Second Exodus: Israelites vs. Muslim Brotherhood

Exodus of MB-1

“Actually, the essential cornerstone behind the legendary recognition of both the cult of the Israelites and the creed of Muslim Brotherhood is their connection with Egypt”


                          … by  Dr. Ashraf Ezzat – VT…Alexandria, Egypt


Does History really repeat itself?  Or maybe we don’t learn anything from history so we keep repeating the same mistakes. I’m more inclined to the latter opinion. We simply don’t read the many signs we encounter on the long path of history.

Nations go to war for the same old reasons. Hegemony and power is the eternal lust behind conquests and empires. Peoples’ inherent willingness for division -mostly ethnic and religious- is always the invaders’ magical formula of success.

Meanwhile the world was and still is ruled by secretive power elite whom are always infiltrated by the Jews. The Roman Jews in the old days and the American Zionists nowadays. Religions and cults have been appearing and disappearing, but they’re all involved in turning spirituality into a booming business of controlling and subjugating the masses; the business of religion.

Hence the strange similarity between the old and new; Alexander the great and Napoleon Bonaparte, Jesus and Gandhi and … believe it or not the Israelites and Muslim brotherhood.

Before raising your eyebrow in disbelief, I’d like to bring to everybody’s attention that Judaism and Islam have so much in common they are like two sides to the same coin. No wonder both religions emerged next to each other, geographically speaking that is.

Bride and groom from Ultraconservative Jewish and Muslim Brotherhood wedding

Bride and groom from Ultraconservative Jewish and Muslim Brotherhood wedding

Almost 99 % of the Quran stories are of the Israelites. The Islamic laws of sharia are closely related to Halakhah (Jewish religious laws) as they are both real-life alternative to secular legal system.

While ultra conservative Muslims are condemned over their demand of a sharia-based state, their Jewish counterparts are fighting for a Halakhic/Halachic state.

The Jewish state of Israel, Eretz Yisrael, must be “operated” by Jews and not by Gentiles according to Torah and Halakha laws.

Indeed Israel, as a state that only embraces Jews from around the globe, is an incubator of religious extremism. Unfortunately it is not merely a local danger, but it has a spillover effect that caused the whole Arab world to be engulfed by the same extremism.

The apparent antagonism of the two religions is merely political, but as far as theology is concerned they are in total harmony.  For both religions have emerged from a nomadic/Bedouin background (devoid of any cultural depth and rampant in belligerence and extremism)


MB vs. Israelites: common grounds


The so called Arab Spring has indeed reshaped the Arab world political map. Not as the Arab peoples have originally revolted for, but unfortunately things have seemingly changed in accordance with a US/Zionist conspiracy.

The White House policy makers like to refer to the conspiracy as “The New Middle East” the earliest vestiges of which was laid down by the pianist/politician Condoleezza Rice back in 2006. Rice composed quite a sonata indeed.

Arab Peoples were bamboozled into believing in this fake Arab Spring. They were promised freedom, social justice and economic growth. Instead all they got was Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda everywhere.

Through the creative chaos theory/conspiracy new powers and players have emerged and also some old ones disappeared.

One of those players who out of total obscurity rose to the center stage of Middle Eastern political fame is the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

Hassan Al Banna

Hassan Al Banna

The MB is a … Well; actually it is kind of hard to find the right words to describe what the MB group really is.

If you did some research you would find that MB is usually defined as a social and a political organization that started in Egypt back in 1928 by a then small teacher by the name of Hassan Al Banna.

I think even Al Banna, a teacher who actually lacked proper education, had no idea what kind of a monster his new idea was about to unleash.

But as the case in all new cults and messengers, El Banna thought the Egyptians and the Arab Muslims were so lost and depraved they needed his new cult to get back to what he saw as true Islam.

In short, blaspheming/demonizing the other was the dark idea behind establishing the group of MB. In El Banna’s eyes only MB members were the true/righteous Muslims whom Allah/God favored.

The same rationale of favoritism could be easily traced back to the Israelites and their Torah.

According to the Jewish scripture, one of the oldest so called organized religions, the Israelites/Jews are god’s chosen people. In other words, the Jewish people are God’s favorite.

This selected favoritism was no elevated theme according to ancient wisdom and theology. Actually this was an insult to the concept of all embracing and loving deity as the ancients, like Egyptians and Sumerians, knew and treasured.

I need to stop here for a while because I think what the Jewish scribes did when they concocted this “God’s chosen people” trick was a grave thing.

This Jewish principle of unjustified divine favoritism/nepotism somehow established the root of all religious extremism, sectarianism and violence till this very day (especially that of Islam)


Defining MB: power grab by mobocracy


To tell you the truth the MB is not exactly a social group and definitely it could not be a political one – Islamic laws never yielded or left a canon for governance, simply because creating a state out of a bunch of belligerent nomadic tribes was beyond anybody’s wildest dream at the time.

And the famous motto “Islam is a religion and a state” is but a line in the early literature of the Muslim Brotherhood and has no real basis in Islamic jurisprudence. Of course MB has always been known to take part in so many charity works but philanthropy for this weird group was not a goal but rather a shrewd means. The goal is always the same; recruit the needy and the uneducated.

And since the poor and ignorant make up the majority of the people in Egypt, it is not weird that MB candidates have grabbed over 70% of parliamentary seats.

The west has naively interpreted it as democracy in progress while actually it was mobocracy (the mob rule) creeping from behind the Arab spring’s shadow.

Democracy or Mobocracy

Democracy or Mobocracy

And though MB leaders insanely craved political power but they, a according to modern day understanding of separating politics and the state, should logically not be allowed into the realm of politics.

What on earth is history worth if we don’t learn from it? What are the dark ages good for if we don’t see the wisdom of not repeating the same mistakes man has committed during those ages when he allowed the priesthood to rise to power.

You will read that MB was established for the goal of preaching Islamic principles of Sharia and Quran. If that is so, why is the MB is hungry, like a wolf, for power?

If the MB is a bunch of proselytizing Islamists why are they involved in violence and political assassination ever since they were established?

Bluntly, MB is an extremist group of Muslim radicals aiming to take control over not only Islamic communities but the whole world. And in fulfilling that goal they are exploiting one of the west’s most celebrated political values; Democracy.

The hilarious thing is that most of the Western (biased) media and (clueless) political analysts have fallen into the trap of envisioning the MB as a moderate political party whose members are enduring the most unbearable crackdown.


MB vs. Israelites: the Egyptian connection


So many are the questions that make the job of defining MB uneasy but another mind puzzling issue is how over the last few decades MB got so famous. How did such a local/underground group get to be well known around the world?

How on earth a tribal cult as that of the Israelites, so primitive and indigenous flawed with nepotism/racism and opportunism, got to be one of the world’s leading religions.

Just as the shrewd Jews knew the name of the game so did the MB.

Jews gained favor with the Greco-Roman circle of emperors and Caesars and managed to control them for their own benefit- though some say it is the other way around- just as the Zionists have lately been infiltrating and exploiting the US/EU leaderships and policy makers. (History repeats itself again)

Penetrating the highest circles of international decision making, that’s how the Old Testament was translated into Greek in the late 2nd century BCE (at the ancient library of Alexandria). In that Greek translation all the great Hebrew forgeries which would later become rampant in the world as unquestionable truths, such as the Exodus tale, were born.

And keeping that tradition, the Flavian dynasty of the Roman Empire in collaboration with a Jewish inner circle of advisers and scholars, such as the notorious Flavius Josephus, worked on new gospels that would fulfill the Jewish Messianic prophesy but only from a Roman perspective.  (Read Caesar’s Messiah)


YouTube - Veterans Today -

And likewise, that’s how the Belfour declaration was signed by his majesty (Zionist) king of Great Britain 1917, in collaboration with the Rothschild family, and also how the state of Israel was established on Arab land.

But unlike the Jews, the US/ EU circle of power used the MB to help them achieve a Zionist agenda and reshuffle the political map of the Arabic world. (Obviously the MB heads are not as clever or influential as the Zionist Jews)

But actually the essential cornerstone behind the legendary recognition of both the cult of the Israelites and the creed of the MB is their connection with Egypt.

Take the historically refuted tale of Exodus (the alleged sojourn and enslavement of the children of Israel in Egypt) out of the Hebrew Bible and we will end up with a notebook of (dull and extremely repugnant) annals of belligerent nomadic tribes dwelling in some arid and obscure piece of land in ancient Canaan. Hardly anything spiritual or divinely transcendent about it.

Even with the controversial story of the Exodus crammed back into the Hebrew book, with the run of the mill thrill of sorcerers’ snakes and a parting sea, we still wind up with the same end result. Except that the tale of a brutal Pharaoh chasing out, closing in and terrifying hordes of pious Hebrews (around 2.5 million Hebrews according to the fairy tale, could you imagine) did the job for them.

For all the Hebrew scribes needed was a good plot with a considerable chunk of injustice, suffering and discrimination by an ancient superpower as Egypt. The ancient Hebrews needed that story of tyranny and oppression as a cover up to unrightfully occupy Canaan. Likewise, all the Zionists needed in modern history was a similar story of crucifixion and discrimination to help them establish the Zionist/Jewish state of Israel on Arab land.

And though the Holocaust story – historically inaccurate so far- is constantly blown up out of reasonable proportions by the international Zionist media. Nonetheless, it was cunningly employed as the second exodus out of Europe and a convenient prelude to the Zionist land grab in Palestine.

Though it is funny to consider how 2.5 million men with their livestock would fear an army of around hundreds of soldiers marching on foot – for only the Pharaoh and Egyptian generals rode in military chariots with horses. This allegedly brutal Pharaoh actually needed a mini nuke bomb to wipe out that long line of fleeing Hebrews and not just a military chariot equipped with a bunch of friendly arrows.

Anyway, the Jewish plot/tale was meant to be indoctrinated into mindless and blind believers not scrutinizing skeptics and intellectuals. (Especially that Ancient Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor any Israelites) .. read the whole article

YouTube - Veterans Today -

So is the story of ousting Morsi, the MB president. It was meant to be delivered to the same sort of believers and followers with herd mentality.

MB followers had occupied, after Morsi was toppled, a strategic square in uptown Cairo and held a violent sit in and started building military fortification and barricades. The sit in, known now as Rabaa, had been going on for over a month during which MB followers broke all kinds of international protest rules.

They had weapons. And MB leaders who were giving daily fiery speeches to their followers were actually inciting violence and hatred. MB heads threatened they would flood the Egyptian nation with terrorism and civil war if Morsi was not reappointed. Another ten plagues were looming over Egypt but this time by the mighty god of MB.

Tribal prejudice and tribal megalomania, influenced by the Israelites’ fairytales, was overwhelmingly rampant inside the Rabaa sit in. The Rabaa sit in had to be evacuated. In any sovereign country with law enforcement squads and law abiding citizens the decision of evacuating that focus of terror and hatred had to be swiftly and strictly taken.

The MB followers, gullible simpletons who envisioned Morsi and MB gang as the saviors of true Islam and themselves as God’s favorite, were forewarned many times by police forces. But they chose to remain entrenched behind their military barricades and delusions and to engage in crossfire with the Egyptian police.

Of course many fell dead. It was stupid and regrettable but unfortunately inevitable. After all those MB followers were instructed not to fear death for they were promised martyrdom and heaven by MB gurus of terror and deception.

The same ugly promise is the reason why hundreds of Mujahideen are still flocking to the Syrian war where the international MB gangs are wreaking havoc and forcing the millions of Syrians out of their homeland in the Biggest Exodus since the Palestinian Exodus in 1948. The brainwashed MB followers were fed the myth of Pharaoh and his brutal crackdown on the children of Israel as a motivation to resist the evacuation of Rabaa sit in.

If the Israelites had to go out of Egypt and flee the tyranny of its Pharaoh, MB as Egyptians had to do the opposite. MB followers, who were soaked up to their eyebrows in Israelites’ tales and rabbinic cult mentality had to make sure they won’t allow a second Exodus to happen to them.

But the evacuation did eventually and most professionally take place. Weeks prior to the evacuation, The MB so called elected president was asked to allow an early elections but he declined, thus leaving only one option on the table. Another popular uprising on June 30, 2013 erupted demanding the national Egyptian military to step in and save the future of that ancient nation.

Now the MB terrorist group is trying to destabilize the Egyptian country and deepen the division among its people with help of US/Zionist agenda – and of course I can’t underestimate the role of Mainstream media and the political analysts and reporters who are on the Qatari, Turkish and Iranian payroll (some of them are American  …heh)

Now the MB is in the phase of total denial based on falsifying the facts. The MB leaders are trying to twist what Rabaa sit in really is and turn it into another enslavement and suffering tale under the tyranny of Egypt’s military – a cheap reproduction of the old and hazy tale of the Jewish Exodus out of Egypt.

I’m not sure what the MB next move might be. I think that depends on who is doing the thinking and the funding for them. But I Know this much; the MB clerics don’t have to go any further, or get any more megalomaniac like the Hebrew scribes did, and fantasize a mythical Exodus out of Egypt Because the Egyptian people has already kicked the MB group out of their life.

And if we are to speak of an Exodus, first an admittance should be confirmed. According to Manetho (3rd century BC) late period Egyptian historian; Asiatic people, who were mostly shepherds, were not welcomed to the land of the Nile since they were plagued with leprosy and therefore considered impure. Also Egyptians saw those Semitic nomads as filthy who plundered their properties and for all that they were absolutely not allowed near any royal temples or palaces.

Manetho interpreted the story of the Exodus as the Hebrew distortion of the royal decree (by king Amenophis) to clear the country of thousands of impure and filthy Asiatic leper.

This is the Exodus Egyptians are familiar with and if we are discussing a second Exodus then we must be talking about clearing the Egyptian land, once again, of the impure Muslim Brotherhood.

For more articles and videos by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat visit his website.


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16 Responses to "Second Exodus: Israelites vs. Muslim Brotherhood"

  1. ProtectUSA1st  April 18, 2014 at 10:25 pm

    —–Egypt is addicted to “Generals”

    —–“General” Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, however is a different bread.

    —-He overthrow and put in prison the Democratically Elected President Mohamed Morsi so he could become a President himself.

    —-He “Murdered over 1700 Muslim Brotherhood still counting” and those he could not kill put them in prison without proper court procedures.

    —Labeled the Entire Muslim Brotherhood Group Terrorists, and have been band from political participation.

    —–When Egyptians asked The “General” how could you do this?

    —-His answer was I Dreamt of being a Ruler of Egypt”

    —-What is the difference between the General & the Muslim Brotherhood?

    —-The Muslim Brotherhood are Egyptians & The “General” is Israeli-Egyptian.

  2. kattmanduu  April 18, 2014 at 5:02 am

    “””And the famous motto “Islam is a religion and a state” is but a line in the early literature of the Muslim Brotherhood and has no real basis in Islamic jurisprudence. Of course MB has always been known to take part in so many charity works but philanthropy for this weird group was not a goal but rather a shrewd means. The goal is always the same; recruit the needy and the uneducated. “”””
    I will say that that above statement can be applied to the republican party as the MB and religious right followers it has garnered over the last 40 + years. The vast majority of the followers of the republican party are those who assume themselves to be Jesus loving christians. But to the contrary, they are a violent lot, they always want to shoot first and question the survivors when they are out of ammunition.
    They are quick to pass judgement on and hate others who are different from them. Many of them profess to support the US Constitution and all the freedom and liberty in it 100%, yet they demand that we shut up not speak so freely. Their view of religious freedom is you are free to practice any religion that they want you to, and you best not be critical of their religious beliefs. You also given the freedom of choice from all the choices they want you to pick from. And they are always right, or else. They love to tell others to follow what Jesus said to do, but seem to hate to do it themselves. Hypocrites. Maybe it’s time to make the public display of religious beliefs a crime.

  3. Kevin Barrett  April 17, 2014 at 8:41 pm

    “Clear the land of the MB” means murdering the majority of the population that supports the MB. This author is calling for genocide.

    • DemsNRepubsSame  April 18, 2014 at 7:24 am

      This author supports the military junta, he is anti-democracy when his favorite little dictator is not in power. I stopped reading his weak and fallacious arguments a long time ago. The man can be described as neo-con wannabe but alas, the world is waking up to his ilk. What did the MB do to deserve to be exterminated? Who shoots protesters? Who is plundering the Egyptian economy? Who’s mother a Moroccan Jewess?

    • Mike Kay  April 18, 2014 at 8:50 pm

      Dr. Barret,
      You are a highly intelligent and learned man. You have directed much of your formidable intellect toward the education of you fellow man, a very noble goal sir. Please remember your purpose, sir. We wish to be educated, not proselytized.

  4. Mike Kay  April 17, 2014 at 6:57 pm

    Dr. Ezzat,
    I am heartened, personally, by your factual depictions of the big three religions.
    It is quite clear, and in the historic record that the jews became the “chosen” due to a pact they made with their God. Their God is of course the same god of the christians and the muslims. Most enlightening, the Gnostic scripture is clear that this entity is in fact, not god at all, just a deranged cosmic abortion. When one observes the psychosis created by the big three, it all makes perfect sense once one realizes that the great male creator god is no god at all.
    Judaism bred both christianity and islam, bred and spread its anti-human, anti-life agenda, which we observe so distinctly in events all around this planet.
    Monotheism is not an advancement of human thinking, but an abrogation, a terminally simplistic and damaging belief system that has robbed humanity of its potential for 2,000 years, substituting fanatic demented genocides and knowledge purges for reason and advancement.
    No where can anyone honestly point to the structure of monotheism as anything but an instrument of institutionalized terror, magnifying the worst human qualities, and crushing the best.
    Time for humanity to eject the deranged cosmic abortion from godhood, and find reality.

    • kattmanduu  April 18, 2014 at 5:32 am

      Well Mike I can agree with you on this. Man made religions have been the downfall of humanity. I cannot subscribe to any of them. The arrogant and ignorant masses of most religions are hypocrites most are not able to follow their chosen beliefs because they are designed in such a manner that they are almost impossible to be followed and still be a real human being.

    • Mike Kay  April 18, 2014 at 9:06 pm

      Thank you for observing the role of religion in the current milieu.
      Personally, I wish it weren’t so, but quite plainly, it very much is. The three predominate religions are spreading like a pathogen across a once diverse and wisdom oriented spiritual library.
      I wish I could recall the author’s name who made the observation that the big three are the first religions to enforce their dominance through murder, perversion, and genocide. Think for a moment, at what this means.
      Let us, for a moment, recall Giordano Bruno, a genius, with so much to contribute to humanity. He was in the audience of Kings and Queens, he debated with the keenest minds of his time. He had so much to contribute, but he was stonewalled and roadblocked every step of the way by the pathological fury of the fanatical redeemer freaks.
      In the end, they burned him alive.
      How is it that we can confer any gratitude toward a deranged murderous ideology that even today is busily twisting and damaging humanity?
      How is it that that fanatic converts can lecture us on morality, when their morality is the perverted code of the psychopath?!?
      The only good news in all this is that the extinction protocols are in place, and the deranged murderers are wearing very large targets.

    • topangacool  April 18, 2014 at 10:55 am

      I’ve been a “lurker” for quite some time on this website. Mr. Kay, your comment made me register so that I could properly respond. Your post is spot on. It thoroughly resonates with me. Far too many simply refuse to have a mature relationship with reality. Yes, there’s more to our world than the mundane and physical. However, the truth is more likely to be found and proven by the likes of Dr. Paul La Violette and his ilk than by some narrow minded “religious” doctrine. The infamous, “theory of relativity” has long been debunked by successful experiments justifying the existing of the ether. Unfortunately, myopia seems to comfort far too many when it comes to the “supernatural.” And the consequence to date? Senseless death…slaughter…lots of it…throughout humankind’s existence. There’s a quote by Wolfgang Strauss, “There are crimes that descendants of the victims cannot bear. Those are the crimes that break through the last protective wall, crimes like the psychocide of a civilized people.” He was referring to the insidious crimes of the Cheka and the rise of the Bolsheviks in 1917 Russia. His description can also apply to monotheism and its bloody history, the psychocide reference especially. No matter what their followers call themselves, all who have engaged in supremacist beliefs that they are chosen or their “holy” men possess the only way to God and the divine are simply in gross error. By their actions you shall know them, right? Appreciate your comment!

    • topangacool  April 18, 2014 at 11:00 am

      (part II)
      Senseless death…slaughter…lots of it…throughout humankind’s existence. There’s a quote by Wolfgang Strauss, “There are crimes that descendants of the victims cannot bear. Those are the crimes that break through the last protective wall, crimes like the psychocide of a civilized people.” He was referring to the insidious crimes of the Cheka and the rise of the Bolsheviks in 1917 Russia. His description can also apply to monotheism and its bloody history, the psychocide reference especially. No matter what their followers call themselves, all who have engaged in supremacist beliefs that they are chosen or their “holy” men possess the only way to God and the divine are in serious error. By their actions you shall know them, right? It’s well past time for humanity to collectively mature. We’re all we have. We don’t have to love one another just respect that we are here for one reason or another. Appreciate your comment!

    • Mike Kay  April 18, 2014 at 8:48 pm

      Thank you for the words of support, they are few and far in between.
      Hatred of the psychopathy is both good and natural. The desire to kill the perps should fill you with a certainty that you support LIFE. This support and defense of life is the current call to all warriors. Will you, like the Templars before you, swear your sword to the sacred war?
      This is not to be taken lightly, T., for the oath to swear your sword for the Divine means you become an instrument of the Divine.
      The choice lies purely within yourself, but once taken, cannot be revoked.

    • Mike Kay  April 18, 2014 at 8:39 pm

      If you can broaden your inquiry beyond socially acceptable venues, you will begin to discover the hatred and excess of the big three, judaism, christianity, and islam. If you look carefully, Alois, you will discover that the enemy of the Zaddikim was none other than the Sethians, one of the original Magi, and a lineage of extremely talented telestai who turned their findings over to the betterment of humanity.
      If you were to look carefully at the genuine historic record, rather than the readily available contrived one, you would discover that the big three ensure their position of power through force, perversion, and excess everywhere they tread. Did you know, Alois, that the Vatican castrated young boys up to modern times, so that they retained their high lilting tones in choir for the amusement of the christian theurgy?
      Well, this is fact, Alois, and one simple note to the monstrosity of that religion that pretends to offer you grace.
      The big three hate Asteroth, Sophia, the Earth Mother, the divine source of life so much that they are working right now to suicide the human experiment. 200 species a day disappear, Alois, and the protocols are in place for humanity next. No idiot christian, jew, or muslim can shed any light on this, because they belong to a demented extreme of human aberrant psychology.
      Free yourself, Alois. Find your light. Contribute your light to the Earth Mother. You will find your life transformed.

    • Mike Kay  April 20, 2014 at 7:20 pm

      Please remember that Palestine was an Egyptian colony. Further, Palestine was strategically located along several very busy trade and travel routes for the ancient world. Thus, it should come as no surprise that much sharing and borrowing of spiritual traditions occurred along with the flow of commerce. The OT is not a historic document in any sense, but it is a record of cultural diffusion.

  5. Abbwinston  April 17, 2014 at 5:05 pm

    The Quran’s perspective is quite different. Firstly, the Quran does not indicate such a mass migration. It also does not agree with the position that Pharaoh ever gave leave for the Children of Israel to exit Egypt. The Quran is clear that Prophet Moses (pbuh) was informed by God to leave in the night and was told that he would be pursued and not to fear (20 77; 26 52). The context of the narrative does not suggest a mass gathering and movement in the daytime.

    Here is a link to a very good article with different perceive on the Exodus.

    http //’s%20people%20FM3.htm

  6. Abbwinston  April 17, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    As a Muslim, American Born and Raised, what the HUGE problem is with Muslims, or Misguided people is what I refer to them, and the Jews is #1 Muslims LOVE and believe in the Hadith and Sunna… Where in no way or form is it part of Islam nor Prophet Mohammed and was written by many authors 240 years after the prophets death. The Talmud was written by Rabbi’s and nothing to do with Prophet Moses nor God. Now if you look at the Hadith, it is extremely similar with the Talmud. I was raised in a Sunni family, but I never knew what that was until 2.5 years ago. Nothing how we see many Muslims raised over seas.. I only refer to myself as Muslim and follow the Quran. And what we see today by these terrorist, radicals, extremist ABSOLUTLY has NO merit to be associated with Islam. http // Same with the Talmud, it has Absolutely no merit too be connected to the Torah. Sadly, both sides are following blindly. Both sides also seem not to understand what the verses in the Quran/Torah says even in their languages.. Arabic and Hebrew.

    The site I listed does not tell one what the Quran says or means in the verses, it actually breaks it down with proof. I have never came across a site like it from a Christian brother who converted to Islam.

  7. Serenity  April 17, 2014 at 11:33 am

    Dr. Ezzat, Thank you for this very critical, clear, & timely information for those of us who search for the truth despite the inaccurate history “force- fed” to us by politicians, educators or via the MSM. Having been to Egypt on 2 occasions, I can attest to the beauty of its culture as well as the hospitality of its people. May Egypt evolve beyond the present challenges & become a beacon of light in the ME…

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