Oswald Helped Thwart Plot Vs. JFK in Chicago


by Sherwood Ross


A confidant looking Oswald
A confidant looking Oswald

Far from assassinating President Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald was a loyal American who warned the FBI in writing in Oct., 1963, that there was a plot afoot to shoot JFK if he came to Chicago, a new book asserts.

Oswald’s timely warning caused the Chicago plot to fizzle, writes lawyer Navy Lt. Cmdr. James D. Norvell, J.D., late of Ft. Worth, Tex., in his just published book, “Treason, Treachery & Deceit: The Murderers of JFK, MLK & RFK.”

Oswald was being “run” by David Atlee Phillips, formerly CIA station chief in Mexico City, and he tried, Norvell says,”to see if he could pass along any useful information about the conspirators to any and all loyal CIA/FBI who were noninvolved with the JFK assassination (planning)efforts. (Page 293)

“Forensic tests proved that Oswald had not fired a rifle or any other shoulder-fired weapon on the day of the JFK assassination,” Norvell writes. “There is abundant eyewitness evidence that he was on the second floor at the time of the shootings instead of on one of the upper floors of the Texas State Book Depository(TSBD).”

What’s more, Oswald’s carbine was a low- not high-velocity, rifle, “and could not have caused the severe damage to Kennedy’s head,nor could the slug have survived a trip through the bony structures of JFK’s neck, Norvell writes, adding, the other shots were probably fired from high-powered, high-velocity rifles.

Norvell writes that it was the CIA’s Atlee Philips who got Oswald to take the TSBD job a few weeks before JFK’s murder. The job was designed “to give the conspicuous, dissident, lone-nut Oswald a means to get at JFK from a tall building near a potential parade route so he could be framed conveniently for the assassination later on,” Norvell wrote. He points out, further, that Oswald was carrying a U.S. government I.D. card when he was arrested in Dallas.

Kept from the public was the fact Dallas police arrested two Oswalds’ after the JFK murder at the Texas Theater and put them in separate police cars. En route to the police station, the police dispatcher radioed the car with Lee Oswald: “We got the president’s murderer, so you need to release the guy you got there.” The policemen obediently take the handcuffs of Lee Oswald’s wrists and release him. The other Oswald, named Harvey, Oswald’s double, is taken to the police station, where he is interrogated and shot the next day by night club owner Jack Ruby.

At the time of President Kennedy’s murder, the uninvolved Oswald was drinking a soda in the TSBD with the depository’s superintendent in the employee lunch room. A Dallas police officer enters with pistol drawn and tells Supt. Roy Truly he is looking for the shooter. Truly replies, motioning to Oswald, “He’s all right; he works here,” and the officer moves on. Oswald decides to go home and walks nonchalantly toward his apartment, then takes two buses and finally a taxi when his bus gets caught in traffic.

In charge of the JFK killing, Norvell writes, was Major General Edward Lansdale, a CIA Black Ops expert, who afterwards paid some shooters as much as $100,000 for their role, the 585-page book says.

Upon resigning his naval commission after several tours of duty in Viet Nam, Norvell worked as a trial lawyer for 30 years, including as the attorney for LBJ aide Billie Sol Estes.

Norvell goes on to write that the Soviets learned of the JFK assassination plot and feared they would be blamed as Oswald defected to them in 1959, after which he was “sheep-dipped” by his handlers to assume a pro-Castro image.

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  1. This is a new day. No new comments posted. I would think this would’ve ignited a slew of them from all over the world. If this is true Sherwood Ross, this is going to place the entire 50 years of investigation into a void.
    Of course, it might not be true, and here we go again, so I am remaining calm and reserved. For all his shortcomings in his personal struggles, and private life, JFK at his worst was far superior to any leader since. We let him down now for 50+years. This could be the turning point, and if true, much could be revealed from this. I am sorry for so few leaving comments. I bet all the traitors who framed Oswald just rolled over in their graves.
    Thank you for this. Follow up will be required.

  2. So much for the jokes and the laughs emitting from previous comments. How sick! A president is dead that tried to defend us and keep this country from falling under the control it has. Sick!!

    Mr. Ross. After 50+ years of reading about THE event that derailed my life I am not one much to jump to stories, or versions of this event. However, I do find this very interesting. I never could figure out why they used Oswald for the patsy, but this would tie in with a logical reason.
    Way back then as a young teenager stuttered, and had very little self-confidence, I listened intently to Kennedy. That pattern, the pauses, the tone, the inflections and the emphasis. Not necessarily his Boston accent but all else. I learned how to end the stuttering. To this day, I have helped many stutterers using the same method I adopted after listening to him, watching him.
    If what you are writing about is true, if it is factual, this government of today owes a sincere, committed, heartfelt apology to his daughters his ex-wife, and his later mother. Everyone should stop and think for a moment and really consider what this nation has done to him and his name. The very first time I heard this man deny shooting the president, I heard his sincerity, and knew it was the truth. The man has always been innocent. What has always bothered me was his composure and is calm behavior. If this is true, there is much that now will make sense as to why Oswald did what he did immediately after.

    • Sorry for the length, but this is my passion. Ms. Baker entries are accurate. She was, and still is trying to tell us of the very same circumstances.
      I’ve been to Dealey Plaza many many times, and the last angle any sniper would attempt is the from the sixth floor. The very worst angle any sniper would attempt. Anyone on that sixth floor would’ve have nailed the target coming directly at him, as they did after that turn on Elm street towards the viaduct. I’ve driven the motorcade path (when it was possible,) and saw the last few moments of what JFK saw. Mr. Ross..a lot of this makes sense and ties into why Oswald did what he did after the shooting. May explain who killed Officer Tippit. My entire weekend now will be searching back through a trove of pictures. Thank you! Oswald liked JFK. He had nothing against him. He admired Kennedy.
      To his daughters, ex-wife, his mother, and Ms. Baker above, may the truth come to the surface and your father, Marina’s ex-husband, Marguerite’s son and Ms. Baker best friend find solace in the years ahead for the truth may be revealed. This is something to think about in-depth.

    • Supposedly some witnesses have Ruby as the one who shot Officer Tippit….supposedly they were considering whisking Lee off to Cuba so that they could blame the President’s murder on Castro and, in effect, get a two for one deal….of course they would have told Lee something else….And you just hit on something that bugs a lot of people the utter cowardice of his family…Jacqueline comes across to me as a mostly clueless ( she lays it all on LBJ ) coward who just wanted the safety and security that Aristotle Onassis could provide…When you play it coy in this world and wait to speak out ( JFK Jr. ) they’ll just kill you BEFORE you can…

    • Jackie was a tad air-headed but she contributed a lot simply by being Jackie. For JFK to get targeted by such a bunch of losers is shameful. For the police, and sheriff to have laid down and rolled over for Hoover and LBJ is shameful also. Killing witnesses, silencing doctors, locking up documents, squelching investigations, man is America right at the top of the list of honest government. If Oswald did thwart the Chicago assassination, it would give them reason to set him up for the patsy he became to get back at him. Remember, a trip to Florida was cancelled because of an revealed assassination attempt. Was Oswald there also and stopped that one also? Oswald’s name was in LBJ’s attorneys black book wasn’t it? Oswald had previous communication with Connally when he was Secretary of the Navy, didn’t he? To be targeted by such losers and great man who tried his best for us was slaughtered. And today, the government keeps their version hidden and locked away. If this is true, the implications it leads to! Keep up the vigil; Charlotte NC Bill! Thanks.

  3. Uhhh, Oswald just got his star on the “Wall” at the CIA last I heard…not 100% on that yet.

    • That was on an Onion-type satire site. I posted the article here prematurely before realizing my error.

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