Bio-weapons could lead to ‘apocalypse’

False flag don't get any more obvious than this.


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor, for Press TV

False flags don't get any more obvious than this.
False flags don’t get any more obvious than this.

This week we learned that the Middle East Respiratory Virus (MERS) has appeared in the USA. Simultaneously, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 240 cases of Ebola have been reported in West Africa, causing 136 deaths.

Both viruses are notoriously lethal. Those infected are likely to die.

Fortunately, neither virus is sufficiently transmissible to create a massive outbreak. But that could change – if weaponized forms are developed and released. The worst-case scenario: hundreds of millions or even billions of deaths, and an end to civilization as we know it.

The bad news is that MERS, Ebola, and many other disease agents have almost certainly been weaponized. And it gets worse: some of the world’s biggest biological weapons programs are in the hands of criminals and lunatics.

Israel and apartheid-era South Africa have been among the most notorious bio-weapons outlaws. Israeli scientists not only helped apartheid South Africa develop nuclear weapons, but also spearheaded Project Coast, which included a bio-weapons component. The South African apartheid leaders were looking for a way to reduce or eliminate the black population, and the Israelis eagerly assisted them.

Israel has also tried to develop race-specific and ethnic-specific bio-weapons targeting Arabs. In 1998, the British newspaper Sunday Times reported that Israeli germ warfare scientists were looking for “distinctive Arab genes” that could be targeted by genetically-engineered biological weapons. The Sunday Times cited inside sources, as well as a US Defense Department report on Israeli race-specific bio-weapons.

Unfortunately, Israel is not the only regime with criminals and madmen running its germ warfare program. The United States of America also fits that description.

In 1975, the US ratified the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC). That treaty prohibits the 170 state signatories from developing, stockpiling, or using any form of biological weapon.

The unfortunate effect of the treaty was to force the US bio-weapons program underground. A draconian system of “national security” classification atop a shell game of private contractors and spin-offs has resulted in a program that has spun totally out of control – and may even have fallen, at least in part, into the hands of global organized crime.

The 9/11 anthrax false flag operation revealed the criminality of the secret US bio-weapons apparatus. Unknown actors within the US bio-weapons apparatus murdered five Americans with ultra-weaponized anthrax manufactured by CIA assets at Battelle Memorial Laboratories in Ohio and tested at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. The FBI’s two anthrax scapegoats – first Steven Hatfill and then Bruce Ivins – were used to distract attention from the obvious fact that the anthrax letters were part of the larger 9/11 operation.

The 2001 anthrax attacks were part of a false flag attack in service to Zionism designed to incite the mass murder of Muslims. The anthrax letters contained the message: “Death to America. Death to Israel. Allah is great.” Obviously, whoever sent the anthrax letters wanted people to blame Muslims – and to mass-murder Israel’s Muslim enemies. Since then, Americans have killed more than a million Muslims and badly damaged most of the “seven countries in five years” that Israel didn’t like and that were therefore targeted for destruction, according to Gen. Wesley Clark.

Meanwhile, the only non-Muslim member of the “axis of evil” – North Korea – has been allowed to develop and deploy nuclear weapons, and to threaten to incinerate Washington D.C. The US government does not care. It only worries about countries that Israel doesn’t like. Obviously, the US has become an abject slave of the Zionists who seized power in the 9/11 coup d’état.

How can we be sure that 9/11 anthrax was a single operation? Just ask Jerome Hauer, the radical Zionist and Project for a New American Century (PNAC) bio-warfare expert who put the Bush-Cheney White House on Cipro – an anti-anthrax drug – on September 11, 2001. Hauer, also an expert on responses to building collapses, was managing director of Kroll Associates – the company that provided “security” for the World Trade Center and facilitated the controlled demolitions of the three skyscrapers on 9/11.

Hauer also supervised the massive Tripod 2 bio-warfare exercise that brought thousands of FEMA personnel to New York on September 10, 2001, and provided cover for the deceptive demolition of the World Trade Center the following day. Some of Hauer’s FEMA personnel on 9/11 were told by higher authorities that the attacks that day involved anthrax. Yet the anthrax attacks, which began on September 18, 2001, did not become public knowledge until the beginning of October.

America’s underground bio-weapons programs are criminal by their very nature. The participants are, by definition, international outlaws. No wonder these programs have been infiltrated by global organized crime.

The latest American bio-weapons scandal involves covert US-controlled germ warfare facilities in the former Soviet republics. One notorious example is the Richard G. Lugar Center for Public and Animal Health Research in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. The Center was supposedly closed in May 2013, after reports that it was experimenting with cholera and other deadly viruses.

Former Advisor to President of Georgia Jeffrey Silverman broke the story about the bio-weapons research at the Lugar Center, suggesting that its high-profile closure was a red herring designed to distract attention from the many other joint US-Georgian facilities doing similar work. According to Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff, reliable sources have claimed that Georgian facilities run by the same operators manufactured the sarin gas used in last August’s failed false flag attack at al-Ghoutha, Syria.

Fears that dangerous biological agents are in irresponsible hands spiked in 2009 when it emerged that deadly H5N1 (avian flu) viruses were “inadvertently” inserted into Baxter International’s batches of flu vaccine shipped to 18 countries. The “mistake” was miraculously caught by a Czech lab worker who discovered that ferrets given the vaccine died. Had this contaminated vaccine been administered as intended, it could have led to a highly contagious and extremely deadly hybrid seasonal flu – avian flu mutation that could have killed millions of people.

Why does the international community continue to allow lunatics and criminals to develop deadly biological agents? Obviously, the Biological Weapons Convention needs to be strengthened with enforcement provisions, and known bad actors, including all participants in the US, Israeli, and Georgian programs as well as Baxter International personnel, need to be thoroughly debriefed and rehabilitated.

If we do not address this problem now, the next outbreak of MERS or Ebola could be the last.

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  1. If I was vilified as a child therapist who advocated for behavioural changes within families, separate from drugs and ‘special education’ for gifted children who were marginalised by stupid ‘authority’ figures, what chance does any one have, with chem-trails?

    Loons in charge of the Asylum.
    Criminals in charge of the Prison

    The ‘righteous in authority’ versus ‘deluded fools’

    That is our world without end…

    • While I believe that chem trails are used for another goal (I think they are metallic airborne particles, reinforcing HAARP effects), it is absolutely stunning to see so many friends explaining them as con trails. Ten years ago even uneducated people knew that con trails do not stay, creating totally new cloud patterns, which should be named cumulus quadratus, cumulus zig zag, or sort of.

    • weather manipulation to bankrupt farmers so corporates can buy the land at forclosure prices.
      dimming sunlight 20% (NASA!) so real crops fail but GMO toxics dont, good for terminator seed sales.
      trashing our health to mandatory guarantee profits for big pharma-medical-insurance corporations.
      extended harsh winters to boost utility company profits from us in a deliberately sabotaged economy.
      -theres my top 4 whats what and up with these chemtrails they make us pay for.

  2. ” It’s hard to believe that anyone but hardcore psychopaths could participate in chemical and biological weapons development, but undoubtedly some of the mad scientists who work on these programs have wives, children, and extended families who are all at risk if one of their little experiments gets out of control, or into the wrong hands (perhaps that should be even more wrong hands).”

    I C it is even more invidious and insidious than that.
    As a child therapist, and then child and family therapist, my mission was to mobilise children to be who they are created to be. Unique/Original/Creative

    Without Big Pharma!

    and with the Parents taking full responsibility for the psychodynamics within the walls/arms of the Family.

    And that is how I Learned,
    the greatest Formal Lessons of my Life

    that the Home is in actual fact, the most dangerous Place
    in this world.

    And the Sickness Industry, standing to make their squillions, GAINS.

    ‘Love’ is trumped by the need to earn the dollars feeding the Feral Reserve
    which makes all of us conform to the ideal of ‘belonging’

    this ‘ideal’ being a ‘seduction’ by the usual suspects peddling their Dreamworks.

  3. Virus culture and weoponization is too difficult for a terrorist in a cave in Afghanistan, but bacteria are another matter. Anthrax would be the prime candidate. It is unusual amongst the Bacilli in being able to produce spores. These develop when the bacilli are subjected to unfavorable conditions, eg dought or cold. They are hardy little beasts and can suvive for for many years in soil until conditions become favorable. Pasteur’s work in France in the 1800s dealt with the “Champs maudits”, the doomed fields, where livestock would die of anthrax. There are still many areas where anthrax spores survive, and it is not beyond the ability of terrorists to culture these spores and spread them. This is not high-tech. It is college level bacteriology.

    The Clostridia (tetanus, botulism, gas gangrene and others) are also spore bearing, but they are also anaerobic, which means the spores cannot grow into active bacteria in the presence of oxygen/air. Hence the danger of puncture wounds. So anthrax is the real danger

    • Just an afterthought, anthrax is treatable with antibiotics. Cutaneous antrax, if treated, reults in 1 or 2% death rate. Pulmonary anthrax is 100% fatal

      Smallpox is probably the most infectious disease and there is no specific treatment. Just walking past somebody with smallpox can infect you It has a death rate of about 30% and the survivors are horribly pock marked. Officially it has been wiped out, and the only known viruses are kept in secure labs, but I would bet that there are still some smallpox viruses out there in nature. Chldren are no longer vaccinated against smallpox, so an outbreak would meet an unprotected population

    • and to think of those nice white Anglo-Saxon Imperialists who brought small pox to their ‘colonies’

      either knowingly or otherwise, spreading the disease with impunity.

      I am not much younger than you John Kirby, and I live in a part of the world which today still looks as it might have, to the second Fleeters to Australia, dumping their detritus-convict cargoes.

      I nearly died of typhoid myself, as a youngster in this convict settlement. But now I am older and wiser
      and without one skerrick of illusion about the Powers that Be, and in complete agreement with the commentator who wrote on VT about The Powers TO Be.

      My true accomplishment in this life, is to still be breathing, after all the assaults on my integrity.

      Some One refused to Allow my Demise -)

    • My father used to say that the great thing in life is to keep going, so Ani just press on.

    • Yes John You too.
      We might be ‘old’, but we have wisdom borne of s o o o o much ‘Experience’, and even more, to Give Back!

      To think, that small pox blankets were actually knowingly placed on children in residential homes in Canada.

      Peace be with You.

    • another that’d devastate is the e-coli they use to make aspartame, a bio-weapon lab accident.
      we get reports of outbreaks but they sure dont talk about possible bad batches of diet soda getting distributed. they really wouldnt need to use bio-weapons now, just deny insulin to all the diabetics!
      (scary thought there no?)

  4. Simon Parkes has said that one of the purposes of chemtrails is to weaken people’s immune system. Combine that with the release of bio-weapons and hey presto! the first of the Georgia Guidestones decree will be fulfilled.

    • A reduction in vitamin D due to reduced UV would serve that purpose along with a highly profitable statistical rise in chronic illness a deliberate sickening of the population. Ricketts is on the rise in the UK there are many newspaper reports.

    • This is a couple of years old, but, an interesting comment on the subject from an alleged insider……..who knows?

      http //

  5. I recall from back in my Army days that the then Soviet Union doctrine regarding chemical agents was to mix them and achieve a higher casualty rate. It would seem that a bio attack employing 2 or 3 bio agents would achieve an absolutely horrendous casualty rate quite possibly approaching 100% of unprotected individuals.

    Perhaps this is why the elites are not concerned about climate change. When the time arrives they can eliminate almost all of us quickly and easily.

    • climate change isnt anything but one of their scams to try to tax us. the chemtrails are just toys to play with (they make us pay for!) to profit from our suffering, until they decide to really pull the trigger.

  6. Kevin the first thing that you notice about the warning note shown at the top of your article above – is that the ‘Muslim terrorist’ that supposedly wrote it – actually spelled the word ‘Allah’ wrong and had to over-write it to correct it! That, surely, is about as unlikely and fraudulent as it gets.

    • Also it is interesting that someone with a poor grasp of English somehow managed to write in consistent caps. Not even one lower case slip-up. Note the uniform heights of the initial caps at each line and most words ( except “next, to, is”) and the neat upper case letters that follow. “Great” looks like a stupid attempt to fein illiteracy by substituting the numeral “6” for the letter “G.” The date and its hyphens are too neat.

      Deer Seecrit Ajint Man,
      Nise tri but no bong.

    • If we indulged in a fraction of the malicious mischief committed by seecrit ajints and their stooges on a regular basis, we’d get clobbered with the criminal code.

    • “clobbered with the criminal code’

      Ann, to me this is the Shame and Blame Game that has been institutionalised by the Zionistasi
      in their monopolisation of Feral Reserve, Academe, Justice and Health departments, aided and abetted by their western presstitutes.

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