Prophet or Profit? Nikola Tesla’s Vision vs J.P. Morgan’s Greed


Prophet or Profit? Nikola Tesla’s Vision vs J.P. Morgan’s Greed

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Around 1900 the basic framework was being put in place for the industrial architecture that still shapes many aspects of our global civilization. Nikola Tesla, a Serbian immigrant who settled in New York City, was by far the most brilliant of the inventors to emerge at a time when it was possible to conceive and apply whole new complexes of technology on rapidly expanding frontiers of science.

Tesla worked with George Westinghouse on Alternating Currents, AC. Their endeavors along these lines far outpaced the development of Direct Current, DC, by Thomas Edison and his General Electric Company. After winning the contract to electrify the lighting system at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, Tesla’s AC system was quickly adopted as the standard for electric utilities first in the United States and then throughout the world.

Fossil fuel magnet, John D. Rockefeller, reacted to the growing popularity of electric illumination, which preempted the oil-based technology of kerosene lamps, by backing Henry Ford’s motor car company. Ford’s Detroit-based enterprise would help entrench the gas-guzzling internal combustion engine as the primary medium of ground transport. Rockefeller backed Ford because he feared Tesla was about to limit the scale of the fossil fuel industry by mapping out a way to manufacture and propel cheap electric cars.


Beginning with the construction in 1894 of power stations run by the descending waters at Niagara Falls, Tesla and Westinghouse entrenched their system for generating, transporting, and using huge amounts of AC electricity. At age 38 Tesla was just beginning the most fruitful part of his career in applying breakthroughs in science, including some of his own discoveries, to the development of paradigm-shifting technologies.

In his legendary public presentations Tesla introduced many new theories, including those that enabled him to display dramatically wireless systems of electric lighting.

For a time many of the leading financiers of the day vied with one another to invest in Tesla’s projects. Eventually the most important US banker of his generation, J.P. Morgan, became Tesla’s exclusive backer during the period when he experimented most actively using the earth itself rather than wires for conducting electrical current.

First at Colorado Springs and then with his Wardenclyffe installation on Long Island New York, Tesla worked on ways for drawing electricity from the ionosphere, the earth’s outer atmosphere. He combined his work on tapping naturally-occurring systems of electrical interaction with wireless means for communicating text, pictures, and sound.

Morgan is said to have turned against Tesla’s work when he realized the scale of its revolutionary implications. The financier, who was a conduit between the Rothschild banking family’s European and American interests, complained famously that Tesla’s technological innovations were problematic because it was not clear how meters could be imposed for the buying and selling of energy.

Morgan could easily see that Tesla’s main motivation was not to make money. Rather it was to emancipate humanity with new forms of technology that would liberate people from darkness, drudgery, and various forms of top-down oppression. Neither Morgan nor the class he represented shared Tesla’s goal of conducting research and development to make life easier and better in ways that operate within, rather than against, prevailing patterns of nature, including what is best in human nature.

Tesla suffered a nervous breakdown after 1904 when Morgan betrayed him. Tesla’s famous tower and laboratory at Wardenclyffe were subsequently destroyed even as Morgan placed many obstacles in the way of the inventor’s ability to gain backing from other financiers.

The next four decades of Tesla’s life remain shrouded in mystery. Some believe that Tesla fully recovered and returned to his work covertly with a new set of secret collaborators. Some believe his secret inventions include devices for teleportation and communication with other life forms in the universe. Whatever transpired, the FBI intervened to seize his papers and prototypes when Tesla died penniless in New York in 1943.

There is good reason to believe that to this day the US military continues to exploit Tesla’s inventions and theories in ways that directly violate the animating philosophy of the person who was, perhaps, the most gifted and enlightened inventor ever given to humankind.

One of the best examples of such a military abomination is HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program based in Alaska. Rather than following through with Tesla’s  goal of deriving electric power from the ionosphere to provide humanity with free energy, HAARP has become a vehicle to advance the goal of what the US Armed Forces has described as “full-spectrum dominance.”

Among those systems of electromagnetic warfare being developed by HAARP’s technologists are, quite likely, devices to assist in the geo-engineering of weather patterns and the targeted generation of earthquakes. Such hostile interventions in the harmonious workings of nature run against everything that Tesla stood for.

Looking back it seems clear that humanity was forced in the early 1900s into a very wrong turn when it came to establishing the basis for systems to generate, transform, and use energy. While his early innovations were adopted as the basis of AC systems of global electrification, Tesla’s most advanced theories and inventions were eschewed in order to keep the way open for further development of less sophisticated but more profitable means of running the engines of commerce.

The consequences of our wrong turn in the early 1900s are showing up in the grotesque obscenities entailed in the derivation of energy from ecologically-disastrous activities like fracking and mining the Alberta Tar Sands. Most illustrative of the the utter insanity of the energy business as presently constituted is the slow motion holocaust of radioactive contamination being spewed into earth, air and ocean at Fukushima. This global disaster is still in its infancy.

Much depends on revisiting the wrong turn forced on humanity during the early years of the twentieth century. We still have it in our power to return to Nikola Tesla’s vision of a global political economy of peace, harmony and equity. How many other inventors after Tesla have seen their offerings of emancipatory technology spurned and repressed because of obstructions thrown up by vested interest hostile any progressive changes that might negatively affect the bottom line?

We still have it in our collective power to turn away from the vision of for-profit energy historically promoted by the likes of Morgan, the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Edison and Ford.


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  1. For a look at what your friendly ‘wej NWO’ (reverse those last six letters) government does with this technology see
    ****http // for a start.


  2. Tesla was the inventor of radio and had his four critical patents held by a Rockefeller lackey that was head of the US Patent Office while the elite arranged for a minor Italian nobleman to gain fraudulent patents.

    See…”I’ll Take Some E Pluribus….but HOLD the Unum” at Canada Free Press.

  3. According to Gordon Duff, His group is in possession of 6-7 pieces of technology that produces energy other than what is commonly known and would be nice to roll it out and we can let the fun begin. ALL IN FAVOR SAY I

  4. LC, another NSA spy says this is all hoax and he elaborates on this quite extensively.

    So I’m curious about doom & gloom stories like this. It might be, that this has something to do with the emitted frequencies of the pulses.

    Stone age stories as well as biblical end time stories tend to be rather suspicious to me, but we have to recognize that physics shurely can be a double headed eagle.

  5. It is believed by some that Tesla’s assistant for many years, a man named George Scherff, later changed his name to Prescott Bush, father of GHW Bush and grandfather to GW Bush, both former POTUSA’s. This in fact was a deathbed confession of Otto Skorzeny, a Hitler bodyguard brought to the USA in Project Paperclip and believed to be one of the murderers of Tesla who also stole much of his work. Curious, don’t you think?

    • Tesla said of fake Einstein and his useless, fairytale world equations, “…..but a beggar dressed in purple whom the common folk take for a King.”

    • Tesla knew about the international hype in favour of Einstein and also about Einsteins permanent refusal to discuss his theory openly with others. This never happened, but for not so simple reasons one might think.

      Christopher Bjerkens already made his 2000 pages book about these historical scientific fight and one can see how Einstein – one time after another – managed to slip away from discussions among experts in physics, but this does not mean that the whole theory was fradulent, this point is often overlooked.

      Most of the leading scientist at those times like Nils Boor, Heisenberg and many others asked him to explain the outcomes of certain experiments and he simply was not able to give a plausible answer – so they often joked about him at meetings and congresses. We have to face the simple fact, that he was not able to manage even rather simple experiments, because he wasn’t an experimental physicist at all. Instead, he was a rather medium size maathematician who saw the chance to put together a theory under his own name, which was already developed by others like Poincare, Lorentz, …

      Einstein should better be thought of as the first “made up scientist” by the then MSM, and this for a very special purpose.

    • Sorry to say this, I know your source you read, but this story is a totally fake. One of these fakes is that about “photographic proof” of the presens of Skorzeny in the US. He never was, but if you want to learn more about Skorzeny after WWII, you should begin to search about his involovements in the algerian war, the rat line and other things related to Syria at that time.

      He definitely was not involved in any way in Project Paperclip and the Bush/Sherf hoax goes like this.

    • Here it is…

      http //

      Check out the family photo of the George H. Scherf family in Nazi Germany alleged to be circa 1938. In this photo, you see a young George H. Scherf, Jr (future American President, CIA Director, & JFK assassin chief,George H. W. Bush) dressed in his Nazi Navy uniform before he joined the US Navy as a covert spy with his father, George H. Scherf, Sr. (aka Prescott Sheldon Bush) who was Tesla’s assistant who handled his financial affairs, stole Tesla’s secrets for the Nazis, and left Tesla a penniless man by stealing him blind. This is a long account but well worth your time if you want to know just how far the rabbit hole really goes. Take a look at our former President’s good ol’ Nazi buddies from the surrounding area of Leipzig who are also in the picture with the Scherf family Josef Mengele(the notoriously sadistic Angel of Death), Reinhardt Gehlen (Chief SS Officer and assassin), Otto Skorzeny (Hitler’s bodyguard and SS spy/assassin), and Martin Bormann (eventually he became Hitler’s 2nd in command). If this shit is true, it will blow your mind!!!

    • yup, very familiar with it and it DOES make a lot of sense, formation of the FED, first depression and mihop-lihop startings of WW1-2, hitler being illegit Austrian son of a Rothschild, operation paperclip forming CIA-NASA, “United NAZI-ons”, “nazi-izrahell” and the “special relationship”, CIA bush-clinton sabotaging our REAL working economy because a fully mobilized USA scared the piss outta TPTB with its late entry and finish of their WW2 for profits.. and lets not forget their IMF crime gang “let us in to destroy you economically OR ELSE we will destroy you militarily” every time!

  6. even before Jesus time, they kill prophets for profits.
    my father “re-invented” a near complete sewage treatment process that ran off PART of its own methane collecting, its output a bacteria free sludge and clean distilled water, imagine how clean our rivers and lakes would be now if it were implemented 35+ years ago. sewage treatment plants could also be producing electricity from a fuel delivery system that is already in place called sewers.

    they sure wanted his patents, but offering 1% of profits on something they had no intention of implementing sure isnt very persuasive, 1% of zero is still zero.. then they tried to kill him.
    just like Stanley Meyers with his water powered car, a “mysterious accident”, yeah right.

  7. One might also wonder, why a communication system was “invented” that totally relies on relay stations, sattelits and inherently doubles all the mayor risks that are also imprinted into the Internet system.

    There is already other technology at hands now, which makes total surveillance rather obsolete. These techniques are also based on things which Tesla dug into for the first time. Sadly, we are left with a technique which is not only old fashioned – microwave based – but also in its practical realization dangerous. Barry Trower already knew this in the late 60th, you can read about this or watch his videos.

    The TETRA system alone (forcely introduced in all western countries for public services like police) is a massive attac on human health – and they knew it from the beginning.

    If Mike Harris were able to speek openly, he could talk about developments in silicon technology and later microprocessor technology, which cannot simply be explained by normal scientific developments.

    I ask, who’s interests make certain things happen and other things dissapear?

  8. Thanks for the summary, Anthony. It gives a pretty good overview of what Tesla was up to.

    What he really established through his experiments and installments, is not exactly known to the public yet. He was a pretty good mathematician also, which is widely underestimated. But what lead him to his astonishing breakthroughs was his ecxeptional ability to perceive all the many interactions between distinguished parts of even large and complex machines without the reliance on animated computer graphics. He did it solely in his mind.

    His engineering genius emerged from the ealiest motors and generators he invented. All of them were much superiour to everything that exxisted before, most of them were totally new in their concepts.

    Speeking of concepts, from early on in his european days, he already foresaw the unwillingness of emerging large companies like Siemens and others to deal with him. All of our today energy systems are based on “consumption”, so they need large amount of resources. His later concepts – which all were rooted in his earlier working – lead him to the possibility to dig into the “see of free energy”, which can only be understood, if one goes back to Maxwell’s root and correct some oversimplifications done by following physics.

    If anyone wants to dig in deeper into the causes of the ongoing dead ends of science and engineering – including their corrections – I would everyone to go to this website and buy and read the books there

    http //


  9. What I ask myself with every Tesla story, is, why are there no garden scale models demonstrating his idea?

    • Because he had left their paradigm in his wake. Tesla switched his investigations from electricity to radiant energy. You can look up his patents with that term in the title. For some fascinating insights into Tesla’s work see Gerry Vassilatos’ books.


  10. All of Creation is One buzz of electricity/energy
    and a certain tribe has cornered the market in placing meters on global energy supplies.

    As is said all over VT and the alternative internet, it really is time to Clean House.

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