Why Rahm Emmanuel raged against Obama’s peace prize

The nose knows - great imake pick Kevin (Jim Dean)

…by  Kevin BarrettVeterans Today Editor


Wrong flag, Rahm? Oh, you already know that - now I see why you're smirking.
Wrong flag, Rahm? Oh, you already know that – now I see why you’re smirking.

When your boss wins the Nobel Prize, how should you react? Normally, even if your boss were the world’s biggest jerk, you would have to be polite about it…wouldn’t you? Not if your name is Rahm Emmanuel, and you are the Chief of Staff of the President of the United States.

The Associated Press recently reported that Emmanuel flew into a rage and issued a “verbal lashing” to the Norwegian Ambassador to the United States, Wegger Stroemmen, when Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. But the AP story doesn’t explain Emmanuel’s bizarre behavior.

Don’t get me wrong. In hindsight, an obscenity-laced tirade was not an incorrect response to a Nobel Peace Prize for Obama, who subsequently helped destroy Libya and Sudan, tried to destroy Syria, conspired with Israel to unleash Stuxnet on Iran, murdered thousands of innocents with cowardly drone attacks, protected the 9/11 criminals and the myth they created, and is now pushing Russia up against the wall in Ukraine and risking World War III.

But somehow I don’t think that’s why Rahm Emmanuel flew into one of his patented conniptions of potty-mouthed fury when the Prize was awarded back in 2009.

At that time, Obama still could have earned the Peace Prize. How? By fulfilling his express and implied campaign pledges to close Guantanamo, end the bogus “war on terror,” restore the Constitution, end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq by bringing all US troops AND MERCENARIES home, and slash the 9/11-bloated military budget to the bone.

It was Mossad agent Rahm Emmanuel’s job to see that this did not happen. Rahm, a US-Israeli dual citizen who served in the IDF not the US military, was forced on Obama by the Zionist mafia, the main force behind 9/11 and the 9/11 wars. Obama has admitted that he was forced to appoint Rahm as his Chief of Staff – making Rahm the ostensibly second most powerful man in the world – because “we owed certain people” (i.e. the Zionist mob).

Rahm was the key figure who prevented Obama from closing Guantanamo as promised. He fought with other presidential advisers on various “War on Terror” issues. Rahm’s goal was always the same: Keep the Zionist-inspired terror war going at all costs. Their ultimate goal: launching a major war against Iran.

So when Rahm Emmanuel reacted to Obama’s Peace Prize by spewing obscenities at the Norweigian ambassador, he was revealing his real agenda: Preventing Obama from becoming a peace president.

The nose knows - great imake pick Kevin (Jim Dean)
The nose knows – great imake pick Kevin (Jim Dean)

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was a down payment on all those campaign promises. The Committee awarded Obama the Peace Prize shortly after he was elected as a pre-emptive strike: to make it harder for the new US president to become a major warmonger. Obviously this pre-emptive operation was a mixed success at best.

But they did at least help nudge Obama away from Emmanuel’s and the Zionists’ biggest goal: A major Middle East war against Iran.

And today, as Obama “squares off toe to toe with the Rooskies” in Ukraine, the fact that he is a Nobel Peace Laureate would make it a little bit more embarrassing for him to be the president who launches World War III.

So two cheers for the well-meaning Orwellians who handed the Peace Prize to Obama the Drone Killer. And a big, obscenities-laced Bronx cheer for Emmanuel, the foul-mouthed criminal kingpin who now serves as capo of Zionist-occupied Chicago.



  1. Interesting interview with a non-jewish American film producer on PressTV.com here

    ****http //presstv.com/detail/2014/05/18/363149/zionists-own-hollywood-movie-houses/

  2. That’s exactly what I thought re the Nobel Peace Prize for Obama. Thank you Kevin for bringing this perspective forward.
    I wonder of there is any credence to this report from a known CIA disinfo agent Sorcha Fall about last Novemeber false flag attack in DC against Obama, sounds reasonable (minus the disnfo on the reasons for the purge among the upper army echelons) “Plot To Kill Obama And Blow Up D.C. Subway Shocks US Allies” (whatdoesitmean)

    http //abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/FROM_HIS_GRAVE_SHERMAN_SKOLNICK_EXPOSES_RAHM_EMANU_2263.shtml

    Former CIA Director William Colby was murdered because he knew too much about Rahm Emanuel, the Mossad, and Clinton. Rahm Emanuel latched onto $50M of FEDERAL FUNDS at Household bank to cover a contractor’s claims (Andreuccetti) that IRS and Chicago Banks were stealing his properties.
    Rahm grabbed a portion of the parked funds to jump-start Clinton’s 1992 campaign. Other portions of the funds were secretly transferred from Chicago to Little Rock to try to cover up an embezzlement of Madison Guaranty S&L for which Bill and Hillary Clinton were subject to being prosecuted on federal bank misappropriation criminal charges.

    http //abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/FROM_HIS_GRAVE_SHERMAN_SKOLNICK_EXPOSES_RAHM_EMANU_2263.shtml

    “Foreign intelligence sources are snickering over reports that the Red Chinese claim they have clandestine audio tapes, still pictures, and YES, even undercover video, showing secret agents of President Clinton [Rahm Emanuel & Sandy Berger] receiving suitcases loaded with money, in return for the U.S. top nuclear secrets including a copy of the super-secret computer data on nuclear testing. The Chinese, so say these sources, are asserting that they BOUGHT such items, fair and square, from Clinton’s emissaries. If there is a problem in this type of “routine” business transaction, say the sources quoting Chinese officials, well, “Let the Americans attend to their end of White House business ethics”.

    http //abundanthope.net/pages/True_US_History_108/FROM_HIS_GRAVE_SHERMAN_SKOLNICK_EXPOSES_RAHM_EMANU_2263.shtml

    Rahm Emanuel is a dual-citizen Israeli MOSSAD commander, a reputed top black-mailer, extortionist, and arm-twister for the Clinton White House. In 1991, he helped conduct Clinton’s presidential campaign, and raised funds reportedly by knowing the secret workings of major covert CIA operations. [via Zionist-run NSA?]

    Monica Lewinsky and her parents were also Mossad. Clinton gave Monica a high security clearance with no background check, and later assigned her to the staff of Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon. Her job was to find out, by performing sexual numbers on Pentagon officials, WHO, among the top U.S. Military were vowing to arrest Clinton on charges of TREASON. Monica traveled with SecDef William Cohen and took notes of his meetings. The high-ranking military officers planning to arrest Clinton for TREASON [selling nuclear secrets and missile guidance technology to the Chinese] died in an airplane crash on their way to testify. [Airplane crashes are the cabal’s favorite way to get rid of people.]

  6. —-Rahm Israel Emanuel, the 1st thing he did when he became Chief of Staff is to make sure Google erase every bad stuff written about him. He was Staff Assistant to Clinton (1993-98).

    —-Rahm was living in Washington, DC, Not 6-months in Chicago–they must have change the law for him.

    —-Rahm & Hillary fought with Obama about Obama Care, but since his Mom died of cancer due to lake of insurance coverage, they say Obama told he did not want to here it, so much so, Obama told Rahm in fact that is your #1 priority, be available to Congress anytime & make it happen. Hillary, well since she worked hard on that & 1993-2001 & failed she did not wanted happen.

    —-What is interesting, they say Rahm was not to exited about the death of Osama, maybe he was afraid that Americans would stop being terrorized?

    — In 2008, on CNN Hillary said, if I’m elected I’ll “totally obliterate Iran” … Hillary you are so stupid, you obliterate other people’s family they will obliterate yours, unfortunately, you have a place to hide, but Americans don’t

    — Hillary wants to run in 2016, at (69) when she takes Offices, she will be the Oldest President in USA History, except, for Reagan.

  7. Rahm was a flop as a ballerina so he ended up choreographing US policy. Well that explains it.

    http //www.frugal-cafe.com/public_html/frugal-blog/frugal-cafe-blogzone/2012/11/01/best-obama-tweet-of-the-day-from-

  8. The war mongering Zionist Rahm admitted as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman he only gave money to democrats running for congress who supported the Iraq war. Well the Iraq war was obviously for his beloved Israel.

    Excerpt from an article

    John O’Neill and another FBI agent who still works for the bureau discovered that Emanuel was heavily involved in the decision to place Lewinsky close to Clinton.

    Brian The Mossad had numerous phone sex tapes of Clinton and the Jewish Lewinsky. Israel made a phone sex tape public to destroy Clinton because he was getting very serious about a peace plan between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

    I wonder if Rahm had advanced knowledge Israel was going to do 911.

  9. Your on to something bigger here Kevin, as far as you took it. Tough to do with deadlines and the news cycle I am sure. If one swallows the rhetoric of ‘peace prize’ without looking into the whole history of who created and it and what it is for and the aims of the international agenda one might believe their propaganda. People who get the peace prize are always being rewarded as a ‘literal tool’ of the Great Global Empire builders. . . Look up how that bugger-lover Kissinger got his or a few of the other recipients and the back stories. It is a great form of entertainment for the elite over ‘chasers’ at the club. There is so much hidden from sight it takes a persistent investigation to educate oneself how far down the rabbit-hole we are. Thanks for continuing to place the illusion into the light of consciousness of people’s minds. Perhaps we will start taking responsibility for the world we have.

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