Iran – 13th International Film Festival of Resistance



Iran – 13th International Film Festival of Resistance


The Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense Cinematic Community will hold this year’s festival with special focus on “Resistance, Wisdom and Prosperity.” The event will be presented in the three sections of ‘International Competition’, ‘Imad Moqniyeh Award’ and the ‘Outlook of Iran’s Resistance Cinema in the World’.

While the festival aims at expanding the ‘Culture of Resistance’, it welcomes the works with focus on the resistance of Muslims and the oppressed worldwide.

The event will also host the films presenting ‘A revealing image of the US and Zionism crimes in the world’, ‘Regional and worldwide spread of the Islamic Awakening’, ‘A world free of terrorism and nuclear weapons’, ‘The role of Zionism and Wahhabism in desecration of Muslim beliefs and Prophet.’

‘Hollywood’s role in promotion of violence’, ‘Terrorism and sectariarism’, ‘The role of resistance in promotion of the culture of war, Influence of the Islamic Revolution in the world, Iranophobia and Islamophobia are also among the topics on which the participated films are required to focus.

The year’s special section will be ‘Imad Moqniyeh Award’ with focus on terrorism and the crimes of Takfiri and Wahhabi groups.A number of meetings and conferences are also programmed to be held on the sidelines of the event.

The 13th International  Film Festival of Resistance (Intl. Moqavemat Film Festival) is scheduled to take place on Iran’s Sacred Defense Week from September 28 through October 3, 2014.

The festival marks Iran’s Sacred Defense during the 1980-1988 Iraqi-imposed war, when Iranian soldiers fought against the executed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s forces and defended the Islamic Republic against enemy aggressions. To review festival’s call for entries can click here.

As Film Festival of Resistance is one of the most anti-Zionist and anti-Imperialist film festival around the world, please ask your filmmaker friends to submit their films.

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  1. Glitschige, The power structure are the ones leading the way. Not all of them of course. You have to catch up. Before the Rouhani election the US Neocon spinmeisters were predicting a hardliner to win. When they were dead wrong, they went quiet for a while…a tactic used to hope people would forget their prediction.

    You will always have competing groups in Iran, like you do in a lot of places. The Western sanctions boomeranged as we predicted here. Despite the best efforts at regime change it pulled them together to resist the real attacking enemy, just like has happened in Syria. They cleared Homs yesterday, with 1400 inurgents turning over their weapons. The Syrian troops figthing them can now be redeployed to the remaining fighting fronts.

  2. Your name says everything. I didn’t have any doubt, that the zionazi regime is the enemy of the humanty.

    • His name, indeed, and his malignant insinuation that Iran will be destroyed to the point the next generation will be begging Israel and the US for its very food makes it clear what kind of evil in human form we’re up against with these sexually depraved, paranoid psychopaths.

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