Nuke Cancer from 9/11 Revealed


“Nuke cancer” from 9/11 revealed

By Gordon Duff and Press TV


A new and terrifying 9/11 conspiracy has hit the news. We are now confronted, not only with startling proof that 9/11 was a “nuclear event,” but that there have been thousands of unreported deaths in New York, radiation cancers and nearly 70,000 being kept alive with experimental stem cell therapy and physically devastating “chemo.”

One of the biggest medical cover-ups in history was exposed this week when Wall Street brokers suffering from cancer after 9/11 made the news. While telling their story, the New York Post revealed that 70,000 New Yorkers have applied for 9/11 victim compensation, most for cancers that can only be attributed to direct exposure to ionizing radiation from nuclear weapons.

Officials would not give a breakdown of cancer victims, but 10,800 downtown workers make up the second-largest group of registered claimants after 39,500 Ground Zero responders. There are another 16,600 in smaller categories such as residents, students, child-care and health-care workers.

Finance workers engulfed in dust and debris from the Twin Towers’ collapse say the attacks — and returning to Wall Street a week later, when officials insisted it was safe — triggered their diseases.”

There is no other established cause, not “toxic soup” or irradiated drywall. In fact, the 70,000 victims represent the largest cancer cluster in history, even more victims than survivors of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined, the only other similar “spike” of multiple myeloma cases.

Of the 70,000 victims, over 90% say they were exposed within a one-square-mile area. Yet the cover-up has been so thorough that only one death has been “officially reported” and only a small number of victims have been paid compensation due to a “system” ripe with denial, disinformation and corruption.


The official cause of the collapse of the three towers at the World Trade Center was a terror attack involving two airplanes. We are told that the towers simply collapsed because they were built without a central core and heat had weakened the steel on the poorly designed structure.

Studies by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, however, tell a different story, that of the most powerful buildings on earth with massive steel cores and a design capable of withstanding aircraft crashes, earthquakes or fires without significant structural damage.

The third tower, Building 7,”simply fell for no apparent reason. No answers were given and when questions were asked, the answer was “Building what?”

The “official report” simply made it all up, junk science and perjured testimony. For the cancer victims of 9/11, the lying is still going on.

Were one or more of the three towers destroyed on 9/11, the victim of “nuclear demolitions?” An article in the New York Post outlining the largest “cancer cluster” in history may well do exactly that.


Recently, stories attributing the destruction of the World Trade Center to “nano-thermite” were spread across the news. They originated from “Gawker,” a website for New York-based media insiders.

The first time nuclear weapons were mentioned involving 9/11 was when former Soviet nuclear intelligence officer, Dimitri Khalezov, wrote of being briefed by his government that nuclear demolitions had been planted under the World Trade Center.

Khalezov told of a September 12, 2001 meeting with Mossad operations chief Mike Harari and other Israeli intelligence specialists including Harari’s son.

At a celebratory brunch in Bangkok, according to Khalezov, the Israelis took credit for the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks. Khalezov presented proof, including a copy of Harari’s passport, issued under a false identity but with a clearly recognizable photo.

In 2007, a team of FBI agents flew to Bangkok to interview Khalezov. Their investigation was of specially built aircraft they said crashed into the twin towers, each containing, according to the FBI, a small nuclear weapon.
They also interviewed Khalezov about the Pentagon attack and his belief that a stolen Granit missile had been used.

According to authoritative sources, “Lord of War,” Victor Bout, the CIA gun runner portrayed by Nicholas Cage in the film, Lord of War,” was extradited to the United States where he is imprisoned, not for the charges the public is told of, but for supplying the missile used to attack the Pentagon.

No mention is made of who Bout’s co-conspirators were.
In 2010, sources within the Defense Intelligence Agency began working with an operational hypothesis that the twin towers were destroyed with advanced “neutron-like” weapons that left no radiation signature. They believe that multiple weapons were used, not only in the towers themselves but in the subbasement as well.

Reports by investigative journalist Jeff Prager outlining underground fires lasting months along with the almost total lack of wreckage is seen by many as a very strong confirmation of the DIA hypothesis.


After 9/11, tens of thousands of Americans developed cancer. Many died but no one will ever know how many. That number is, for some reason “classified.”

By 2006, the Village Voice had begun to write about the cancer epidemic and Dr. Larry Norton of Sloan Kettering Memorial Medical Center cited that something in the dust may have caused the cancer outbreak. Norton demanded a detailed study be funded, but no study followed.

In fact, there was never any evidence that the “toxic dust” was, in fact, any different than what New Yorkers had been breathing for decades. Why should it have been?

They had been demolishing buildings in Manhattan for a century. Then the reports became more bizarre.
Stories were circulated that the World Trade Center was built with Chinese drywall containing radioactive phosphor-gypsum. However, no “Chinese drywall” had been imported to New York at that time nor was any used in the World Trade Center construction.

Then again, there is no evidence that small amounts of radiation could have caused the massive spike in cancers, with up to 70% of the tens of thousands of first responders suffering according to Dr. Norton.


The cancer is multiple myeloma. Victims are told they got it from breathing “toxic soup” from 9/11, mostly drywall dust. The number of victims who have thus far applied for benefits from the 2.7-billion-dollar 9/11 fund, as reported in the New York Post story, that number is 69,900.
There is one known direct cause for this disease, exposure to a nuclear explosion. Multiple myeloma is also known as “the Hiroshima disease.”

Studies at both Los Alamos and Livermore Labs show little increase, no more than 4%, for minor radiation exposure. There are no other established factors, no “toxic soup” that can cause this disease.

From Cancer Compass:

“Some research suggests that there are certain multiple myeloma risk factors increase a person’s chance of getting multiple myeloma.  Farmers and petroleum workers exposed to certain chemicals also seem to have a higher-than-average chance of getting multiple myeloma. In addition, people exposed to large amounts of radiation (such as survivors of the atomic bomb explosions in Japan) have an increased risk for this disease.”

In 1988, Congress established (Radiation Exposed Veterans Compensation Act Pub. L. 100-321) those diseased attributed to ionizing radiation from nuclear explosions. Listed as “Number 2” under leukemia is multiple myeloma.


After the Vietnam War, veterans began dying of a series of diseases, including cancers typically tied to dioxin exposure. However, the government denied that it had used any form of chemical that could have been responsible.

After a series of commissions, lawsuits and investigations, it wasn’t until 1991 when the US government admitted that Agent Orange had already killed as many as 100,000 veterans. Were they diagnosed and treated using information the government withheld, many if not most would be alive today.

Gulf War Syndrome is an almost identical abuse with over 10,000 deaths and a government that waited 20 years to admit a problem existed, as before, only after most of those who could have been diagnosed and treated successfully using withheld information were already dead.

An identical situation exists in New York. Perhaps the most insidious part is the obfuscation regarding non-specific “toxic dust” as a causation. Withheld information has led to over a decade of purposeful misdiagnoses with medical professionals fearful of being charged as “conspiracy theorists” if they develop and treat patients in accordance with established procedures involving radiation exposure.

Instead, tens of thousands have developed statistically impossible diseases with the vast majority misdiagnosed for years.

Today, 70,000 survivors of 9/11 have cancer. There is no official cause other than “toxic soup,” a term any medical researcher would cringe upon hearing.



  1. The Twin Towers were built at a time when asbestos was still being used in buildings in order to help them withstand fires. A large amount of asbestos was used in the Twin Towers because the buildings were so high.

    It would have cost a massive amount of money to take out all of the asbestos.

    The main train station in the financial centre also needed to be made much larger in order to take all of the traffic in the coming decades.

    But absolutely no doubt that the Twin Towers were made to ‘pancake down’ using nuclear weapons.

    • If you read Khalezov, you will dismiss the pancake theory. Because of the structure of modern skyscrapers, “pancaking” is virtually impossible without tens of thousands of charges. If one charge failed, those buildings would destroy near-by real estate. The insurers would never allow that type of chance to be taken. I KNOW it is a long read and most today are used to sound bytes, but you will not regret taking the time.

  2. ——New York, 5/22/14—DOI probe and a 60-day halt to the overhaul of the 911 system

    —–“Mayor de Blasio ordered the DOI probe and a 60-day halt to the overhaul of the 911 system, which has fallen years behind schedule and gone almost $1 billion over budget.”

    http //

  3. Do you know how much asbestos, flourescent lighting, lead from computers, and other chemicals
    went airborne when they blew those buildings up?Tons of this stuff blew up, much of it is radioactive when you pulverize it. There was enough toxic dust to give half of the state some form of cancer.
    I am not buying the nukes, the buildings were built to demolish.
    The technology to destroy the missile silos if we were taken over was also built into the trade centers.
    The outer structure could have easily been wired with semtex or c-4 in a few hours with a team.
    The nuke option does not make sense when conventional explosives explains it all.

  4. Even the 9/11 conspirators have been betrayed! One suspects they were fed the line, along with the rest of us, that the radiation dangers of nuclear weapons had been largely, if not totally, eliminated. But look at the damage, verging upon destruction, of a great American city!

  5. Mr. Duff,
    Thank you for publishing this information, and more, thank you for drawing the link between dioxin poisoning, Gulf war syndrome, and the current conspiracy, toying with the lives of tens of thousands.
    This is why I tend to refer to our current leadership as the psychopathy. No amount of human suffering moves them, except to a sort of perverse joy. They have lost all grasp of reality, and instead strut around and parrot hypocrisies and outright lies.
    The state of our leadership, a collection of whores who will do anything for power and money, would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic.
    I sure wish I knew a planet B. I’d be there yesterday.

    • Sensitive territory indeed – but not one that should be ignored or forgotten. It’s actually easier to disprove the ‘planes hit towers’ myth than to determine exactly what combination of techniques was used to destroy them (and all the other WTC buildings).

  6. If anyone wants to read Dimitri Khalezov’s book or watch his 2010 video where he talks about the demolition of the WTC, here’s where you can find the links

    • Unfortunately, Dmitri is in a jail in Thailand, but please support him in any way you can

      http //

    • If you read that site, you will have as much info as myself. His most recent message was likely published the day they took him in. He knew this was going to happen and had prepared as apparent from the info on that site. Approximately two weeks from that time, he will release info that he says will bring down the Thai government IF they do not release him. I have a pdf from him that can be accessed from the info on that site, but if you cannot open it or do not know how to open it, I can send it, but would rather not publish it here.

      I am only guessing he is being held PENDING trial.

    • Thank you. Khalezov said that the info is so explosive that it would cause a revolution in Thailand when revealed. The Thai army declared martial law there a couple of days ago though I don’t know if that had anything to do with DK and his info.
      Poor guy. He’s put so much of his time and energy into getting his 9/11 info out but there is so little appreciation of this. However, this was what he came to do and he has accomplished it. Very, very few can claim that. The expectation was “that 98% of those who chose to serve, don’t carry out their chosen service, although they may serve in some other way”. According to a quote I saw on the late Peter Farley’s website, they found that even that 2% was too high. But it’s OK. We knew it would be like this and had prepared for it.

    • Replying to your comment of 5/24 3 34 PM…no reply button there.

      Thank you for being one of the very few to acknowledge what DK has done for us and what he is going through. The word is definitely out to squelch anything related to Khalezov on all the blogs. I post on Common Dreams and ICH. I have been banned on both for using his name and work. Such is the status of the alternative media of today. It IS corrupted.

      We are waiting for word from DK in the next week or so and the release of his final and irreversible exposure of something related to the Thai government or monarchy.

      Thanks again and please keep spreading his wor……. as close to impossible has it has become.

    • Regular people can’t do what Khalezov has done. They use unconventional means to harm those who try to bring the real 9/11 truth out as you can see from this
      http //
      It’s not just their black technology. They also use black magic. Only those with special protection can bring you the 9/11 truth.
      Yes, a lot of the alternative media is actually put out by the cabal. There’s even at least one guy here on VT who works for them but that’s OK. ALL will be revealed. And at the end of the day, we have find it in ourselves to forgive them despite discovering all the horrible, horrible deeds they have done. Something very big is coming and you will know when it happens. Just do NOT to go into fear when the tipping point comes.

  7. This is a sad sad world. So much not even the community of lawyers can do anything about it. Why would the authorities still support the theory of leaking plane oil had burned down and melted buildings? This was classic Reichstag burning, a textbook demolition of buildings and couple of countries attacked and destroyed, millions demonised people foreign and domestic. This was a true Holocaust and Perestroika remission. Where is international court now and how internationally they outreach? What is international court? Are governments made to laugh at people? I thought comedies were made for that..

  8. I suggest that the “Chicken Littles” of the world read the New York Post article by Susan Edelman and compare the information in the two articles.There is a wide difference between the “Truths” and the data.Then make your own minds up as to what is accurate.

    As James dean personally told me,VT is trying to get the message out but I ask what message?Whenever the truth is bent to such a degree that it is hardly recognizable if at all then the common person at the bottom loses any reality.

    As is evidenced here there are many who depend solely on VT for their information and then jump on the band wagon looking mighty foolish.Can you imagine what your elected officials are thinking after being sent this article as the whole truth and nothing but the truth.Granted there is a modicum of truth in the storyline to perhaps make on believe that it is gospel.It is an affront to to such great writers and researchers such as Jonas Alexis that this same kind of info is presented in the same pages.

    ***http //***

    ***https //***

    • Larry,

      There is mountains of evidence for nukes at Ground Zero. Mick West’s “debunking” is a complete joke. A thousand people were completely vaporized. Several hundred more were blasted into tiny bits all over Lower Manhattan. 1/3 of the Twin Towers was completely vaporized. Temperatures were between 600 and 2,000°F for SIX MONTHS after 9/11. Only underground nuclear explosions can explain those persistent high temps. Then we have the USGS dust samples that contained uranium, thorium, barium, strontium, chromium, molybdenum, yttrium, niobium – all uranium-235 fission products. The Department of Energy found tritium in the basement of Building 6 at 55 times background levels. Tritium is the smoking gun of a thermonuclear explosion. In light of the evidence for fission and fusion found at Ground Zero Gordon’s thesis is well founded.

      Go read our article from last year on this very site for a full nuke breakdown http //

  9. I’ve done what I can to get this info out. The bad guys play very dirty. They use unconventional means to keep a lid on this information. They are Satanists and they kept sending demons round to bother me. Sigh…. You guys must have pretty good protection yourselves to still be alive and putting this stuff out. LOL!

  10. This is a partial edit of a comment I posted in your article of 2012/03/21/Intel- Disclosure’

    “The awesome fact to establish is that the gravitational forces, multiplied by the mass, does not produce sufficient energy to blast the towers into dust and drop what remains of them in a neat pile of rubble in just over 12 seconds. This tremendous physical destruction requires additional forms of energy besides the Official gravitational fabrication the Federal Government relies on in their fable.”

    According to an RT article May 07,2014 – HEADLINE;

    “More cops have died from 9/11-related illnesses than on the scene at Ground Zero”

    The article further states that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has expanded coverage to first responders to now include types of cancer previously not considered, including brain cancer, pancreatic, testicular and invasive cervical cancer.
    Additional comments posted also refer to a USGS published study Jan. 9, 2013 ” Environmental Studies of the World Trade Center Area, New York City , after September 11, 2001″ and disclosed the presence of Uranium in the 9/11 particulate dust.

    When you consider the pools of water that now cover the old tower footprints as a decorative ploy using “REFLECTION POOLS” you come to realize it’s the same methodology also used in Fukushima to trap and conceal the nuclear leaks.

    Is it any wonder each President who has visited the site has left in a New York Minute?

    Even Lucky Larry has a strange glow.

    • Your various claims about the Towers have validation in the following link.


      Check through the link sections to Nuclear Weapons and more specific the last article about the Rockefeller construction background.

      Thanks for your input.

  11. Mr. Duff, Thank you so very much for exposing the truth here as you often so courageously do! My lifelong friend Jim lived near the towers & went to most of the funerals of the firefighters after 9/11. He was a committed philanthropist throughout his life & tragically contracted & succumbed to cancer last fall…no doubt from the toxic radiation fallout after 9/11. This heartwrenching tragedy is considerably more far-reaching & ongoing than most of us can imagine…

  12. 70,000 is a lot of people “dead man walking” and theres likely as many as that being misdiagnosed to be treated otherwise, but thats only the beginning! this whole nation has been made victim with DHS-NSA-TSA “colonoscopes for everyone!” that WE are made to pay for, after they had completely sabotaged our real working economy, also making us pay for their 2+ billion rounds of ammo in case we dont like it!

  13. In response to Gordon’s post above re Dr Judy Wood’s theories.

    Let me first state I am in agreement that some type of unknown nuke was the most likely cause of the majority of the destruction of the WTC complex. The evidence for this is the explosive nature of “collapse”, elevated Tritium levels, USG analysis of dirt samples, and of course the cancer clusters you are now reporting.

    However, there is also plenty of evidence for some weapon other than nukes used as a part of the event. Specifically, people in the building burning up long before the explosion, materials disintegrating in midair after the explosion, cars catching fire around corners from the buildings but not the trees (out of the path of direct radiation) 14 survivors in stairwell B after 110 stories of building “fell” on their heads. These and many other pieces of evidence do not strike me as being consistent with an explosive type event as the sole cause of 911.

    I think it’s long past time that the various camps should be able to agree that the 911 event was perpetrated by some group that has access to modern, advanced and heretofore unknown technology, and focus people’s attention on who has access to that technology, and who is in a position to enact this cover-up?

    • With enough time to look at how the cover up for 9/11 was staged and the subsequent misdirection and infiltration of the 9/11 truth movement, I believe it is more than obvious that energy weapons and nanothermite are creations of those responsible for 9/11.
      These are two solutions that can never be proven, a guarantee that, as long as unproven and nonexistent technology is blamed by many, there will be a permanent road block.
      Even I take hits from the article above. However, it is the ONLY authoritative solution that is both prosecutable, in that it names those responsible, and fits with known science.

    • You’re quite correct that we won’t find out about a classified weapon that may or may not be in the hands of the US black ops. I certainly would be open to the idea that someone has weaponry that has nothing to do with the US government or military, and so there is no way possible to ever find out about it. So your point about prosecuting based on what we know is valid.

      That said, it certainly doesn’t help to be close minded to other possibilities. If a scientist like Neils Harret tells me he found evidence of nano-thermite in the dust, I’d bet a lot that he is right. I don’t see how holding Harret’s position would be disinformation, particularly when it is direct opposition to the government’s position of “collapse”.

    • Gordon– I was very happy to see you exposing truth that is supposed to be hidden from the rest of us.
      As Dimitri explains, getting cancer from ionizing radiation takes a period of time. One does not necessarily have immediate symptoms, but surely will down the road. Dimitri was heartbroken by the callous way the ground workers were Not protected by HazMat suits, but the FBI all were.
      The Truth is slowly getting to the people. Thank you for your help at exposure.

  14. Another incredible article Mr. Duff. Damn, you might just break this thing.
    What seems certain to me is that some of these sick New Yorkers and their families have to know those buildings were nuked and that’s why they’re sick. It simply amazes me that some of these people have not gone postal on select government officials already! Or certain private individuals (Silverstein comes to mind). I’ve half a mind to myself and all I lost was a business. If my family had been personally hurt, I’d have taken a few pounds of flesh in return long ago. Where is the outrage from these victims? Why aren’t they storming the city?

    • This is a very purposeful leak from the files of Russian intelligence. It was brought to me because no one else would understand its implications or publish it.
      We will be discussing these issues on The Short End of the Stick with Mike Harris today.

    • Thank you Mr. Duff! and thank you Russian Intelligence!!

      I’ll be glued today at 15.00 on the Short End with Mike Harris.



    • Can you please make the mp3 available to all and sundry ASAP. I might do you a transcript if it’s a good show.

    • He Colonel I had the time wrong, but I assume that it will be available soon on YouTube, but here is Mike Harris’s first day at his new home with Gordon Duff on May 19. It rocks!!!!

      http //


  15. For readers comments,the ex airforce base is called Sterwart, where the two high jacked planes converged on 911.
    Did they land and two remote drones take of, so it would look like no interupted travell?
    I beleive this angle has not been explored enough.
    I think from memory Bollyn did a piece on it.

  16. Can someone document this air base for me? I have a vague memory of it but have forgotten… thank you.

  17. For me I will always stand amazed at the level of ignorance when it comes to the mass of those towers. To tell ANYONE that fire from jet fuel did them in should be grounds for either a firing squad or the looney bin. But that avenue was covered by those spewing BS about their cores, and construction techniques…all lies right down to the f,ing ground.

    It’s no stretch to lie about the cancer and it’s actual cause when you have a President saying ” just go shopping ” a 10 pound sledge hammer can’t dent some of these skulls……so people make it easy….and that sucks bad. Which of those talking head clowns from CNBC have come down sick? ……………let me guess……

    Obviously the planes were the sizzle…………all this other stuff has been designed to cover up the steak…The main thing everyone should remember and ” never 4 get ” is that the official version is bullshit…..end of story….all the rest brought to you courtesy of cowards who value money more than human life.


    • Can we even believe the narrative that less than 3,000 people lost thir lives when those towers exploded?

    • Unfortunately, for many sheeple slapping a “never4get” bumper sticker on their extended cab pickup is as deep as they will delve into 911. It always kills me that although they completely distrust the media and politicians, they will swallow everything the media tells them about politicians. Sean Hannity tells half of them what they want to hear, Chris Matthews the other half. All of it brought to you by the corporations that are killing them.

    • This is all part of our struggle to not letting the public sit back and play victim. They have to buy into the problem that they have not done nearly enough to fight back which has emboldened the bad guys even more. They have a long history of having watched how if they do things bit by big and stay below the radar the vast majority of the public can’t connect the dots, or worse…could, but prefer to do something else. These are the same people who claim they want a secure retirement and a good future for their kids but….”I can’t get into this heavy stuff…it depresses me…”

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