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1.   VA OKs more private health care for veterans.More veterans are being allowed to obtain health care at private hospitals and clinics in an effort to improve their treatment following allegations of falsified records and delays in treatment.

2.   Soldier grateful for VA: ‘They changed my life’.  Memorial Day is a time to look back at the service rendered by the members of America’s armed forces units. Sometimes the challenges don’t only come in active combat but in the aftermath of severe injuries suffered by soldiers. Here is one soldier’s story of coming back to life after injuries that were nearly fatal.

3.   The care at VA medical centers.  Hyperlink to Article The Washington Post (Opinion):  “As a veteran… I have put my faith and health in the VA system’s hands, whether it was to solve a cardiac arrhythmia, undergo open heart surgery or replace a hip. That faith has been rewarded by competence, strong doctor-patient relationships and diligent follow-up care demonstrated by all VA personnel… My wait times have never been more than 20 to 30 minutes…”

4.   Honoring the dead, living veterans worried by VA turmoil.  Hyperlink to Article Sarasota Herald Tribune:  Alan Merklein, a Special Operations veteran of the Vietnam War, among other veterans, praised the care he receives from VA facilities in the Tampa Bay area… He also shares their chief complaint: bureaucratic “red tape.”… “It’s not the doctors and nurses,” said Daily, commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 12055. “It’s the middle and upper management people.”

5.   Veterans Groups Rip Into Sen. Richard Burr For Questioning Their Priorities.  Hyperlink to Article The Huffington Post:  Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) penned an “open letter to America’s Veterans” in which he took several veterans service groups to task for being insufficiently critical of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki.

6.   Dozens Of Hearings Later, Lawmakers Pressed On Where They’ve Been On VA Dysfunction.  Hyperlink to Above Article  The Huffington Post:  On Sunday, Sen. Bernie Sanders made the case that veterans and veterans groups overwhelmingly say that people receive good to excellent care within the VA system. The problem is that 2 million new veterans have flooded an already crowded system, he said, which means there needs to be funding to support them.

7.   Political chatter: On this Memorial Day, VA under the spotlight.  Hyperlink to Article CNN:  As the country remembers service members who lost their lives this Memorial Day, the Veterans Affairs Department continues to face questions about hospitals where veterans died waiting for doctor’s appointments on long, secretive waiting lists.

8.   Blog: What is Congress’ role in the VA scandal?  Hyperlink to Article CNN (Video):  Host of CNN State of the Union Candy Crowley discusses with Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL) & Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) the VA scandal and efforts that have already been made to correct the backlog issue, and to what extent the House and Senate have appropriately provided oversight.

9.   VA expands veterans’ access to outside medical care, in effort to clear long waits.  Hyperlink to Article FOX News:  Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has called for the VA to allow more veterans to receive medical care at private hospitals. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said this past week that she was open to the idea of medical care at private hospitals. She said it was unacceptable to have a backlog of patients waiting for permission to go to a federally qualified clinic.

10.Veterans Allowed More Care at Non-VA Facilities Amid Criticism of Agency.  Hyperlink to Article The Wall Street Journal:  In response to President Barack Obama’s May 21 announcement touting outreach efforts for veterans on appointment wait lists, the head of the VA, Secretary Eric Shinseki, directed the Veterans Health Administration to review scheduling processes and build a plan to cut wait times… A VA spokeswoman said more information about the initiative would likely be announced next week.



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