FBI chief: ‘Be suspicious’ of government power



FBI chief: ‘Be suspicious’ of government power

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[ Editors Note:  My, my…this strikes me as more than a little strange, so it will be my shortest note to date. I am at a loss for words. This is the group that has accepted the stand down on Israeli espionage prosecutions. We need to see if he would do a long interview… Jim W. Dean ]



–  First published May 22,  2014 


The head of the FBI says he understands why people worry about the scope of the government’s powers, and in fact, he agrees with them.

“I believe people should be suspicious of government power. I am,” Director James Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning.

“I think this country was founded by people who were worried about government power so they divided it among three branches,” he added.

In the months since Edward Snowden leaked documents detailing the country’s intelligence programs, Comey said that “it’s hard for me, sometimes, to find the space and time to talk about what I do and why I do it.”

Though the controversial surveillance raised privacy concerns and made people fret that the government was snooping on their behavior, Comey said that the FBI’s programs are run responsibly. He added that those operations had also helped to track down kidnappers and save children.

Comey assumed his top post shortly after the Snowden revelations came to light last summer. While much of the public’s outrage has focused on activities at the National Security Agency, the FBI has also come under fire for its use of national security letters and operations to track foreign terrorists operating in the United States.

One of those efforts, which allows the government to track people outside the US who may be plotting terror attacks, is “extraordinarily valuable,” Comey told senators on the panel.

The efforts, which are authorized under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, include a program called PRISM that taps into data networks at major Web companies like Google, Facebook and Skype. From there, agents can look at photos, emails and other documents people upload.

Who is watching the watchers ?
Who is watching the watchers ?

The FBI’s national security letters, which Comey said were not used to obtain bulk quantities of information about people, require banks, phone companies, Internet service providers and other firms to hand over details about their customers.

Recipients of the letters are largely prohibited from revealing details about the letters they get, which critics say amounts to a “gag order.”

Legislation is advancing in the House and Senate that would rein in those and other government data collection programs.

The House is scheduled to vote on the bill, called the USA Freedom Act, on Thursday, but some privacy advocates have worried that it has been overly watered down in recent weeks.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), who introduced the upper chamber’s version of the surveillance reform bill, said on Wednesday that he was pleased by the House’s progress.

Though he added that he remained “concerned some important reforms in that act were removed.” The Hill



  1. I will never forgive this agency. They helped cover up the killing of the only president who stood up for the common people of this nation. Who spoke to us like we were important. Viewed this nation and knew it was ours, and he served us, not we serve them. He knew he derived his powers from the consent of the people. he concerned, and he cared about each and every one of us.
    He knew what war was, and did a damn good job avoiding it. He loved his children, just like we love ours.
    This FBI agency is a drain on the taxpayers payroll and needs abolished, just like the CIA needs shredded This man is automatically suspect for saying what he did since it appears only an appeasement of We the People. But, this might be an indication that this overbearing, and out of control, feeble and directionless government may be a little concerned over We the People getting wise to their games. This is OUR country, and the government is responsive to us. We had better awaken, and take heed of the peril we are in. When agency heads like this one openly state such statements, he places himself in danger as JFK did when he told us all about the plot to takeover control of every man, woman, and child in this nation. If what this man said is true, this weak and feeble president and his pointless administration is beginning to run scared. VT you are beginning to unravel and bigger story! Thanks.

  2. “I think this country was founded by people who were worried about government power so they divided it among three branches,” he added.

    Which of the three branches are fighting usury?

  3. Maybe Director Comey is seeing the handwriting on the wall with all the Intel coming out
    of Russia? Maybe he has decided to be on the side of the people rather than hanging in
    the wind at some future date?


  4. “presidential pardons” are something that has been abused to the extent of criminals aiding criminals.
    they were intended for something like a death row inmate where the trial was really questionable..
    but obama pardons bush pardons clinton pardons bush for TREASON, is friggin ridiculous!
    about all of their pardons need to be examined and overturned, would be a good start.

  5. It was nice of Comey to give ‘the people’ a little face time.. But when I hear “operations had also helped to track down kidnappers and save children ” . . . I just can’t get the words of “6 million jews” from ringing in my ears. The back story is so much bigger. . . Looking for terrorists under every rock and then placing them next to it.

    • theres a D missing in his last name, apparantly.
      he has enough power to take a BUNCH of the District of Criminals cabal down but says be suspicious about government power? WTF LMAO!! theres so much crap right in our faces now,
      him doing nothing only makes him a complicit accomplice after the fact.

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