House VA Committee Ranking Member Michaud’s Statement on Sec. Shinseki’s Senate Testimony


 extra-newsWASHINGTON, D.C. – Veterans’ Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki testified before the Senate VA Committee this morning on the serious questions raised regarding veterans’ healthcare and reports of cover-ups at a number of VA facilities related to lengthy wait-times for treatment. Congressman Mike Michaud (D-ME), Ranking Member on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, released the following statement:

“I first want to thank Secretary Shinseki for testifying before the Senate VA Committee today as we work to address the serious shortcomings in veterans’ care that are being reported. Second, it is clear to me and many others that now is the time for the Secretary to provide leadership.  The allegations raised point to the possibility of systemic problems regarding VA healthcare, problems that require direct, hands-on leadership from the Secretary. I hope that he will forcefully follow-through on several key points from his testimony today – particularly in urging for a swift conclusion to the Inspector General’s investigation, and taking appropriate action to ensure these deplorable shortcomings are resolved once and for all.

“I will be looking forward to the initial results from the system-wide audit of the appointment scheduling process at the VA, a step urged by my colleague Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.  The Secretary indicated he expects the results will be forthcoming in June.  This will give us the first real indication, other than media reports, of how widespread these problems may be. Our veterans deserve the highest-quality care, and it’s going to take resolve and increased leadership from within the VA to ensure they receive it.”



  1. The Veteran Health Care system of facilities will be merged into the new (affordable healthcare system). Fact is the total number of disabled veterans has been decreasing due to the deaths of older veterans from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

    This “investigation” is but a gathering of informational resources starting with making appointments, which is just where the new affordable healthcare system needs to start.

    Using the guise of helping disabled veterans which brings with the support of every candidate in an election year, well, when the merge takes place it should run rather smoothly now. In fact, you will see a huge number of older white executives dismissed, and then many younger affirmative action grads appointed as the new executives.

    The only change will be name plates on the doors, parking spaces, and the pay checks.

    George Lovenguth – USMC Vietnam air crew 70-71 aka NightFlyer

  2. Gainesville, Florida VAMC just removed three MHC admins for secret list. Guess I’ll learn more as I have been trying to get an appointment for two months there. I called this morning and was again told I would be mailed an appointment in 14 days. This is what happen when friends and family and affirmative action types are employed by federal gov. George Lovenguth

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