9/11, JFK Assassination, Holocaust Debated at US University



Why do so many in America accept journalistic and scholarship intimidation and censorship?


… by  Kevin Barrett,  Veterans Today Editor


Academic-Freedom-T-shirtFor the first time in history, an American university has hosted an event questioning the official stories of 9/11, the JFK assassination, and the Nazi holocaust.

The conference, entitled “Academic Freedom: Are There Limits To Inquiry?” was held yesterday, April 26th, at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Participants included myself and four other current or former professors: James Fetzer (Philosophy of Science), Nicholas Kollerstrom (History of Science), David Robinson (Education) and Winfield Abbe (Physics).


[Read about my presentation on “Facts, Insults, and Academic Freedom”]


Of the three topics, by far the most contentious is the holocaust. Polls show that about two-thirds of Americans doubt the official version of the JFK assassination, while about one-third are 9/11 skeptics. Most professors who critique the official stories of JFK and 9/11 do not lose their jobs. (I was the unlucky exception; in 2006 I was targeted by a political witch-hunt designed to discourage 9/11 skepticism in the academy.)

But the holocaust is different.

Many Americans who question the official versions of 9/11 and the JFK assassination have contacted me to ask why I would associate with holocaust revisionists. They are afraid that the holocaust issue is so taboo that anyone who comes near it will get lynched.

Why don't academic institutions and publishers raise more hell?
Why don’t academic institutions and publishers raise more hell?

My answer: That is precisely why I want to participate. The persecution of holocaust revisionists is wrong. People should not have their lives and reputations ruined for doing historical research and reporting their sincerely-held conclusions.

And yet in today’s USA, a scholar who questions the sacred narrative of the Nazi holocaust is committing career suicide. Europe is even worse.

Many European countries routinely prosecute and imprison historians who question the holy trinity of the new holocaust religion: Six million Jewish murder victims, millions killed in gas chambers, and an official Nazi policy aimed at exterminating all European Jews.

Did the Germans really murder six million Jews, most of them in gas chambers, as part of an official policy of complete extermination? To even ask the question is heretical in the West.

Yet in Morocco, where I did my Ph.D. research on a Fulbright fellowship, every scholar with whom I discussed the topic sided, to a greater or lesser extent, with the revisionists. Many of these scholars had read dozens of books on the topic. I had read none. Still, I thought the holocaust revisionists were almost certainly wrong.

Then about five years ago, I read a book purporting to refute the revisionists: Denying History by Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman. From this book I learned that the official Auschwitz death total was revised downward from 4 million to 1.5 million in 1989. Yet the official “holocaust” total remained at 6 million.

Shermer and Grobman explain that around 1989, at the exact moment that 2.5 million Auschwitz victims disappeared, historians revised upwards the total number of Jews killed by firing squads on the Eastern Front…by precisely 2.5 million. The result: The sacred 6 million figure remained enshrined.

Shermer and Grobman also explained that a thick blue coating of hydrogen cyanide (Zyklon B) has been found in certain rooms in the Nazi concentration camps. The problem: These rooms are admitted by all historians to have been de-lousing chambers in which clothing and bedding were fumigated to prevent typhus outbreaks. No such “Prussian blue” has been found in any of the ostensible gas chambers. Shermer and Grobman claim that this is because more Zyklon B was necessary to kill lice than to kill people.

Shermer and Grobman (and others who defend the official story) admit that there is relatively little hard forensic evidence that millions were killed in gas chambers. They also admit that there is very little documentary evidence that the Germans launched such an outrageously complex, expensive, ambitious, wasteful, and logistically formidable official program as the attempted total extermination of Europe’s Jews.

The almost-complete lack of documentary evidence for any German extermination plan or program is explained by Raul Hilberg, the father of orthodox holocaust studies, as follows:

“But what began in 1941 was a process of destruction not planned in advance, not organized centrally by any agency. There was no blueprint and there was no budget for destructive measures. They were taken step by step, one step at a time. Thus came about not so much a plan being carried out, but an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus – mind reading by a far-flung bureaucracy.”

Why are they so afraid of open debate and discussion?
Why are they so afraid of open debate and discussion?

No blueprint? No budget? No plan? The perpetrators failed to communicate with each other using official documents, letters, phone calls, or telegrams, but instead organized the genocide of six million people by ESP?!

Since then I have read three more books and many articles on the subject, about evenly split between supporters and opponents of holocaust orthodoxy. I still do not know nearly enough to have a firm opinion about the veracity of the “holy trinity” of the holocaust religion.

But I am convinced that any fair-minded person who takes the trouble to investigate the issue must admit that that the revisionists have a prima facie case that bears investigation.

The holocaust needs to be fearlessly re-opened and re-thought. Challengers to the official version should be encouraged, funded, and turned loose in the archives.

Scholars with the latest archeological equipment should swarm the sites of the alleged death camps looking for the mass graves that have thus far eluded discovery. Chemistry experts should follow in the footsteps of Germar Rudolf and Fred Leuchter and do exhaustive chemical analyses of the camps. Perhaps they will confirm the official version; or perhaps they will disprove it.

But the most important issue is not what happened to a small fraction of the 60 million people killed in World War II. The real issue is whether or not we are free to question history.

Cary Nelson, a professor of English here at the University of Illinois and the President of the American Association of University Professors between 2006 and 2012, originally had accepted an invitation to speak at the Academic Freedom Conference – then backed out due to the inclusion of the holocaust.

It turns out that Professor Nelson wants to destroy the academic career of anyone who questions holocaust orthodoxy. In an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education entitled “Does Academic Freedom Protect Holocaust Deniers?” Nelson wrote: “I would not knowingly hire a Holocaust denier or grant one tenure in a discipline to which the Holocaust is relevant.”

If a student produced a research report like the film below, would he automatically give it an F?

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Have we surrendered to just playing a game of pretend?
Have we surrendered to just playing a game of pretend?

Nelson’s article offers no evidence that he knows anything at all about the historical issues under consideration. His long-winded, badly-written essay blows smoke-rings of pretentious obfuscation while kowtowing mindlessly to the official sacred narrative.

I doubt he would last thirty seconds in a factual debate with a holocaust revisionist like Nick Kollerstrom.

Kollerstrom, a History of Science Ph.D. with chemistry expertise, had his academic career destroyed by people like Cary Nelson. While teaching at University College London, Kollerstrom published a scholarly article arguing that the chemical evidence does not support the existence of mass-execution gas chambers in the German camps.

Shortly thereafter he was summarily fired. No explanation was given. No chance to defend himself was offered. No university official or scholar even tried to critique Kollerstrom’s article or show that there was anything wrong with it. Kollerstrom’s career – like mine – was burned for heresy.

I do not know whether or not Kollerstrom is right about the holocaust. But I do know that he is the victim of a monstrous injustice.

Why are the holocaust, the JFK assassination, and 9/11 surrounded by the same kind of taboo? Anyone who questions the official version of any of these three critically-important historical events becomes the target of mindless insults: “holocaust denier,” conspiracy theorist,” and so on. Why is that?

In all three cases, there is strong prima facie evidence that the official story is questionable. Perhaps that is why the questions are taboo – because we are afraid of the likely answers.

Such is undeniably the case with the JFK assassination and 9/11. I have studied the evidence at some length – I have overflowing bookshelves devoted to both topics – and I would happily stake my life on the fact (not theory) that both crimes were committed by powerful insiders, not the patsies blamed by the official stories.

The Academic Freedom Conference here at the University of Illinois is breaking new ground by taking up these monumentally important historical questions. If the United States of America ever becomes a genuinely free society, and its scholars are finally allowed to ask the hard questions about history, it will be thanks to the efforts of such unsung heroes as Academic Freedom Conference organizer Stephen Francis.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

He is Host of TRUTH JIHAD RADIO; a hard driving weekly LIVE call in radio show. He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

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  1. Ummm…. WTF??

    Lee Harvey Oswald Quietly Added to CIA Memorial Wall — ???

    http //www.duffelblog.com/2013/11/lee-harvey-oswald-quietly-added-cia-memorial-wall/#!F3wdp

  2. The following questions need to be addressed, 1) Where was the fuel required to burn millions of bodies, given that there was not a single intact rail line or road in Germany? 2) Why is a proper archaeological investiagtion of the camps forbidden? 3) How did the central colums of the twin towers and WTC7 crumble? 4) Why were there no marks on the Pentagon where the plane’s engines should have hit? 5) How did a bullet from behind make President Kennedy’s skull and brains explode backwards across the trunk of the car?

    There aere more questions but these five will do for starters

    • In response to #1; Segments of the Walker/Bush family financed the German incineration from all I can read. The Bush bank asset was frozen in mid 40’S. In 1932-33 the Bush family and other thugs attempted an overthrow of the newly elected administrtion of FDR and establish a socialistic government. One man stopped it General Smedley Butler. Know that is not an answer but couldn’t resist mentioning it again.


    ——Israel the Shameless, Liar the “Evil Empire” & the Most Hated Country in the World—–It’s Self- Destructive Bomb is Ticking.

    —–Today, the Whole World have heard Ron Dermer, the Israeli-American Zionist, the Israeli Ambassador to USA, and a longtime aide to Benjamin Netanyahu, “when he said at an ADL Holocaust gathering (he would not dare to say this anywhere in USA), it was David Ben Gurion who gave Israel it’s independence, (Not USA, UK or UN)”.

    —–“Today, the Whole World learned, Donald Tokowitz Sterling, Israeli-American Zionist, the 80-year-old billionaire and Clippers Owner (since 1981, 33 yrs.) reportedly ordered V. Stiviano, his former mistress who is (black & Mexican), not to be seen in public with black people, and should not bring black associates, including Magic Johnson to Clippers games – and also to remove photos of herself with black people from her Instagram page. Sterling continues “I give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses,” Sterling also goes down rambling about the Holocaust and asked her how black people are treated in Israel – “the blacks are treated like dogs,” Sterling said. ”

    “She said I kept a photo with Matt Kemp, because he’s (black & Mexican) like me.”

  4. Until someone can show the world functional gas chambers that have been used to kill 6 million Jews, there is no reason to believe the holocaust story.

  5. My kids aren’t as contaminated by history guilt as I am because its not crammed in their heads as much. Not to mention the decimation of war on other sovereign nations with is reals influence in the U.S. body politic doesn’t sit well with anyone. The ME is on fire because of us and the real holocausts arent even being reported. Kind of makes the WWII story look like a MS labor day marathon.

  6. Dr. Barret, Mr. Dean, as always thank you.

    A colleague of David Irving’s, Mark Weber, has collected and written more scholarly works about this and related subjects than possibly anyone else. This is not a plug, but a valuable reference Dr. Weber’s site is **ihr.org**

    Mr. Dean, please allow this link to be explored by your readers. Both VT and ihr are free.

    Thank you!

  7. Great Article once again Doc. Barrett and also thanks for editing Mr. Dean

    People are drawn to more issues like a “Soldier throwing a Puppy off a cliff” then looking at what their own or other Government’s have done in their names. This would of course expose the lies that all are forced to live behind as they wave their patriotic flags for ones own country. Yes?

    Old RAW footage of those properly buried in Germany who died of disease or other means show how the US actually dug up graveyards properly marked to then pile the bodies and blame Germany or the dreaded NAZI’S. Never could those back home be alerted to the starvation caused by US and Allied bombings or the health of those now dying as allied forces bombed railroads, pharmacies, hospitals, naval, air ports, public works and other civilian support infrastructures. Or the bombing of anything that moved as the Allied forces enjoyed total air supremacy.

    One has the “MAKE” an enemy by constant propaganda. Much was seen in the build-up to the Ukraine coup while the Winter Olympics were being played. The villain of anti-GAY Russia was another step to cause hate of them RUSKIES. We also see this within the propaganda of the hate for the Arab and Muslim people. However whether its a 12 year old Jewish girl, Russian girl, German, Palestinian or British girl it is clear that they were all MURDERED by one’s Government. Used for total capitulation to force the Loans to rebuild and re-ARM paid by YOU!

    • I could also add
      American’s listening to two Vietnam War Veteran’s (John Kerry and John McQaeda McCain) scream about alleged Chemical use in Syria while knowing that for 50 years the same Government (Theirs) used these horrid chemicals of Napalm, White Phosphorus, DDT, Agent Orange and other colored GREEN defoliants that is still killing fellow veterans and causing mass birth defects still today.

      Propaganda is how one “Sell’s the War.” Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo all victims of the REAL “HOLOCAUST” Where many tens of thousands were actually burned to death. The FOOL’S are those who jump in front of the lens to get their photos taken with the likes of Bush, Blair, Cheney, Rice, Powell and…. OBAMA!

      Still a Puppy rates more then the pissing on a dead corpse because we are sanitized to what happens and… “Your either WITH U.S. or against U.S.” BS Propaganda. (Aiding and Abetting)

    • Let’s not forget another real holocaust, that of over sixty million Russian Christians by Zionists, of whom almost half the early commissars were Zionists who’d rushed to Russia from New York City to partake in the slaughter and starvation, just as so many of them did in Spain. Only the worst kind of coward would bow and scrape before them the way our politicians and military leaders do, particularly since the former have once again set up a police state with all the apparatus needed to begin the slaughter again, but this time in the United States of America.

  8. In all academic fields there are dogmas which if violated can lead to job loss and black listing. The sciences are not exempt from this including physics. This is the nature of the intellect. Once fixed it hardens like concrete. The hierarchy depends on obedience to the established ideas. Change occurs because older and more powerful professors die off.
    The case for the Holocaust is so weak it is hardly worth attacking it. It is like an old feeble man barely able with a cane to make it across the street or down the steps. But remember, as Dante pointed out, the sins of age are deception and deceit. The she wolf.

  9. Jumans, please clarify for my edification sir? Tzadiquies as well, if you find the time. Thank you.

  10. Thought takes energy, and people are lazy.

    That explains the quick dismissal of questions challenging any official story and labeling the questioner a “conspiracy theorist” or even a “conspiracy nut.” At least with non-academic laymen.

    • I don’t know if Cary Nelson is Jewish but Mondweiss has a negative article about him, excerpt from the article

      By the end of the awkward, cliché-ridden screed, the formerly restrained Nelson becomes totally unhinged, warning that BDS will kill Jews

      The fundamental goal of the boycott movement is not the peaceful coexistence of two states, one Jewish and one Palestinian, but rather the elimination of Israel. One nation called Palestine would rule from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Those Jews not exiled or killed in the transition to an Arab-dominated nation would live as second-class citizens without fundamental rights.

      ****http //mondoweiss.net/2014/01/privilege-bestowing-academic.html#unhinged

    • About Cary Nelson

      By Alan Wald

      Excerpt from the article

      As an exact contemporary of Cary, I have observed the arc of his career with considerable wonder. Cary was born on May 15, 1946, in Phildelphia, fifteen days before myself. We were both raised in liberal Jewish families and we both attended Antioch College in Ohio during the mid-1960s.

      Brian Well realistically I can understand why he didn’t want to be part of a conference openly discussing the Holocaust, he might get in trouble with Worldwide Jewry, but he makes a ridiculous comment about the BDS movement.

  11. Outstanding article and congratulations on this conference!

    The Manichean Narrative of the Holocaust- and by extension, the “Good War”- is a psychological weapon- a Sorelian Myth- aimed straight at the heart of the Christian peoples of Europe and the US.

    Of course, it serves Zionist interest, insofar as its mere invocation in the west, serves to mute criticisms of Israeli brutality and criminality, as well as serving the interests of international Jewry whenever these conflict with the interests of non-Jews.

    It is also a tool used to alternately shame Europeans into silence and a position to be browbeaten and condescended to by the apostles of the pseudo-religion of “Shoahism” by instilling in them shame, guilt, remorse and a feeling of moral inferiority vis a vis their Jewish “betters” for the alleged actions of their fathers and grandfathers- most which never occurred at all.

    After the moral browbeating they are presented with the reparations bill which accrues compound interest and can never be paid in full.

    Then we have Hitler and the evil Third Reich, who emerge as Deus ex machina every time a nation or leader emerges which threatens Israel, the world financial (usurious) system or US/NATO hegemony arises. They will inevitably be characterized as either proponents of a “New Holocaust” (Ahmadinejad) or as “the next Hitler” (Saddam, and now possibly Vladimir Putin).

    This false narrative is the founding myth of our current dystopian, neo-con nightmare.

  12. “Woe unto the defeated..” surely mr.Adolf got it ali mixed up , where religion and ethnicity are not equal categories, Holocaust was targeting others besides Jews, such as Slavic, Gypsies, Negroes, but surely the aim of this article is to challenge this parasitic postwar thought “woe unto the defeated” isnt it? To clarify, the propaganda of comparing any possible foe or politically incorrect with members of a Nazi party, today namely Putin or Assad, in some other days anyone who was not viable for business or profit. I would never allow myself the lunacy of denying the Holocaust but using the Holocaust events and tragedy to penetrate the public with business-wise propaganda now that is true heresy and irreparable mind mess. It could ricochet back in an uncontrolable manner as history has always done so to the ones who tried to deny it.

  13. Always a pleasure to read Veterans Today, and Dr. Barrett’s article above adds another dimension He’s honest enough to state he’s not investigated the Holocaust deeply enough to make a judgment. True scholars admit such things. I’m no scholar, but have mixed feelings on the Holocaust myself, yet I share Dr. Barrett’s opinions on JFK, 9/11, and now, for myself at least, VERY suspicious of MH370.

    On the subject of pleasures with VT, I should add here – off subject – what fine graphics you have on a limited budget. I’m a retired graphic artist, worked for major advertising agencies, with lavish budgets. VT is right up there, at a fraction of the cost. On a light note, your choice of the 1000’s of photographs of Paula Broadwell still gives me the giggles. Hugh Hefner would approve! And just last night, Jim Dean’s article on the exploding helicopter, got the 3 shots just right! Tragic, but comical at the same time.Your only downfall is no Alberto Vargas drawings…

  14. Well, to me it’s obvious the scholarly revisionists are right nobody died in a gas chamber and the Germans did not have a plan to exterminate the Jews.

    Some historians claim there were more than one million holocaust survivors, this makes no sense. If the Germans really wanted to exterminate the Jews they would have denied the Jews and others living in the intern camps food and water, no need to create and operate gas chambers.

    • By the way, did you hear about pro-Palestinian people giving eviction notices to Jews?, excerpt from an article

      An NYU dorm known for its large Jewish population was papered with fake eviction notices that aimed to draw attention to “the reality Palestinians confront on an ongoing basis.”

      Students found the fliers at Palladium Hall on Thursday morning.

      “We regret to inform you that your suite is scheduled for demolition in three days. If you do not vacate the premise by midnight on 25 April, 2014 we reserve the right to destroy all remaining belongings. … Charges for demolition will be applied to your student accounts,” reads the fliers, which were slipped under students’ doors Wednesday night.

      “Eviction notices are routinely given to Palestinian families living under Israeli occupation for no other reason than their ethnicity. … Palestinian homes are destroyed as part of the state of Israel’s ongoing attempts to ethnically cleanse the region of its Arab inhabitants and maintain an exclusively ‘Jewish’ character of the state. By destroying Palestinian homes, the state makes room for illegal Israeli settlements. The Israeli government itself describes the process as ‘Judaization,’ the flier continues.
      It concludes, “This is not a real eviction notice. This is intended to draw attention to the reality that Palestinians confront on a regular basis.”

    • The NYU Students for Justice for Palestine chapter has Jewish members and they didn’t target Jews with their phony eviction notices.

      Well, they didn’t grab any students out of their beds and send them to prison for throwing rocks at tank.

  15. Dr, Barrett,
    It is somewhat ironic that your group chose a quote from a plagiarizing holocaust supporting zionist, who wanted to develop atomic weapons to kill Germans.

    In reality, these three debated topics have a number of commonalities –
    1) Education is now a commodity like bottled water. If you are marketing your commodity, the goal is to make money, not educate. If you are not really interested in educating, you don’t want academic freedom ruining the image of the commodity as it interferes with profits.
    2) Universities seek wealthy benefactors. Unlike the “old school” benefactors who would donate large sums quietly, the “new” ones want their names splashed on buildings or have programmes named after them. Academic freedom allows questioning of unpopular topics. Questioning the three topics offends these people.
    3) Examining the most controversial of the topics requires a broader examination of other official narratives that predate the topic. Academic freedom would potentially uncover previously unknown connections of events that have shaped the official narrative. Those uncovered connections have the potential to lead to the other two topics.
    4) At the root of all three topics, the role of certain groups and/individuals played in constructing the official narrative will be examined. The groups are well represented in #s 1) and 2) above, and are at the forefront of obfuscating the truth in favour of the official narrative.
    You and your co-panelists are dangerous men.

  16. Let’s face it, essentially ALL of “official” 20th century history is a fraud.

    In order to have a shred of apparent “plausibility”, the Jewish holocaust lie relies heavily on other lies, and/or on the concealment of important historical facts.

    For example, a person might wonder about the Germans’ motive. Hilberg’s nonsensical explanation of the lack of documentary evidence implies that Germans were just “sick” people. Thus history had to be manipulated to portray Hitler et al. as madmen, fully responsible for WW2 and all of its atrocities, for example, and any contradictory or exculpatory information suppressed.

    Also, in order for the “holocaust” story to achieve the intended effect, the alleged victims have to be held blameless; IOW what good is the “holocaust” if the victims may have “deserved” what they got? Thus the prior history of Jewish subversion and treachery against Germany has to be concealed.

    Then of course loose ends have to be tied up, e.g., General George Patton had to be assassinated before he became a problem, and that had to be concealed, and on and on ad nauseum.

    And if you step back and look, you can see the parallels between the WW2 lies and the 9/11 lies. Just as Germans had to be demonized, so did Arabs/Moslems. Germans had to be portrayed as having an irrational hatred of Jews, and Arabs/Moslems as having an irrational hatred of Western “values” (or some other happy horsesh*t). (They couldn’t have done it in “retaliation” for anything, because that would imply that the U.S. is not blameless).

    So in order to support the Holocaust (and subsequent) lies, the whole history of the 20th century had to be falsified.

    As I see it, there are now so many lies floating around that the word almost has no meaning. Instead of thinking “we’ve been lied to”, it’s more meaningful to realize that our Masters have created a “false reality” for us to live in.

    • Absolutely brilliant comment Harold – and have you seen Randy Hitt’s ‘Hollow Grail’ FB comment above? I don’t see how the monsters will be able to stonewall proper historical research for much longer – and as you point out – it will only take one support strut to be taken out of the house of cards to see it all tumble away. In the meantime the more enquiring and alert minds that are able to hack their way through the jungle of obstacles to the truth by their own efforts – the better it will be. We now need to second guess what the reactions of the monsters will be – when this finally happens. I suspect that it will not be pretty – and most likely will involve the engineering of huge wars to comprehensively distract our attention. These creatures are never going to come quietly.

    • I second that. Once people realize that 9/11 (and the coverup and the wars on Islam) was a Jewish operation, not just a “Mossad” or “Israeli” operation, the door swings WIDE open. Then, we can get around to teaching our kids some TRUTH for a change, not the Great Body of Never Ending Lies known as Judaism.

    • And that is why it is illegal (almost completely now – 99.9%) to teach your own children anything in Germany Herr DaveE. They are ahead of us in judges. Therein lies the capability of lying about anything and everything under the sun. Ask Woodrow Wilson where and when the teeth finally sunk into Amerika. But, you know all that.

  17. This is something I never expected to see in my lifetime, and you are all very brave.

    Dr Barrett, please, surely you must have spent enough time by now listening to Nick Kollerstrom that you know there is absolutely zero evidence to support these fantastic claims, and substantial evidence on the other side. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, spend a few minutes reading the Irving V Lipstadt trial, where the judge was forced to admit that there is literally no evidence at all for the gas chamber claims. The trial judge was actually forced to rely on cartoons drawn by David Olere as “evidence” in his judgement!!

    The Irving V Lipstadt trial was not any ordinary trial. The president of the state of Israel personally called Lipstadt after the trial congratulate her. Lipstadt’s side presented the best evidence they could find, and came up with ………nothing.

    In fact, after the trial, the Auschwitz Museum announced they were going on a hunt to find the Zyklon B induction holes in the roof of Kremma II that must have been there if the stories were true. These holes have not found these to this day, and they never will be found. Their story is forever etched in concrete, and that concrete disproves the central tenet of their religion.

    And finally, you are right when you use the term sacred in your article. The holocaust (small “h”, please.don’t feed the myth) is a religion, and skeptics of this religion are persecuted for Heresy.

  18. Just to clarify, the meeting was held *at* a university but not *by* a university. The university’s only involvement, apparently, was renting you guys a meeting room at what was most likely off-the-street rates.

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