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Stolen Nuclear Material Heading into US


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This is another story I don’t want to write or be interviewed about.  I only post these things because the sources are NOT internet gossip but are too credible to ignore.  I get no joy out of this.  The obvious reason to write this is to stop another 9/11.

This is what I have:

Nuclear material, I am assuming highly enriched uranium, 1.05 tons, was stolen from Pakistan on April 18, 2014.  It was transported by air to the UK where it was stored in a moving warehouse in Teignmouth, Devon.  The facility involved has been used previously to store illegal weapons by security agencies of the US and UK including South African WMD’s.

From there, the shipment was, we are informed, broken into three parcels and is being transported as of this writing, 11:07 EST, May 2, 2014, to the US.  Shipments are to have left from both Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

We are also told that computer viruses are taking down US capability of disseminating sensor information

Now for my editorializing.  Obama and Kerry have not be running blindly when the “Illuminati” has shouted “squirrel!” There is no evidence of Israeli involvement but evidence of a very real “right wing conspiracy” here.

My guess, and it is only a guess, is that China and Pakistan are to be blamed but that Iran is to be attacked after “fall guy” facilitators are created and “pristine passports” are found as with 9/11.

My recommendation to readers is to send this everywhere.  Minimally, if we do what we intend and stop what is going on, this warning will disappear as another “Alex Jones” type conspiracy piece.

I have only written this because the sources are such they cannot be ignored.  At one time, claiming that Americans would kill other Americans by the thousands would be considered “extreme.”  Those times are long gone.  Look to the “usual suspects.”





  1. “Each canister will weigh about 10 kg to provide sufficient shielding. So we are actually talking about 10 tons of material in 1000 ~125 containers….”

    When I read this earlier, I forgot to ask – does stolen nuclear material need as much shielding as legitimate nuclear material?

  2. Stored in Teignmouth ?
    Its a very tiny seaside town , I don’t even remember there being any warehouses there.
    Why hold it there so far from any transport hubs ?

  3. Ha Mr. Duff you got interviewed yesterday by Mike Harris!

    Very serious interview folks, please go and listen to this

    http //


    • Yes, very interesting as always. I must say I was expecting departure from rense – it was weird to have such a long break in Renses interviews Gordon, especialy that so many important events took place. But I guess topics like “reverse speech analysis” or promoting historical revisionism rooted in lies were much more important…

  4. Closed Israeli consulates in these American cities, where the nuclear material can be used to enhance devices in place
    Washington — Israeli Embassy
    Los Angeles,

    Let’s hope it’s D.C.

    • I’d place my bet on Houston/Galveston/Texas City. It’s the epicenter of the oil industry, offices, refining, transport, oil platforms.

  5. After the Russian-American Highly Enriched Uranium-Low Enriched Uranium (HEU-LEU) agreement came to an end in 2013, the US nuclear power generation industry was likely to face a sharp fuel price surge and shortage.
    For two decades, the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC), was buying Russian nuclear fuel down blended from Soviet military grade highly enriched uranium for a dumping price. This fuel constituted up to 40 percent of nuclear fuel for America’s 104 nuclear reactors.
    The United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC), the leading US nuclear fuel supplier is in dire straits and plans to voluntarily file for bankruptcy in the first quarter of 2014 in order to restructure.
    Russia supplies 40% of the worlds requirements but now expects to be paid market prices. To Corporate America this no doubt amounts to a declaration of war.
    Obama has been pressing his foreign counterparts since 2009, both in Asia and Europe, demanding they either get rid of their excess nuclear materials via the US, or tighten security of stockpiles at home.
    Japan, Belgium and Italy, have agreed to hand over excess nuclear materials to the US already.
    This could be an extension of this “acquisition” program or maybe even a black market infiltration.
    The risk of it being a much more sinister agenda is a definite probability and certainly follows the current pattern of events, so it is probably a very good idea to spread the message.

  6. “It was transported by air to the UK where it was stored in a moving warehouse in Teignmouth, Devon.”

    Who might control this moving warehouse?

    • Dartremovals is the company. Does 20km from Tavistock ring your bells, Stephan?

      Good that Gordon picked up on what first appeared on CHANI on April 24th and Mai 1st.

  7. There has to be an Israeli/neocon footprint in all of this. After all, the Israel Mossad, Shin Bet are deeply embedded in the Ukraine and therefore in the forefront of the destabilization of Russia. And doubtless the Ukraine operation is definitely connected to what Gordon describes here.

  8. OK, I know this may sound silly but, After 9/11 the new network programming season kicked off the hit series “24” just weeks after. Huge psyop series bashing Muslims at every turn. Now, starting on Monday the 5th, the new series “24 Live another Day” with the same cast of characters. I don’t know who the new boogeyman is going to be but, I just found this intesting. Is it possible something “BIG” is going to happen this weekend?

    • The last episode of “Chicago Fire” on NBC this past Tuesday/Wednesday featured a bomb blast in downtown Chicago where they were initially investigating Muslims/Arabs for the crime but then turned their investigation to anti-government, right-wing extremists. I heard the words “anti-government extremists” used at least 5 times, probably closer to 10.

    • The big ‘security’ drill in Boston this Saturday goes live? To be blamed on ‘anti-government extremists’ perhaps? Nah…they wouldn’t. (would they?)

    • Come to think of it we really don’t need Boston. Good call Wolf.
      http //

      Sorry Bob

  9. Who would have thought…

    This as Japan finally admits they have 3 Reactors in total melt-down or CHINA SYNDROME and the possible link of that failure to the Stuxnet virus deployed against Iran’s reactor and therefore the worlds since it was a internet ready virus.

    So IF they were to pull a stunt like this and use it to attack innocent Iran’s reactor and cache of uranium deposits thus flood the Middle East with radioactive Isotopes, that why stop there? Hell flood America too so that a total of 4 Nuclear Reactors will be in Melt-down and then have the residual fallout here in the States too making a total of 5 which might trigger the laughable “LIMITED NUCLEAR WAR.”

    Bring it on, I’m tired!

  10. Nasir
    You are making assumptions as to enrichment level based on information you yourself are imagining. Moreover, your tone betrays a certain endemic ignorance and bad manners. If you want to know about nuclear weapons, simply ask.
    I know how all of them work.
    Gordon the Lackey

    • I’ve emailed my friends. I hope they’ll be able to find them but I don’t know when they’ll read my message.

    • You can always go back to MSM, you know. There, you will most certainly hear a lot of Iran and Russia bashing, if that’s what you like, and you won’t hear a word about their points of view.
      Perfect, isn’t it?

  11. Looks like the Obama Adminstration and Justice Department have a lot of @ss covering to do.

    “CIA Whistleblower faces the ire of an angry Justice Department over Benghazi questions”

    http //

    Could a nuclear false-flag event on U.S soil make all this “go away”?

    • Gordon’s latest post, The Obama “Un-Presidency”, frames this whole Benghazi fiasco in another light.

      It’s clear that Obama is just a puppet for the SSG and had plenty of blackmail material or skeletons in his close to warrant installing him as POTUS. It appears that he’s just a fall-guy for any foreign policy debacles or CIA “outs” that generate news waves.

  12. Largest security “drill” in Boston history? (on Saturday, May 3rd)

    http //

  13. Better safe than sorry.

    truthernews.wordpress /2014/05/01/obama-and-netanyahu-greenlight-new-wave-of-cia-spawned-al-qaeda-terror-attacks/

    This guy’s mission is to stop false flags. If any event is publicized and revealed before it happens, it simply cannot happen. Their cover is blown.

    David Chase Taylor’s reports some pretty wild scenarios. If he gets one out of a million right and prevents it, or none at all, I still applaud his efforts.

    There is a certain security of knowing it can not happen if I read about it.

    Go VT, go RT, go Press TV. Who else will tell us the truth?

  14. The PTB need a distraction from the imminent financial collapse that is likely coming sooner rather than later. Perhaps the two will occur in immediate succession and a nuclear event on American soil would lead directly to martial law and imminent financial collapse thereafter.

    • A little to fast with my comment it will go viral among my friends here in the US as well.

      There will be NO nuclear attack in this country!!


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