Takfiris defame Islam – “Boko Haram” a psy-op


The reclusive mastermind behind "Education is Forbidden"

The reclusive mastermind behind “Education is Forbidden”

Watch the video of my debate with Anjem Choudary at Press TV.


Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


Takfiri militants, disguised as Muslims, are committing crimes in different parts of the world in a bid to defame Islam, an analyst tells Press TV in an interview.

“These people (militants)… are committing so many atrocities in the name of Islam, this is like a big Public Relations campaign to smear Islam,” Kevin Barrett told Press TV.

He said Takfiri groups have hired “only the naïve, credulous, often young, excitable Muslims.”

“Increasingly, the rest of the Muslim community has seen correctly that this is not real Islam,” said Barrett.

He added that the al-Qaeda, claiming to be following Islam, enjoys only a “20 percent approval in the Muslim world.”

The analyst said Muslims have seen “that these Takfiri extremist groups are not real Islam.”

Barrett said the Takfiri groups were created following the “infiltration of the Islamic world by the West during the time of imperialism.”

He said Britain made “common cause with the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia” to establish Takfiri groups.

Barrett also said Boko Haram Takfiri militants are painting a wrong picture of Islam in Nigeria by banning education.

“All forms of knowledge and education are not forbidden, they are mandatory in Islam,” he said. “This notion of running around, burning down schools, burning all the books, except for those your own particular narrow sect of Islam says you should read, is absurd and it’s completely un-Islamic.”

Boko Haram abducted more than 200 girls from their school in Chibok, northern Nigeria, in mid-April and threatened to sell them as slaves in the market.

The group has claimed responsibility for a number of deadly gun and bomb attacks in various parts of Nigeria since 2009.

“None of this is part of Islam. This is all a modernist heresy and it’s been encouraged and funded by the enemies of Islam to create these public relations operations like the one in Nigeria today,” said Barrett.

Several regions of Nigeria have been hit by deadly violence in recent years. Over the past four years, violence in the north of Africa’s most populous country has claimed the lives of 3,600 people, including killings by security forces.

* * *

Press TV has interviewed political analyst and director of TruthJihad.com Kevin Barrett to discuss atrocities committed by different extremist Takfiri groups against Muslims.

Below is a rush transcript of the interview:

Press TV: We know that attacks by these extremists or Takfiri groups have been taking place in Syria, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and in Pakistan, and as we said again at the beginning of the program, they’re killing Shias and Sunnis. Who do you think these Takfiri groups are? Why are they killing Muslims? Do you believe in the distinctions made by our guest in London?

Barrett: Well, I think our guest is suggesting that these Takfiris are really the George W. Bush school of Islam. That is, “you are either with us or you are with the terrorists.”

YouTube - Veterans Today -

This kind of Manichean distinction between absolute black and white, absolute good and evil is not part of Islam. It’s part of various other religious heresies and so on. If we actually look at the true Sunna of the prophet Mohamad (PBUH), you will see that none of these Takfiri tactics and strategies were part of the original Muslim ummah. On the contrary, Prophet Mohamad peace upon him, united people. He did not declare we who have the correct belief will never make any alliances with any of these other people, instead we are going to cut off all their heads. On the contrary, there were alliances with the Christians of Abyssinia, then with the people of Medina, who were not part of the original Muslim community, and with Jews, with Christians, with Arab tribes.

This notion that only people of absolute pure belief are right and everybody else should have their head cut off declared as Kafirs and so on, is a modernist heresy. And if we want to talk about where this comes from, it really came from this infiltration of the Islamic world by the West during the time of imperialism with the British making common cause with the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia and using them against the Islamic empire at the time, the Ottoman Empire.

That’s where these Takfiri groups are coming from. And they have been manufactured over the past several centuries, increasingly so, and today we have al-Qaeda being really largely a CIA data base of Mujahedeen being sent by the CIA and their Saudi proxies to fight in Afghanistan against the Russians. And that has grown up into sort of a Western intelligence data base of Islamic fighters, some of them with good intentions and some of them who are just criminals and drug smugglers. These people are being used to divide and conquer the Muslim world, and that’s why they are killing Muslims. They are not going after Israel. They are not going after the people of injustice. They are not going after the unjust rulers of Saudi Arabia. Instead they are just going after their fellow Muslims, especially the Muslims that are actually accomplishing anything.

So I think that our guest here in London, whatever his good intentions, his niah, his absolute devotion to purity and everything, he is really taking the wrong path, as have these people in Syria who are committing so many atrocities in the name of Islam. This is like a big Public Relations campaign to smear Islam. And only the naïve, credulous, often young, excitable Muslims fall for it. Increasingly the rest of the Muslim community has seen correctly that this is not real Islam. Al-Qaeda has only about 20 percent approval in the Muslim world – and that’s after this horrific war on Islam post 9/11 that has been murdering millions of Muslims. You would think that all Muslims would be in favor of fighting militantly, but they see correctly that these Takfiri extremist groups are not real Islam.

Press TV: Mr. Barrett, our guest here in London is saying that what we are seeing of those who have been held hostage, the 200 and more girls, images we saw of them praying, shows that they have embraced Islam and that they are being treated nicely, but what does this say about Boko Haram? Is Islam saying then as our guest in London is saying, implement the Shariah that you have to impose it on people? Take people hostage and force them to accept the Shariah?

Barrett: This Boko Haram group does appear to be at least in part, a false flag designed to legitimize US imperial intervention in Nigeria. They may be treating this particular group of kidnapped girls nicely, and that’s wonderful, but in the past this group has conducted a number of atrocities or there have been atrocities committed perhaps by mercenaries, by Blackwater people that have gotten attributed to this group.

Its real function is to legitimize US intervention in Nigeria and even the name “Boko Haram” which means “education is haram”  (forbidden) is a ridiculous misnomer, almost as absurd as the word “al-Qaeda”  which in at least one Arabia dialect means “the toilet. “This is hardly a good name for such a group. Likewise, Boko Haram meaning “knowledge is forbidden,” that’s ridiculous.

In Islam, we say Prophet Mohamad (PBUH) said to seek knowledge all the way to China. All forms of knowledge and education are not forbidden, they are mandatory in Islam. The ink of a scholar is more precious than the blood of the martyr. This notion of running around, burning down schools, burning all the books, except for those your own particular narrow sect of Islam says you should read, is absurd and it’s completely un-Islamic. Nobody in the great periods of Islamic empires and Islamic learning would have had anything to do with that. If learned people of the greatest golden ages of Islam could look at these groups and see what they are doing, they would be shaking their heads that these are the people that are claiming to be the real Muslims today. This obscurantism, this fanaticism, this tendency towards violence, towards violence against civilians, towards legitimating violence against people who simply believe something that is different from what you do – none of this is part of Islam. This is all a modernist heresy and it’s been encouraged and funded by the enemies of Islam to create these public relations operations like the one in Nigeria today.

And we Muslims – and yes sir, I am a Muslim. I am not a Takfiri, I am a Muslim – we are under attack all over the world because of these public relations operations mounted against us by our enemies. So, why are our people calling themselves Muslims, helping stage these anti-Islam public relations operations? And I think that’s what you seem to be doing from your base in London. And I am not surprised that the authorities in London are having you do this.

Press TV: Your response to that quickly, if you can. We are running out of time.

Barrett: Well, yes there are atrocities being committed on all sides. In fact, the atrocities committed by the avowed enemies of Islam are vastly greater in number and vastly worse than the atrocities of these Takfiris.  And that is true in Nigeria and everywhere else as well. But the fact is,  simply because we worship Allah alone does not mean that we cannot participate in democratic government. We don’t worship that democracy, yes, that’s idolatry… There is all sorts of knowledge out there and we need to partake in that knowledge and seek justice, not  be driven into these narrow kinds of extremism that only lead to destruction and pain.

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10 Responses to "Takfiris defame Islam – “Boko Haram” a psy-op"

  1. Cyruss  May 23, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    There are those who DO NOT KNOW, and they do not know, that they do not know. There are those who, Do NOT KNOW, and they know that they do not know. And there are those who DO KNOW, and they know that they know.

    The final revelation for Humanity is called Al-Furqan (Quran). Al-Furqan means to distinguish, to differentiate, to separate. To distinguish wrong from right, evil from good, light from darkness, wisdom from idiocy. The ability to distinguish is related to intelligence. The actual Latin meaning of intelligence is also ability to distinguish.
    It is Quran that is the core of islam NOT Bukari. Bukari was a historian who lived some 150-200 years after prophet death. He was not even a Arab. There were 100s such historians, should we take their opinion as religious doctrine?
    No body can prove that these statements are from Bukari. Even if these exist in these books, there are one of the biggest LIES attributed to Islam and prophet. This is like 911-lies and many believe these lies.

    There is no compulsion in Islam and Quran is VERY exact on this issue.

    2 256 “There is absolutely no compulsion or coercion in Religion. The right direction has been
    made distinct from error. So, whoever rejects false gods and attains conviction in God, has grasped the
    Unbreakable Support. God is Hearer, Knower. ”
    The corruption and spread of extremism in Islam has a direct connection to the British empire and west.
    Who rules the west?

  2. Simpsons Donkey  May 14, 2014 at 8:23 am

    I look to Nigeria’s own media to find out what BH is up to.
    What do I find? Smells exactly like what BH is doing – what al-Qaeda is doing everywhere else Washington’s dirty work.
    According to the inimitable NewsRescue (motto ‘100% news; 0% Junk’) many wealthy Nigerians secretly fund BH. The nigerian Army is paid not to bother them, apart from ferrying supplies to them in their helicopters.
    The girls’ parents know exactly where the BH camp is. There are 3,000 there now – easily visible from the air. The Army escorted them there, then took them away ‘for their own safety’.
    Never mind the girls tens of thousands of subsistence and small food farms in NE Nigeria now lie idle where BH has emptied the district. They are being bought up by foreeign agribusiness. for broadacre GMO planting.

  3. Cyruss  May 14, 2014 at 4:12 am

    Mr Barett !! You are a champion for truth. I have one question which no body asked yet. The question goes to this super-Monafeq charlatan ( Monafeq is a islamic term for master of wickedness, mischief and lies) Anjem Chaudary.

    1. What is doing Anjem in England which according him is a infidel country? He eats infidel food, breathes infidel oxygen, use and abuse the infidel social system of a infidel country, his children goes to the school of infidel country, using infidel tax money, using infidel heath care system and then proudly supporting his
    sickening diverted and corrupted “Shaitan Islam” (Shaitan is Satan in Arabic).

    2. Why this paki-snake hidding like a chicken in UK and not join his fellow butchers in Syria ?

    3. He is without any doubt a MI5-6 agent, otherwise no one can come to too many intl channels and propagate such BS without any consequences.

  4. PAUL LEO FASO  May 14, 2014 at 3:44 am

    Lots of activity taking place in Nigeria over the last 5 years and has the usual suspects moving around in the shadows providing misdirects and cover for the next move on the African chessboard.

    The current actors moving on the board are part of the latest set up.
    For a little background on Nigeria and all of Africa just Google this;


    Then take a look at the background presented here by Randy Short;


    The Boko Haram Group has been constructed to carry out a very sick, contrived mission, set up by an even more twisted gang of plundering thieves, working in Africa.

    Nothing new under the sun.

  5. Mart II  May 13, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    That “Slippery Arsehole” is certainly a Zionist troll !

  6. Gustavo  May 13, 2014 at 12:24 pm

    I’m pretty sure it is the same person.
    He keeps coming back with different names, but always the same style of writing.
    He’s very lame in disguising himself.

  7. adil  May 13, 2014 at 11:05 am

    litmus test is that they never go after arabian kings. or even israel. these are false flag from get go.

  8. Abbwinston  May 13, 2014 at 9:30 am

    Anyone who uses their intelligence can clearly see that these terrorist organizations are not Muslim nor following Islam. I without doubt right away that these bogymen/groups were created for propaganda to defame Islam. They can create more and more, God is in control. As Dr. Barret put it, this is another false flag as I always believed from The US to get it’s foot in Nigeria. No country in the Africa allowed to US to have a military base and this is the way to get one in there, this is just the start. Sad indeed, and like all other false flags, soon the world will learn the truth is behind this terror…

  9. stephanaugust  May 13, 2014 at 9:09 am

    Thank you Kevin.

    Btw., I wondered if Boko Haram is fake when I saw Machine Gun Preacher a year ago. Wasn’t Sam Childers fighting Boko Haram? It all looked too good to be true.

  10. Detlef Reimers  May 13, 2014 at 8:06 am

    I think that apart from obvious “inner islamic” and rather theological considerations, there could and should much more revealed about the “strategic importance” and the real heritage of this group.

    There must be a deeper reason for instance that Hillary Clinton refused to put Boko Haram on a terror list.

    I’m eager to hear more about the real purpose of these drilled monsters from our expert Gordon Duff, expecially with regards to the perpetual systematic break up of this 150 million people nation in the heart of Africa. Or should we directly ask the Chinese experts? They also would have a lot to say about one of their most important business partners in Africa.

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