MH370: New Evidence Shows Additional Israeli Connections


MH370: New Evidence Shows Additional Israeli Connections


by Keith Maart, for Veterans Today


This paper provides important updates to an article published on on April 26, 2014, entitled: “MH370: Evidence of a False Flag”. Among other important findings, that article presented as evidence the following facts or inferences:

• GA Telesis (GAT) had an identical Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 to MH370 sitting in a hangar in Israel when MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014.

• Although an apparent legitimate business operation, GAT also appears to act as an intelligence front organization.

• GAT’s founder and CEO, Abdol Moabery, was in the U.S. Navy and evidence suggests that he is probably associated with Naval Intelligence.

• GAT acquired an Israeli-run aviation company in 2011 which probably had contracts and connections with the Israeli government and military.

• Naval Intelligence in Diego Garcia was probably involved in MH370’s disappearance and the plane was apparently flown there the morning of March 8, 2014.

• The above evidence suggests that MH370’s disappearance was part of a false flag operation (now exposed) involving Naval Intelligence and Israel to frame Iran and foment a war with that country.

This article provides several important updates to my original article which strengthen the above findings and provide additional evidence that MH370’s disappearance was probably related to the exposed false flag operation. In particular, it will provide new information showing Israel’s motives and means to carry out a covert operation to falsely implicate Iran that would have probably resulted in a bombing attack against Iran. The new evidence also suggests that Abdol Moabery is probably an Iranian Jew who stood to benefit along with Israel and certain institutions in the U.S. from a war that would have decimated Iran and probably toppled the current Iranian regime in favor of a more friendly one to the US and Israel.

New GAT Press Release Still Mum on Their Malaysian Airlines 777 in Israel. My original article noted that GAT was nearly two months late in issuing their fourth quarter 2013 press release summarizing the quarter’s operations and stating their intended use for the Malaysian Airlines 777 sitting in Tel Aviv. Three business days after that article was published GAT finally released their fourth quarter 2013 operating summary along with the first quarter 2014 results. Although GAT noted that they acquired a Boeing 777 during this time period, they did not state the plane’s carrier name or the intended use for their Malaysian Air 777 like they have in some previous press releases. Thus the status of GAT’s Malaysian Airlines 777 in Israel is not known at this time.

This author called Rebecca Longo of GAT several times during the week of May 5, 2014, to try to confirm the current status of GAT’s Malaysian Airlines 777 and its intent for the plane. Ms. Longo is Vice President of GAT’s Aircraft Systems Group and the contact person on the press release. Despite leaving several messages on her voicemail stating that I had a couple of questions relating to the April 30, 2014, press release, Ms. Longo never returned the call. Although Ms. Longo told me on April 2, 2014, that the plane was in Israel for eventual scrapping, that does not appear to be the case. Current FAA records show that the GAT’s Malaysian Airlines 777 is not retired or disassembled and has a current registration valid to October 2016.

Confirmed: George Soros Provided GAT Seed Money. The original article noted that Moabery probably did not have the money to start a capital intensive business like GAT and that its ownership is not known because it is a privately held company. It’s now been confirmed that Hungarian Jewish billionaire George Soros did provide the start-up funds for GAT in 2002. Moabery apparently worked for one of Soros’s companies, C-S Aviation, as Director of Marketing and Sales. However, Moabery’s internet autobiography does not include the dates that he worked for C-S Aviation, and his stated position with the company appears to have exceeded his supposed navy and college experience at the time.

Per a 2009 article in Smart Business Network, Soros provided GAT’s seed money in the form of a loan that was allegedly paid off 18 months later (loan probably from a Soros related company). It’s not known if Soros retains an ownership in GAT and it appears that there may be as many as five other owners. A 2009 article in Smart Business Network noted that Moabery along with five industry friends launched the company in 2002. However, the names of Moabery’s friends are not known or if they have an ownership interest in GAT.

New Information Relating to GAT’s 2011 Acquisition of Israeli-Run Company. The original article noted that GAT acquired the Israeli-run company, Ultimate Aircraft Composites (UAC), in January 2011, and that its former Israeli CEO, Aviv Tzur, was the Executive Chairman of GAT’s subsidiary company, GA Telesis Composite Repair Group (GAT CRP). Despite Businessweek showing that Tzur holds the Executive Chairman position, people at GAT and its subsidiary did not know Aviv Tzur when I called GAT. In a phone call I had with Tzur on May 5, 2014, Tzur claimed that he had no association with GAT or any of its subsidiary companies. However, in a phone call with investigative reporter Chris Bollyn, Tzur stated only the guys at the top of GAT would know about his position with the company.

When acquiring UAC, a GAT press release noted that UAC had contracts for the repair of military components for various governmental and military agencies, and that the acquisition would make GAT more competitive in this area. I asked Mr. Tzur which governments UAC had contracts with but he stated he would not divulge this information. With Tzur and other senior officers of UAC being Israeli, it is probable they had contracts with Israel’s government. A pertinent question at this point is, did GAT’s Malaysian Airlines 777 in Tel Aviv have anything to do with Tzur, or the probable Israeli government connections of UAC, or did Moabery already have Israeli connections? Tzur further noted in the phone call that he had known Abdol Moabery for a “long time.”

Why Malaysia was a Likely Israeli Target Along with Iran. Malaysia was one of the first countries to recognize the State of Palestine in the United Nations in 1988 (there are currently a majority134 countries in the UN that do this). In January 2013, to the dismay of Israeli leaders, Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, became the first non-Arab head of state to visit the Gaza area in a show of support for the Israeli-blockaded enclave. In November 2013, the unofficial, Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (“KLWCC”), found Israel guilty of genocide of the Palestinian people and found former Israeli general Amos Yaron guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide for his involvement in the Sabra and Shatila massacres. However, the KLWCC carries no penalties for the guilty and is basically symbolic in nature.

Those who know Israel know that Malaysia’s recent stinging slights to the State had another Israeli war criminal Arial Sharon turning over in his eight year coma. It would not be out of the ordinary for Israel to wiretap and blackmail officials in the Malaysian government to go along with their demands, like the pathetic and probably corrupt second-world Malaysian police official(s) who insanely stated that their blatantly photoshopped pictures of the alleged Iranians with the stolen passport was because they photocopied one photo over the other.

Unlike the many wealthy but worthless Arab countries in the Israel/Palestine region, Malaysia has shown a will to stand up to Israel, but apparently paid a price when MH370 became part of an Israeli/US attempted false flag operation. Fortunately, Israel’s part in the operation was exposed this time around before they were able to execute it and good prevailed over evil in this instance. Unfortunately, Israel’s and U.S. neocons decade long quest to attack Iran under false pretexts is not going to end with this small set back and we may not be as lucky with their Plan B.

Moabery’s Motives and Means: Evidence Suggests Abdol Moabery is Probably of Iranian Jew Descent

My original article noted that little is known about Abdol Moabery before he started GAT in 2002. Very little information could be found on his early years or if he was even born in the USA. Evidence uncovered in the last two weeks suggests that Moabery is probably an Iranian Jew who could benefit in several ways if the US ever attacked Iran and toppled its current regime. Although the evidence is not 100% conclusive, it provides a number of material facts showing that Moabery is probably of Iranian Jewish descent (first or second generation). The question at this point is why does Moabery seem to be hiding his Iranian and Jewish roots?

The surname Moabery is very unusual and a nationwide search of people with that last name turned up only four people (excluding Abdol’s wife, Cathy) in the entire U.S. The four people’s names are Abdol, Robebeh, Esfandiar, and Roozbeh. All these Moabery’s appear related as they all shared two similar residential addresses in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. All four of these first names are also Persian names with Esfandiar (father) and Robebeh (mother) appearing to be Abdol’s parents and Roozbeh appearing to be Abdol’s older brother. In fact, Abdol may be named after the ex-Iranian statesman and diplomat Abdol Sardari. Sardari is best known for saving the lives of many Jews during the Holocaust and is often referred to as the “Schindler of Iran.” It would be appropriate for an Iranian Jew to be named after a Jewish savior like Abdol Sardari.

One of the few confirmed facts about Abdol before GAT is that he graduated from William Taft High School in Woodland Hills, California in 1985. Somewhat more bizarrely, Abdol apparently played a bit part in a 1988 B movie. According to popular movie website IMDB, Abdol Moabery played a dancer in a nightclub in the action movie “Deadly Addiction.” This would have been during the time that Abdol probably should have been in the US Navy.

In addition to Abdol’s Jacksonville, FL and Warrenton, VA addresses discussed in the original article, he also shows about a half dozen previous addresses in the southern Palm Beach County towns of Delray Beach and Boca Raton, Florida. This immediate area was also home to several 9/11 alleged hijacker cells and most of Moabery’s addresses were 5 to 10 miles from the hijacker’s apartments with one of Moabery’s homes being only a quarter mile from pilot hijackers Marwan Shehhi’s apartment. The Southeast Florida area also has the third highest Jewish population in the US and the second highest Jewish concentration. Strangely, one of Robebeh Moabery’s (Abdol’s apparent mother) old addresses is a “Navy Unit, Fleet Post Office,” an address which suggests she may have been in the US Navy or spent some time on a navy ship for some reason.

The Los Angeles area has the largest Iranian and Iranian Jewish population in the USA, with many Iranians coming to America after the Shah of Iran was overthrown in late 1979. Although the numbers are somewhat debatable and fluid, estimates of the L.A. area Iranian and Iranian Jew population is approximately 400,000 to 500,000, and 45,000 to 72,000, respectively. Thus L.A.’s Iranian Jew population appears to approximate 10% to 15% of the total area’s Iranian population. Interestingly, the affluent town of Beverly Hills has one of the highest percentages of Iranian Jews at approximately 26% of the total population. Many of the Iranian Jews now in the US prospered under the Shah of Iran and would benefit significantly from a war with Iran that would result in regime change re-installing a secular Iranian government.

There’s miniscule doubt that Moabery is of Iranian descent, the only question is when did he and his family move to the US and whether he is an Iranian Jew. According to Wikipedia and other sources, the San Fernando Valley towns of Tarzana, Woodland Hills, and Encino have sizable Iranian Jewish populations. It just so happens that the two San Fernando Valley addresses that are common to all four Moabery’s are in Tarzana and Woodland Hills. In fact, the Tarzana address is about a half mile from the Jewish Temple Judea. Many orthodox and other religious Jews live within walking distance of a temple because of the tradition of not lighting a fire on the weekly Sabbath (such as a car’s ignition to drive to a temple).

The last piece of evidence suggesting Abdol Moabery is probably an Iranian Jew is his surname. Although apparently neither a typical Iranian or Jewish surname, the name Moabery has Judaic biblical significance. According to the Torah, Moab was the son of Lot, and therefore the nation of Moab was related to the Israelites. The Moabites settled east of the Dead Sea (present day Jordan), had a highly developed culture, and spoke the Hebrew language. During the Exodus period, part of the Moab kingdom was taken by the Amorites but Israel would later capture the territory. Coincidently, a worldwide search of the surname Moabery turned up no matches in any country. Are the Moabery’s religious zealots who think their lineage goes back to the biblical Moab, and if so, might they be capable of acts of religious extremism for Israel?

Although not totally conclusive, the above evidence indicates that Abdol Moabery is almost certainly of Iranian descent and is probably an Iranian Jew. It also appears that Moabery probably has direct connections to the Israeli government from GAT’s acquisition of the Israeli-run company UAC. Couple Moabery’s probable Jewish identity and Israeli connections with his likely naval intelligence associations and you have an individual highly motivated to assist in a false flag operation that would implicate Iran and benefit Israel and certain elements of the US military-industrial complex. Israel, Naval Intelligence, and even the mysterious Abdol Moabery had the motives, means, and opportunities to participate in an attempted covert operation to frame Iran and to help initiate a long sought war with the country that would benefit all of them.

A war and regime change in Iran would undoubtedly provide geopolitical and economic benefits to certain individuals and institutions in the US, to Israel, and even to Iranian Jews who once flourished under the US supported corrupt and brutal Shah of Iran. Obama’s call for a diplomatic resolution to Iran’s nuclear program is not something that the US military industrial complex and Israel wanted to hear. With about four hundred one-ton bunker buster bombs at Diego Garcia waiting to be used against Iran, and the country with the second largest oil reserves in the world wanting peace, the war mongering parties do not want anything to do with diplomatic solutions. Although Israel’s and the US military’s role in a false flag operation has been exposed in this case, these parties will not stop at this slight setback and that’s why it’s important to keep attacking these morally twisted individuals and institutions before they attempt to attack again.

Endnotes and References

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  1. —-Beijing (CNN) —– President Mahmoud Abbas The Chinese government had stern words for Israel at the start of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s five-day visit to the country.

    —-“We oppose the use of weapons. We believe the sovereignty of any country should be respected,” said Hua Chunying, China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman on Monday, responding to reports that Israel carried out air strikes against its neighbor Syria last weekend.”

    —-Strangely, Netanyahu’s visit –5/8/13 to China on Monday coincided with the arrival of the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas 5/6/13.

    —–Exactly a year 2-months to-the day after Netanyahu’s visit of China,
    Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on 3/8/14, carrying 227 passengers—-159 of them Chinese.

    ——In the late 50’s Israel was the “1st country to introduce to the World Hijacking a Passenger Airline, ironically, it was Syrian Airline.”

    —–In 2010 Israel Mossad “hit squad” stolen 11 passports from Australia all the way to Europe (Ireland, UK, Germany, Hungary, etc.,) to murdered Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mahbouh in Dubai. The hit squad stalking the Hamas commander in his hotel before he was killed. Dubai Police Chief Dhahi Khalfan Tamim asked Interpol to issue an arrest warrant against the Head of Mossad. And told Israel he wouldn’t be able to travel to any Arabic country.”

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    Per Israeli mainstream media organization Haaretz (May 2011) Despite strict worldwide and Israeli sanctions of doing business with Iran, at least 200 Israeli companies have trade ties with Iran including investments in the Iran’s energy sector which is Iran’s main income source for its nuclear and missile programs. PM Netanyahu who endlessly preaches the need for firm actions against Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear arms is not lifting a finger to stop Israel companies and individuals from trading with Iran. Need anyone say more about Israel?

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      The article basically exposes hundreds of Israeli trade violations with Iran and how Netanyahu knows it and is doing nothing to stop it. It’s probably the ultimate irony and hypocrisy.

  3. LC Iranian Jews prospered under the corrupt Shah of Iran and were partially blamed for Iran’s economic problems that led to the 1979 overthrow of the Shah. Rough population estimates of Iranian Jews has about 250,000 in Israel, 80,000 in the US, and 10 – 20,000 still in Iran. Those remaining in Iran are probably waiting for the Calvary (US and Israel) to eventually attack Iran and topple the current regime, putting in another regime (corrupt dictator) that will be more friendly to US, Israel, and of course, Iranian Jews. I’m sure there’s may Iranian Jews who would love to return to Iran so they can rape the country even more this time around.

  4. With all this “INTEL” American’s gleefully fork over Billions in Tax Dollars to that failed racist State (sic) of Israel. Which in the crime world is known as “Aiding and Abetting” a Criminal.

    In REAL LIFE these Billion’s of dollars sent to a foreign “Terrorist State” i.e.[ Israel ] while Million’s of their own fellow American’s – > Starve, go > Jobless and > Homeless due to the Trillion’s in Jewish Banking FRAUD co-opted by the Fascist U.S. Government along with their decapitated Military Veteran’s thrown to the wolves as PAWNS – Is as I see it “Tantamount to Treason!”

  5. ——In the 50’s– Israel “The Evil Empire” is the “First Country to Introduce Hijacking a Commercial Airlines to the World,” Ironically, it was Syrian Airline.

    —–Out of all the Muslim countries no one criticizes Israel “The Evil Empire” about Palestine, like Malaysian people & Government. During the Obama visit, he was welcomed with protesters who had USA flag inside Israel’s flag.

    —–—–In 2010, Israel “The Evil Empire” was the 1st & Only Country to steal 33 fraudulently obtained passports from Israeli airport, so Israel Mossad could assassinate Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh the leader of Gaza who was living in Dubai. Out of those, Israeli Mossad carried 12 British passports, 6 Irish, 4 French, 1 German, and 4 Australian. The rest of the passports were under investigation at that time.

    ——“USA has the most advanced satellites in the world…it can detect an object the size of a coin, look at bunkers buried deep underground. NROL39 (the US National Reconnaissance Office) uses the octopus emblem.

    —–Thanks to the Israel Firsters Corrupt Congress, if USA has one, No Question Israel “The Evil Empire” has it too.

  6. It was AWACS remote hijacked and had it’s communications jammed by same…this was evidenced by the co-pilot ( in a last ditch effort ) when he used his cell phone to call his mom…the call only lasted a second and was lost as the plane passed the last cell tower on the Maldives…Israeli doctors were probably waiting on Diego Garcia to harvest the organs….crap like this will only expand the BRICS coalition…

  7. Keith Maart. This is a good article and you back it up with references. Of course, most of us still cannot know what happened to the airplane but at least we have people like you trying and coming up with interesting information.
    I also enjoyed your evaluation of Abdol Moabery’s name- derivation, etc. This says a lot and it is always interesting finding derivations for names and words we use every day.

  8. Excellent and interesting research. ” it’s important to keep attacking these morally twisted individuals and institutions before they attempt to attack again.”
    And keep exposing “the tribe”.

  9. Why do you not assume the aircraft that is sitting in the hangar in Israel IS the same craft that got lost ???

  10. we have known the above information for almost two months! It begs the question where are and what happened to the passengers? Not the the US military scum or Israeli dog shites would quibble at the murder of 269 people!

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