Kiev and Right Sector Kristallnacht Odessa


Video on the real Odessa massacre by Pravy Sektor

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by  F.  William  Engdahl  

… and an Odessa eyewitness to the bestial May 2 massacre


[ Editor’s Note:  This was very unpleasant work to have to do this morning, but we have always represented the dead here at VT as best we could.

The US and EU have ignored all requests to use their extensive leverage to either have Kiev reign in Right Sector, meaning disarm and disband it as a national security threat.

But the Western powers, having gotten away with using terrorist para-military proxy troops in Syria and other places, has developed a “no fear” policy for their continued use. The underlying problem is the almost blanket diplomatic immunity the politician and government perpetrators have enjoyed.

I have written here a number of times that countries all over the world need to take a new look at diplomatic immunity. One of the carrots driving the close relationship between international crime syndicates and top level political structures is protecting the nasty things they do, crimes against humanity and war crimes charges, by hiding them behind security classifications and then immunity from prosecution.

We at VT have been warning all along that if Right Sector was allowed to operate independently, then it was just a matter of time before a “demonstration massacre” took place, despite the low level of violence so far in East Ukraine.

But one of our concerns has been the Western powers wanted something like this to happen to have the Russians move in so they could then say, “We told you so”, and proceed with a major sanctions program. And yes, this is definitely evil enough to do something like that, and a lot more.

Hell on earth comes to Odessa
Hell on earth comes to Odessa

Most of us know that no Western government gives a hoot about the Ukrainian people. The West is there to exploit them, pure and simple, exactly what we used to accuse the Soviets of doing.

While VT would not be unhappy to see the Russians move in now to provide security and round up the nationalist terrorists in Odessa… the real ones, for now it is time to put the flame thrower on the UN.

It is also time to let the citizens of the US and Europe have one last chance to scare the hell out of their various crooked government entities.

Why? Because if there is not hell to pay, politically and diplomatically by all those involved in the Ukraine escalation, then we are looking at a template that will be used against the rest of us at the time and choosing of our rogue element elites. I guarantee you that will happen… Jim W. Dean ]


VT would like to thank Mr. Engdahl for this excellent example of investigation journalism. As you will read below, corporate media is keeping the two words “Right Sector” out of the coverage, revealing themselves as aiders and abettors.


The following video is from a woman who is a resident of Odessa and who managed to survive in the center of the horror day of May 2, when more than 40 people perished and hundreds were injured.

The extensive photos and videos taken are increasingly documenting  a savage, deliberately-planned assault by members of the Ukraine Pravy Sektor armed mafia thugs, with connivance of the Ukrainian regional police and Kiev government.

What follows is a summary from a Ukrainian speaking friend who just wrote me, “In this video is a woman from Odessa who survived the horror day of May 2. She is an important eye-witness and tells what she saw and what she heard. Here is a brief summary of her comments in the YouTube video:


–The “pro-Russian” activists had no weapons, only sticks or bats.

— The molotov cocktails came from outside the building.

–The (pro-Kiev or anti-Russian) radicals (later identified as mainly Pravy Sektor-w.e.) stormed the Trade Union house, and in a short time managed to break in.

— The woman in the video said she, along with three other women, and around twelve men, also with two dead men who were already dead (suffocated from the fire of the Molotov cocktails and the smoke), were in another room. The men had brought the two dead men to the women for first aid but it was too late… They then managed to blockade the entry to their room with cabinets and boxes and managed to hold the door for about 15 minutes.

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–In this time all 16 barricaded people heard shots in the hallway.

–Then someone banged on the door and pleaded they let them get out of the hall. They said they were also pro-autonomy (i.e. anti-Kiev) activists.

–After a brief reflection and discussion, the men inside the room wanted to move the cabinets blocking the door, leaving only a small crack of the door open, to see what the situation was. Then the young thugs (they had lied) began immediately to shoot through the tiny door opening into the room where the 16 were.

–The woman (in the video) looked one of the thugs in the eye. He wore a black mask and, laughing, shot her with his pistol, but thank God, missing, and then shouted to his buddies, “I killed a Koloradin!”, slang for those seeking federal autonomy for the regional province.

-Then the thugs threw maybe 4 aerosol ballons with some sort of gas, into our room and 2-3 minutes later after the gas affected our men, they managed to break open the door and enter our room.

–And then immediately they shot all the men; and those who still were alive, they beat to death with hard bats. This with their words, “Let’s save the bullets and kill them so…” These beasts also beat the two dead men, despite the fact the women cried out that they were already dead…

–Then the thugs discussed that they wanted to bring the dead into the cellar.

-The four women begged them for mercy… and this woman (in the video-w.e.) told them that she had a small child and so…

– The four women were taken into the hallway and there was a real Hell. Many dead bodies lay everywhere, even on the stairway. Many of the terrorist thugs with dirty jokes, dragged the dead together, to be thrown into the cellar.

– Then the thugs grabbed one of the four women and shoved her somewhere. The witness (in the video) only heard her screams… then no more from the woman.

– The woman (in the video) was then interrogated for about fifteen minutes. The terrorist thugs demanded that she tell them the truth that she was a Russian. But she had a Ukrainian passport with her residence listed in Odessa.

– In the midst of all the chaos, she managed to flee the house where, by then, firemen and police stood. The firemen came after 1-hour 20-minutes, even though a fire station was directly across the street from the trade union house. They claimed they had been blocked from acting by the terrorist thugs.

All Ukrainian politicians in Kiev had praise for the massacre of the innocent civilians. And the terrorist thugs got bonus money.

In the basement of the house afterwards, many more dead bodies were found. Many others simply vanished.

Those who had been taken to hospitals soon fled from their beds because the Ukraine SBU security police were siezing all personal data from them, in order later to get further revenge.”


The suspected killer of the pregnant woman is on the left
The suspected killer of the pregnant woman is on the left

The video in Ukrainian:

And here is a second video from another source in English with a similar reportage:

As of latest reports from journalists, the woman in the Odessa video has since been threatened and is urgently seeking to get asylum outside Ukraine.

Only the start…

Protesters camp was burned to drive them into the building where Right Sector was waiting for them
The protester camp was burned to drive them into the building where Right Sector was waiting for them

With full backing from Washington at the moment, the Pravy Sektor apparently feels it has carte blanche to wage their terror and criminal beastiality.

The latest Tweet reports from RT eyewitness peace-correspondent, Irina Galushko, who reports from Odessa, say that Ivan Katerinchuk — the name of the new regional police chief whom some say was instrumental in Friday’s clashes — told the Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) terrorist thugs in Odessa afterwards that he had also been on the Maidan Square (Where Right Sector controlled the protest sites with extreme violence-w.e.), and that he “hopes the Right Sector will be helpful and diligent (sic).”

He opened his initial speech to the public with a traditional Pravy Sektor chant, “glory to heroes.” The crowd answers with traditional “death to enemies.”[1] On being named the new regional Police head, Katerinchuk immediately declared that “separatism is illegal, unlawful, so is its propaganda,” to the cheers of thugs from Right Sector.[2]

Eyewitness reports further say that thousands of such Right Sector thugs and other neo-nazis are streaming into eastern Ukraine and Odessa regions. On April 24, eight days before the Odessa massacre by alleged Right Sector thugs, Dmitry Yarosh, the head of the Right Sector band, and their presidential candidate (sic and sick), announced that the group has moved its headquarters from Kiev to eastern Ukraine.

“I moved my headquarters to Dnepropetrovsk. The purpose is to prevent the spread of the Kremlin infection,” Dmitry Yarosh announced at a press conference in Dnepropetrovsk.

He also acknowledged creation of a new paramilitary brigade of some 800 trained terrorist paramilitary thugs in the east, a special squad of fighters called “Donbass.”

Yarosh added that “We coordinate all of our actions with the leadership of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security service of Ukraine.”[i] The coup-installed head of the National Security and Defense Council is Andriy Parubiy, a co-founder of the neo-nazi Social-National Party of Ukraine together with Oleh Tyahnybok, the virulently anti-semitic head of Svoboda party.

It is strongly suspected by knowledgeable sources that Donbass fighters include the deadly, “dirty war” NATO-trained Ukrainian National Assembly- Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense which has been engaged on behalf of NATO as a sort of Gladio-B since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, killing Russian soldiers and civilians in Chechnya and Georgia and now in their home turf, Ukraine. Local media reports that the Donbass unit will comprise some 800 thugs of the type that massacred innocent civilians in Odessa on May 2.

The stage is being set for a full-scale civil war in eastern Ukraine between some ten million Russian-speaking citizens and the rest of the country. The mainstream western media to date is stone silent on the role of the Pravy  Sektor criminals in the events.

God forbid if this insanity is allowed to spread further, as it will likely at some point draw Putin in and then Victoria Nuland, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and CIA head John Brennan might have their world war slaughter they devoutly crave.


[i] RT, Ukraine’s far right leader moves HQ to the east, forms new squadron,, April 24, 2014,

[1] Irina Galushko, Tweets accessed in

[2] Ibid.

  Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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  1. One of the biggest problems is that we have too many “old heads” that can’t stop fighting the cold war. They have to have an “evil empire” to fight even if it is manufactured like “Al CIAda”. The best thing we can do is to forward this article along with the graphic images to as many right-wing religious nut jobs we know. Tell them that this is coming to their neighborhood soon if they don’t stop supporting it now. Tell them to look at the pictures and that they are directly supporting abortions by supporting the politicians in Wash DC that support these activities.
    Putin should trade his US dollars for gold and silver with China right now. That would take a lot of the gold and silver out of circulation and give China some more economic leverage against the US in any Pacific trade deals. Then he should stop all technological exchanges and partnerships with the US. Then he should legalize marijuana in Russia. That would really piss off these right-wing nuts here.

    • We have an “Evil Empire” to fight and it is the United States of America. There has been a coup in our nation that took place when Kennedy was murdered by the true rulers of our nation. Kennedy thought he was the leader of the nation but when he went against the interests of the extremely weatlhy they killed him Same folks gave us 9/11 to get us to be ready to go to war against Iraq and Afchanistan. Now the same evil creatures are banging the drums for war against Russia and for the pivot to China in preparation to attack that nation as well. We, the citizens of this sorry nation must stand up and take back our government. Step one. do not vote for ANYONE in office now. Our government IS NOT OURS. We need to create a new government that will be a true democracy where our Representatives vote as directed by their constituents. We sure as hell don’t have this now. How did your ‘Rep’ vote on the endless wars? How did your rep vote on the cut in food stamps and did not vote for Single Payer, Medicare for all? How did your rep vote on the bankster’s bailout? How did your rep vote on the Patriot Act and the NDAA that allows the military forces of the United States the right to arrest anyone of us and hold us infefinitely with NO TRIAL? Are you pleased with how that ‘rep’ voted? Is that what you want? Endless wars and austerity for the working people?

  2. Actually journalists provoke those in Ukrajine and worldwide that sponsor this neo-fascism to serve their purpose just like in the days of the great Henry Ford and Nobel prize winner famous Winston Churchill.

  3. ——-R-Senator Lindsey Graham (SC), not only he is a warmonger & Israel Firster, but also, the ENEMY of USA”. South Carolina, you have no right in letting him destroy USA, if you love him that much, keep him in your State Assembly.

    ——While the Whole World was watching the Confirmation Hearing of R-Senator Chuck Hagel (Nebraska), on C-SPAN for Secretary of DOD, Graham blamed the Senator that he doesn’t have strong support for Israel. So, Graham pulled “AIPAC’s Letter of Oat to Israel for the Corrupt Congress” & bullied the Senator to sign it.

    —–The PROUD PATRIOT Senator told Graham at the “Risk of Not Being Nominated” “I told you I support Israel, but the “Only Oat I sign is for USA.”

    —–The Good News, Graham will not be in Congress in 6-months, Nov. 2014), unless the UN-PATRIOT DUMB & DUMBER South Carolina VOTERS sending him back again.

  4. Odessa was also a primordial Bolshevik cesspool. Hordes of angry, aggressive Marxist misfits started taking control of the city at the start of the 1917 NWO takedown. The malcontents who instigated that bloodbath never left. They live on in our own “leaders” who abuse their positions to continue the torment of other people far beyond our borders.

    • Please, don’t build your history understanding based “documentary” movie “Potemkin”…apparently you have no real knowledge about Odessa history.

  5. And thanks to the Germans, 30,000,000 Russians starved. If the Russians avenged these deaths about 2/3 of Ukraine’s population would be killed. What’s wrong with you? WWII was a long time ago. The big deal is that this is happening now.

    • No.

      Stalin and his Bolshevik Jewish henchmen implemented the holodomor (mass starvation of Ukranians).

  6. that is well true but what is a country and UN and NATO for? What is their role in this reality? how do they differ from Soviet union on this matter?

    • There is no Soviet Union since 1990. The UN and NATO are selective enforcement arms/manipulators for the BIS, London Bank, Federal Reserve.

      Russia is the most prominent international counterweight of the UN and NATO’s devious operations, like this Gladio style terrorist takeover in Ukraine. Mr. Engdahl is an expert on this ruthless mess, as is Sibel Edmonds.

    • with all due respect matthewmccauley, it is the feral reserve

      “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”
      -Lord Acton

  7. First of all I am honored to have a post on the same page with mr.Engdahl signature, second this is what it is, it is what is going on in Ukraine, Syria, and nameless other countries, we just have to wait and see have the people from Potomac and Hudson calculated their options well..

  8. This is a jew run operation started by a dual citizen jew in the state dept named nuland. Real Americans are sick and tired of these dispicable trash using America as cover for the greater israel agenda. The whole world is on to these scumbags and boycotting the genocicdal maniacs squatting in palestine Its time the world seeks retribution on the synagogue of satan and its followers who are the root cause of the problems we face as human beings.

  9. Did you not see the photo above of a heavily pregnant woman who has been mercilessly slaughtered by a cowardly thug? Didn’t you look at the old woman who was raped, killed and burned? This is a very big deal to anyone whose conscience is functional. It shouldn’t matter if they are Russian or Ukrainian or American. They are two women and a baby who have been brutalised by strange creatures, and that’s a threat to all people everywhere.

  10. Unfortunately, propaganda and manipulation of citizens first starts from the Western media (UK BBC, Guardian, etc) including the Greek ones. Unilateral updated without viewing or deliberately degrading the other side.

  11. I hope we can all use Twitter accounts to broadcast this important article as widely as possible. It is very important that those in the USA and other parts of the world know the truth. Also, we can ‘tweet’ @JohnKerry, @BarackObama and our own representatives and link this article. If enough of us do this, we should be able to have an impact.

    Thank you, Mr. Engdahl, for this excellent article. It is painful to read, and I am sure was also painful to write. Thank you for providing this service. Many need to see this article. I hope we all do what we can too.

  12. Such a degree of Fascism that even Hitler couldn’t imagine. But looks like D.C. can imagine and implement it.

    Help spreading this video please https //

  13. It appears to me at least, the situation in the Ukraine has deteriorated beyond the point whereby a diplomatic solution is possible. That means the current turn toward use of military options will dramatically intensify and expand. The Junta in Kiev has as much as said it is now seeking a military solution. The possibility of civil war is real but should be untenable to Russia as it will inevitably spill over into Russia itself. To avoid this, Russia will have to decide in the next few days if it ready to capitulate to US demands and hand the Ukraine over to NATO (a suicide for Russia), or seize the moment and take Keiv itself, securing the whole of Ukraine for Russia. This risk nuclear war, but a nuclear war down the road is a certainty if Russia capitulates now and allows the putschists to have their way in Odessa and Eastern Ukraine.

  14. Michael Farrell
    If the powers to be say this is “peace” then this is “peace”.
    Beats me- the world seems more and more vpolent since the early 90s.

  15. Excalibur
    You are right about leaving MRE pieces- a sure sign of poor training, discipline, so as you already know, these left behind MREs and 5.56 bullet casings could represent many different scenarios. MREs are not hard to get ahold of nor are the bullets. One scenario could be that a decent minded SF soldier intentionally left things to let others know that his country had been there (and in doing so he wanted the world to know ). I am not sharp enough to piece these things together but SF and decent soldiers are too well trained and disciplined to do something as stupid as leaving behind objects which can be tracked.
    But, I have wondered about armies all over the world who for years have used velcro combat uniforms. I was trained and always thought that light and noise discipline were sacred things but not so anymore. I can just hear the rippppp of the velcro giving away a position. I cannot understand why our US Army uses velcro. They work hard to train people and yet allow velcro.

    • I hear you 60sstreetpunk – don’t get me started on this subject! Velcro is a hate of mine – as is goretex waterproof clothing and head torches, etc. There is nothing wrong with it if you are going to watch a football match or stand on camp guard duty in the rain – but as far as going OPERATIONAL is concerned – these things are a complete NO-NO and a terrible backward step. I am losing track of what the lads do now but I know for sure that buttons or heavy duty zips in strong DENIM – like denison smock material and OG jungle trousers – are head and shoulders better kit for operating in the field. It makes no noise, it is never too hot, it is never too cold, and can be worn anywhere. In most countries of the world you can be sure that within a few minutes of going into the field – you will be soaking WET – with or without goretex or waterproof materials. Therefore what you REALLY need is a strong cotton/denim fabric that will DRY on your body as quickly as possible. A cape or basha can keep you dryer in harbour areas.

      Same applies with boots. What is the use of a goretex/waterproof boot once it (inevitably) fills with water? What you need to be able to do once soaked is lift up your leg and watch the water pour back out. We Brits had puttees (ankle bandages) for many years – a sad day when they were discontinued. They doubled as bandages and could be used to hold splints – and let the water pour back out of your boots. Not to mention the ankle support they gave.

    • A lot of the training has been going to ratshit. I have spoken to lads today who have been in the army for several years but have never even heard of an IPK sheet or learned how to dig a slit trench or a defensive position against bombardment and attack. It seems that much of their infantry training time was taken up with conveyor belt preparation for them to go live in neocon police wars like Afghanistan or Iraq. Having said that none had even heard of proper graphite grease either – and weapons were gritting up in the desert!!!

      The military industrial complex has convinced many lads today that they need to carry all sorts of expensive irrelevant crap around with them. Military sourcing has been so bad in the UK that men have all kinds of different brands and makes of basic kit with them because the issue versions are un-serviceable! Thick gloves instead of atrixo hand cream – torches and reflective strips instead of sewing a white cotton patch behind their collar. A lot of proper infantry tactics and training time has taken a back seat to the zio-bolshevik police actions and wars of aggression to enslave the world’s populations. This is a huge mistake.

      The boys and girls are in the main the same good and decent DNA material all the same. They are generally positive and willing to learn and to serve. We now need to sweep away all the years of crap and zio-marxist politically correct CLAPTRAP that has psychologically ham strung so many western countries.

  16. To be honest, I’d like to see the UN put troops in to establish a demarcation line and restore some level of peace. Neo-Nazis or Neo-Russian Imperialists or both are not people to be coddled or supported. The EU had an opportunity and flubbed it; NATO with American boots on the ground — and a lot more than a few Airborne Platoons, who represent in a high intensity conflict mere speed bumps — is a paper tiger; and the US really doesn’t have the will or logistical punch to do this well at the moment. Drawing down to some unknown future state that keeps changing based on things other than strategic goals while the world shows the purported strategy to be over-optimistic really isn’t a smart path. And, we’ve done that recently, after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    One of my mentors told me at that time that “They say they can cut the military because we now have peace. Meanwhile, we have violence all over the globe and people killing their leaders…this doesn’t look like peace, does it?” And, of course, while he was talking about Romania and Ceausescu, he’s been right since 1990.

  17. Seems to me this is Standard Zionist Operating Procedure. (SZOP….. the SZ consonants being a standard Hungarian / Czech Jewish identifier, ala Leo Szillard, the Hungarian Jew who patented the atomic bomb.) Play the “nationalists” (Tea Party) against the mainstream, throw in some high tech weapons, a protest in the Public Square where a few people get shot and BINGO, mission accomplished.

    It never ceases to amaze me that the Jews haven’t succeeded yet in bringing “revolution” to the streets of America, yet, but God knows they will be trying harder, every day.

  18. Twp provisos — both Ukrainian and Russian Special Ops and Secret Police have the same root, teachers and probably the same manuals; both are exceptionally ruthless and expert at disinformation. The US and our allies may be ruthless, but still have issues with some levels of brutality, although the more technologically inflicted, the more we can tolerate it. One final point — I’m not sure who’s done what to whom here; I do know that washing our hands and saying “they’re all guilty bastards so screw ’em!” doesn’t work.

    So, I’m very disturbed by this. We forget that the “wars” in Eastern Europe tend to be as merciless and cruel as any religio-ethnic conflict. I don’t know who is at fault here — the Russians invaded Crimea on no real pretext except it’s Tuesday and we feel dissed… the Ukrainians overthrew a constitutionally elected, albeit exceptionally flawed government, and now the spoils appear to be on their way to being split up. While I remain convinced that the US is the essential nation, I also think this is not something we can fix.

    • No.

      Crimea voted overwhelmingly to join Russia. Ukranians woke up to find their elected government toppled by Gladio Zio thugs.

    • Mr. Farrell
      Crimea was not invaded by Russians. Russians are living there for last 230 or something years. There was no violence and people of Crimea made their decision – to declare their independence from Ukraine and plea to join Russia. President Putin recently admitted that there were efforts to prevent provocations and violence and it was absolutely right decision. Otherwise what happened in Odessa would happen in Crimea.
      I was born and raised in Odessa and know these people. I was living in Sevastopol and know these people too.
      The fundamental problem I have as the citizen of the United States is that the Government of the US is directly involved into Ukrainian mess. They support these fascists financially, politically and militarily. It is done by using our tax money. Thus you and me are accomplices in the crimes committed in Odessa and other places. This is the sad fact.

  19. Great comments, and it is good if millions of Americans could see these pictures. I should mail a copy out to our politicians.
    Maybe Chuck Shumer of NY could see that what has been done in Odessa has been going on for many years to the Palestinians but he absolutely does not care.
    I still have faith that the overwhelming majority of Americans will never just roll over should the NWO decide to do similar things in America. I know that thousands of “good old boys” in my area are quiet people but if anyone should ever try to push them too far…
    Now it is up to Americans to quit being narcotized by their phones and so many sitcoms and cop shows on TV. And yes, the worst of all is the “reality” shows. People have to quit judging life by what is presented to them on television.
    I learned a good bit from the article and comments.

    • I was shocked by this massacre as you are and all people who saw it. My conciseness demanded to do something – I started petition to demand the Congressional investigation of the role of the US Government in all this.
      As the first step I send a plea to support it to all my contacts in Facebook which was reasonable. To my great disappointment this petition collected just a few signatures.
      I have posted it on Russian blogs – the very same result. People who are so upset with this tragedy don’t bother to move their finger and sign this petition – they reason is “we don’t believe in your justice”…
      To be honest, my respect to humanity at large declined greatly…
      Here is the link
      https //

      May be I used wrong words, I don’t know – English is not my native language.
      If you can please advise how to make it better.
      Our Government involved in it – this is the fact. And, I’m ashamed for it!

  20. Thank you, Mr. Engdahl for this revealing report. It’s quite shocking, but nevertheless well planned in its cruelity and totally absense of any form of humanity.

    For all readers here to see and read, some additional material from a german blog site with rather shocking photos of teenies, making and carrying molotow coctail to the crime scene – look yourself, they really have fun. Seems, its a funny thing for them help and preparing the burning to death of innocent people. Who is able to take the last empathy and human feeling away from those kids?

    http //

    Another article “Beacon that is East Ukraine or Are you on the right side of history?” on is worth to be noticed and read, some details are quite revealing about the real situation (including the west Ukraine).

    http //

    I won’t forget to mention, that the jewish community in Odessa has plans to “evacuate” their people outside the Ukraine (no specific place mentioned). If I’m rightly informed, there was no mentioning of specific jewish victims so far, so this reminds me a bit of the biggest “jewish exodus” in modern times from Russia to Israel in the 90th, they were more than 1 million people. In Odessa, they speak about some 600 people.

  21. I don’t know if the parasite censors are on holiday over the bank holiday weekend – but even the British mainstream media is publishing stories from Ukraine that have a ring of truth for a change. We have Ukrainian farmers reporting to journalists in theatre – of the insertion of ‘professional looking western troops or mercenaries’ on their land. They have seen them coming and going.

    What is more in on instance they have left pieces of MREs and 5.56mm empty cases from a contact with the pro Russian defenders. All infantry soldiers know about farmers. If you don’t watch out they can easily compromise a sensitive operation or COP patrol – and they know their own land extremely well. There is always a chance that the Russians have set this up I suppose but I think unlikely. One farmer claims to have found the uniforms hidden on his land where he said the owners of them changed into civilian clothes.

    I don’t know what is more annoying. Western forces/mercenaries interfering in other countries affairs on the side of murderous neocon regimes – or the thought of modern SF so badly trained that they scatter MRE litter and evidence of their arrival around the place in a highly secretive operation. I suggest that any Brit or US SF soldiers ordered to take part in this question the LEGALITY of what they are being asked to do on behalf of the talmudic monsters. I have no doubt that there will one day be a price to pay for involvement in the neocon black missions.

  22. You are so right!
    What we should do? may be start screaming, start petitions?
    We should end our crying and start doing something!
    Otherwise this pictures will be from our homes.

    • We as American’s are powerless. The only thing still in our control is the power of purse. Namely to personally boycott them/those whom we refuse to support.

      Note This is coming to America.
      Every weapon used on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq are now being deployed against the people of America. Sheriff’s and others don’t realize that by accepting those MRAP $200,000 vehicles, special Comm equipment and other perks for the U.S. Government/Banks to further embed their evil agendas into the homes of American’s and all Militarized SWAT teams who are now the LAW for Corporate America. (It should shock American’s to see a SWAT team busting a door down to collect debt on a Student Loan.)

      What’s coming to America should shock people. Does it? Now. Heads are buried in electronic devices busy sexting or texting being primed for the future marketing of their souls.

      Or watching what they are supposed to watch. [ See ***http // ]

      “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” “(We) can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people.” “We have to build a political consensus, and that requires people to give up a little bit of their own…in order to create this common ground.” “I certainly think the free market has failed.”

      All spoken by Hillary Clinton in 2004, 2005, and 2007.
      People will actually vote for this EVIL in 2016.

    • “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” “(We) can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people.” “We have to build a political consensus, and that requires people to give up a little bit of their own…in order to create this common ground.” “I certainly think the free market has failed.”

      These are the totally hypocritical words of a die-hard Baptist.

      I am so very sorry reading articles and comments on VT tonight. It is all too sad a picture, wherever we look. Too much violence, trauma and death and grim losses and vicious violations everywhere I look in the Human Family.

      “We as Americans are powerless. The only thing still in our control is the power of purse.”

      Yes. Americans can all refuse to be manipulated, and when You are being Lied to, stand up and Say so.

      The purse is another kettle of fish, since it is built on shoddy foundations-shifting sands, so to speak.

      And we all know about Building on the Rock.

      Blessed are they who mourn
      for they shall be comforted

  23. I don’t really know whats going on in the Ukraine. I rely on the people whom I trust, like Mr. Dean, Mr Duff and Orage to tell me. One thing I can say independently; is people who are armed do not die like the people in these pictures. Does any one truly believe the “Nationalists” would have been so anxious to get through that door if the 12 “Separatist” men were equally armed? Everyone should take a real good look at these pictures because this is the future. As the proverb says “you reap what you sew.”

    • Good point…Putin HAS to do something! Something big and it should be soon…Sanctions? Who cares? If Russia wins they’ll be able to expose this crap…the winners write the history, don’t you know? Just ask the Germans..the German nation has been lied about for the last 75 yrs….except this time the victors will ( I’m confident ) be champions of truth..

    • Putin is said to be good chess player and proficient at martial arts. As such he no doubt recognizes that he is being baited to react to a provocation, especially a brazenly deliberate one like this, from a unstable stance. Russia will not move on this because her position is weak. It might have been different if China could have been reliably depended upon to watch her back, as in some move on Taiwan but without a second front threatened on the USI it would quickly turn into a modern-day Crimean War scenario with Russia again outmanned and outgunned. Unlike Gruzia (Georgia), Ukraine would not be a walk-over and there are nowhere near enough Spetznaz on hand, they already being over-committed from the Caucauses to the eastern Mediterranian. And both russian and chinese rearmaments have been growing at a snails pace and are insufficient at this point for major global offensives into the teeth of the USI at this point, much less even hanging on to Crimea.

    • You are very mistaking about Russian defense pace. They are doing very good and it is the main reason the West started this whole bloody circus – they don’t have time…
      In contrary to the West, Russia is not liberal and was able to defend itself for many centuries. It comes into Russian gene pool – when there is a threat, all disagreements are through away and Russians get into fight. It was before and it would be in the future.
      There is fundamental difference between Georgia and Ukraine. First Georgians are not fighters – they are extremely skilled opportunists. They started the war by massacring Osetians. If you would like to see more about it, please check this documentary http //

      Ukraine is different – Russian speaking population is not “national minority” in a fact it is majority. Today’s Ukraine was captured by CIA planned operation based on the Western Ukrainians, who are genetically modified traitors. There is no reason to elaborate this statement because it is already heavily elaborated on this blog.

  24. I forwarded the article to my congressman Paul Cook and I labeled the massacre what it is a holocaust. I deny the Zionist lobby exclusive use of the term. Waco was another holocaust.

    • Right…the Boston bombing by Craft Int. and blamed on the patsy bros. was Obama’s 9-11…and the Bundy Ranch almost became Obama’s Waco..the Libya disaster was Obama’s Iraq…if the average Republican could just get beyond the fact that he’s a black Democrat they would realize that he’s governed the country exactly like GHW Bush, Clinton, and Bush Jr…As for Obamacare that just increased the power/monopoly and profits of the pvt health ins co.’s…just like Romneycare in Mass…and since Repubs think everything private is good…

  25. There is also a detailed photo analysis on Sott

    _http //

  26. Will you please send this to the White house and State Department and make sure Obama and Biden and KERRY AND NULAND OOK AT THESE PITURES – This is beyond words. And I hope Putin will at last send in his men to handle this. AND SWITCH OFF THE GAS TO EUROPE …. AND DROP THE DOLLAR 100%.

    • The gas won’t be turned off because 1) They need the currency 2) The Russians are over-sensitized to being labeled the Evil-Empire and are actually trying very hard to be liked – it’s almost pathetic – “here, I’ll give you my lunch and I’ll do your homework for you, just play marbles with me.” Dropping the dollar would be great, but they still have a long ways to go before working out an alternative system of credits, and meanwhile what to do with that huge pile of dollars that they are both burdened with ?

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