparent victim) was on the rocks and he made a deal with somebody?

    Or could they have both been in on it? Maybe she’s living in Europe somewhere with a new identity and lots of money?

    • haroldsmith, the Olsons got lots of money out of it. Apparently Barbara O was arrested in Sept 2005 on the Polish-German border with lots of money and a fake Vatican passport. Article’s been scrubbed from tomflocco’s website but look it up in the web archives (and save this with a hard copy in case it gets censored as well)
      ***https //web.archive.org/web/20060101020851/http //www.tomflocco.com/fs/OlsenArrested.htm***
      Did you know that the second Mrs Olson (Ted ‘married’ again) is remarkably similar to the first Mrs Olson? The letsrollforums has a thread on this with photos of the ‘two’ ladies.

    • Your link is inaccurate; missing a colon. Here is the correct one

      ***********https //web.archive.org/web/20060829130120/http //www.tomflocco.com/fs/OlsenArrested.htm

    • This article has been discredited because it claimed she was caught with Lire when that currency has been replaced by the Euro for some time.

  13. If the calls from Flight 77 (Flight 77 did not exist – it was a missile) did not exist, then there have been premeditated murders of all the people who were supposed to be on the flight, including Mrs. Barbara Olson.

    ‘Heyyy friends, someone out there needs an excuse for murder?’

  14. Right you are. Furthermore, they call them “cell towers” for a reason. They don’t exist in the middle of the ocean. They would be “cell derricks” or something like that. And even so, max range of a
    “cell derrick” would be maybe ten miles barring things like sunspot activity and too many seagulls in the area. (just kidding…. sort of)

    The Olson cell-phone con was the first thing that tipped me off to the scam called 9/11, quite a few years ago. It’s so absurd it got lost at ridiculous and flew way beyond……..

    • Yeah really…the towers view horizontally…not upward….the planes DIDN”T have airphones w/satellite uplinks….the speed of the plane passing the towers…How did most of us fall for most of this crap?

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