CIA has blood on hands in Ukraine: Analyst


358680_CIA Director John Brennan

CIA has blood on hands in Ukraine: Analyst

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,          …. Press TV, Tehran


Snowden and crew edged us out this year, but 2014 is still wide open :-)
Snowden and crew edged us out this year, but 2014 is still wide open 🙂

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  –  First published April 15,  2014 


The revelation of CIA Director John Brennan’s visit to Ukraine is proof of the US intelligence agency’s involvement in March’s coup, an analyst writes in a column for the Press TV website.

Jim W. Dean’s column on Tuesday was in reaction to the White House’s confirmation of CIA chief’s visit to Kiev on Monday.

“The Kiev coup-meisters had to have made Brennan aware of their plans, and he was smart enough to realize that if they carried through with deploying military forces against the referendum cities, then all eyes would be on his visit as playing a key role,” wrote the analyst.

He said the putchists in Ukraine “must have had CIA endorsement of their action.”

“Both the coup-meisters and the US State Department are joined at the hip on who has made the biggest fools of themselves,” wrote Dean.

He said the CIA boss had met with “a good number of senior coup members and the top security people” during his secret visit. The White House said Brennan’s visit to Kiev was “part of a trip to Europe”, adding, “We don’t normally comment on the CIA director’s travel.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called for explanation from Washington over Brennan’s visit. Russia’s top diplomat also accused the West of “off-the-scale” hypocrisy over the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Ukrainian deposed President Viktor Yanukovych said on Sunday that the CIA is provoking bloodshed in the country by sanctioning the use of weapons against pro-Russia protesters.

Political crisis erupted in Ukraine in November 2013, when Yanukovych refrained from signing an Association Agreement with the EU in favor of closer ties with Russia.



  1. Right after Brennan showed up they launched the fake we hate Jews campaign. What a joke these clowns are. Even the chief Rabbis in Donetsk called it a hoax. But “Yat the Rat” (crypto jew) says he’s going to get the Jew hating bastards. I guess he means himself……and Brennan, and Kerry and Nueland.

    Antisemitic flyer ‘by Donetsk People’s Republic’ in Ukraine a hoax

    *******http //

  2. http //
    Prestige what prestige? All people round the world hold America and Americans in utter contempt. A paper tiger with it’s claws clipped to the quick, a spent force of diminishing influence and power!No one cares what the Kenyan in the white house thinks or says!

  3. Maybe one of the topics that Brennan went to discuss with the Ukies is the little matter of dumping nuclear waste in their country. It seems that it’s currently stuck in a railway station on the borders of Poland and Ukraine.
    ***http //***

  4. —— Russia must have a very impressive Intelligence, because before Brennan reached Kiev, President Viktor Yanukovych said on TV that he has info that Brennan is on his way Kiev to facilitate them with counter-insurgency training & equipment.

    —-The Ex-President Yulia Tymoshenko who said we simply have to Nuke the Russian in the East of Ukraine was one of the participant at a meeting before Kiev talk to USA, EU & Russia.

    —-What is more interesting of the shameless USA government, Patricia Nuland after her f…EU, not only she was sitting across Ashton, but also sitting next to Kerry, kind of ordering him what to say and shuffling his papers left & right, instead of being out on the street bagging for her job—–Only in America.

    • Yeah and what’s more, Tymoshenko has (or perhaps had) nukes to do the business. Mike Harris was saying that the Ukies had 48 nuclear launch vehicles with 5 nuke warheads a piece, left over from the Soviet era. But they may have vanished now and thus are no longer available. So sad for some. Hehehehee!

  5. Ha! Good one. I wonder what’s on the other side of the black bracelet? “United by” fear? Or by the tears of suffering? Or the elimination of 90% of the population? The real problem “they” or “it” has is the unity that has formed amongst the globe and it will just grow and grow, untill the obsolete war machine of the military industrial complex is thrown into the dust bin of history once and for all.

    • I suspect his plastic bracelet says; ‘United by Evil’. And notice how he makes the extended ‘Mano Cornuto’ with his index fingers, emulating his horned fuehrer.

  6. —–Flight MH-370 Who done it? If any country it’s ISRAEL–“The Evil Empire”

    —–ISRAEL is mad with China & Russia since they stopped the war between USA & Syria

    —-There were 158 Chinese out of 239 on the plane. So that was ISRAEL’s way of destroying China’s pride, as well as financially, knowing the China will do everything for its people.

    —-USA Major Suspect on —9/11

    ——There are many reports that suspect ISRAEL with Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

    ——In the late 50’s Israel was the “1st country to introduce to the World Hijacking a Passenger Airline, ironically, it was Syrian Airline.”

    ——-In 2010 Israel Mossad “hit squad” stolen 11 passports from Australia all the way to Europe (Ireland, UK, Germany, Hungary, etc.,) to murdered Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mahbouh in Dubai. The hit squad stalking the Hamas commander in his hotel before he was killed. Dubai Police Chief Dhahi Khalfan Tamim asked Interlope to issue an arrest warrant against the Head of Mossad. And told Israel he wouldn’t be able to travel to any Arabic country.”

    —–“Israel was engaged in assassinations in Paris, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Dubai, Malta among many other places and yet it is not a “Rogue State”.

  7. It’s easy to work out. They want war.
    How could you hang around spending US taxpayers’ money all that time, and NOT know you’re dealing with flat-out anti-Semites? I refer to Trizub, Pravy Sektor and the Fatherland Party, who hate Orthodox Christians, Jews, Russians, blacks – even Hungarians, who they beat up and defaced a WW II memorial the other day. These freaks hate eveyone! The head rabbi of Kiev told his flock of 200,000 Jews to leave Ukraine, because of the Nazis. ‘Yats; is a Jew – and a raving Scientologist.
    You have to hand it to Nudelman – she sure knows where to find someone capable of ruining a country.

    • The E. Orthodox Church IS the Church of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia…the E. Orthodox and the remnant of anti-Vatican II Catholics are the only Christians left….so to be anti-Orthodox AND be a “Fatherland Party” is just demented…A WW II Memorial glorifying the Red Army deserved to be brought down….

  8. Where is that obnoxious pyromaniac Victoria Nudelman these days? For all the “news” reports on Putin, Ukraine, Russia, etc., there is an absence of comment or discussion about her igniting the firestorm. No mention of her anywhere. Who authorized her transfer of $5 billion? She couldn’t have moved that much money alone.

    It must be nice to have a big, fat, government job in DC. You can move billions, get people killed, start wars, destroy property, and move armed forces around like toys. Then if you get busted there’s always big shots to clean up the mess and promote alibis while you plan the next disaster. You can send in the CIA flying monkeys to keep the chaos going. And no worries about money, that’s what the American taxpayer is for.

    • Nudelman had the hide to turn up at Geneva. Just like Montreux, as with Syria, the Nazi Kiev junta was represented; the Russian-speaking reidents of East Ukraine were not represented. Yet Lavrov ‘made a deal’.
      What deal? To tell Donetsk’s militias to disarm, while the Kiev fascists keep their army and einsatzgruppen National Guard units deployed there.
      You can see where this is headed Ukrainian will be made to kill Ukrainian, so the Great Powers can extract maximum leverage in their own ways, and the little people suffer.
      Americans will recognise the tactic.

    • Nudelman is a real Bolshevik gun moll. For someone with such a good education she’s still attracted to street fights. She holds high office but she’s still just a street tough. She and the rest of the DC Bolsheviks are destructors who are incapable of governance. Like attracts like and there are too many of them. They do not think like most Americans. They are strangers among us. Their hopes and dreams are nightmares for the rest of us.

    • Ann

      I agree with everything you mentioned except that the American taxpayer pays for it; in fact it’s the “rest of the world” that finances it via the petrodollar. And guess what, THAT is the real reason America is hated for. The foreseeable end of the petrodollar will be the end of the Anglo-Zionist empire (AZE). It’s up to decent American citizens like you and other VT-readers (and I am sure that there are many, many more that managed to escape the obscurantism by the elites) to try that the collapse of the AZE will be as painless for the rest of the world as was the collapse of the USSR.

    • Yes, it’s too bad that our currency was taken off gold and hitched to oil. All of us at home and abroad have been dragged down since. The original schemers could never have foreseen the internet and the consequential exposure of their high crimes and misdemeanors, so their longterm plans have been somewhat interrupted. Hopefully we will be able to rid ourselves of the Federal Parasite Reserve and its fiat, and return to something stable.

  9. Forceing a hostile foreign entity to register? Makes sense to me…if we had monitored them better 9-11 wouldn’t have happened and we wouldn’t have been led by the nose into Afghanistn, Iraq, Libya….and on and on…Oh yes Lavrov our hypocrisy is off the charts!

  10. Only partially relevant, but here in the Northwest corner of the US we just had a Chinook helicopter with an Apache escort fly overhead, yesterday. This is unprecedented, here, I’m 200 miles from the nearest Air Force base. The choppers were both moving perpendicular to the vector pointing toward that base, so it seems unlikely that was their origin or destination point. Whatever that Chinook was carrying was very large and very valuable. For these choppers to leave the parking lot is VERY expensive, as you know.

    Also, MAJOR UFO sightings, this time by many (not just ME for a change, although I missed this one….!) Yesterday reports of a UFO convoy, unlike the singles I’ve been seeing frequently for the past three years.

    Happy Good Friday, folks. Things are getting interesting……..

    • Interesting indeed. As we know, a certain commentator has made dire predictions for this weekend based on clues given by the satanists in their films and synthetic events.

      I’m also in the great Northwest, on the ‘Columbia’ river and in the shadow of stratovolcano Mt Hood.
      But the one regional place where I absolutely wouldn’t want to be this weekend is Long Beach, WA…just in case. I will breathe a little easier on Monday assuming nothing major happens.

    • I’m on the opposite side of the Rockies from Malmstrom AFB, with its long history of UFO “incidents” and all those buried missile silos. Personally, I don’t think the Chinook and the UFO’s are directly related, but you never know these days.

      I hear ya’ about Long Beach STAY AWAY if possible.

      Hopefully we can swap stories on Monday……!

    • DaveE, the video clip in this article addresses exactly what you’ve described. A Montana based Chinook in the air recently. Something wicked comes this way…at the double quick.

      ***http //

    • Thanks, wolf. Inasmuch as the Jews HATE Russia, I think Hodges is right……. they’re coming after us. The Jews, that is, whether they label themselves as “Russian” or Israeli or whatever.

      We’ve seen, what, like 25 different Jewish operations to pit us to war with Russia, lately. Snowden, the Jewish Russia-bashing over the Olympics, the Jewish Ukraine coup, the Jewish “color revolutions”, the Jewish “cold war” for the last 50 years……. it’s old, it’s tired, it’s OVAH… to put it in NY-Yiddish terms.

      There may be “Russians” on our soil, flying Chinooks around trying to scare us……. but they’re the same “Russians” with names like Trotsky, Stalin, Sverdlov, Uritsky, Yagoda, Bronfman……. straight from the ranks of you-know-where. Most folks I meet in Montana would LOVE to have a face-to face “meeting” with these scum…….

  11. I am not so sure how much blood can be on the hands of any government agency like this one. When are we going to demand the dismantling into a thousands pieces, and scatter it into the wind? Who said that? Even President Truman apologized after he had signed the papers approving of this agency. When are they going to stop their games of inflicting human misery? They live off our tax dollars. We the People have no idea what their budget is, how much if our money they waste on war-mongering-human-destruction-foreign-leader-assassination or removal games??? How more chickens–t can a rogue group of anti-American zealots get until they are no longer needed on a democracy that preaches a far different doctrine than what they practice??? Great stuff, article and comments. Keep it up…,we are being read by many around the world.

  12. America is unable to recognize what the yearning and desire for basic human freedom and liberty looks like. It is beyond blindness to humanity, it has become, not even a blatant disregard, but a coercive effort to destroy any birth pangs of self determination.

    • In medicine, there is medical malpractice by failure to diagnose, which is a negligence and a crime. America now fails to diagnose the cry for freedom throughout the world. But it goes beyond criminal negligence, because it aborts the universal urge for freedom while it is still kicking in the womb of humanity.

  13. “Blood on Hands?”

    More like “crap” on their male “members” from their outright fornication with the Devil.

    • The CIA…one of the largest Satanic cults on the planet?
      But I suspect they are more on the ‘receiving’ end…like getting a ‘fire and brimstone’ enema from a zucchini-sized nozzle.

    • I really do not want to think about what you describe here Williammartin,
      but your point is coming across.


    • A Picture is worth a 1000 words even if mentally?

      On RT-COM today the story of $175,000 cost to dump 10,000,000 Gallons of (UNCOVERED) drinking water. Why? Because someone thought a man took a leak in it.

      I guess they don’t realize how many birds fly over and take a dump in it or ducks also. This comes from California where there like other places have no problem in ORAL SEX. Or a city that cleans its sewage to be reused as “Drinking Water”. So a picture is worth a 1000 words even if its graphic.

      Sadly the MSM sanitizes the US covert wars and undeclared wars so American’s don’t see the pools of blood or bodies ripped apart or burned to death by US made bombs. They’d rather dream of idol’s like Justin Bieber and worry whether or not he was PUNKED in jail.

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