US Caught in Web of Lies


358888_US-lies“America has become a prisoner of its own lies,” writes Gordon Duff.

US caught in own web of lies

 …by  Gordon Duff  and  Press TV


"Blindsided and burned"
“Blindsided and burned”

America has found itself in an untenable situation in the Ukraine.  As the second day of military incursions by the coup backed Kiev government proceed in the East, the Obama administration has begun to realize that it has been “blindsided.”

A presidential candidate is beaten in the streets by neo-Nazi thugs and nothing is done.

A government responsible for murdering over 100 of the protestors that backed their takeover is now moving military forces across their country to attack the “babushkas resistance,” the heart of the resistance to the Kiev cabal, led by Russian speaking grandmothers.

The US position is clearly unsound and if violence unfolds as Kiev intends despite stories of its forces switching sides, the Obama administration will be severely weakened.

With that weakening, the settlements with Syria and Iran may well fail.

The situation in Ukraine may well have been orchestrated, not to weaken Russia but to enfeeble the United States.  With the empty talk about sanctions and moves against Russia, something else is going on.  This is a conspiracy.



Victoria Nuland the Trojan Horse lady...cakes and all.
Victoria Nuland the Trojan Horse lady…cakes and all.

Many would assume Nuland was taking direction from Secretary of State John Kerry who gets his lead from President Obama. However, those familiar with the fiefdoms inside Washington know that the State Department answers to higher powers than even the president.So does the CIA.

Thus, last week when CIA Director John Brennan, longtime torture advocate and “strange bedfellow” in the Obama administration was discovered having clandestine meetings with extremist groups in Kiev, it was assumed he represented the President and the National Security Council.

Then again, the CIA also answers to higher powers than even the President.

What is crippling the Obama administration in its mistrust of the American people and its unwillingness to admit that the American government has long been under the control of special interests, is a broad conspiracy recently cited by F. William Engdahl as a force driving the world toward an unsurvivable global war.

But in Washington, using the term “conspiracy” is death.  It is now commonly admitted that false flag terrorism is a part of daily life in contemporary government.

Even Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh used that term in recent articles on Syria, despite the controlled media in the United States mercilessly attacking anyone who allows a real look “behind the curtain.”

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Only by threats, bribery and intimidation can the press continue to keep the lid on 9/11, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon attack, Flight 370 and the other “bread crumbs” that should have led investigative journalists to the inexorable truth.  America is a “sugar coated” police state dictatorship.  Now that “sugar coating” isn’t what it used to be.


SSG, The Secret Shadow Government

Sheldon "da Don" Adelson
Sheldon “da Don” Adelson

The rogue billionaires, Adelson, the Koch brothers, Mitt Romney, those less well known like the Walton family (Walmart) or Dick DeVos (Amway) or Larry Mizel (AIPAC/Key Bank) have the resources to buy America’s Congress, Supreme Court, any regulatory agency and, to more devastating effect, key military commands, particularly nuclear commands, the entire CIA and, of course, the State Department.

In an odd turn of events Israel has broken with the US and publicly sided with Russia on the Ukrainian controversy.

However, not only is the Israel lobby in the US totally behind the cabal in Kiev, Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers, top Israeli political financiers, are the driving force behind US military action against Russia.

We wonder sometimes if anyone is paying attention at all.

Was CIA Director John Brennan working for them when he visited the Ukraine?  Did he take direction from Senators John McCain and Ted Cruz who have long worked to pressure America into a war with Russia and China?

Aided by drug cartels and extremist groups in the US, in particular the Mormon Church in the West and John Hagee across wide swaths of backward rural “Taliban America,” as many as 30 of the 50 American states are governed by mob controlled thugs.

Moreover, across most of America, militarized local law enforcement suffers the confusion of not knowing who to serve first, CIA drug suppliers, crackpot billionaires or their corporate masters.

America has a very real Secret Shadow Government, a term coined by Dr. Preston James.  Its domestic and foreign policy agenda is based on privatization and fueled with cash. It has become nearly impossible to tell when an initiative out of Washington comes from the “real government” or the “SSG.”


Mike Ruppert, Dead at 63

Mike Ruppert
Mike Ruppert

We were told that Michael Ruppert, the former Los Angeles police detective that confronted CIA Director John Deutch in 1996, forcing his resignation based on supported allegations of narcotics trafficking, died, said to be a suicide.

This was the last time any law enforcement officer in the US stood up to CIA drug dealing as Ruppert spent much of the rest of his life “on the run.”

Some time ago, Ruppert had phoned me, telling me that if I ever heard he had committed suicide, it would not be true.

At one point, after being poisoned, Ruppert fled to Venezuela and lived under the protection of President Chavez.

The story of Ruppert’s life is an example of what happens to anyone that speaks up.  Ruppert was among the first to expose the “SSG.”


Prisoner of Lies

America has become a prisoner of its own lies.  For the first time in history, the government this week officially denied involvement in the theft of Flight 370 in response to accusations typically pushed aside easily as “conspiracy theories.”

It didn’t work this time.  The US now says it isn’t hiding the missing plane and over 200 passengers on Diego Garcia.  What they don’t do is deny refueling the plane.

This is the first crack, as it were, in the government’s ability to simply turn away from accusations of involvement in terrorism.  America’s partnership with Al Qaeda in Syria has signaled an end to that.

Will the Obama administration, while it still has time, admit it is repeating its horrific errors in Syria?  Imagine a four year civil war in the Ukraine.  Syria will seem like a summer vacation. The people of Ukraine do not deserve this. They never did.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean




  1. Who in Ukraine call themselves “Neo-Nazis” ?!?? As usual great article except for anti Deutsch epitaphs like “Neo-Nazi”. As I have repeated many times on Veterans Today, neither Hitler, his party or the Deutsch Folk that supported him used this NASTI meme. This meme was used to de humanize and demonize Deutsch Folk so that they could be invaded and raped for their technology and patents that helped create the America Empire and put them on the moon. How can Veterans Today be taken seriously when they continuously use WW2 Hollywoodism to make their arguments? “GERMANS” ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY!

  2. Billionaires funding wars (under whatever flag) is nothing new.They are all in bed together, when it comes to buying and selling military arsenal.God bless America for having CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFFS AND PEACE OFFICERS.It’s going to be the righteous, unbribable police officers that will save America.They are pretty down to earth and usually you can’t tell them too much shit….Chances are,Mike Ruppert went underground (faked his death) for security purposes.I believe, lately, we have a series of faked deaths..This is just an intution (though based on personal experiences…) and you might want to get a psychic detective involved, if you really want to know…or better not…JESUS is coming back in one way or the other anyway….

  3. Bless you Mike Rupert!
    It would seem the only hope the Country & We The People have is when marshall law is effected that the Military take their oath seriously.
    IF the Military fires on We The People its all over, however if they respect their oath then the Country & the People will have a New Beginning and the Country can be purged of those with dual loyalties.
    Which will it be?

  4. Accepting Mr. Duff’s analysis as accurate, is not the next question why these mostly Jewish billionaires, including the money behind AIPIC, are backing “extremist”, pro-Nazi and anti-Jewish “Kiev Cabal.” The answer to that one, I suspect, has a lot to do with the “dialectical materialism” which is part of Trotskyite revolutionary methond — and the founding Neo-cons who displaced the “paleocons” (Taft and Nixon republicans like Pat Buchanan) from the Republican Party in order to lead the country into war in which Christians and Moslems kill each other because they were tricked into it by false-flag black operations — are former Trotskyites who every much look to advancing things through conflict brought about through a revolutionary class working subversion. I think they are setting up the “Nazis” in Kiev to fail. If they can create an enemy that is hateful and repulsive it is so much easier to ignite a war between two sides, both of which the billionaires would like to see dead. Doubtless any war between a) the EU, the US and Japan and b) Russia, China, India would be deficit financed and result in the final destruction of nation-state powers versus the international power the billionaires have in mind. It would be wise to keep in mind the possibility of such intentions.

  5. Excellent overview of the descending catastrophe of the Republic and the sad reality of the fate of a Nation totally deceived.
    While you have covered all of the bases well, it cannot hurt to further your observations with a recent interview by Harley Schlanger from the Larouche team, who not only must have read most of your playbook, but recites it in a very concise manor. The time is up to the minute, released just before last weekend and carries a broad range of events that are on the radar screen today.
    Found here;

    Google- SGT REPORT;

  6. it isnt US, caught in a web of lies, it is an independant city-state FOREIGN COUNTRY residing within our borders, a District of Criminals that is caught in a web of lies, and we need a DIVORCE!
    they arent keeping us safer globetrotting starting crap that will have the world hating us for their actions.
    they wage WARFARE against us on a daily basis, in every way conceivable. “them” is not US!!

  7. Great article! Hi Karen (above) I wouldn’t call an attempt to start a world war by the msm “sugar coating”. I call it a crime against humanity.

  8. “The groups running the show are getting greedy and wish to finish it by 2015.”

    That’s a good point. It seems the powerful and rich have a keen interest in astrology. Now… astrologists say a portal opened in 2012, and it will close by the end of 2015. They also say things will calm down dramatically after the portal has closed.

  9. I have stated and maintained the State Department is the must corrupt anti American followed right beside by he once CIA what they have in common is personnel. And President refuse to fire them?
    That cookies woman who said “that one is one of ours good choice the best” and Ukraine now has a Jewish Neo -President acting like a president. And no one can see it is so obvious, do they this we are stupid???
    Israel is drilling up a fortune in gas of of a sudden, but gas has a habit of moving, so Russia famous digs can easily be diverted. The sham in Ukraine is making sense of it could make the clients for Israel that come along with the Gas they will take from specific source hat way no competition. Evidently Ukraine basis is a major container. think same XXX did with gas years ago….. As for the Cartel how can any one claim they didn’t know. How dare they offer them to us as Presidential Candidates. Biden making an…..of himself again is always deadly as that Love for Gay ” now is time for action not more talk”

  10. Thank you Gordon – yes the sugar coating is not so good anymore…in fact not much left. As for war in Ukraine – it takes two to a tango…. I think Russia has better things to do…. and will handle it “some other way” – . EU very quiet at the moment…. might be preparing a rebellion…

  11. Thanks for another great article. VT is at the forefront while the rest are just court jesters. At this point I will quote George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. ” Smoke em’ if you got em’!

  12. Mr. Duff,
    Your patriotism and loyalty are not in doubt, sir, but for the rest of the coalition of the powerless, where is our government? There is little to choose between Obama, with empty pretty speeches, and the murderous psychopaths who just lit up 55 people via drone.
    The perspective, if I may be so bold, from the backwater, is that government has become a dangerous addiction for the credulous, who won’t have a clue until they are murdered by “police”, at which point it is too fracking late.
    Open resistance is now reality in the “home of the brave”, and frankly, there is no choice but to choose this path, since the alternative is to embrace the engineered suicide. Better to die with dignity than to die like a lump in a FEMA camp, sir.
    However, this piece is quite clear as to who the active players in the war on America are, and this piece of intel is quite important to anyone who might be paying attention.

    • Perhaps it’s more like, which government in the U.S.? There are to many. The concept of “government” was probably gone long ago.

  13. Please look into stories regarding the Donetzk police chief. There were reports that he resigned his post, after which he and his wife had an unexpected home visit from the local takfiris. Since then all info has disappeared.

  14. Great article…I think I’ll print it and send it to my brain-dead aunt…( Mossad News Netwok -Fox-+ Long Island Newsday + Rush Limbaugh at lunch = brain atrophy.) Poor thing…

  15. Interesting development in the UK – RT has been taken off the air – apparently for “maintenance”. This contradicts the regular TV schedule, however, which says that it should be operating normally. Anybody got the gen on this?

    RT is of course one of the main media outlets that takes pleasure in brutally rebutting and dismantling ‘western’ media lie constructs before our very eyes. RT have the audacity to break the nonsense narrative – which will not endear them to the media masters – especially when they are in the process of writing our ‘news’ several days before any of it ‘happens’.

    • I’ve asked elsewhere for VT contributors to ‘spell out’ for people like me, the meaning and wider implications for Russia writing off 90% of North Korea’s debt. Clearly, it is not just about the money.

      Now I read your news Excalibur.

      More dots to connect…

  16. “Imagine a four year civil war in the Ukraine. Syria will seem like a summer vacation. The people of Ukraine do not deserve this. They never did.”

    No but that’s what is necessary in America if this is ever going to stop.

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