NEO – The White House Shakes the World

The White House Shakes the World

… by  Vladimir Odintsov,     … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

First published April 29, 2014

White House, District of Columbia
White House, District of Columbia

The White House’s predilection for constantly subjecting the world and nations in various regions to convulsions and disturbances is well known. After 1989, Washington began actively looking for ways to maintain its influence around the world.

If its strategy in those early stages did not manifest a clearly articulated belligerent and messianic attitude, such an attitude grew decisively evident with the rise to power of Bush the Younger, whose open aggression took everyone by surprise.

In the era of George W. Bush’s administration, its organized disturbances of the world order most often took the form of initiating wars and armed aggression, including the invasions of Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003), and the creation of a complete system of national missile defense (beginning in 2001).

The world was further shaken on 29 January 2002 by the American president’s announcement of “revelations” in his yearly address to the US Congress and his proclamation of war against the so-called “Axis of Evil”– countries that, in the White House’s contention, sponsor terrorism, among which were mentioned the following states found uncongenial to the Washington administration: initially, Iraq, Iran, and the DPRK, but later joined by Cuba, Libya, and Syria.

After Afghanistan and Iraq, the most serious convulsions generated by the US were directed at Libya and Syria, both after the election of President Obama.


However, the direct use of its own military strength and the sponsoring of protest movements are not the only forms taken by the White House’s active efforts in recent years to replace regimes it finds objectionable and subdue other governments.

Washington and the CIA’s arsenal has lately given increasing priority to “scientific experiments” conducted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), as well as secret research in and deployment of global climate change technology, which has had devastating effects on the economy and the general quality of life of the citizens in many countries of the globe, particularly in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.

Man-made climate change?
Man-made climate change?

In September 2009, at the initiative of Leon Panetta, then director of the CIA, a special Center on Climate Change and National Security was created within the Agency.

Significant amounts of resources were set aside and continue to be made available for the financing of this program, which by no means uses them for the good of the population in said regions, who have increasingly suffered from climatological disturbances in recent years.

In recent times it has not been uncommon for national disasters (especially in the countries of Asia and Latin America) to occur as a result of convulsions caused by seismic activity.

In March of this year powerful earthquakes took place in Chile, Nicaragua, Japan, and China, with aftershocks that caused damage in Greece, France, and many other countries. In January, New Zealand and Japan were also affected, as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Peru had been just before them.

It is surprising, considering contemporary developments in science and the perfection of the means for predicting the danger of natural seismic activity, that these events appeared to be unexpected and immediately gave rise to thoughts of “cruel fate” or a “cruel hand” testing the will and endurance of the population of Asian and Latin American nations.

Pine Gap
Pine Gap

Speculating about what “cruel hand” was behind these occurrences cannot but remind us of the many announcements in the information space of France and other countries in which attention has repeatedly been drawn to the existence in Australia (in the vicinity of Alice Springs) of a secret USA CIA military base called Pine Gap, which has at its disposal both climatological and seismic weaponry.

As has been noted in published reports on the base, it has more than 800 Americans working on the premises, consisting predominantly of secret agents of the United States NSA or CIA. The base’s reference data indicate that it is designed for purposes of communications with US spy satellites and reception from them of intelligence data gathered from different regions of the world.

It is curious that the base does not have its own aerodrome and is located at a remote distance from other inhabited areas.

Substantial amounts of supplies delivered to this facility.
Substantial amounts of supplies delivered to this facility.

At the same time, according to countless statements by members of the local population, considerable quantities of food and various accessories are regularly transported to Pine Gap via the airport situated 16-km away, enough to sustain the autonomous functioning of the rather imposing underground townlet.

The authors of a published work on Pine Gap were surprised to find that even members of the Australian parliament do not possess exact information regarding the nature of the secret US base’s activities.

However, according to data from other Australian and American periodicals, it is known that directly underneath the territory of the base there is a crevasse-cave stretching more than eight kilometers deep in the direction of the earth’s center.

This fact has led several experts to suspect that the US security services may be using this natural singularity for the development inside the cave of a low-frequency antenna by the use of which a high-powered wave can be generated through the earth’s crust, capable of causing earthquakes and tsunamis, to be used by Washington as a seismic weapon.

2010 - Haiti took it on the chin
2010 – Haiti took it on the chin

Various scholars from around the world have already repeatedly documented the possibility of developing and using a seismic weapon.

As early as 2000, at the Peoples’ Health Assembly in December 2000 in Dhaka, Dr. Rosalie Bertell referred to the possibility that US security services might develop climatological and seismic weapons.

At the time of the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, many observers investigating the causes of that disaster noted their suspicions that Washington may have used a seismic weapon to bring it about.

In the end, however, no inquiries were made by the international community concerning this matter. Nor was any conclusive refutation of such suspicions offered by Washington, then or since.

Meanwhile, the world continues to shudder at the foreign policy and “scientific experiments” of the White House, which positions itself as the “bulwark of peace and democracy.”

Yet how can those civilians who are dying as a result of secret military and special operations organized by the White House approve of Washington’s actions or those of its hidden soldiers? And is the USA then really such a bulwark after all?

Vladimir Odintsov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

Editing:  Erica P. Wissinger




  1. Pine Gap is there because, it’s one very special location. It’s very specific. If Alice Springs did not exist, it would be created again because of it’s location. Or, they would build a floating platform to make an ‘Alice Springs’ out on the ocean. The position of it on the earth makes it special. Special politically, economically, socially, and primarily militarily. It is there above all, because of the type of transmission. This specific type of communication, coupled with it’s difficulties in ‘trajectory’, shall we say, is why Pine Gap is vital. Entire budgets surround this location.

    Wonder weapons you say? Huh, Socom was sending an armed armada to Haiti even BEFORE it was *cough* having geotechnical problems…*cough*. They’ve never been done before. And after it arrived? The brass all went outside and all of the buildings collapsed just in time (5 minutes later). And wow, Blackhawks just flew in with armed assholes and took the place over in seconds (government buildings). Gosh, what are the odds that the USN would send an armed contingent to Haiti under the guise of an operation that covered the possibility of an earthquake and it accidentally happened? I just don’t know myself….. I mean, what freakin luck?! WOW? AND!? They were loaded down with food for 300,000 people just in case?! WOW?!

    And! They just discovered a massive oil field right on that exact fault line that was responsible for…..uh…….shifting unexpectedly. WOW!? Please, anyone, LOOK IT UP AND TELL ME I’M WRONG ABOUT THAT. Enjoy.

  2. Excellent article. VT Managing Editor Jim Dean is a prolific writer of some of the best insider’s analyses, and this is one of his best ever. Notably accurate and quite chilling in its implications. Cannot get this anywhere else but VT.

  3. Overpopulation… People don’t voluntarily practice birth control, no major wars where more than 50 million die.
    So, now they are working on these techniques.
    GMO food that after consuming the products for three generations that people become sterile?
    Would be nice if people learned to repair small appliances instead of dumping everything in the trash.
    Would bring some jobs inside the USA.
    All these American cooperations who have there factories overseas, when your products enter the USA you have to pay high import taxes, so you might as well bring your factories back to the USA to help your fellow American and the USA economy.
    That will bring jobs back and less unemployment money for the USA government, less food stamps and welfare cheques. A win, win situation.
    Yeah, dream on the elite don’t give a darn, they only see $$$$$ signs for there eyes.
    The same for the weapon industry.
    Instead of building tanks, fighter planes or whatever, start building new railways with high speed railroads with super speed trains, newer airport.
    Bicycle lanes and walking paths every where, helps obesity.
    Stop this war machine and meddling in other countries affairs, spending billions in coupe d’etats and overturning elected governments because they are not to your like likening.
    Every where we go nothing good have come from but death and destruction.
    And they are still wondering about terrorist attacks on American soil, may be when we stop bullying the world we would not create so many enemies.

    • Money talks first and foremost. They have yet to perfect the avenues. When money is the problem, then worry.
      I.E. Collapse, which is what they want. When that happens, hopefully you are a hidden farmer, beyond satellites.

  4. No it is not such a bulwark after all and has not been so for many years… whoever now it is crystal clear that
    US and EU that is the evil axis. I live in Australia for 12 years and just arrived when there had been a tsunami on the cost of PGN, one of my friends had gone there to help out and she told me the people there were so in shock and so fearful some of them could not talk. She said to me she thought it was an Earthquake made by artificial means that had cause the tsunami, I thought that was just one of “these conspiracy theories”… that was 1999. Well then we had 9/11 2001… etc etc no I don’t think these are conspiracy theories anymore. And with Ukraine happening now… the axis of evil is definitely USA/EU.

  5. Chandler- I agree with you on everything but I feel that the Democrats are just as sick as the Republicans. Many of them in Washington DC dine together anyway. If Hilary gets elected, I really worry.
    If any of these elected officials starts a war, I think there should be an epidemic of incapacitating low back pain that breaks out among millions of American men of draft age.
    Why can’t we come up with proof that elites are playing with the weather? Is it that the mainstream media just won’t publish anything related to this topic.
    I have read many books and articles on HARRP and also on Tesla whose ideas and theories and gadgets confirm that one can align frequencies with different forms of matter to cause major disturbances in weather.
    william martin- yes, great point– tragedies always bring in lots of work and money but it is sure sick and satanic to create the destruction.

    • You are right. Both are equally against the citizens they leech off of. My distaste of and disgust for the Bush family goes back a long way. I knew what they were back before they were anybody. But all corruption needs someone or something on the inside and this family, this one family is the insider they needed t sell us out, and betray everything America and its citizens represent.
      The mainstream media hides a lot. As with JFK. Many know what happened the who, how and why, but they must make a living too so they avoid the truth like they avoid an infected person with a fatal disease. From JFK right up to the boston bombing and likely that recent hijacking of the airliner. They know, they just don’t say. Nothing is an accident anymore–nothing. Everything is calculated at that level. Down here with us commoners, accidents happen. Outspoken people like Andrew Brietbart, and later his coroner who performed his autopsy, neither were accidents, bet on it.
      Thanks for the comment. Good article huh?

  6. Any nation that allows the Bush family to reside is not ”…one nation under God…” But they are not the only ones who have crippled America, and altered the mindset of what once was called leadership in government.
    We are divisible, and we no longer insist on “…liberty and justice for all.” To get elected by spewing goodness and compassion, then inflicting war, and starvation once elected should be impeachable.
    The severity if weather patterns has changed. When a hurricane hits now it is truly severe. Tornadoes are worse, and more frequent, at least it seems that way.
    I’m sure there are many reasons why they had to steal the 2000 and the 2004 elections. Thank you.

  7. Great article Jim. Do you know why Eric May no longer writes about weather weapons?

  8. This is a very important article too few know about. For some of us it is singing to the choir. Articles like this could bring more voices if it could get some eyes.

    • daquamarine You and I can be the voices, eyes, hands, feet, whichever part of our Self works Best for the Greater Good in this Unified Field which the ancients (and some moderns) KNOW as the Christ=all of Creation.

    • in other words, the Blame Game stops with each of us, and the counter-actions begin with each of us. The entire Team at Veterans Today are our facilitators.

  9. A force that drives the Economic Economy?

    Create Weather… Use that weather to plow through cities, towns and farms across America.
    Hundreds of homes destroyed, deaths into the tens or hundreds. Then the plus side to it where Citizen’s have to take out new 30 year mortgages, new cars for theirs that like 18 Wheelers were tossed through the air, commerce in new roofs, new landscaping, new power lines and of course new roads.

    Spend spend spend, buy buy buy and more debt. All because America destroyed its business sector, closed all the steel plants and other industries. The US has 3 Exports today, Job’s to foreign countries, wars and more wars and then Arms to wage them wars.

    In the meantime as American’s and its Veteran’s go homeless, starving by the millions (Hidden in the Food Stamp program to keep them OFF of the Streets. This as the US sends Billion’s of dollars in foreign aid and CIA payoffs as America’s LIGHT’S go OFF!

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